• @peladon1972 couldn’t agree more

  • this episode was average at best, it (like the rest of S11 of the propaganda piece I used to call doctor who) was a bit of a meh, I think that the least terrible episode was the first but that was probably just based on my misplaced hype for it.

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    I will change my name if that makes me seem less toxic

    Just trying to be nice


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    I apologize if that’s how I came across I didn’t mean to be and Im just trying to give my opinion in a way that voices how I feel but not too over the top

    Oh and no one loves me at *school* just to confirm not trying to be toxic 🙂

  • @kevinwho

    I agree with most points on here I will try to avoid extreme words

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    @pedant I was just giving my opinion that the deliverence of the scene was bad

    The contents had good intentions but the scene itself and the blatancy of the message just annoyed me

    My quote about eating gravel was a bit extreme I admit but I had no intention of being a troll or anything of the sort

    If my opinions do not align with yours that’s…[Read more]

  • I feel like this episode would fit better if it was a remembrance day special or something because its not very subtle in its messages about remembrance and yeah these messages are good but still they could be subtle.

  • The blatancy of the anti-sexism in this episode is irritating and could be done more subtly in a way that doesn’t annoy people and the overuse of  the idea that Christianity is stupid in this episode is ridiculous because you wouldn’t get this crap in demons of the Punjab because only then would it be considered racist by mainstream media.

  • Why is the Timeless Child never brought up again its like they could have had a good story arc but they didn’t. Like What gives.

  • My issues with this episode:

    1) The return of Tim Shaw or whatever he’s called is very predictable

    2)By the end of the episode nothing has really happened that is as catastrophic as normal series finales which made me very disappointed as I thought this episode could really do well

    3) The supposedly very dangerous atmosphere of the planet that…[Read more]

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    My issues with this episode:

    1)No white anti-racism (if that’s even a term I don’t know please don’t attack me for being ‘uneducated’) representation makes this episode kinda like an anti-white episode which irritates me a lot.

    2)The villain of the episode (a space racist) is about as interesting as a wet dish cloth. I understand that racism is…[Read more]

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