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    Brynwe @replies

    I finally had a chance to see The Pond Life minisodes on youtube courtesy of the BBC (they’ve probably been there awhile but I just now went searching for them) but the part in episode 5 where they’re showing Rory moving out with Amy crying after him and playing “River of Tears” over it (from the AG Season 5 soundtrack) was so heart wrenching, and I got so choked up watching it.  I mean when I watched Asylum of the Daleks you find out they’ve split had you not seen the episode, but seeing it made it just so, sad.

    Brynwe @replies

    IAmNotAFishIAmAFreeMan  Ugh that video…of the teenage(?) (I know I’m getting “older” because I can no longer judge the ages of those younger than me)  girl flipping out and calling him ugly?  I so pray that these girls learn what the cost of their shallowness is before they’re too old to appreciate their looks.

    But Lindalee’s response was so cute.  And her questions were just fun.


    I turned 30 this year, so I’m still “young” enough.  I think.  (People thought Matt was young and he turned thirty this year as well.)  My first impression of Capaldi is that I could definitely see him as The Doctor.  I had to look at more pictures because I had never seen him in anything and I wanted to know what he actually looked like, but yeah I think I could stare at that handsome mug for hours of entertaining television.  I don’t think he’s ugly at all.   Of course I’m going to miss Matt’s insanity.  But I’m looking forward to what Calpaldi is going to bring to the table now, when it’s over, it’s over, no use looking back, just move forward.


    Brynwe @replies

    Oh my goodness!  This is a genius theory!  I have nothing to add except I came in this thread to mention I downloaded some Doctor Who music and noticed the River music was especially heart wrenching.  I love it.  The composers are amazing.

    Brynwe @replies

    @drtennant Watch them in order, that’s my opinion anyway.

    Brynwe @replies

    @bluesqueakpip @pedant that makes a little more sense, I guess the ep went a little over my head 🙂

    Brynwe @replies

    @mzellepoisson  I’m well aware of that and I’m also aware that Pompadour was her title, but I still think blasting a hole in time when they could do it to anywhere, someplace else where non-human parts may be readily available may be better?  I just think it was one of those things that was like “oh wouldn’t it be cool if” and it wasn’t given that much thought like about how believable something like that is.  Although with Sci-Fi  a lot of it stretches the imagination, this one just…didn’t quite make it for me.

    Brynwe @replies

    I didn’t really like this episode when I saw it.  Granted, I think they definitely did the best they could  with it.  It was beautifully shot and well acted.  I just didn’t get why or even the physics behind using human body parts to repair a ship.  I just couldn’t get past that.  But after reading the replies here, I like it a little more because I see a little deeper.  It just seems silly, they have enough energy to blast a hole in time to ANYWHERE where parts may be more readily available, but they use the human crew and go to 1700s France for more human body parts?  Seems a little morbid to me.  Like maybe something went wrong with their wiring–I think The Doctor even assessed as much?  I did like the big reveal at the end where they showed why the bots had chosen Madame Pompadour.

    Brynwe @replies

    @jimthefish oh my goodness that Green Wing is very funny!  I had no idea!

    Brynwe @replies

    @Shazzbot @htpbdet I actually giggled a little at shazz’s mnemonic device.  It’s a little harder for me to remember all The Doctor’s names BUT Shazz’s is quite easy.  Although I promise I’ll just try to learn it the hard way.

    @chickenelly Yeah, that graffiti was very creepy, and a step up from the typewriter.  But I also thought the typewriter was creepy too.   I’ve been watching more of the Tennant episodes ( a few each day) (I finally finished Eccleston’s season) and I do think he has a gift for comedy, much like Matt Smith.  I hope the next doctor does too, because I really enjoy that about The Doctor.


    Brynwe @replies

    @bluesqueakpip I’m sorry I failed to tag you upthread I actually have a slight touch of dyslexia.

    Brynwe @replies

    @bluepipsqueak  There’s another thing in the continuity battle but I guess it can be overlooked but it happened when they cast MS.  In Silence in the Library River says his eyes never looked younger.  Well didn’t that all go out the window when they cast 27? year old MS?

    @htpbdet I like that theory about John Hurt’s doctor.  It makes sense with what he said in TNOTD

    @shazzbot Before Dr. Who I saw Eccleston in Let Him Have It.  It was quite jarring to see him play a completely different role from that.  He is a really good actor.  I really liked him in that.  When I was asked bf who Christopher Eccleston was (because I often don’t remember if I know the name of the actor or if I’ve seen them somewhere) he told me where I had seen him before, I was a bit taken aback.  I didn’t think I could possibly like him as The Doctor, but I was actually surprised to find that I did.  He has his own flair about him and his final episode was very…touching.

    Brynwe @replies

    Wow, you guys really dig deep, looking for themes and everything.  That’s pretty awesome.

    @bluesqueakpip I haven’t seen too much Tennant, just Blink, Silence in the Library, Forest of the Dead and the End of Time Duo, however,  I haven’t seen much Eccleston either, and I don’t have any problems with how he does the Doctor.  I really enjoy the differences.  Maybe the reason its so easy for me to enjoy it is because I’m so gullible (or maybe it’s naive?  I don’t know) that it’s easy to just buy that whoever is playing it just IS that person and I don’t picture someone else doing it.  But I found myself enjoying quite a few of the Eccleston-era Doctor episodes, despite my fears that I would not.  I am very easy to please though.

    @Shazzbot yeah I forgot to mention that about the TARDIS phone ringing.  I was like, hey! it rung!  D. 11 said it doesn’t do that!

    Brynwe @replies

    Erf, I just turned thirty this year.  I’d like to think I’m not older.  Matt is thirty this year as well.

    Brynwe @replies

    Also in FWIW info the guy who played the dummy was the oompa loompa in the Johnny Depp’s version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  (Just passing this along because my boyfriend pointed it out when we saw the credits because he thought it was cool.)

    Brynwe @replies

    Hi, New to Dr. Who pretty much this year (well, I had seen the end of Doctor 10 before that-recorded it for a friend and watched it with him but didn’t keep up with it because I never knew when it was on but got really into it when I found it on Netflix).  Anyway, I really liked this-watched it with my boyfriend, he said “I love a good scary ventriloquist plot :)”

    A few thoughts:  I noticed they did them in half-hour episodes back then.  That’s kind of cool info.

    Also, I can’t wait to see the next one.  Erf!  This is exciting.  I think I read upthread there’s six in this plot-line?  That’s going to be killer on my impatience.

    It’s very cool to see the differences between the older versions of Doctor Who and the newer.  Thanks@craig!

    Brynwe @replies

    I just finished watching both episodes for the first time (I know, horrible, right?).  There were moments where I was hovering between dang I really like this, and moments were I was “meh, this is just okay.”  I really enjoyed Eccleston’s delivery of  “Go to your room” and its final pay-off.  I thought the mommy thing was in a bit too many scenes, i.e. perhaps there was one they could have cut for something else but I’m not sure what so maybe I should shut up.  (I’m guessing it was intentional that they did the Father’s Day titled episode and a couple episodes where the kiddo is looking for his mommy back to back?)

    The end was nice with the whole reveal about what was ACTUALLY in the capsule and The Doctor dancing with Rose (more than a few attempts in the episode, so that was fun!)

    Brynwe @replies

    I don’t think a child actor would work out since there’s a limited amount of hours a child can work because of child labour laws.

    Brynwe @replies

    Have you heard?  Karen Gillan has been cast as the main villan in Marvel’s new movie Guardians of the Galaxy.,98526/

    Brynwe @replies

    @craig sorry

    Brynwe @replies

    @craig do you get a lot of trolls on this site?

    Brynwe @replies

    @onethingannoysme They said in the episode The Doctors Wife that the Corsair who was also a Timelord was sometimes a woman in his regenerations, so why not the Doctor?

    Brynwe @replies

    @phaseshift I, somehow managed to miss your video ’til now and I just saw it.  Wow!  It’s so cool!  I’m jealous of those Aussies!


    @wolfweed The only alcohol I have right now is a little bit of flavored vodka I have left, oh wait, I think there’s some small bottles of whiskey and rum downstairs I use for cooking.  yay!  😀

    Brynwe @replies

    @whohar indeed!  Very true!

    Brynwe @replies

    @wolfweed I’ve always been more of a happy drinker, most of the time.  Despite the fact that alcohol is a depressant.

     photo Riverdrinking_zps640d1e46.jpg


    Brynwe @replies

    @wolfweed There’s a  photo BigFriendlyButton_zps3fa9949b.jpg for those who want to check out on the Matt Smith exit.  It’s called the booze button!  J/k  😀

    Brynwe @replies

    How come the TARDIS had a self destruct in Amy’s choice but not in JTtCotT what’s up with that? Is this the wrong thread to post that in?

    Brynwe @replies

    @chickenelly it’s definitely appropriate!

    Brynwe @replies

    No! He’s so cute!  My life is over!  My boyfriend is trying to calm me down but I am inconsolable.

    Brynwe @replies

    I’m so sorry!  I forgot to thank everyone for welcoming me!  Err. I was so tired yesterday.  I’ve been rather sick lately.

    Brynwe @replies

    @mtgradwell and @whisht  I have Netflix so I am able to watch it.  I just haven’t had the chance to see all of them yet, but now that it is the summer and most of my tv shows are in reruns, I can catch up a bit.  I’ve only seen a few of the Tennant ones, including the one where he dies, but I’ve seen all of the Matt Smith ones.  I’ve seen one of the Eccleston (sp?) ones, too.  I’ve been trying to record all the Christmas episodes off of BBC so I don’t have to buy them off of Itunes.

    Poor, poor River.  Their scene at the end was very touching.  I loved it.

    I know a lot of people don’t like Clara but I like how the Clara plot paid off.

    Brynwe @replies

    I have a question, was River mentioned as dead before this episode or was it just revealed in this one?  I was so upset when I found out!

    Brynwe @replies

    Hi, I just signed up because I got tired of not having anyone to talk about my love of Dr. Who with.  But this was one of my favorite episodes of the second part of season seven.  Although I thought the second part of season seven as a whole was pretty strong.  Matt Smith is pretty awesome.

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