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    SatsumaJoe @satsumajoe

    @Shazzbot (and others) Interesting point about a female Doctor and TARDIS but might it be that the change in Doctor’s form could also alter the TARDIS in that way? We’ve seen it does change upon regeneration – it is linked – so why not that way if it were to be personified again?

    I don’t think it has to be a matter of ‘The Doctor’s Husband (or Wife)’ in that way, more an equal partner to the character. Equal and opposite to current gender. No?

    Anonymous @

    @satsumajoe – well said; and I think I rambled a bit in my earlier response.

    However, does it really need to be ‘equal and opposite to current gender’?  Couldn’t any Doctor – male or female – have a relationship with his/her Tardis that still brings about ‘mwfawwws!’ in companions, without it being of an opposite-gender, conservatively traditional, and sexually-related ‘thing’?

    The Tardis is a far more multi-dimensional concept than even our Doctor can appreciate.  The Doctor, as a Time Lord, is capable of being both male and female without too much angst.  This Doctor, our Doctor, has time-travelled more than any of his race and therefore has gained a better understanding of the changing concepts of ‘gender’ than perhaps anyone else around.

    Or, to cut all that BS short, it doesn’t matter the gender of whom you’re attracted to.  It just matters that you are utterly besotted – as the Doctor is, whole-heartedly, with his(/her) Tardis.

    SatsumaJoe @satsumajoe

    @Shazzbot Wouldn’t be concerned with rambling! But yeah, I did wonder if that was a bit too human in thinking; it did remind me of a previous discussion (which I think @ardaraith began) on another aspect of the Doctor. Hmm… his morality! Yeah, that was it.

    The gender mirroring; well, that just made me think of the Plato tale but again that’s a sexually-related thing. Not sure whether he was a Time Lord or not 🙂

    Charlie Cook @charlie-cook

    If we are looking for an older doctor, relatively unknown on TV, but established theatre actor, Mark Rylance ticks all the boxes. Plus, my wife would start watching, so I would get to see the show on Saturday, rather than having to get up early on  Sunday  🙂


    Magnetite @magnetite

    Long time (well long for this forum!) lurker, blah, blah…

    I’ve been wondering about the female Doctor idea and wasn’t overly keen at first, but I’ve just re-watched Joanna Lumley in the Comic Relief special and, even skipping over the comedic value of the regeneration, I think it could work.

    My only wish is that it is a good actor and not just stunt casting.

    A few suggestions – Alice Krige, Samuel West, Rory Kinnear, Tamsin Greig. Sadly Richard E Grant has probably missed the boat 🙁

    Of course, just to show the way my mind is particularly warped, I enjoyed the suggestions in today’s Telegraph concerning the new HBO version of I, Claudius – particularly the idea that a role should be found for Brian Blessed…


    Anonymous @

    @Charlie Cook – In fantasy football terms, Mark Rylance is indeed the most coveted player.  He is an astounding actor and has oodles of theatre and film experience – and is suitably ‘mature’ to counter-act Matt Smith’s surprise youthful casting.

    But … he is still a ‘fantasy’ choice, in that, he is far too well known and as such, far too busy to commit to the grueling schedule of both filming and PR that the role of the Doctor requires.

    Charlie Cook @charlie-cook

    @Shazzbot re Mark Rylance – I agree, astoundingly talented, but I tend to think of him as unknown outside of the theatre, and we can but dream…

    Anonymous @

    @Magnetite – well, at least Brian Blessed could drown out Murray Gold’s supposedly overly OTT music!*

    * I’ve never understood the hate for MG’s music.  The delicate tinkles and swooping harmonies of ‘Amy’s theme’ and ‘Rose’s theme’ are iconic, imo.  But I’ve never found them so intrusive that they diminished my appreciation for the episodes; nor, did I feel that Brian Blessed’s joyously raucous delivery was required to drown them out.

    My only wish is that it is a good actor and not just stunt casting.

    Yes, as one with a foot firmly in the ‘hope they cast a woman as the Doctor!’ camp, it would be horrible if it were simply ‘stunt casting’.  It needs to make sense as a transition.  But I have every faith in Steven Moffat to do the right thing.  Even more so if he remains as show-runner after the Christmas special.  Otherwise, it could be the biggest ‘FU!’ to fandom ever imagined.

    Magnetite @magnetite


    Ah, the music – I have a 1990s tv with no added sound system, and yet I still can’t see the problem that some have with it! I am The Doctor is one of my favourite plays on Spotify!

    And, is it time yet to think about costume for Twelve? The latest tweed-and-bow-tie combo are probably among the best outfits in 50 years (and, yes, that pic of me was taken in 1958!)

    ScaryB @scaryb


    @magnetite well, at least Brian Blessed could drown out Murray Gold’s supposedly overly OTT music!*

    LMAO at that.


    Only way Brian Blessed would be cool is if they gag him, LOL. (Would also take a fair bit of timeywimeyness to explain how he was also King Yrcanos – and would they also need to reintroduce Peri??! (Mindwarp, 1986)


    Re Tardis gender – the Tardis’s perspective on life the universe etc being – “all of time and space at once” – I’d be surprised if she had any more idea if gender than Strax!

    One thing I am  confident about – it won’t be stunt casting eg Matt turning up when they wanted older Dr <sighs dreamily at thought of Mark Rylance!>



    *And I don’t have any prob with his music either!

    <waves @magnetite, welcome and congrats on first post :-) >

    ardaraith @ardaraith

    @satsumajoe (and @Shazzbot) – haha… those morality conversations. No doubt the TARDIS is pansexual, as is the Doctor. I think a switch in gender could be fun, and not for PC reasons. It would open up all sorts of storyline possibilities.

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    Even if the TARDIS doesn’t switch mental genders with a female Doctor, there’s one type of close female relationship which open up oodles of frustration for the companion. Namely, a girl and her Mum.

    They’ve already hinted, in fact, that the Doctor’s relationship with the TARDIS sometimes drifts over into her acting like his mother. 🙂


    Brynwe @brynwe

    I don’t think a child actor would work out since there’s a limited amount of hours a child can work because of child labour laws.

    Anonymous @

    I don’t think the fact that the TARDIS is ostensibly ‘female’ should be a barrier to there being a female Doctor. As @bluesqueakpip says, a new mother/daughter dynamic could be fun too.

    It’s odd. I used to be quite doubtful about the idea of a female Doctor but part of me is hoping that we do in fact see one this time. It’d be a good way to drive the show forward for the next 50 years. Just so long as it’s done properly. As others have said, the only criterion should be that the actor who has been chosen should be the right one for the part is it is envisioned for the new series, regardless of gender or ethnicity…

    I think mostly I would just like to see someone who isn’t youngish, floppy/brown-haired and tending towards the manic this time. This, to me, puts Ben Wishaw out of the running, despite the fact that he’d be probably be pretty good…

    RiverRunsThroughIt @riverrunsthroughit

    First time caller, be gentle with me!

    I have a few suggestions for the new spouse of River Song, will we see her like again…. sigh!
    Lists, do we like them? What the hell IMDB them if you wanna check em out!

    Top, Top Wish List (Sqeeeee)
    Andrew Scott – just call me Jim Moriarty
    Lee Ingleby – I thought was a shoe in for number 11!

    I Wish, Wish List (ie no chance of getting them)
    Eddie Redmayne
    Ben Wishaw
    Russell Tovey
    Shaun Evans
    Aidan Turner

    Easy on the Eye Wish Lust (deliberately and nicely done I thought!)
    Douglas Booth
    Jim Sturgess
    Bradley James … too King Arthuri’sh / too Peter Davidson’ish?
    Kit Harrington
    Mitch Hewer
    Rupert Evans

    Possible Oustiders List
    James D’Arcy
    Luke Treadaway
    Matthew Goode
    Hans Matheson
    Richard Armitage

    I think Andrew Scott is inspired thinking, unless someone else got here first.
    cheerio Sweetie

    Anonymous @


    “I think mostly I would just like to see someone who isn’t youngish, floppy/brown-haired and tending towards the manic this time.”

    I had those same thoughts about all the posited ‘possible Doctors’ in the various links people have here have posted; in that, ‘world-class [brown] hair’ shouldn’t be the template that the programme slides into like a rut after the last two ‘youngish, floppy [fabulously] brown haired manic’ castings.

    Not that I mind Tennant and Smith, of course.  They have both been brilliant, and each has made the Doctor a memorable character.  And there are many other gloriously barneted brunet (and youngish) actors who would be striking as the Doctor; namely, Damien Molony, Mark Rylance, Ben Whishaw, Lee Ingleby, and so many more.

    But … ‘world-class brunet-haired and youngish actors’ are hopefully off the radar for the next Doctor.  For all the reasons argued here so far, they would just be tiresomely more of the same.  Surely our Moff will go wildly off-piste with the next casting?!

    Timeloop @timeloop

    @ardaraith  I’m with you on the ‘Matt is my Doctor’ boat [though you never know in advance if that could change. Matt substituted Baker for someone in this forum]

    @Juniperfish totally agree with you on your points to a female Doctor.

    @Bluesqueakpip I see what you did there  @got stuck

    @everyone. When it first came up I felt like a women would not fit in the role of the Doctor. Just because I never really thought about it.

    The more I think about it, the more natural it seems to me. Everybody who claims that it would ruin the show is just shallow – a brilliant actor is a brilliant actor (male or female). I dont see a problem with the TARDIS either, as their connection is way to deep. Who really thinks a different gender could change that?
    In RL there are also married couples around in which one person feels like a change of gender is nessecary – and some of those relationships stay together. I for one always imagined the DW crowd to be open-minded and tolerant to different concepts. Wouldnt it be kind of fun to see old friends react to a new form of gender? Would they even change their behaviour? Would the Doctor adress that (now there might be a modern role model for boys and girls)? I would like to see it. This is as much feministic as a male Doctor is dominat, masculinistic (does that word exist in english yet?) which is frankly nonsense? Would we have this discussion the other way around?
    I’d say each regeneration is a 50/50 chance and the Doctor had a very lucky strike. Simple stochastic.
    BUT SM would have to make her a little more down to earth. As much as he likes stong women there is a limit and some viewers reached it at LKH (I could never dislike anything with River in it); so he knows his boundaries. The only think I would find too weird is JLC in that role now she is established as a companion.

    On a different topic: The new Doctor (whoever that might be) should be very different from Matt or it would be just a copycat and I would definitly prefer the original. I sometimes still feel like that with JLC – now and again she just delivers a line the same way Amy would have done it – which constantly reminded me of her throughout the second half of the season.

    oh, @craig : you are really very patient with new trolls but you have to consider they might never join us here again as they expected to be deleted. That way we could end up with more and more nominal members [not really relevant now, but maybe in the future…]

    janetteB @janetteb

    I am still rather hooked on @blenkinsopthebrave‘s multiple regeneration idea. We were discussing it over pre dinner drinks last night, so yes, you can blame this on the wine, but my partner suggested that one of those regen’s could be as an alien or at least have some alien attributes. Well as I said, wine was involved..

    A lot of good points have been made “re a female Doctor. I agree with @timeloop. It all depends upon the actor. Fun though it is to imagine this or that actor, in the role, (last night while watching B.5 I was picturing Jason Carter as the Doctor) in the end I would prefer the actor, whether male or female, to be a relavtive unknown who fits the role as Smith and T.B. did. (is it permitted to have two “My Doctors.”)

    I am glad that the news was leaked. I wouldn’t want a surprise regen’ to ruin my Christmas. Now I am quite used to the idea of a new Doctor.




    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave


    Isn’t wine wonderful! Some of my best ideas have come at the wine bar Mrs Blenkinsop and I frequent close to our apartment.

    Only last night were were back there (a great little place at Circular Quay across from the Opera House) discussing timey-wimey ways of bringing in a Doctor a week. We both agreed that a search would have to be involved, and perhaps something that revisited familiar locales and people (say, Craig and Sophie and little Stormaggedon, for example) but where (because the Doctor was different–at least looked different) the challenge would be for the newly re-generated Doctor to effectively assert his Doctor-like authority with the people he encounters to solve the mystery by the end of the episode.

    And next week, we are both off to the Qantas Club Lounge…the site of many a bonkers theory!


    janetteB @janetteb

    We were staying at the Rocks YHA above Circular Quay a few weeks ago and looking for good wine bars in the area. Next time, (alas not in the forseeable future) I will seek your advice first. I trust you were able to enjoy Saturday night’s light show?

    It would be rather interesting to have Matt begin to regenerate alone in the Tardis then have the next series beging with no clear indication of just who the Doctor is.

    Your multiple Doctor’s theory could inspire some fun fan fiction. Maybe an idea for a blog.



    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave


    Try and imagine the lightshow projected on a building at least 50 feet high. Spectacular. I hope London gets something similar.

    I don’t think I will try fan fiction, however. But I will still keep thinking about how the multiple regenerations might work. This is a site about coming up with “theories more insane than what is actually happening”, after all. I approach my multiple Doctors theory in that spirit.

    thommck @thommck

    Spotted another couple of next Doctor wanabees today

    Maurice Moss
    Maurice Moss

    or Paris Jackson

    ScaryB @scaryb

    @blenkinsopthebrave @janetteb

    Multiple Drs, including an alien  – I like it more and more.  A search or an unstable regeneration? I don’t think Hurt can be ruled out for more than 1 episode just on budget eg Matt’s on a rumoured £1m/year.  Anyone know how many episodes series 8 is supposed to be?

    Extremely jealous of Aussie fans, esp the ones who made it to Sydney last weekend – that looked amazing. We’ve got the BFI doing monthly screenings, but the promised “all over TV” is so far not looking like more than 1 doc and the special. We don’t even get series 8 till 2014.  Sometime.

    darkenfasl @darkenfasl

    @scaryb – yes – thanks for the advice – will do next time

    ScaryB @scaryb

    @thommck HaHa, thanks for those.

    @darkenfasl No worries, you’ll get the hang of it. Shortened/disguised URLs are like big flashy (unfriendly) buttons to our ever-vigilant mods 🙂

    ScaryB @scaryb

    And belated thanks to @phaseshift for Linda Lee’s comments, she’s in good form. Is it bad to be jealous of a 5yo, meeting McCoy?!

    ScaryB @scaryb

    Tom Waits – not my idea (someone suggested on the Graun) – but this would put me beyond ecstasy. Ah, a girl can dream 🙂 (You could have a musical episode as well)

    budinacup @budinacup

    So many posts to read, and so little time. I already have several theories.

    Is the Smith departure a coup?

    How amazing, if the 50th and the episode in which he leaves are connected. So that he regenerates (maybe into Hurt Doctor) only for the Time Lords or some other clever SM timey wimey arc to re-write Hurt doctor and to take his regen away…….. and re-re-generate back into Smith?!

    If however, i am the only person holding onto the smallest of hopes that Matt stays on, i do hope that the next regen is a male actor. I really don’t think that after 50yrs of established actors playing the role that a female doctor would work. I am in no way attempting to sound sexist, and apologize in advance if anybody takes it that way. I realize that the possibility that the doctor may regenerate into a female has already been written into the show, but i feel it would mark the end of the show.

    I personally would love to see Russel Tovey take on the role.

    Cath Annabel @cathannabel

    @janetteb Is it permitted to have two ‘My Doctors’?  I certainly hope so.  4 was my Doctor – I saw DW before 4 and obviously after 4 but he was mine.  9 didn’t have long enough to really establish himself for me. 10 I adored but to my surprise my second My Doctor turns out to be 11.  It possibly is relevant here that I don’t actually, you know, fancy him to bits.  Not that fancying the Doctor is wrong, but it was occasionally a distraction with 10.  11 won me over with fish fingers and custard and that funny old/young face with the chin & all, and managing to be dark and daft at the same time.  So, I will miss him.

    However, who knows, 12 may turn out to be my third ‘My Doctor’, if they get it right.

    If there’s just the one (and I’m liking the multidoctor hypothesis), I’m really rooting for a woman.  Not sure which woman, mind.  Anybody suggested Geraldine Somerville yet?

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    I’ve never understood the hate for MG’s music.

    @Shazzbot – Truthfully, having battled this out on the G-blog a couple of times, I think at least some of it is people refusing to admit to themselves that they’re getting just a little hard of hearing. 🙁

    Being unable to understand what people are saying when there are competing sounds (such as full orchestral and choral accompaniment) is one of the first signs. But it’s easier to blame Murray Gold than admit that maybe you spent a bit too much of your youth with the volume on your Walkman turned up to max.

    ScaryB @scaryb


    I think at least some of it is people refusing to admit to themselves that they’re getting just a little hard of hearing

    haha, I think you really have a point there. When you find yourself getting annoyed with EVERYONE for mumbling, it’s maybe time to get your ears tested (I speak from experience!).  Headphones work well for me as another solution, with the added bonus of not being interrupted by “noises off” from my family.

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    I really don’t think that after 50yrs of established actors playing the role that a female doctor would work.

    @budinacup – fair enough. But have you asked yourself the following questions?

    • Have there been male as well as female companions? Yes.
    • Are there female Time Lords? Yes
    • Have there been female Time Lords as long running Companions? Yes – Romana was so successful, she went through her own regeneration. If they’d figured out regeneration before Susan left, the Doctor might have travelled with his granddaughter through the Troughton era.
    • Is it established that a Time Lord can switch sexes during regeneration? Yes. Established twice, both during Steven Moffat’s run. When Ten regenerated into Eleven, Eleven had a moment of thinking he’d turned female, and in TD’s Wife, we found that The Corsair seemed to have switched more than once.
    • Has it been tried? No.

    To me, the most important point is the last one. I can blather on about role models and so forth, but – the essential point, to me, is that we don’t know whether a female Doctor would work or not – because it hasn’t been tried. Until we try it, everything is just – opinion. This isn’t the role of Hamlet; the Doctor is a body-changing alien. ‘His’ gender is only fixed in our heads.

    If it’s tried with two different female actors and it doesn’t work both times, then you’d be entitled to say that the role of The Doctor is definitely a male part. If it doesn’t work the first time, there’ll probably be a gap of at least a decade before they try it again. And if they have cast a female actor, or are planning to cast a female actor to replace Matt Smith, then almost certainly they have a planned arc for Series Eight which could finish up with that actor regenerating. In case it doesn’t work.

    Because I, personally, might think it will work – but until we’ve tried it, I don’t know either. 🙂



    ardaraith @ardaraith

    @budinacup – You are not alone in fantasy land. I hold some deranged hope that Matt stays…….Grief does strange things to a person. I wish I didn’t know he were about to Leave. I like the face of ‘my’ Doctor, and may feel dubious toward hir (gender neutrality) new face.


    still pouting in Ireland

    budinacup @budinacup

    @ardaraith i’m glad i’m not alone here in my hopes of keeping Smith on. I do hope it is some swicheroo (is that a word?) at the end of the “next” doctors tenure……. be that a series or a single episode.

    But if it were to be a complete regeneration with no return i hope they do as good a job in casting as they did with Matt. An actor who i was rather dubious about until he opened his mouth, flicked his hair and went for it!! “GERONIMO”

    BadWulf @badwulf

    Finally reset my password to get back on the site!

    My suggestions for a male doctor:

    • I know he has been mooted as a possibility before, but surely if he was available Benedict Cumberbatch would be awesome?
    • For a little bit of an older look, how about Alan Davies? He can definitely do quirky *and* cerebral.

    For a female doctor:

    • Lena Headey would be a great choice if she was available – although it might be difficult with all her other high-profile sci-fi fantasy roles past and present.
    • Kelly Reilly would also be a good quirky redheaded female doctor with a good combination of fire and ice.

    However, I agree with many commentators on this site that it really should be an unknown actor/actress with a strong theatrical background.

    I was cynical about Matt Smith when he was announced, and then saw an interview with him where he wiggled his fingers *just so* and I immediately realised that he was right for the part. I am confident that the BBC will choose someone splendid!


    Anonymous @

    @craignixon – honestly, if it’s a spoiler it belongs on the Spoiler thread and not here.  You may not think it’s ‘relevant’ but that’s hardly the point.  Many people here are more than happy to wait for official news from the BBC or Radio Times, and do not wish to hear rumours in the main threads.

    @jimthefish , @phaseshift – who’s on Mod duties?  Can you please move Craig Nixon’s post to Spoilers?  Thanks.

    Craig @craig

    @Shazzbot Done! I don’t think PhaseShift and JimTheFish know how to do that yet. Must let them know.

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    Alex Kingston is on the One Show (BBC 1) now. She just talked about Matt & possible future Drs…

    Anonymous @

    @wolfweed – is it spoilerish, her interview?  Or news?  Or simply her thoughts on the matter?

    If 1) please post in Spoilers.

    If 2) please post on the Doctor Who News thread.

    If 3) please let us know what she said here in this thread!

    Ta – Shazz.

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    @Shazzbot  Here’s the Alex Kingston mini-chat about Who.

    Tennantmarsters2013 @tennantmarsters2013

    If we are talking an older doctor I would really love Antony stewart head. I know he has been in it before but other actors have done this.

    However I really have a strong feeling that JLC is the next incarnation

    Anonymous @

    @Tennantmarsters2013 – You’re in the home of bonkers theorising ™ {waves at @chickenelly} so you simply must expand on your ‘strong feeling’.  Why are you so sure?  All theories are examined so if you feel strongly, you must have a corker and we’d all like to hear it.

    Anonymous @

    Thanks, @wolfweed !

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    @tennantmarsters2013 – Welcome! Yup, a few people have suggested JLC might be the next (or a future) Doctor. Since I’ve probably bored everyone to death on the subject, I’d be really interested to hear your ideas. 😀

    Tennantmarsters2013 @tennantmarsters2013

    @Shazzbot I have many reasons that have made me come to this conclusion, albeit a very bonkers one. My first reason is that even though in the name of the doctor they discovered that Clara has always been around to save the doctor they still, for me at least didn’t give a clear explanation as to who she is exactly. I mean, when her character was first revealed I believe Moffat said the doctor has never met anyone like her before who can speak just as fast as him.

    Also in the same episode Clara stated she had seen all 11 faces of the doctor…correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t there suppose to be 13? One was John Hart but where was number 12? Only explanation is number 12 is Clara! She wouldn’t exactly see herself run past now would she?

    @bluesqueakpip thanks for welcoming me!!! It doesn’t go unappreciated 🙂

    Another reason why I think she is e doctor is the tardis seems to go from not liking her to helping her back to not liking her. One reason for this is that Clara is causing a paradox by meeting her past self ( I haven’t thought of a way that she doesn’t remember she is a time lord just yet) other than the chameleon arch.

    There is this also fascinatingly bonkers theory I have that she is river in some weird way because river said she was taught by the best to fly the tardis however we never seen this take place but we saw the doctor teach Clara!!!

    Sorry I know that was off topic but I had to get it out haha roll on the 50th

    MTGradwell @mtgradwell

    Interesting to read all the speculation here. If I’m not weighing in myself, it’s because I don’t have any personal preferences. Back in the days before the relaunch I thought they should go for a sort of prequel, with Ian Richardson standing in for William Hartnell. He had, I thought, just the right appearance, style and acting ability to do that justice. However, wiser heads than mine decided to go for a younger Doctor. I still held out hopes for him to be cast as a Hartnell stand-in in a multi-Doctor adventure, but he sadly died unexpectedly in 2007. Since then I’ve been happy just to accept the choices of the show-runners. I think they’ve done pretty well so far.

    chickenelly @chickenelly

    Hello @Shazzbot

    Glad to see you using my trademarked phrases.  I should be on the Apprentice with my money making schemes!  The fact that I’ve not made any money is practically a shoo-in.

    I had a brain wave yesterday of my ideal Doctor.  He’s already been in the series but he could easily be worked in with very little explanation.

    Toby Jones!  Yes my friends, the Dream Lord.

    Anonymous @

    @Tennantmarsters2013“Only explanation is number 12 is Clara! She wouldn’t exactly see herself run past now would she?”

    There has been a theory or two floating about here, in re why Clara might not recognise herself [as a future Doctor] in the Doctor’s timestream — because she would just think she’d seen herself, as in a mirror.  It’s still an intriguing theory – Clara-as-the-Doctor – bolstered by the moment in ‘Hide’ when the Tardis showed her herself as the ‘person she most trusts’.

    @mtgradwell“I’ve been happy just to accept the choices of the show-runners.”

    You, me, and so many others!  Matt Smith was an absolute and unexpected marvel.  I dare to hope that the next casting is as inspired and unexpected.  And not PC, not ‘trick casting’, and not ‘FU to everyone, I’m off as showrunner!’

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    bolstered by the moment in ‘Hide’ when the Tardis showed her herself as the ‘person she most trusts’.

    @Shazzbot and @tennantmarsters2013 – not just the TARDIS using her image (and it’s the first time that the TARDIS has used someone other than the current Doctor as its default), but also in Hide the TARDIS refuses to let Clara inside her when the Doctor is trapped in the bubble universe.

    Clara stays outside, with the doors firmly locked, until the portal is reopened and a rescue becomes possible. The suspicion is that – if the Eleventh Doctor died in the bubble universe – Clara would somehow become a paradox; in the Big Bang it was River’s existence becoming a paradox that blew up the TARDIS and so destroyed the universe.

    So Clara-from-Blackpool is a product of the Doctor’s future. She’s either a Claricle herself, rather than Clara-Prime (and so would cease to exist if the Doctor never reached Trenzalore) or she’s a future Doctor.

    Anonymous @

    @chickenelly – you have a pigeon avatar, and you said ‘shoo’ ? … (must.withhold.comment  😀  )

    Toby Jones would indeed make a wonderful change from the floppily-and-fabulously barneted brown-haired Doctors of the recent past.  And there is obvious precedent for bringing in actors previously playing minor roles into much more prominent future roles – i.e., Freema and Karen.

    P.S.  Nice red bow tie, but have you had the necessary conversation with @juniperfish on why, exactly, your bow tie is red and not blue?  :innocent face:

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