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    @chiana I had the same feeling about Matt Smith, to the point where I avoided watching Doctor Who for quite some time after he started. It was only when we happened upon a repeat and watched it that I realized he was quite convincing as the Doctor, and every bit as good as Tennant, just different.

    In fact, I loved Chris Eccleston, too. But…[Read more]

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    @kevinwho  @chiana  Great bonkering Bonkers!  Love it.  If only . . . !  But, no chance.

    Me, I’ll be quieting down here, I think, during this season anyway (unless it starts giving something more to chew on).  It’s pretty much what I expected from Chibnal, and the fact that I had some glitchy problem getting the spiders ep and everything since a…[Read more]

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    @chiana … but I am getting a bit tired of the sonic screwdriver pose with the big arm swing!

    Why more so with Jodie Whittaker than with any of her predecessors? They’ve all shown a flair for swinging out the sonic screwdriver and striking a dramatic pose.

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    3 shadows…

    photographer artist smacks head in disbelief that she did not notice this

    or the shadows may have been somewhat vague, due to the proximity of the suns to each other

    or they couldn’t afford the CGI

    or the extra lights

    I think Tatooine had the same problem…