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    @craig ,you have always known how to talk with me,others dont quite understand my dark humor.yes true detecive is  truly fantastic,mm acting really surprised my in a positive way.brilliant series.i do hope doctor who will go back to season 4 ,5 quality so i can enjoy it agan,but im pesimistic,50-th ruined it for me.just wanted to say hello,and good luck everbody what ever you are doing in your lifes right now

    d12345 @replies

    i highly recomend new hbo series- true detective. fantastic who sucks,it has been boring for quite a long time now,so i recomend you see what a real quality series looks like-true detective. kill some time before your boring doctor comes back

    d12345 @replies

    as i was writting that long post yesterday , i got carried away towards the end , i see now i might have been rude with saying someone is stupid . My apologies , got carried away too much.i see that now i dont know where is the monkey on my laptop , hard to belive but.. so i have to do it like this , craig my old buddy,i did see that you were maybe the only one who wrote some critisism about the last episode, i wanted to write this last night but i forgot.  it is nice to see at least someone having a different opinion

    i don know why are you convinced that i am all about hating moffat , that is not true , i said here many times that i think seasons 5,6 were masterpieces, and moffat is a brilliant writter no question about it (sherlock too) . my problem is that moffat created a fantastic situation before the 50th , and then when i saw the episodes i was absolutely dissapointed

    j hurt – with the doctor trapped at trenzelore , the mysterios hurt doctor appeared . it would be far better if hurt was the zero doctor , or the last(future) regeneration , or valyear, or somekind of unknown evil incarnacion of the doctor, or .. the 8-9 solution was the worst solution for me , since his figure was the most important thing of the 50th , i think a more complicated solution for his entity was needed

    time war- the 50th was supposed to be about the time war,the famous time war that we heard so much about , and didnt know nothing about . this is my main problem, why did moffat forse the time war story , and then not do so much about it. it was supposed to be at least 15-20min of daleks with their plan against the multi doctors and their plan , a little bit of fighting ,explosions, and some interesting evil villans plan ,and then the doctors find a solution of the problem in somekind of mindblowing scenario. that kind of story would work for me. or that hurt is playing an evil doctor(or just has a different opinion how the war should end) and is fighting against tenant and smiths doctors  ,that would have been also a good solution.moffats solution for the time war was far from this,the war was hardy mentioned,except the last 5min red button.the plot of the story was ruined by tenants totally unrelevated zygon story,and the time war didnt get the time we all wanted , becouse this was a huge thing for the show and ,i think the time war sould have had a better story plot

    trenzelore- this was the doctors grave,or a crazy time loop of somekind ,or somekind of a crazy timey wimey thing ,the souls of all doctors in one place,or…in the end of the story  trenzelore dissapeared in the beggining of the 50th?? and then appeared at cristmas as a town or a planet?? alternative futures scenario. didnt like it

    river song- it would be fair that her question was resolved before m smits left, she has been around for a long time, and to go on with her story with capaldi is for me too much.or even worse that this question  would never be answered. moffat himself again forsed her presence all the time,and then didnt do nothing about it , or will do something about it but in a wrong would be nice that in cristmas spec or in the 50th , that rose is river or tasha is river or clara is river ,since she is a time lord

    regeneration limit – the most important thing in the series, and it deserved a lot more time and intrique about it.this is the thing moffat was not forsing,but he just had to deal with this question.he could have made that capaldi is the last one(somehow) , or if he went in the direction that smith is the last one,then he had to devote a lot of time explaining a new set of regenerations,and he had to make the plot of the story related to this important solution.moffats solution trought the light in the sky(cracks) was far to simple and uniteresting and expected and lasted for 2min of the whole episode

    other problems that i had with the last two episodes are that the story was going on way way too slow, as if the writters didnt know what to do and were just jumping from one unrelated story to another , and the specials had to last at least 15-20min longer

    thats my opinion , 100 people 100 different opinions and personalities, a good thing the show stops for a long time,becouse if the show went on in the near future i woundnt watch it . after a long break i will look at a few first episodes and then see if the show is worth to keep watching or not.

    again sorry for my grammar and spelling,it is how it is . cheers

    d12345 @replies

    i hope you understand now

    d12345 @replies

    i will have to repeat myself , i see many of you dont understand

    I remember when we all debated before the 50th special , how many brilliant and mind blowing theories were written , how many interesting things were possible , j. hurts indentity,time war action we never seen before,companions from the past,m smith not beeing able to regenerate any more,great inteligence,the silence,zygon enemys having somekind of master evil plan,we all expected river songs mystery to be solved with the end of matt smith era,trenzelore was suposed to be somekind of mindblowing timey wimey

    Before the two specials , the show was at its high , as moffat has created a situation with many interesting unresolved questions that i wrote above . The problem was the answers to those questions provided by moffat , he made a brilliant situation before the 50th , and then ruined it by boring and uninteresting solutions .He could have made miracles with hurt ,time war and last regeneration , and he didnt do it . the day of the doctor was a total disaster , becouse the situation demanded more intriguing unexpected stuff related to hurt , time war ,trenzelore,last all have to admit that there were many many more interesting writting solutions to tdod

    the cristmas special was a victim of tdtd , becouse of the related plot , althought it was better becouse of the cristmas spirit powerfull human emotions,but still lacking action,when i say action i dont mean explosions , i mean an interesting plot going on for at least 40min , it was reverse 40min boring and then 10min of finale.

    if this isnt a proper explanation why i didnt like it, then i dont know,i have written this all above but you either dont understand,or didn read the whole post , or are just hostile to any negative comments

    and matt smith was pulling the show forward with his carizma and brilliant interpretacion of an crazy old man in a young body,his humor has saved a lot of uninspired episodes recently

    d12345 @replies

    hah its very funny to watch you all trying your hardest to justife a very poor last two specials  , due to moffats lazy and unmotivated writting .

    @juniperfish what a post about trenzelore !! oh i am afraid thats way way to deep to be presented in this way, we can say this is the case off course,but i really doubt moffat was thinking in that direction. If he did there would be a better explanation of this ,and how would the most of average people watching this know and understand  the elements of egzptan myts leading up to time lords giving the doctor forgivness .I am afraid its much simpler than that

    The code was the doctors name, and not if they want to help or not , time lords know he is a good guy ,there is no need for the doctor to prove that , everybody knows he is a good  guy. Again trying really hard to make the episode a good one

    @bluesqueakpip hey deus , this was a post that most profesors could not write better , its a shame thought it is jused to try to prove that the specials were brilliant , when in reality they lacked both action ans unexpected surprises we all want . It makes me laugh how people like @bluesqueakpip @juniperfish @jimthefish @craig who seem quite intelligent , refuse to say this wasnt good , and go on with their fantasy great doctor who show

    I remember when we all debated before the 50th special , how many brilliant and mind blowing theories were written , how many interesting things were possible , j. hurts indentity,time war action we never seen before,companions from the past,m smith not beeing able to regenerate any more,great inteligence,the silence,zygon enemys having somekind of master evil plan,we all expected river songs mystery to be solved with the end of matt smith era,trenzelore was suposed to be somekind of mindblowing timey wimey

    And we didnt get any of this , not in a way that could and should have been , the storys were boring and unintersting ,nothing unespected, with 50min of big nothing and 5 final minutes of resolution. And you all claim the episodes were good , wake up from your doctor who hypnosis!

    The best profe of that is that there arent any intersting things left in the show,the m smith era was ended in a series of poor resolutions, leaving the show without any more intrigues (expect maybe river beeing tasha) , and that theory about beeing two doctors is ridicillious , if this were true it would be shown before m smits left. So nothing left to think about until 8 season starts

    It is time to admit the truth and say, the specials were a total disaster! everyone claiming different  is either stupid or is too much adicted to this forum and affraid to admit this

    I absolutely loved this show until recently, now i dont care so much about it ,so this is my long long goodbye post to the series , as i will be doing and watching something more interesting from now on

    I hope my post is considered as a constructive critisism , as you all like to call people trolls and other names when someone writes something you dont like. As everyone is writting positive things its time for someone to bring some balance to the debate , as it is clear that the episodes were not so brilliant at least.  Cheers

    d12345 @replies

    Hello to everyone ,i wish  happy cristmas to you all  and your loved ones.

    After watching the 50th and cristmas special here are some of my opinions

    We were all promised the best episode of doctor who modern history (tdotd first of all) and we have been promised that all the most important questions will be resolved

    1.  Doctor whos real name and the dangerous future after that

    2.  Time war and j.hurts doctor promised all sorts of unespected surprises , j .hurts mistery indentity , the unknown past of the time war with epic confrontacion with daleks or an other enemy , relevant connections with some companions from the past having a connection with the time war …

    3. Explanation of the silence and great inteligence

    4. Resolution of the regeneration rules

    5. River song ??

    6. Trenzelore and its meaning

    7. Cracks in the wall and  what happened when matt smith rebooted the universe , destruction of many tardisis

    And so on…

    Now lets begin , we didnt found out the doctors name even thougt this was forsed by moffat for a long time , in the end no name and nothing going about this matter at all.

    The time war and  j.hurt , pih I was expecting fireworks , and i got tenant playing around with a zygon princes , totally unrelevant to the story , one hour of nothing and then 5min with the read button . Very poor writing by moffat .I am sorry i am coming back to this but this two episodes were made to be as one and to resove all the questions so.

    Why would the doctor want and take eternal life , when he had plenty regenerations left and plenty of time to take the enemy down ? a poor solution for hurts character

    The gallifrey was destroyed in the past , if that isnt a fixed point in time that cant be changed , i dont know what is .Throught the whole series this is the rule , small things can change , but strong events with lots of people dying is a fixed point in time and cant be changed . Poor solution for the time war

    The silence , finnaly a question answered , but we were all expecting that solution , so this was lacking the moment of unexpected ,also the silence was here for 2-3 seasons so it is natural to expect more connections and actions of the silence in the past beeing explained in this episode.nothing intersting here.great inteligence nothing

    Regeneration rule – the most important question for the whole series , and it is resolved like it has been written by an 14year old boy writting his homework .I have an feeling that moffat is making fun of this series , on purpose or not i dont know.But to resolve this so sencitive and important rule in a matter the sky opened and the light came , come on that is either a very very poor lazy writting or making fun of fans on purpose.Becouse moffat is a very inteligent man,so i just cant belive that he was thinking the sky will open and give him extra regenerations and thats gonna be great.After clara politely asks them but not giving the name they help after 300y,thats just riddicious.and where were all those enemies for 300y , were they all on a 300y holiday??

    River song , i expected that clara and rose or amy maybe revealed as rivers regenerations , now maybe the plan is that that women from the silence will be river , so rivers answer isnt still answered, even thougt she is around for 3-4 seasons.will we found out about river after 5 seasons , cmon thats way to long for a plot of the story.or even worse that women isnt river and rivers question isnt answered at all.

    Meaning of trenzelore , nothing there so intriging , a planet where he waits to die , after that mysteryous things in tdotd this was a big nothing

    Cracks in the wall , going on for a few seasons , with amy , then clara , cracks that will define the future of the doctor and the whole universe. moffat solution – a light in the sky came and thats that

    Main problems is the lack of …trying to find the word,the lack of everyting, the lack of main villain and his evil plan , the plot of the story going nowhere , tenant playing in the woods , smith growing old in a village doing nothing for 300y?? enemys appear for one minute then go away having no connection to the plot of the story,unrelated storys are making this series boring , and leading up to a point where there are no mysteries left,and those few solved give a half convincing finale .Ok we can make a story doctor versus doctor but make it interesting and not m smiths crazy and brilliant doctor doing nothing for 300y cmon.

    And now two positive things , very powerfull and beatiful human emotions that are a trade mark of doctor who (on cristmas this works expecially well off course) and i must say matt smith , man that guy can act , he is full of carizma and pozitive playfull energy,but energetic and passionate when needed . a crazy old man in a young body,a preformance of higest quality.

    maybe it will be better when capaldi arives,althougt moffat sould leave and let someone else write becouse this isnt going anywhere, i was a big fan of moden doctor who, seasons 5 ,6 were brilliant .Season 7 was a decline , and now this is a total disaster,i know you will all disagree with me becouse you love the figure of the doctor too much , to admit some things , but the fact is the quality is going down all the time.

    This was my viewing of the last two episodes so i hope the moderators wont mind i was writting about tdod also

    Merry cristmas again ans sorry for my spelling mistakes . cheers


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