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    @FlirtingDinosaur  You’re welcome!  Here we are with more than six months to go, and there are still nuggets of Who stuff popping up all over.  Never know what you’re going to find . . .

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    good point @FlirtingDinosaur so would we conclude that Seb is dead as he pointed to his house, or perhaps that’s part of his stchick

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    @flirtingdinosaur I’m afraid that Sara was always fated to die! From the wikipedia article about her:

    As Steven watches helplessly, Sara ages and dies, her remains aging to dust.


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    @purofilion     Good to see you back out of the cupboard!   🙂

    @janetteB   Maybe the cybermen are only a threat, akin to Clara and the keys      I like this parallel, and it’s the kind of thing we’ve seen before (cup-a-soup).

    @Bluesqueakpip    Love your summary of the different types of love shown in the episode.

    @FlirtingDinosaur I think the Doctor made the TARDIS go into siege mode. didn’t he say something along the line of “I was able to turn on the siege mode just before the train hit. but there’s not enough power to turn it of.” ?

    but I agree that the failing of the life support was due to the power loss, otherwise it’d be a pretty pointless mode[Read more]

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    @FlirtingDinosaur This time at least one reflection pretty much kicks you in the face, when she’s talking to the Doctor while looking into an incredibly white mirror (at the aunties apartment, was it?) and for once she seems VERY sure of herself. But that while she is playing the Doctor.

    I noticed that, too. But then I thought it might just be a…[Read more]

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    @FlirtingDinosaur  @JimboMcMaster    The thing about TARDIS physics is that the whole central premise is outside of the everyday physics that we (or I) understand. There was a wonderful, physical demonstration here of the hard-to-grasp fact that the inside of the TARDIS is essentially unconnected to the outside. It is a different dimension, and…[Read more]

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    This one was good fun. A fair few original ideas. I like it when the show can use the sci-fi/fantasy ideas that are available to it to make really bonkers things happen, in this case the tiny Tardis in particular, the fun-ness of which was multiplied by Clara carrying it around and the Doctor’s hand popping out of it now and then (the best bit…[Read more]

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    I finally managed to watch the episode last night. It felt very much like an episode of the Sarah Jane Adventures, whether that was because of the writer, location, ‘monster’ or the fact of watching sci-fi on a school night! This is a long post (which is becoming a habit of mine here), please let me know if you want me to be a little more…[Read more]

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    And in the end: someone with bookshelves in the TARDIS control room is always rated awesome in my eyes!

    @FlirtingDinosaur And anyone who says that rates as awesome in my eyes. It was about time Doctor Who (the series) promoted the value and joy of reading.



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    @purofilion – I thought it was ‘sing with the orphans’. I hate to join the ranks of those who can’t understand accents outside New York/LA/received pronunciation/Australian capital cities… but I have to admit, a couple of times per episode I’m just guessing at what the Doctor’s saying. This isn’t unique to Doctor Who, though — when watching…[Read more]

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    @FlirtingDinosaur good to have you back.

    There have been numerous references to the Doctor having family in AG who but none as far as I am aware, other than the presence of a granddaughter in BG who. I think that family and backstory were not really of interest in the past. The reason Susan was written in as the Granddaughter was early sixties…[Read more]

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    @FlirtingDinosaur I’ve always wondered that and who is to say River really did use all her regenerations healing the Dr of the judas poison. River may not be actually be permanently ensconced in the library mainframe. Given the fact that the mainframe was starting to breakdown until the Dr fixed things by getting the Nas verada (and yes I know I…[Read more]

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    Thanks @FlirtingDinosaur, don’t forget all Clara’s talk of her mum’s soufflés!

    The soufflé wasn’t the soufflé itself, but rather the recipe

    It’s Trigger’s Broom all over again!

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    Hi @FlirtingDinosaur – thanks (if you – or anyone else! – ever want to share how you came across Dr Who, what it was that captured you, whether you dragged your partner into watching or vice versa, etc etc then you can do it over on the Memories of the Doctor thread). But no worries if you don’t want to!

    In terms of GitF you’re not the only one…[Read more]

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    quite frankly I think trolling was far better before Moffat took over (tsk).

    Aaaaaaanyway…. lots of new people on the threads and people I recognise from before, and I really shouldn’t single anyone out, but welcome @flirtingDinosaur – that was a really great first post! (and quite frankly makes my first post here look a little pathetic! :)…[Read more]