• Well, we have a house full of squee and no mistake.  Mrs Hatter and me both grinning like school kids from the moment Paul McGann appeared on screen.


    Scores of well-thought-out theories now […]

  • @WhoHar

    It’s a nice idea but I recall the alt-Doc10 only having one heart. There was that scene on the beach at the end where he tells Rose he will grow old with her, strongly implying no regeneration is […]

  • When the trailer came on last weekend, Mrs Hatter’s first reaction was “oh, so John Hurt is a later regeneration of the alt-d10 from the parallel universe”

    She has a wonderful tendency to present bonkers […]

  • @Timeloop – the shadow in the second one looks like a shadow of a watch. Stopwatch? Fob watch?

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    and @scaryb – thanks for sorting the avatars, much appreciated!

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    @Shazzbot – cheers. Would love to be there in spirit via my avatar. Actually, would love to be there in spirits, but not to be!

    my low res version will perfectly represent my low res observational ability so please use the one you have 🙂

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    Was the insistence on ‘good-bye’ solely for the (marvellous) sentimental value of the moment?  Or … does she know she won’t see 11 any more, and that ‘Spoilers’ ending implies she’ll see 12 (or […]

  • @Bluesqueakpip

    if anything’s from the End of Time, we can’t presume that it actually was RTD’s idea. At that point, Steven Moffat was gearing up for lead writer and chatting to RTD about ideas he wanted. He […]

  • @Arkleseizure, @Bluesqueakpip

    The soufflé isn’t the soufflé. The soufflé is the recipe.

    I wonder if it means ‘Clara isn’t the Clara. ‘Clara’ is a recipe.’

    That is, Clara-from-Blackpool isn’t the original template. And the original template was created, like a recipe.

    I like your thinking on this, it’s a line that bothered me from the first ti…[Read more]

  • @geoffers – I’m with you, I’d love to see a McGann appearance, and I’m still not ruling it out. It would be the easiest pg appearance to pull off successfully because he’s had so little screen time that age […]

  • @shazzbot

    Also, fez … Amy’s glasses … has 11 just left Central Park?

    Pretty sure he’s got the waistcoat and prince edward jacket on which puts it post Angels Take Manhattan.  However, your comment got […]

  • some fab ideas above which I’ll come back to, but just wanted to jot down a few guesses about the anniversary special before the trailer comes along and warps my mind again!

    – the Hurt Doctor will be redeemed. But he won’t gain a number. He’s from a closed timeline. This may foreshadow the doctor’s entire line ending by looping back to the…[Read more]

  • @blenkinsopthebrave

    I now give you something that has been hiding in plain sight on the poster for the 50th…”Bad Wolf” painted on what looks to be the tiled walls of the London Underground.

    I got nothing logical, so to give you something illogical – the HurtDoctor isn’t Doctor 0, 8.5, 12 or any other.  He’s 9.  An alternative version of 9, c…[Read more]

  • @Bluesqueakpip – yes, I agree it’s probably not that event that’s important (although I did have the makings of a theory that she witnessed the Doctor regenerating into 9, hence his northern accent), and even the […]

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    @Whisht – both a delightfully bonkers theory and a wonderful delivery of said.

    I will be peering in on the 22nd, sadly Mrs Hatter has been trying and failing to get out of work so we can make a weekend of it, but instead we’re having to make a mad dash for the south on saturday night when she finishes – and trying to get to our hotel in time for…[Read more]

  • I always took the ‘human, on my mother’s side’  to be the Doctor being humourous, by referencing Spock.  Mainly because I didn’t want to contemplate that they were being serious.  Funnily enough, from the moment […]

  • @Mini-HTPBDETs -thank you for sharing this week.  Your posts have been very moving, but I’m happy that your uncle had a good last day with you all.  You appear to have inherited his talent for the written word.  I […]

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    @craig – just to mirror the comments above, the black header was a lovely touch.  Understated but respectful.  I think this week has shown why this is such a special website, a community, not a fansite.  I hope yourself and @Shazzbot are doing ok.  I can’t claim to have had many exchanges with @HTPBDET but I’ve found myself glancing up at the sta…[Read more]

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    I’m truly sorry to hear such sad news.  My thoughts are with @HTPBDET ‘s family.  I’m glad he got to see his son and that McGann boy get hitched and best wishes to the both of them.  I hope today’s posts provide them all with some insight into the respect, admiration and affection which those of us on this site held for him.

    @HTPBDET, your in…[Read more]

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