• @ichabod  I can understand you’re doubts about Kris Marshall, but I’ve seen him in a few things and he is definitely not light weight. In fact, he can come over as quite ruthless, as well as funny and compassionate. Still, that’s my opinion.

    @oswald  I feel the same as you about Peter Capaldi and Bill. Although I had great affection for Clara a…[Read more]

  • Welcome, @hiker & @oswald !  (:

    @gamergirlavatar @thane16 @janetteb @missy @ichabod So nice to read all your posts, I also “disappeared for a while” and yes, the limelight moves at the traditional 670616629.3844 per hour for sure, for good and for ill.

    I was feeling pretty lackluster after watching the new trailer, which prompted a sad rewa…[Read more]

  • @hiker  @thane16  @oswald  PCap is my Doctor too — happy to join the crowd on this.  He was the Doctor for grown-ups (hence the flat merchandise sales since most grown-ups don’t seem to be that much into action figures etc.), and he made the most of it.  It was a wonderful “most”, too, and I think it will wear well on re-watch well into the futu…[Read more]

  • @hiker  @oswald  @ichabod and many others including @kharis (waving hello).

    Absolutely: Loved PC in this role; loved all the stories -even The Moon As an Egg which, despite the general hilarity, I found rather endearing. And it had Hermoine….? wonderful actress who isn’t seen often enough (on telly at least).

    Still, looking forward to the nex…[Read more]

  • @oswald.


    Strangest post ever. I thought I wrote it! 🙂

    Right with you on the PCAP love.



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    @Oswald – welcome!  Catching up in a months impressive stuff – ta takes some dedication!  I’m fond of Matt’s Doctor – impossible not to be really -but I’m properly excited to see what Peter Capaldi can do.


    @MonochromeDimension – Lucky you saved the disks!!!  The Five Doctors was my first real introduction to the Second Doctor, I was 10 or 11…[Read more]

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    @Oswald – Welcome to the forums… and to the Whoniverse!

    Okay so guess what folks? A bunch of those DVDs I ordered came today, and I only managed to spill cola on them… NOT THE DISKS! No just the covers. They were about to fall so I instantly reacted to grab the DVDs and I forgot I was holding cola… yeah. Not too much damage but a couple of…[Read more]