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    It’s nice to see someone else shares the same sentiments that I do! I’ve always felt like Capaldi has been really neglected by people despite him being the perfect Doctor, really. I’m just glad I’m not alone in my love for him and the amazing character he created.

    Oswald @replies

    I haven’t really been on  Doctor Who forums, or really had any platform upon which I could voice my opinions on the show, since about 2015 or so. Since then my love of  Doctor Who has only grown exponentially, all thanks to Peter Capaldi.

    Twelve is easily my favourite doctor of all, though I have seen only a very limited selection of Classic Who episodes (a lot of Pertwee and Baker, some Davison – that’s about it). He’s so complex and intriguing. He’s so human in that he actually evolved as his tenure progressed and he developed so much as a character, yet he’s still as alien as ever. I just thoroughly enjoyed every single episode of his (even the more lacklustre ones, like ‘Sleep No More’ (personally my least favourite episode of the last few seasons, probably since ‘Love & Monsters’…)) and every single second of the show just oozed his intense and vivacious aura. I can honestly say I’m devastated at the thought of seeing another Doctor in the Tardis, because he’ll always be my Doctor. Don’t even get me started on my love for Bill! I never thought I could fall so head over heels for a character – even harder than I had done for Clara.

    Having said that, I’m so excited for Jodie to begin her reign. I just hope I can fall in love with her even half as much as I have done with Peter, and judging from the trailer I don’t think that shall be an issue.

    Oswald @replies

    I’m looking forward to Capaldi’s first proper episode as the Doctor. Though I will admit that I’m still very upset over Matt’s departure because he was/is ‘my’ Doctor. Maybe he’ll come back in five years for the 55th anniversary episode The Thirteen Technically Fifteen Doctors and a great time will be had by all.

    Also considering this is my second post and my first was focused slowly on the companions, I should probably introduce myself. o: I’m Fizz, hello. I’m from Dublin, Ireland and I got into Doctor Who only in October of last year but I caught up in under a month (just in time for The Day of the Doctor). I am oh so very addicted to it. I really regret not getting into it sooner. That being said, however, I watched The Sarah-Jane Adventures from when it first aired but I never made the connection between it and Doctor Who- even though both Ten and Eleven appeared in a few episodes, poor innocent little Fizzy. I don’t really know what else to say to be honest. I’m not very good at this, am I? If you want to know anything then I guess you can….just ask? Haha.

    Oswald @replies

    Favourite Companions: Clara, Donna and Amelia & Rory (you can’t have one without the other!)

    Worst Companion: Ooh this is a tough one. I’ve only seen a couple of ClassicWho stories, so I don’t really have much of an opinion in that regard. Martha Jones, however, would probably be my least favourite companion. Just hear me out for a minute, please. She was completely overshadowed by Rose which is something nearly everyone can agree on and she never really had a chance to shine properly in my opinion. But the end of season three definitely brought out the brave, strong, smart ‘Martha Jones’ we all knew was there but had been pushed aside a bit; then, I started to love her. When she appeared in season four (and in Torchwood), I liked her a lot, lot more because she was out of Rose’s shadow and was her own character. So I really can’t say she is my least favourite character. However the episodes wherein she appeared and I liked her the most, she wasn’t the Doctor’s-Long-Term-Companion so….

    Favourite New Series Companion: I can’t choose one, I really can’t. Donna Noble was just hilarious and outrageous. Her relationship with the Doctor is probably the nicest I’ve seen. She just wants to explore the universe with the knight in…a blue suit who whisked her away from her mundane life. The Doctor treated her as his equal which is something he didn’t really do with Amelia in my opinion, he always expected her not to know what was going on and to entertain him with questions which kind of annoyed me.

    That being said….Amy Pond. I love her, a lot. She was feisty, smart (something which people seem to forget. We see this throughout the series. However I will admit that her intelligence was really only shown after she pieced everything together) and she was just cool. I definitely like Series 7 Amy more because she was calmer and more rationale than before, as shown in A Town Called Mercy when she wants to go home. I was bawling, literally bawling after The Angels Take Manhattan. Though I’m quite emotionally sensitive anyway so when my favourite character eventually left I was a wreck, oops. Her cameo at the end of The Time of the Doctor made me an emotional wreck again, thanks Karen.

    Going back to my previous statement of “You can’t have one without the other!”,  it’s Rory Pond’s….I mean Rory Williams’ turn. The cute hero who would (and did) do anything and everything for Amy. He was reasonable and intelligent. He cared about everyone he met. Apart from Hitler. Go back in the damn cupboard Hitler. Rory was just so amazing, I love him. He and Amy contrasted each other when they first started out but as the series progressed you could see that he had managed to become more action-y, thanks to Amy, and Amy became more rationale, thanks to Rory. I was pretty pissed off in The Angels Take Manhattan when the Doctor seemed to care solely about Amy’s demise. That really annoyed me. But it was a heroic defeat (kinda) for Rory the Roman so I was happy with how it was carried out in the end.

    Finally we move (I, I move. I doubt anyone is even going to bother with reading this to be honest)  on to Clara Oswald, the Impossible Girl. To tell you the truth I don’t really know why I like Clara, I just do. I’m pretty sure she’s the only companion who actually does as the Doctor says as seen in Cold War, though if she’s not please forgive me for thinking so. Oh and Clara in The Time of The Doctor made me laugh so hard and also cry quite a lot because she just cared so much and didn’t give up. The scene with the Christmas cracker in particular was just so heartbreaking for me. I think that’s why I like Clara. She cares, like Rory; She doesn’t give up, like Amy; and she’s funny, as well as strong, like Donna. She has inherited the best traits from each of my favourite companions and she uses them well. She’s just great overall, haha.

    So, uh, yeah? I guess those are my two (four) cents on the companions and stuff. A good first post if I may say so myself.

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