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    premonition @replies

    @mirime @serahni I’ve actually missed 80% of Capaldi for various reasons, which has rather put a crimp in my understanding of the current Doctor mythos. It’s why I’m glad that the few of the latest season I did catch seemed to have less of an overarching storyline (or I just didn’t know enough to recognise the hooks). I might have to start hinting to my partner that the DVDs will make good birthday presents… Possibly part of the reason I’m predisposed to liking the 13th is I’ll finally be able to catch them live again.

    Also, now I want to see a giant bug Doctor. Anyone write fanfic? 😀

    premonition @replies

    “What Dr Who was all about”? It certainly wasn’t about gender politics, and it still isn’t. It’s about a little science and a lot of adventure. It’s about storytelling and space and saving the day. It’s about an alien in a blue box. That’s why, to me, the Doctor’s gender is irrelevant.

    If the issue is having to “get used to” a female Doctor, well, for me, every new Doctor needed a few episodes to get used to them. Nothing to do with the quality of the acting, just the simple fact that every Doctor is a little (or a lot) different. The Doctor changes faces so much, what does it matter if one’s hair is a little longer? I’ve loved each and every one (yes, even the movie), and I’ve no doubt I’ll love this one too… After I get used to the new personality.

    premonition @replies

    …You mean I’ve been worrying about it all this time for nothing? Typical 😀

    Does the Doctor now have existential angst not knowing how many regenerations he has left, I wonder? Or has he now got all the regeneration energy of all Time Lords no longer around, and is effectively immortal…

    And now I’ll get confused by s/he. Otherwise I really don’t care about the gender issue.

    premonition @replies

    New poster here – just felt the need to chat somewhere.

    What’s giving me trouble is not who is cast as the 13th Doctor, but the very fact of there being a 13th Doctor at all. Does anyone remember the old episode (I think it was the 5th Doctor) where a bunch of people wanted the Doctor to “share” his regenerations with them, and he didn’t want to because he only had 12 total, and by sharing he would be on his last life? I watched it so long ago that I don’t remember the details, but that little bit about 12 lives just stuck with me.

    I realise this is New Who and a lot of the old stuff has fallen by the wayside, but it’s leaving me with a bit of unease – ever since they restarted and began going through regenerations so quickly, the countdown to his 12th life has been running in the back of my head. Capaldi already gave me trouble there (anyone remember the Valeyard?) I don’t actually want the show to end, though, so I guess I’m resigned to hand waving it as Time Lords improving their tech over the years… Still, it would be nice if they made some reference to what was to me an intrinsic part of Time Lord physiology.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)