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    Hello and welcome.


    As you know, I too am a Moffat fan. However, I don’t dislike CC because he isn’t Moffat, but because he is Chibnall and I never liked his writing. SM’s sometimes complex stories were right up my street, they made me think and didn’t preach politics, or what I should believe – unless it was subtlety…[Read more]

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    @rougecyberman, I think the sonic is mostly a useful shorthand. In a lot of sci-fi, a character from a technologically advanced species is going to pull out some useful tech, for this to be valid story telling the tech has to be mentioned before, so you get the choice of either ‘cheating’ by not doing this, or quite a bit of story clutter. But…[Read more]

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    @rougecyberman in episode one, after Grace dies, Ryan’s dad doesn’t turn up for the funeral, although Grace was his mother and Ryan really needed him to. The Doctor stuck around for the funeral, which isn’t a regular kind of thing for her.

    I agree about lone Dalek’s. There does seem to be a sense of diminishing returns when it comes to Daleks. An…[Read more]

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    @archaicwhovian  and @rougecyberman   Hello from Canada and welcome to the site! it is a great place to discuss Who and I hope you enjoy exploring it all.

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    Yep, Brisbane is nice but very hot. Recently, we were almost in NSW 🙂 At Springbrook -hadn’t been there before. Terrific lagoons, waterfalls, masses of blue & green glow-worms and on that property some seriously large echidnas. Spikey, cross things -especially if you don’t let them get to breakfast early!

    We have a whole year…[Read more]

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    Love that handle! Awesome! (more creative than mine, for sure). I’m sure you’ll have a great time. There’s a lot to see and do, discuss and theorise and some of us have become real friends, which I believe is a really good thing. I’m not a very technological person -I update facebook once a year 🙂 but I could always use this forum…[Read more]