• @thane15 the “double-lock” thing does sound like it was inserted to cover fans whinging about plot holes… ie “Why did they remove the windows off the office, take the tardis out and put it on a plane, before speaking to the Doctor? Even if Bill doesn’t have a key we know full well Nardole has one.”

  • @cathannabel that IS what she said! Probaly what I would have said in her shoes too… Well, I’d have said taxi because I’m not young and hip like her, but you get the point! It was a funny line, it’s a shame people missed it.

  • oooh I don’t know @tardigrade – I feel as an audience member and fan that I’ve entered into an unspoken agreed contract  with the makers of Doctor that I will never assume a regeneration is possible when a scene of jeopardy is introduced!

  • @tardigrade the established lore on time-lord’s and their ability to regenerate is somewhat iffy when it comes to continuity – but we have over time learned that if their injuries are too severe, or if their hearts are damaged, or if they die instantly before the process has a chance to begin then they can’t regenerate… So I suspect exploding…[Read more]

  • Oh don’t get me wrong @blenkinsopthebrave  my commentary was written and delivered with tongue firmly in cheek and with a true sense of love for every silly plot-hole going!

    Wouldn’t watch Doctor Who if I didn’t love it. Wouldn’t have posted a commentary on any forum other that this one.


  • Re-watched it again this morning… And thought I’d do a running commentary whilst I did!

    00:00 – Bill’s on a date with Penny and is busy telling her that her tutor is a space alien! I wonder why she’s doing that? And whether this is a first date or whether we’ve skipped forward a few weeks?

    00:37 – Now Bill’s telling Penny about the computer si…[Read more]

  • When we were with the two scientists, they showed a flashback of the broken wine bottle and broken glasses three times… Did I miss the relevenace this episode, or do we think it’s going to play into next weeks somehow… timey-wimey butterfly-effecty stuff?

  • @craig I’ve done that. Unfortunately I don’t have control over what is classed as spam, it’s an anti-spam plug-in for the website. I hope that now I’ve “unspammed” you, you shouldn’t have any more problems. But if you do, please let me know.

    Ohhhhh… I know what it is then! It’s because i edited the post like 3 times in a minute because I kept…[Read more]

  • @craig  I thought I was pressing a wrong button or something! Oh yes please, do delete 58097 and 58098 so I don’t sound insanely pushy! – thanks! X


  • …something else has just occured to me… Everything that happened last week was actually kind of pointless wasn’t it? I mean, if the Sim-Doctor hadn’t emailed over all that information to the real Doctor then… Then what? Everything this week would have just happened anyway.

  • @miapatrick still, one thing the monks don’t know is how people would fight them in real life. Everyone who read the book killed their selves. No one tried to fight them- because that would give them information and because, what’s the point?

    Well, nobody tried to fight them because nobody knew they were then – none of those people in the sim…[Read more]

  • @miapatrick I do see a flaw in their plan though. Last week the doctor observed that they wanted to see, specifically, what people clever enough to work out they were in a simulation would do.

    Yeah, the Doctor *did* say that… But it never really tallied with what we were seeing, so I took it as just throwing a notion out there. After all,…[Read more]

  • Oh those tricksy monks! *shakes fist at monks*

    Trump reference was a bit weird wasn’t it? Having chosen to deliberately avoid it last week. I guess that was him we saw dead all along… overdose must have changed his barnet.


  • Steffstaff replied to the topic Extremis

    @pedant Okay, I shall allow for that! He’s a cheeky wee scamp is our Moffat! …I might even miss him…

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    @pedant you think they were referencing her? I know she’s a fabled female pope, but they seemed pretty clear on reffering to this one as Benedict IX, who as I say is a non-fabled real pope from history… So outside of sharing a gender with Pope Joan, there doesn’t seem to be a connection.

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    @morpho Pope-bashing in the matrix!

    …ah, so that’s what you kids are calling it these days! You’ll go as blind as the Doctor you know?

    Question: In real life Pope Benedict IX was a man, right? An actual historical figure. Doctor Who doesn’t usually ret-con real history to such an extent does it? Soooooo…. Was the female Pope only something t…[Read more]

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    I’m fine with him wanting to know what’s in the message. It’s just a perverse way he goes about trying to read it. At the end of the episode he “emails” a message to himself that is shown to him via his glasses. Earlier he’s actually trying to read an email– surely it’s much more obvious then to forward it to the device that wil…[Read more]

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    If the Vatican priests really did believe they were simulated, then they would probably not think they had an eternal soul, so would not be in fear of damnation. And if it were an accurate simulation, then there is presumably another version of themselves in the real world acting as custodian of their soul.

    Exactly! But of course that…[Read more]

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    Oh… Actually by using the back-button I can re-find it! And indeed correct the @ whilst I’m at it! Ooooh I feel like one of the Mum-Ra Monks, simulating posts and then re-doing them over and over till I get them right!


    Firstly to clarify something- some commenters are describing the episode as playing out in a VR world

    Actually I…[Read more]

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    @thane15 I know, it WAS there. Why did it vanish? Oh well. I’m not typing it again.

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