The Five-ish Doctors

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If you haven’t seen it, hit the red button. It is very, very amusing and might just have a huge reveal in it ;).


  1. That was a blast. Anyone who has seen Peter Davisons convention work will know the score as far as his sense of humour goes. That self-mocking style has served him well, and to collar such an array of talent to take the piss out of themselves and the “possessiveness” of certain fans is always a joy to see.

    Possible spoilers of a pisstake:

    You really cannot buy goodwill like that. Olivia Coleman saying “I can’t believe I’m not in it, I’m in everything”, to Ian Macellan and Peter Jackson buggering about in an Extras style. Now that was a joyous end to the celebrations. Very happy.

  2. Wonderful!

    I managed to get a re-watch in before ‘Lucie Miller’ over on 4extra.

    Other high lights – John Barrowman is a closet ‘straight’ and ‘married with children’. The Dalek scene that was cut just happened to feature the much maligned New Paradigm Daleks (although worrying that The Moff hadn’t noticed they were the wrong model!). Peter Davison’s kids delight at the thought of a Tennant/Smith story but total lack of interest when he told them he wouldn’t be in the Special. Colin Baker’s long suffering family. Any scene that featured Sylvester McCoy.

    The perfect end to a perfect Day of The Doctors.

  3. The three of them were talking about this on stage at the Excel yesterday – I think it will be extra fun to hear them at today’s event when they can actually discuss the content.

    Russell T’s cameo was the best, with his proposed catch-phrase “Quelle domage, Davros”

    LOL.  Actors are always at their best when they are taking the piss out of themselves and each other.


  4. It was a brilliant piece of work, constantly threading the fine line between mawkish sentimentality and sublime humour.  I loved the scene where Davison’s daughter and Tenant’s wife is on the phone with Tenant, talking him into doing one more little favour for her Dad, and then when she hangs up…  goes back to delivering her baby.

    I’m curious – in Day of the Doctor…  were they really under the shrouds?   Or is that just another bit of fun.

    I certainly hope there’ll be a DVD release of this.

  5. Sorry about all the posts, but I just watched it, and it fair blew my mind. Among other things, how good was the incidental music in this?! This was made by people who love Doctor Who like they’ve been married to it for twenty years, have got comfortable with it, and don’t mind laughing at (and with) it.

    So happy.

  6. Very late for commenting on this. Thanks  @Juniperfish for the link. Great comments everyone.  That was just brilliant! So many favourite bits.

    Sylvester filming with Peter Jackson and Ian McKellen – I’m thinking @Bluesqueakpip was right about sneaking off to NZ to do some filming while on convention duty down under 😉

    Georgia Moffat snacking on chocolate and celery 😉

    Captain Jack being outed, RTD, everyone sending themselves up like crazy.


    Any scene that featured Sylvester McCoy

    No argument there at all, but they were all great.  And yes, re the new paradigm Daleks – I’m assuming that was a better fit for Colin than a petite classic series 😉 (and probably Peter as well, he’s not small either)

    Lucky they managed to sneak the Zygons under wraps footage past the Moff!!   I presume that will forever be a teaser 😀

    (Dammit. I think I missed the filming in Cardiff by about a week. There again, I couldn’t have done the TARDIS tour if they were filming. Didn’t know all I needed to get in was a John Barrowman CD though!)

  7. @ScaryB Thought you’d enjoy it!

    The fact it was made with full Beeb collaboration and managed both to convey genuine disappointment and sanguine self-deprecation on the part of the spurned ex Doctors raised all concerned in my estimation.

    I will forever regret Christopher Ecclestone didn’t take part in the 5oth. He was a major factor in the show’s successful revival and much as John Hurt worked with finesse I think The Day of the Doctor would have been enhanced by Ecclestone in the role of the War Doctor.

  8. So many lovely moments in this.  Davison’s boys lapping up the new series’ game while their dad bemoans his absence from the Special; Baker’s family trying to escape from another re-watch of Vengeance on Varos; McCoy’s constant plugging of his role in the Hobbit; the companions in Moffat’s dream; “It’s for Courtney” (albeit ‘with a K’); and those jaw-dropping appearances by Peter Jackson and Ian McKellen.

    Just fantastic, and kudos to everyone involved. How about a spin-off series for Davison, Baker and McCoy? 🙂

  9. @Juniperfish

    Thanks for reminding me of it – just a wee gem all through. Did you see The Last Day prequel btw – it was posted on the Prequels blog, but I missed it completely till yesterday.  Well worth a viewing.


    How about a spin-off series for Davison, Baker and McCoy

    That’d get my vote – assuming they’re not tied up on other work. McCoy’s in the Hobbit you know! 😀

  10. @wolfweed @blenkinsopthebrave

    Every time I watch that it gets funnier and funnier.  I’m in awe of Peter Davison, that he wrote and directed the Five-ish Doctors.  He takes the piss out of himself, the show, and everyone around the show, and the fact he got Peter Jackson’s crew involved too shows how influential he is.  I’d be interested to know if anyone watched it who doesn’t have a lot of DW knowledge, and if it was as funny to them.  I can’t turn off my DW brain enough to see it through Joe Public’s eyes.  I suspect, though, that it’s a love letter to fans and not meant for non DW fans.

    But damn, I’m laughing again just thinking about it.  The 3 of them as Daleks, with their eyestalks rotating to each other and nodding to the production guy, just brilliant.  And that ‘for the fan’ comment – I missed that first time around.  So thanks for highlighting it blenkinsop.

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