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The trailer for The Day of The Doctor is now on the official BBC site. So it no longer counts as a spoiler, although some people may still not want to see it.

Let’s try and keep discussion of it here if possible.

Previous teaser

Second Trailer


  1. @Thommck

    However, that doesn’t explain why 10 doesn’t recognise Hurt in the trailer.

    We don’t see what question 10nant is responding to (Remember “She’s very pretty, isn’t she?” not referring tot he twice-dead girl, but a random waitress)

  2. @WhoHar

    It’s a nice idea but I recall the alt-Doc10 only having one heart. There was that scene on the beach at the end where he tells Rose he will grow old with her, strongly implying no regeneration is possible.

    I thought that too, but then the Doctor did say that Amy’s baby wouldn’t turn out to have a timehead or anything.  And of course said baby ended with regenerative ability despite being human.


    I guess I should explain why I think Hurt Doctor doesn’t deserve the name ‘Doctor’

    That’s one place where the alt universe Doctor works, because D10 describes him as ‘too dangerous to be left on his own’ and ‘born of battle, full of anger and revenge’ (paraphrasing slightly, but it’s that basic premise) because of the genocidal conclusion of Journey’s End.  However, there’s nothing to say that if – as @Bluesqueakpip suggests – the HurtDoctor was created when the Dalek shot D10, that the HurtDoctor wouldn’t have resolved things in a similar manner to the metacrisis Doctor, and therefore have failed to live up to the name of the Doctor.


    All your latest ideas on Hurt sound way too complicated and require too much knowledge of Tennant’s old episodes to be included IMHO.

    Hey!  That’s completely at odds with the strapline of this website 😉  Complicated is what we do.  However, I’ll let you off for this:

    Alternatively, they could have 9 regenerating but Bad Wolf interferes; What the audience saw as Ecclestone change to Tennant, could actually have been Ecclestone changing to Hurt. The all-seeing Bad Wolf sends Hurt into the Time War, he dies then Bad Wolf sends him back to change into Tennant?

    Delightfully bonkers 🙂  And justifies the leather jacket in his costume.

    @Bluesqueakpip – love the idea that The Next Doctor has been an in-joke the entire time.  And that the Doctor should have regenerated into John Hurt when shot by a Dalek.  I wonder, if he had, whether Rose would ever have gone back to the alt universe.  Maybe that’s why she appears to be with the HurtDoctor in the trailer (admittedly, that could also just be clever editing.)

  3. Interesting idea that Ten SHOULD have regenerated when the Dalek got him… Hmmm ::strokes chin thoughtfully::

    Some small observations re couple of details I missed on the longer trailer –

    0.18 – definitely looks like a TimeLord (high collar, but see thro), on the left. But who is striding out leading them?  (I know Rassilon’s been mentioned as a possibilty… Or Hurt). Then again it’s in the middle of the historical story telling so maybe not significant

    0.21 – Are those SIDRATs in the background (of the explosion) Are the man and woman in the foreground Gallifreyans? Ordinary ones?

    0.25 – looking at the covered figures in the what looks like an old museum – who or what are they? TimeLords preserved? Statues? Angels…???

    (Looks like Kate Stewart leading in Eleven and Clara)

    And finally – re geek-girl and the scarf (in the very short painting trailer) – is it a coincidence there was a conspicuous 4th Doctor-ish scarf in Clara’s hallway in BoSJ?


    The short trailer (40 sec)  is fast approaching 4 MILLION (!!) views (slowed down to about quarter of a million/day 😎 ). Glad to see the mods have been out on the comments thread.  The new YT nesting system positively encourages trolls – post 1 really incendiary remark – get 500+ responses and bingo – your comment is unassailably first. Great if you’re trying to advertise something. Spose that’s the price you pay for this sort of traffic. 😛


  4. @pedant – my Russian’s really rusty, so I hauled out my dictionary.   ‘использует’ is not in it.

    ‘She’s’  … ‘simply’ … ‘???’  (the root ‘ИСПОЛЬЗОВА’ means use/utilisation ???)

    And using Google Translate backwards yields gibberish.  I know you were insulting me, I just want to know what you said!  😀

  5. Back to the trailer – but it’ll look the same as the previous few posts to the folks at The Atlantic!  (a very good magazine, at least it was when I used to subscribe a few decades ago … if they’re still as good now, we all should be really, really chuffed that they noticed our humble l’il ol’ site)

    I’m nailing my colours to the mast by saying Yes, 10 not dying from the Dalek is going to be important to the plot of the 50th.  The fact that Time Lords – or Time Lordish / Gallifreyan people – appear to be in the trailer works for a ‘multi-Doctor’ story, in that we’ve not had one without other TLs yet.

    @ScaryB – good call-back to the scarf in Clara’s house.  We have to assume that all such details are important.  And the painting trailer appears to be the only one where we can assume it moves without fancy editing to confuse us.  Unlike the longer ones – they’re cut too much to be able to assume that one character saying something, then another, means the latter is answering the former.

  6. @darkenfasl – Thank you so much for learning from your prior experience, and posting the entire link! (not

    P.S. I have checked your link and it appears any images are available also on the BBC site. For future reference, if you want to advertise an image which has not yet been officially released by the BBC, please use our Spoilers thread.

  7. @Thommck

    Interesting idea about Hurt Doc effectively replacing Doc9.

    Maybe Moffat’s doing some payback to Ecclestone for his comments about not liking people who run the show. Or possibly because Ecclestone was asked to appear in the 50th and then refused.

    Do svidanya.

  8. Recalcitrant teenager and I were discussing the girl with the scarf in the short trailer yesterday. (when he should have been studying of course.) Names such as Romana were suggested. Maybe he left her with a scarf as well as K.9 MkII. I don’t recall him ever loosing a scarf but maybe one was left in UNIT headquarters. He did change scarves a few times. It looks like another fourth wall reference to me as it is very definitely a Tom Baker scarf but hopefully will be explained within the story. The scarf in Clara’s passage way was sufficiently obscure as to not require explaination. This one is featured.

    In the second trailer (I think) it looks like civilians running through a semi ruined Gallifrey supporting the theory that the Doctors might return to save the general populace of Gallifrey.

    I have just rewatched the Day of the Daleks for inspiration. It didn’t inspire any great bonkers theories but was fun all the same. I do think Day of the Doctor will involve a similiar time paradox, ie the Doctor causes the Time War. .



  9. @WhoHar @Thommck

    Re Hurt replacing 9 in the Doctors’ timeline – made me chuckle – very meta 😉

    @pedant @Shazzbot – you made me chuckle. (Shazz – hint: if you cut and paste thewhole phrase (inc the ref to google) it makes perfect sense – and you’re not that far out (impressed you have a dictionary tho).

    Something I forgot to post – differences in the trailers –

    The 40 secs one showsMatt zinging over London, hanging out of the TARDIS, as you’d expect to see it in the episode (and I’m still thinking this is a callback to his regeneration). The longer one shows it as it looked while it was getting filmed (the Trafalgar Square filming), complete with helicopter. Why?

    Dosvedanya comrades 😉


  10. “The 40 secs one showsMatt zinging over London, hanging out of the TARDIS, as you’d expect to see it in the episode (and I’m still thinking this is a callback to his regeneration). The longer one shows it as it looked while it was getting filmed (the Trafalgar Square filming), complete with helicopter. Why?” 

    @ScaryB Like the scene with the woman in the museum wearing the Dr 4 scarf, it appeared that the trailer included scenes not intended for television.  I do wonder though if the scene with the helicopter is part of the story. Maybe that is UNIT taking the Tardis to the Tower with the aid of a chopper and not the day that eleven regenerates. HE is wearing Eleven costume not ten costume and Clara is in the Tardis so that is an event we haven’t seen yet. That means that the girl with the scarf is also part of the story.



  11. Had some thoughts after @scaryb mentioned that clip of Clara in the TARDIS. I need some zygon intel

    Could a Zygon Clara pilot the TARDIS, or would it not let her? Do Zygon clones just look like the source person or do they have all their memories. Also, what happens to the source?

  12. @thommck

    On Zygons, in their original showing they needed biodata to copy a person and have the person hooked up to instruments to have access to their memory, but those had been in hibernation on Earth for a long time, so may have been using pretty old technology (for them). There was a thread of story in the Eighth Doctor audios which suggested they retained the memories even if the source died, leading to some imprinting of the personality which could affect the Zygon in question pretty profoundly.

    I’m not sure if Clara can pilot the TARDIS anyway, but I think it’s why I asked the question about the mental link between River and Clara mentioned in Name of the Doctor. I was wondering if she may have picked up some of her knowledge.

  13. Thanks for the info @PhaseShift. I was thinking along the lines of JttCotT where the DOctor is giving Clara some driving lessons and switches of the shields (leading to the almost-death of the TARDIS).

    A Zygon-Clara could have that knowledge giving them a way to steal or make the TARDIS vulnerable. Maybe the Doctor was kicked out (hence why he’s gripping on underneath)

  14. @wolfweed – arrgghhh! Two hours!  (8p – 10p on BBC3)  Darn them.  Now, all I was going to get done tonight is shifted onto tomorrow … AGAIN.   🙂

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