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    @bluesqueakpip @ichabod @denvaldron

    I agree, Clara has been more well rounded this season.

    Honestly, compared with the above treatises -which are brilliant -there’s absolutely nothing more that I can add or say to that.

    Now, Ichabod, I’ll say this though, DenValdron aint no troll. Check out his recent reviews on this site of the fan movies -also, he’s been here before. His writing sparkles and I missed him.

    However, he has a tendency to speak in a forthright manner which can be difficult but which I forgive.

    gamergirlavatar @gamergirlavatar

    @ichabod I read your post on Danny . I think Danny was a good charter and I like how he had no family and how Clara was there when he was a child . I think that shows how Clara was meant to be with him so it will make it more sad when he died . I also think they only made Clara have a boyfriend to try to make her more like Amy . Not a lot of the fans like Clara and most of them like Amy and I think giving Clara Danny was ok for one season , but they can not try to do that with Clara this season . They have to make her , her own charter . I think now that Clara has lost Danny she is going to stay on the Tardis more and is going to risk her life more often . She might also be a darker charter . The writers also might have Danny kill the boy to add a darker side to his charter and to show the pain he has felt , because he was a solder . This would lead up to him dieing to save the land of the living and him giving up his chance of being with Clara so that kid would live . I like how Danny gave up his life to save Earth and how he gave the kid he kill the life he never had . I also think that the writers (Moffat) took every thing away from Clara and they could not write her out of the show after every thing that happen to her . I think it is great that Clara is back and how she can be seeing new worlds instead of her going back home and trying to get over Dannys death . But they can not keep talking about Danny . They need to have Clara move on .

    gamergirlavatar @gamergirlavatar

    Doctor Who has been filming in the same place where they film “Robot of Sherwood” . This will also be the episode with with our Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams ( please let me know if I spelled her name wrong ) .There has also been robots spotted on the set . There has also been some pictures taken on set that you can look up online .

    ichabod @ichabod

    @bamergirlavatar  I disagree about the split among fans between those who like Clara and those who don’t (the anti-Clara’s yell the most, IMO, because they are, and know that they are, in the minority except on a few discussion boards dedicated to hating whomever), but I do take your point about the importance of Clara’s appearance at the orphanage and interaction with “Rupert”/Danny.  I lost sight of that, partly because her being at the barn with the young Doctor distracted me from this other bit of time-travel by Clara — but also, I think, because nothing much was made of her contact with Rupert; or, more likely, whatever was made of it zoomed right by me and I missed it.  Now I wish *she* had remarked upon it in the way you have — wondering about the significance of her early contact with Danny as “Rupert”.  Or did that happen too, and I’ve forgotten?!

    I don’t think there’s much chance that Danny will be important to S9; so far as I can tell, the ones doing the talking about him are us, not the writers.  His being under-written as a character in S8 can’t be “cured” by a return to him in S9, so I think he’s truly gone (although Clara *ought* to think about him from time to time — she *did* promise DreamDan to think about him, if she needed to, for 5 minutes every day, in the Xmas special).

    I saw the pics of the big armored thing from the S9 shoot — could it be a robot?  Or maybe somebody in very primitive armor only used for fighting with distance weapons, so you don’t need much in the way of flexibility in your armor?  It certainly looks like a hellish costume to have to wear, though I’m sure it’s nowhere near as heavy as it looks.


    ichabod @ichabod

    @purofilion  @Bluesqueakpip  Thanks for “brilliant” — it felt good to fire a salvo back to the type of substance-less, error-ridden attack on a character that I’ve come to associate to the knee-jerk trolls on other, more negative sites.  I’ve already stood down on the subject so far as that poster is concerned.  Since you say his writing “sparkles”, I look forward to seeing some of that sparkle in future.

    Meanwhile, I do owe a rather twisty thanks to denvaldron for posting something that drew Bluesqueakpip’s excellent answer, because Bsp had some good points in reply that I hadn’t considered, and I appreciate having those points raised.  I hadn’t traced back Clara’s role with school kids so thoroughly — it is a solid through-line, and worth noticing — and I hadn’t thought of her as the somewhat spoiled, very pretty young woman with prospective boyfriends trailing her at every step (maybe because we weren’t shown that, but it could easily be inferred from many of her lines and scenes, such as “If you think my pretty face — ” in Deep Breath, etc.).  There are, gods know, plenty of studies showing that “pretty people” get better treatment most of the time than ordinary-looking ones, so she’ll be used to getting her way as just her due, at least to some extent.  Which makes the Doctor a good foil for her, because for the most part “pretty” isn’t a factor for him so she gets no edge on that score.

    It also didn’t occur to me that the two-hander structure of S8 might be in part tailored to Peter Capaldi’s being a man in latish middle age rather than a twirling dervish of a lad like Matt Smith.  I’d thought of it more as the dramatization of the Doctor’s existential crisis needing a strong and almost omnipresent companion as an anchor, mirror, and sometime guide, but that’s in the story.  Bsp’s point is a reason grounded in real-world considerations, and I am a sucker for solid thinking like that, especially when so much of our discussion is necessarily about (and in) abstractions.

    ichabod @ichabod

    @workaholic84 — There must be some good speeches and lines from Rory and Amy, don’t you think?  They’re the faithful, long term couple who stay together, unlike the Doctor and River Song, so that might be a more fruitful source.

    gamergirlavatar @gamergirlavatar

    Great , great , great news . The best news of the day . Thanks to “Big Finish” the Torchwood team will return in six radio dramas title ” The Conspiracy” writen David Llewellyn . Five dramas will be charter base and one will have the Torchwood team . These plays will be released from September 2015 through January 2016 . You can pre-order all plays now . Russell T Davies says “Torchwood has been to the Moon , and America , and the Himalayas , but now I think it’s finally coming home , to the brilliance of Big Finish” . Producer James Goss said ” what’s great about Torchwood is that it is as unstoppable as Captain Jack and just as persuasive . Torchwood has been a ratings success on nearly every BBC channel , and it’s one of the few UK series to translate to America . It’s already been a series to of iPlayer-topping audio plays , and we are thrilled to continue it . It’s just so exciting to be starting off the range with a drama starring John Barrowman – he leapt at the chance to display a whole new side to Captain Jack” . You can read more news about Torchwood online . It looks like it will be the Torchwood team of Jack , Qwen , Ianto , Tosh , and Owen because there will be five radio plays that are charter base . This might lead up to a 5th season of Torchwood , so lets listen to the radio plays and help bring Torchwood back to our tv screens .

    DenValdron @denvaldron

    @ichabod, @bluepipsqueak  I seem to have offended you by having an opinion you didn’t like, and then having the temerity to explain that opinion.  Please accept my apologies.

    The world is a diverse place, and we are not all so fortunate to march in lockstep to your views.  Some of us ‘go off the reservation’ so to speak.  But I feel that such dissent is perfectly legitimate.  I have read your posts, and read them with considerably less rancor and revulsion than you seem to have experienced reading mind.  Alas, I did not find them persuasive.   It seems we will continue to disagree.

    I am going to decline your explicit and implicit suggestions to continue to engage the subject of Clara Oswald.  I see no productive purpose to doing so.

    Among other things, you both seem passionately enamored of the subject, perhaps a little too much so.  I could see a discussion devolving rapidly into a flame war, and that’s always a pointless, pointless undertaking.

    And to be honest, the truth is, I don’t care.  I simply don’t care about Clara Oswald all that much.  She’s an irritating, useless character who drags the stories down.  I’ve stated that, and explained it.  What more is there to say.  She’ll go away someday.  Hopefully.  I just don’t see investing time and rhetoric in an unpleasant triviality.

    To be honest, I don’t know either of you either.  I can therefore have no opinion of you, except the simple observation that our tastes differ and you don’t seem to take that very well.  But overall, there is no opinion of you, either good or bad.  You don’t know me, except that I seem to have an opinion that threatens you.  Your opinion of me is meaningless.

    N0w, if you wish to continue talking about Clara Oswald…  feel perfectly free.  But I’ve said all I need to say about her, and I have no need to continue to participate in that discussion.

    Frankly, I have better things to do with my time on this board, that’s not some passive-aggressive way of insulting you, it’s just the truth.  There’s things I enjoy doing that give me pleasure, I’m having fun writing fan film reviews, I find that satisfying and productive.

    I don’t see much pleasure to be derived from an Oswald discussion.  Maybe that’s your cup of tea.  Have at it.  But have it without me.

    I will thank you, however, not to libel me, not to call me a troll.  That is impolite and unworthy.

    I will particularly insist that you not insult or berate people who choose to defend me.

    That is offensive.

    nerys @nerys

    Going back to the discussion about Danny, I too lament his rather “one-note” character development, but as @ichabod notes, that can’t be solved by bringing him back for Season 9. So I hope the writers don’t go that route. I felt that for as little development as Danny got (which resulted in my not really caring about his and Clara’s relationship, and feeling rather annoyed that I was “told” I was supposed to), he redeemed himself remarkably well in Dark Water and Death in Heaven. It was as if I’d been allowed to discover, in hindsight, all about him that mattered to himself, to Clara and to the world … and the Doctor finally got a glimpse of that, too. Maybe that was the point. Sometimes we do learn these things too late, and then the people are gone before we can appreciate and pay proper attention to them. For me, the two-part Season 8 finale gave me closure on Danny’s character. I hope the powers that be see it that way, too.

    ichabod @ichabod

    @nerys   That’s an interesting way to look at it — as if we’re seeing Danny through the Doctor’s prejudiced eyes all along (even when the Doctor isn’t actually present on-scene), and only come to recognize his inner goodness and courage when it’s too late . . . I like it.  Myself, I kept waiting for a few moments between Danny and the Doctor alone, officer and soldier, finding a touch of common ground in their losses to warfare.  The closest we got was in Last Xmas: The Doctor: “Brave.”  DeadDan, without even turning to look at him: “Already dead.”  Fine.

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip


    I seem to have offended you by having an opinion you didn’t like, and then having the temerity to explain that opinion.

    And I seem to have had the temerity to explain why I disagreed with you. Life, eh? 😀

    Okay, let’s explain further: this is what you said.

    The Eccleston Doctor is a terrible character. He’s poorly constructed, uninteresting and shallow, inconsistent and essentially a roving plot device. This Doctor is not anchored or rounded in the way that the Pertwee Doctor, the Baker I Doctor or even the McCoy Doctor were. There’s no real sense of him having a place in life, a point of view, any meaningful identity. In place of that, we simply get tropes. The Doctor needs something to do, we’ll make him an angsty ex-soldier. He’ll need a girlfriend, we’ll make Rose.

    He’s essentially the Doctor Who version of the Simpson’s character ‘Poochy.’ … The problem was that Poochy was merely a soulless cynical marketing effort. He was dramatically worthless, unfunny and dragged the show down.

    The Eccleston Doctor in a nutshell. Every character in Doctor Who has to expound on how wonderful he is. Rose moons over him to the point that she instantly overlooks his betrayal of his own people, an idiotic plot point, she endorses his outrageous whims. Every episodes revolve around him. His trivial moods are treated as portents from Olympus. He is consistently presented as perfect, brilliant, witty, insightful, amazing, gracious, compassionate…. yadda yadda yadda. All that’s fine, but its not interesting and its not good storytelling.

    Back in the 1970′s, there was a market for angsty heroes, making their way in the modern world: Callan, Gangsters, The Sandbaggers. It’s all very nice. I’m sure there’s a market for the New Doctor Who Show. I’m just not interested. In Doctor Who terms, he’s the modern Colin Baker Doctor.

    Okay, you didn’t quite say that. But basically, all I had to swap were the names of the character, the example TV series, the example disliked Companion to disliked Doctor – and change ‘betrayal of the Doctor’ to ‘betrayal of his own people’.

    As I tried (and clearly failed) to explain, you gave a terrible deconstruction of a character. That’s the reason I can treat it as a piece of [insert name here] boilerplate. There is very little specific (scene, lines, actions) discussion of that character – and what discussion there is basically complains that the Doctor shouldn’t have forgiven Clara.

    If you dislike Clara and want to wait for the next Companion, that’s fine. I disliked the Eccleston Doctor (that’s why I picked him for boilerplate replacement) and ended up bailing on Doctor Who, only coming back to see what the new guy was like. Equally, by Episode 7 of Series 8, I was wondering whether I’d be doing the same thing with the Capaldi Doctor. Fortunately, things picked up with Mummy on the Orient Express.

    But if my boilerplate replacement had been a genuine post about Eccleston, I would expect people to disagree with those statements.

    At length. 😀

    gamergirlavatar @gamergirlavatar

    @bluesqueakpip I think the 9th Doctor was a great Doctor . He’s the one that got me watching Doctor Who , and I was in shock when he left . It took me years to see David as The Doctor because Eccleston left . He was a great Doctor and I will always watch the first season of Doctor Who , because of him .

    DenValdron @denvaldron

    @bluesqueakpip   Why do you insist on trying to argue with me in such a clumsy inept way on a thing I care very little about?  What’s wrong with you?  What’s your problem?

    Was my disinterest in your opinions and arguments on this subject not sufficiently clear?  Did you not get the message?

    Look, let me try this again.  I’m here because I like to do certain things.  I enjoy doing these things.  They give me pleasure.  And at least a few other people seem to enjoy them all around.  Win win for everyone.  Now, you may not be interested  in the things I’m doing, that’s fine with me.  Or you might like them, if you gave them a chance.  Who knows.  If you wish to try and engage me in a civil way about something I’m interested in, you’ll find me courteous and thoughtful in my response.

    But that’s why I’m here, and the discussion you propose is a stupid distraction, which will take me away from things I find interesting and enjoyable.  So I have no particular wish to engage.

    Now, I suspect that this might hurt your feelings and I’m sorry about that.  But let me be very clear:   I don’t care about your feelings.  I don’t care about you.   I suspect that this might be an unpleasant realization for you, but there it is.

    To be clear:  I bear you no ill will.  But…  No thanks, not engaging, not interested enough.  Peddle it somewhere else.

    PS:  Be nice to Gamergirlavatar.  Just because you seem to have an issue with me doesn’t mean you have to be an all around pratt.


    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip


    Yes, quite. That’s why I used the Eccleston Doctor as an example. As soon as I say ‘I don’t like him’, people will pop up and say ‘but he was brilliant! One of the great Doctors!’

    Which, in fact, he may well have been. The fact that I, personally, don’t like the Eccleston Doctor doesn’t change his incredible achievement – in transforming Doctor Who from a ‘one series as a last chance’ into ‘hit series’. He lost me; he gained an awful lot of others. 🙂

    gamergirlavatar @gamergirlavatar

    @bluesqueakpip Yes some people like the 9th Doctor and some don’t . I can see why you don’t like him , but he is one of The Doctors . You do have to admit that if Eccleston was never The Doctor the show would never be where it is now .

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord

    Taking the unusual step (looks up) at putting some news on the News page before I hibernate again….

    If anyone doesn’t know the Horror channel has come to freeview and you can watch some Tom Baker on Sat afternoons and Sunday mornings. They seem to be on Key to Time at the moment. CHannel 70.

    More interesting still is More Tom. And Leela. On Saturday Teatime. Radio 4xtra have the first series on their audio adventures beginning at 6pm on the 16th May. 4 and Leela Back in the Tardis! Pass me the jelly babies and I’ll revert to my seven year old self.

    I’ve heard some and they are pretty good. It starts with Destination Nerva and moves on in subsequent weeks to The Renaissance Man, The Wrath Of The Iceni, Energy Of The Daleks, Trail Of The White Worm and The Oseidon Adventure. With it being Radio, you can listen to them live overseas via the website.

    nerys @nerys

    @ichabod That’s an interesting way to look at it — as if we’re seeing Danny through the Doctor’s prejudiced eyes all along (even when the Doctor isn’t actually present on-scene), and only come to recognize his inner goodness and courage when it’s too late . . . I like it.  Myself, I kept waiting for a few moments between Danny and the Doctor alone, officer and soldier, finding a touch of common ground in their losses to warfare.  The closest we got was in Last Xmas: The Doctor: “Brave.”  DeadDan, without even turning to look at him: “Already dead.”  Fine.

    You know, I didn’t actually have that idea formally articulated in my mind until I was typing out my post. But the more I think about it, the more it makes sense to me. Viewers were grumbling all along about why we should care about Danny, and that was the Doctor’s exact attitude about him, too. Our reaction mirrored the Doctor’s own, and we didn’t find much reason to argue with him. We were baffled by Clara’s love for Danny? So was the Doctor, who couldn’t even be bothered to remember his name.

    ichabod @ichabod

    @nerys   Well, it’s a clever idea, and I like it.  But we *did* see Danny alone with Clara, where the Doctor’s viewpoint shouldn’t have had any bearing — so I’m not sure it can really be justified.  When she was with Danny, it would have been better all around (certainly better for Danny as a character) for us to have seen something more of what Clara saw in Danny, apart from him being a nice, sad guy willing to put up with her vagaries.   So that theory works well as head canon, but doesn’t quite fit what we were shown, IMO.  Erk; I *want* a good fit, because it’s so perfect as another angle on 12’s harsher and more intolerant nature (compared to SmithDoc).  But —

    jphamlore @jphamlore

    Wasn’t it mentioned in Danny’s first appearance he was regarded by the other women to be a very good looking guy?  And better yet, he had a dark side …

    ichabod @ichabod

    @jphamlore  — well, interesting, or having a secret, or something, yes, I think there was some comment to that effect about the attractiveness of Danny.  But can Clara have sensed that about him and have been attracted by it at the same time that she’s so obviously set him up in her mind as the “normal domesticity” polarity, while the Doctor — who’s carrying quite a bit of darkness and secrets right up front — functions as the reckless adventure polarity?  There’s no domesticity about the CapDoc, so his pull is clear — it’s opposite to normal family life with Danny.  If Danny has darkness, it’s even a domestic sort of darkness — contained in scale and connected to someone else’s home and family life (the boy’s), so maybe that’s the bit of dark leavening that helps to make DomesticDan more attractive to Clara, who’s used to thunder and lightning on an interplanetary scale these days.

    It’s late.  I am overthinking; sorry.


    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip


    who couldn’t even be bothered to remember his name.

    No, that’s a long standing trait of the Doctor (dating back to William Hartnell having a problem remembering William Russell’s screen name). If he doesn’t like you, he’ll get your name wrong. If he doesn’t really care about you, he probably won’t remember it in the first place. Capaldi’s taken that and run with it.

    Given what we know about Time Lords, getting someone’s chosen name wrong (and Danny chose ‘Danny’) must be horribly insulting. Bad Capaldi Doctor! 😉

    Craig @craig

    The genius that was Delia Derbyshire, who created the Doctor Who theme tune from Ron Grainer’s score, would have been 78 today. You can listen to her private tapes here:

    Also, there’s a nice little documentary on The BBC’s Radiophonic Workshop here:

    I’m told these are available to listen to worldwide. I love the idea of the Radiophonic Workshop. It’s one of those things the bean counters would argue was a useless waste of money today. Thank God for the BBC.

    gamergirlavatar @gamergirlavatar

    Hi every body . There has been a lot of great news about Torchwood coming back in the form of radio plays , so I thought I should type my Miracle Day theory . We know that Jacks blood was used to formed a morphic field that made the world immortal but , the worlds immortality was different from Jacks immortality . When Jack got hurt he would heal when every other human on Miracle Day would not heal at a fast rate . Jack ages at a slow rate , but on Miracle Day every one aged at a normal rate . My theory is that the ” Bad Wolf ” is still keeping Jack immortal , but in order for it to keep Jack immortal it locks on to his DNA , including his blood . When the Blessing created the morphic field it used Jacks DNA to make every one immortal , but every one has their own DNA . Every ones own DNA could had interfere with Jacks DNA making all the humans immortality different from Jacks . We know that Rex is immortal now because he has Jacks blood inside him , but if my theory is right Rexs DNA will interfere with Jacks DNA . This interferes can change Rexs body and can even create a mutation in his DNA .

    DenValdron @denvaldron

    @gamergirlavatar   Interesting theory.  How does it explain Jack’s immortality shutting off during the miracle day story?

    gamergirlavatar @gamergirlavatar

    @denvaldron We know that ” The Blessing ” took Jacks blood to make every one immortal but , if my theory is right it was not the blood . It took Jacks DNA and used the ” Bad Wolf ” that was locking on to Jacks blood and , formed the morphic field , but the ” Bad Wolf ” was in the form of DNA so that’s why other peoples DNA interfere with Jacks DNA , or ” Bad Wolf ” . When ” The Blessing ” took Jacks DNA it took the ” Bad Wolf ” away from Jack to make the rest of the humans immortal and making Jack mortal .

    janetteB @janetteb

    I found out yesterday that Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Alex Kingston are visiting Australia this month. They are even dropping by Adelaide!!! An acquaintance of mine is going to be interviewing them for her blog site. The ticket prices are rather frightening sadly. More info here, (hopefully)



    ichabod @ichabod

    @janetteb   Lucky you Ozzies!  On a similar note, the great big symphonic DW music show is coming to New York, or rather to Brooklyn, in October — I’m tempted, but gigantic public events and a city stuffed to the brim with excited fans aren’t really my thing, so I probably won’t go . . . I got some very nice speakers on sale, that are now hooked up to my computer, much more my style.  $50 a ticket, I think, which is actually pretty cheap for New York.  Announced a couple of days ago on the Doctor Who News site.  The build up to S9 seems to be getting into higher gear . . .

    cathymac706 @cathymac706

    Hi Everyone.  I’m new to this site.  My 13 year old daughter is the one who actually loves Doctor Who.  She is obsessed with it.  I bought her Philadelphia Comic Con tickets so she could go to the David Tennant Q&A panel.  I just found out that only VIP ticket holders are getting 2 tickets to the Q&A. My daughter was so disappointed when I told her.  She does nothing but talk about Doctor Who. I was wondering if anyone is going to Philly Comic Con this weekend and has extra David Tennant Q&A tickets you won’t use.  I hope it was okay to post this here. Thanks for your help.

    DenValdron @denvaldron

    @cathymac706   Welcome aboard.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any tickets, but I wish you the best of luck.  Have you tried craigslist?

    Craig @craig

    Just wanted to urge everyone in the UK, no matter what your political persuasion, to get out and vote. Get off your arse and put a cross in a box. I don’t care who you vote for, but cast a vote for someone.

    cathymac706 @cathymac706

    Thanks, DenValdron! I did check Craigslist, but no luck. I posted on there asking if anyone had tickets. Hopefully someone answers.

    gamergirlavatar @gamergirlavatar

    Just came up with a theory about how The Master took the form of a female , and turned into Missy . We saw in ” Journey’s End ” that The Doctor used the DNA from his hand to regenerate into his same face . The Master could have used the DNA from a female time lord on Gallifrey to take the form of a female .

    jphamlore @jphamlore


    I think Moffat is doing a stupendous job using a variety of concepts from classic Dr. Who.  It was already established long ago that the Master had penetrated the Time Lords Matrix, and it also was established that if one could obtain some sort of DNA blueprint, a person, in this case Omega, could be reconstructed by transmitting information from another universe to this one.

    I speculate the Time Lords are now at best information:  Their physical bodies can never again cross back to this universe.  They are like Omega in the classic series.  Thus they must make a completely untrustworthy alliance with the Master to bring them as information somewhere, Earth I believe.  The Master cannot stand the thought of being the last Time Lord, yet he also hates the Time Lords.

    Look at how Missy is portrayed — she seems to very easily go in and out of paradise which is presumably inside the Gallifreyan hard drive.  I conjecture the Master is already comfortable with the idea of being information uploaded to a hard drive, and is testing this process for the other Time Lords.  Of course at the right time he will seek to obtain advantage over them.

    Anonymous @


    I’ve moved your most recent post to the ‘Spoilers’ thread.

    Just a reminder for everyone – to avoid the wrath of both the Spoilerphobes and the Spoilers Dalek, please can you post any news regarding S9 either on the Spoilers thread or, if it’s news that has been officially released by the BBC, on the BBC approved Doctor Who series 9 spoilers and trailers

    Thank you 🙂

    CanadianWhos @canadianwhos

    Sent you a private message, CathyMac.


    Anonymous @

    @fatmaninabox @gamergirlavatar Thanks for that. I was wondering myself if Doctor Who News did involve putting anything up that has connections to the next series. I’ve been spoiled by reading this thread recently. Things like who would be appearing (like Maisie Williams for instance), where the next season would be shot etc… I didn’t see that as ‘news’ more as stuff for the Spoiler thread which I dare never read as I like to be completely surprised. I think, @gamergirlavatar that much of that ‘news’ is for the Spoiler thread, but thank you anyway for keeping us up with all news that’s Who! 🙂

    gamergirlavatar @gamergirlavatar

    I just found a Torchwood easter egg in the episode Time Heist . In the sceen when Psi distracted The Teller with guilt by flicking through a database of thiefs and villians in the universe and transeferring them into his mind you can see a familiar villian . You see a picture of Captain John Harp from season two of Torchwood . Watch Time Heist again and see if you can spot it .

    gamergirlavatar @gamergirlavatar

    Today is Catherine Tates birthday . She has turned 47 . Happy birthday Catherine , we all loved you as Donna Noble .

    gamergirlavatar @gamergirlavatar

    Hi . A couple days ago i posted a Torchwood Miracle Day theory and @denvaldron asked me how my theory explained Jack becoming mortal in Miracle Day . I did answer his question but now I have another answer for his question . My other answer is when The Blessing took Jacks blood it used the Bad Wolf that was connected to his blood to make the mophic field . But it was in the form of DNA so every bodys own DNA interfered with Jacks DNA . But when The Blessing made the mophic field it used the Bad Wolf but the Bad Wolf was still connected to Jack . And if you add a positive to a positive you get a negative . Because Jack was on Earth and the mophic field was made using the Bad Wolf and the Bad Wolf was still connected to Jack , both the Bad Wolfs interfered with each other . This caused the Bad Wolf that was connected to Jack to be put on pause making Jack mortal . This would also explain how Jack became immortal again at the end of Miracl Day . So I just came up with a really good Torchwood theory or I have watch Miracle Day to many times and have to much free time .

    gamergirlavatar @gamergirlavatar

    Hi guys I have another Torchwood post .I have more to type about my Miracle Day theory . I am going to type my theory about what can happen if my first theory is right . In my first theory I said that a mutation is going on in Rexs body and we know The Families are still out there . If The Families get a hold of this mutation from Rex they can use this mutation to change the human race . What will the Torchwood team do than . What happens when the people who’s lives they have been saving for years become their enemies because of this mutation or do the mutated humans become victims of the other humans . What if the fight becomes personal ( think of it , Gwen has child and a husband ) . How will this effect the Earth if human biology changes . I know this sounds a bit like Miracle Day but it’s just a theory .

    gamergirlavatar @gamergirlavatar

    Hi every one . There has been alot of Torchwood news so I have been looking up comments that Torchwood fans have posted on websites . Some fans think Torchwood should return on TV , some like radio plays while some don’t , and some people don’t think it should return at all . I was wondering what Torchwood fans on this blog think about Torchwood returning as radio plays . Please comment on this post and lets hope Torchwood returns for another season .

    DenValdron @denvaldron

    It’s kind of painted itself into a corner – television wise.

    It’s essentially burned it’s premise, burned its backstory, its resources, its cast, you name it.

    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord

    @gamergirlavatar — I don’t think there’s any reason why it can’t come back and be interesting. Casts and concepts can always be reinvented. The two things that always stymied the original Torchwood the most was that Chris Chibnall had too much of a head on it and he’s an undisciplined and often lacklustre writer. The other was that John Barrowman just didn’t have the acting chops to carry a show in the heroic mould. Torchwood’s finest moment was Children of Earth because the script was strong and it had a good ensemble of supporting characters, especially Capaldi.

    There’s no reason why it couldn’t hit that level of quality again on audio.

    geoffers @geoffers

    @denvaldron @jimthefish

    i think torchwood could come back (with jack as the lead, or a completely different cast), but only if it is first revived in the next series of who.  that would be the easiest way to generate interest in it (as with its first go round)… promotional tie-in to the larger franchise.

    but… would moffat be willing to help bring it back? he is featuring u.n.i.t., these days, so i think the odds of a rebirth of torchwood (on telly) to be almost zero…

    audio and print torchwood could go on just as long as audio and print doctor who, as the fan base is largely the same (i suspect)…

    DenValdron @denvaldron

    @geoffers   I don’t think that Torchwood has a fan base outside of Doctor Who.   So far as I can tell, they’re a subset.

    Anonymous @


    I liked Capt Jack in Who as he had a definite connection with the cast -Rose, Mickey, Martha and Tennant. In T’wood I didn’t take to him at all. Not thrilled with the ‘crew’ -other than Toshiko, they weren’t likeable (to me).

    The gay dude mooned around -I thought that was pretty tedious. He didn’t serve much of a purpose except as Jack’s plaything and whilst I can understand RTD’s need to get G&L plots out there, I didn’t think it was particularly helpful/clever/humorous or tragic. Except with Children of the World -I thought that ending was tragic and made me feel for both Jack and his friend (sorry, can’t recall his name).

    I’d agree with @jimthefish that Barrowman can’t cut it as an actor -though listening to him drivel on panels for hours (he talks for HOURS!) you’d think he was a ‘Shakespearean actorr’.

    Just a personal thing.

    Kindest, puro.


    DenValdron @denvaldron

    Actually, the character of Ianto was initially at least bi-sexual.   You’ll recall the first season episode Cyberwoman.  The entire plot of that episode revolved around Ianto being pathologically obsessed and in love with his girlfriend, Lisa Hallet.  Y’see, Lisa Hallet worked for Torchwood, London, during the events of Army of Ghosts and Doomsday in Doctor Who.  When the Cybermen took over, they just grabbed everyone in sight and started upgrading them.  Lisa was one of their victims.  But by that time, they were running out of spare parts to plant, so instead of full Cyberman, she got to be a fetish cyber-hot-chick.

    Suddenly, my head hurts.

    Anyway, after the Cybermen get thrown out of the universe, Ianto finds her and is so distressed, that he takes her body back to Torchwood Cardiff, and while everyone is out for pizza, he’s secretly bringing technicians to revive her.  Lisa Cyber-Fetish-Woman kills a bunch of people and a pterodactyl and but Ianto still stands by her as his true love, until Jack slaps him around, and he goes and has an ‘Old Yeller’ moment.

    Anyway, the point is that Ianto was at best, bisexual that season.  Possibly straight.  He didn’t go full gay until the second season.  I don’t think Jack went full gay until the third season.  The show really gave bisexuality the short shrift.

    Jesus H. Christ.  Look at this.   Next thing you know, I’ll start blathering on about Nuance and Originality in Silver Nemesis.







    Anonymous @

    @denvaldron Silver Nemesis? 🙂

    I did watch that episode of T/wood and totally forgot about it! Thank you for reminding me.

    I recall that Jack was more the “51st century kind of guy” that Eccleston referred to in Jack’s arrival on scene. Mad Brisbaners said, “how awful: the Doctor is suggesting all people, in the distant future, will be bi-sexual!” It caused quite a stir in the local papers and in book clubs (apparently).

    Yes, now I recall Jack had a thing for all people (in Who) but in T’wood he fell in love with Gwen (Gwyn?) but Ianto (thank you) was a kind of plaything -I felt. I’m not sure what he did other than search for information -which is what nearly everybody seemed to do.  They were always hotly tapping on computers -even in their dark, ‘cool’, beefed up vehicles.

    And they all favoured those dark, leathery flak jackets. Everybody does in film: remember Spooks and Hermoine Norris and young Jo (also in Doctor Who) wearing jeans and dark jackets which shouted: “I am a member of the Secret Service. It’s bloody obvious so shoot me right now!!”

    Like Angel, Jack seems to have no real place to rest his head (does he even sleep?) and is forever holed up in that study drinking bourbon out of cut crystal glasses -that’s what I remember. But you recall the whole ep (!) wherein Ianto fell for “that creepy chick”. Really, how deluded of him.

    Well, aren’t we all? 🙂

    DenValdron @denvaldron

    @purofilion  Generally, people don’t thank me for reminding them of Torchwood.   😉

    As for Silver Nemesis, I love it, but by god, it’s an unholy, pointless, derivative mess.   Who thought the world needed a remake of Remembrance of the Daleks…. only two serials later?  And then it just went downhill from there.   But as foolish and misbegotten, I cherish it with that same unconditional love you might cherish a blind dog that craps on the carpet constantly.  Some things just defy reason and sense.

    Anyway, I really must be going.  Work to do.

    gamergirlavatar @gamergirlavatar

    If every one can not tell by now I’m a huge Torchwood fan . Thank you for every one who has posted so far . I just wrote some fan mail to the BBC about Torchwood . I love every thing about Torchwood . I think it shows humans for what we are . How we can be brave and think beyond are world and our time line or we can only think of ourselves and wait for our world to end ( but not from cyberwoman ) . @purofilion I think they all were leather because leather protects ( more than cotton any way ) . Also I think Ianto was straight and I know Jack is still bisexual even though it took me forever to find that out . I also think Jack and Ianto cared about each other . I think all the characters were wonderful . I know if Torchwood comes back in any form I will support it .

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