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    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord
    janetteB @janetteb

    @jimthefish YOu beat me too it Wow. I am excitted. Yes. Hope returns.

    (Just the news i needed… ((after end of term Friday night drinks))


    double cheers


    Cath Annabel @cathannabel

    I wasn’t expecting that! Yes, definitely good news. I feel a bit sad that we won’t get RTD working with Jodie’s Doctor, but nonetheless, worth raising a glass to!

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    Crikey! That is amazing news.

    Where I am it is 9.17am, so I will probably wait a bit before raising a glass. But raising a glass is definitely on the cards.

    A thought: should we expect the same RTD approach of yore or a different type of RTD approach?

    toinfinityandbepond @toinfinityandbepond

    Time for a gay doctor?

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    I’d say the odds of Olly Alexander as the next Doctor just shortened dramatically.


    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord

    @jimthefish (+ everyone else, big wave!)

    Really unexpected development that really makes you wonder what’s been going on behind the scenes. Not only Russell “The” Davies, but outsourcing production to Bad Wolf Productions (first time since the Eighth Doctor movie, fact fans) would seem to indicate that the BBC may be admitting they’ve screwed the pooch for some time with Doctor Who.

    It does seem a somewhat retrograde step, harking back to the past rather than look to the future … but?

    I’ve read a lot of (possibly wrong headed) comment pieces since the announcement of Chibnalls departure. Along the lines of “old fans shouldn’t be running the show”. You know the sort of stuff. Thing is, Davies was the one who made the show insanely popular at home, and Moffat was the one who made it arguably the biggest international success for some time. So – what went wrong with Chibnall? I think the simple answer is a few short years.

    When Doctor Who was rested it’s no secret that Davies and Moffat were independently lobbying Andrew Cartmel for a writing gig on the show – both buoyed by successes in Children/YA TV. Chibnall had become disillusioned with the show and gone to University. A traditional student life of beer, study and exciting times lay ahead I’m sure. I think it stung Davies & Moffat – being that close, but so far.

    So while Chibnall forged ahead in his early career, he wasn’t doing silly things like writing well received Who novel ‘Damaged Goods’, or composing letters to Doctor Who monthly congratulating them for making comic companion Izzy gay. He wasn’t writing well respected short story ‘Continuity Errors’, or taking the opportunity of sudden fame to do something crazy like ‘Curse of Fatal Death’ for comic relief. I’m sure he didn’t have the time to argue the toss on early internet forums about ‘that kiss’, and why it didn’t really matter. He didn’t read spinoff novels or listen to Big Finish and ultimately didn’t engage with a big conversation about how and why Doctor Who worked. Davies and Moffat had 16 years of dead space to think about how they would ‘do’ Doctor Who.

    Like or loathe their respective takes on the Doctor, I don’t think anyone would deny they had a clear vision for who the Doctor was and what they stood for. I don’t think Chibnall ever really had that, and I think that fundamentally harmed the show and especially JWs character of the Doctor.

    So Davies had 16 years to consider how he’d do it. What the Doctor meant to him. Since he left he’s had (believe it or not) 12 years. 12 years and two show runners. We know he kept in close contact with Moffat, and their jocular exchanges are legendary. I’m wondering how his thinking has evolved in that time. I think RTD phase 2 may throw more than a few people who are expecting more of the same a curveball. He’s not the same writer and these are certainly not the same times.

    It was a delight to see both RTD and Moffat engage with the lockdown watchalongs last year. They seemed energised by it all. Short stories, extra scenes, drawings, early scripts. However they protest, I don’t think those guys will ever stop wanting to tell Doctor Who stories. If that process got RTD energised again, perhaps we have something to add the ‘good stuff’ of Covid.

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    I read that Russell T was returning and I was wondering if April 1st had come early. Then it got reported in the other papers.

    Well – I wasn’t expecting that, but definitely great news. He brings the best out in other writers (as well as being a bloody good writer himself).

    Sec1974 @sec1974

    I agree! Amazing news! So excited!! I just wish Eccleston and Davies could kiss and make up and somehow ressurect HIS doctor but I’m not going to hold my breath. And after reading comments that Matt Smith would come back if the timing was right is a bummer too since he’s in that new Game of Thrones spin-off. Doh!!! Oh well.

    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord


    I’d say the odds of Olly Alexander as the next Doctor just shortened dramatically.

    I’m not so sure. I doubt RTD will want to return to YoungWhiteBloke territory plus Olly has a lot of irons in his fire to be taking on the life-consuming task of the Being The Doctor. I am hopeful though that it gives T’Nia Miller (currently top of my wishlist) dramatically shortened odds of getting the part. (Given that RTD had a future Doc who sounded really very like her indeed in his novelisation of Rose.)


    He brings the best out in other writers (as well as being a bloody good writer himself)

    Absolutely. As a manager of writers, I suspect he was better than Moffat and he’ll almost certainly be a massive improvement. I have only a couple of reservations, one of which I very much had even when he was showrunning before — and that was that Who is never really his best work and while he’s tied up running the show, we’re going to be denied the high-quality personal work of the likes of Years and Years and It’s a Sin. RTD to me is one of those figures (Chris Ecclestone and Jodie Whittaker being another two actually) who while not exactly being ‘too good’ for Who can’t fully play to their individual strengths within the confines of the show. It’s almost like they’re slightly forced to pull their creative punches.


    Yep, I think that’s all spot on. I definitely think that RTD and Moff got to tell stories that they’d been rehearsing in their heads for years and the Chibs didn’t really know what he wanted to do, didn’t even, in fact, have that firm a grasp on the character of the Doctor — to the point that he felt the need to rewrite her backstory. And as you say, Moff and RTD definitely still seem to have absolute love for the show. I’m not sure they’ll ever lose it.

    I think RTD phase 2 may throw more than a few people who are expecting more of the same a curveball

    I think so too. My other reservation about RTD was that he seemed to be running on fumes by the time he was going. He’d fallen back on Rose returning just one time too often and the year of the specials was a very mixed big indeed imo. But as you say, he’s had 12 years to ruminate on new ideas and it’s not as if the wider world hasn’t been given him plenty of food for thought. I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw an iteration of Who that isn’t even more socially engaged than it was last time he was in charge, given that seems to have been the direction of travel of much of his other work since.

    It’s very exciting though. If I were foolish enough to make predictions, I’d say we’re looking at a Tennant-focused 60th Special, with guest Docs (I’d like to that we’d get Ecclestone back but I’m sure he’s sworn never to work with RTD again). But it will, I’d guess, bring in a new Doc and then a new series that will initially be as pared back to basics as Ecclestone’s first one was till it finds its feet again.

    It would certainly be fascinating to know what’s been going on behind the scenes. The whole thing has that vibe of the family computer being taken back to the manufacturers to be returned to factory settings cos one of the teens tried to install some dodgy software and now all they can get is the BSOD.

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    @jimthefish I’m sure you’re right (although I image his odds have shortened at those stupid betting firms). I like your idea of T’Nia Miller. In a sense, there are almost an embarrassment of riches when it comes to actors who could do justice to the role with the right writer. Whittaker could have, but…

    I am particularly interested in how RTD is going to approach it the second time around, as the context of him taking on the role of showrunner is so very different this time.

    Missy @missy


    Thank goodness for that! The only news which (for me) could top this, is the return of Steven Moffat!

    As for Olly Alexander being the next Doctor (maybe) I don’t care. As long as it is a Male, British and he can act,

    I am content.

    As for JW, if she had been a good enough actress, she could have made up for the bad writing.

    The BBC have got some brains after all.


    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    Well,  well, well.   That one came out of the blue, didn’t it?

    Now maybe if Moffat can contribute a few episodes…

    I’ll sort of half-agree with Missy, I don’t really care who the Doctor is, so long as s/he is British and can act   😉

    (Hopefully the writing and direction will be taken care of with RTD in charge…)


    nerys @nerys

    Yippee! I saw this news on Facebook and immediately clicked on the “love” icon. What a relief to know that the good Doctor’s writing and direction are in good hands.

    I am saddened that Jodie Whittaker was generally let down by less-than-stellar writing, and who knows what all was going on behind the scenes. @phaseshift You provide a superb analysis for why this happened during Chris Chibnall’s time as showrunner. But, better days ahead!

    janetteB @janetteb

    @phaseshift did sum it up well. I think the BBC are desperate to keep Dr Who afloat and are turning back to “safe hands” but I am also certain that RTD has been watching Who and developing plenty of ideas of where he might go with it now. (And he is not the only showrunner returning to a former series…)

    like @dentarthurdent I half agree with Missy.”I don’t really care who the Doctor is, so long as s/he is British and can act.”

    The idea that Moffat might once again pen the odd episode also occurred to me. Fingers crossed.



    winston @winston

    I have liked JW as the Doctor and I am curious how RTD would have written for her. It might have been great. I have always felt that she would have been good in some of 10s adventures. The writing and directing has let her down sometimes but she also shines in many episodes.

    I agree that the Doctor has to be British and he\she should be a good actor but I have no idea “who” that should be. I am sure RTD will both surprise and impress us with his choice but lets have fun guessing and hoping for our favourite choices. I will have a think on it and get back to you.

    Meanwhile JW Doc is coming back with a new companion and I can’t wait!

    RTD is coming back.  Permission to squeeeeeeeeeee!

    Stay safe.

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    It seems that JW has just finished filming Who.

    Jodie Whittaker Wraps “Doctor Who” Filming

    Also read over at the Radio Times that Chibnall is the sole writer for (almost) all of Season 13.



    Andy @andymetcalfe94



    ive recently bought a house which has a large Dr Who metal sign,


    it’s around 2 meters tall and a meter wide from the 2009 Easter special, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in buying it?

    PropStore @propstore

    @andymetcalfe94 – do you have any photos?

    Andy @andymetcalfe94

    I’m struggling to add them to here from my phone,




    can you email me?

    Andy @andymetcalfe94
    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    Was just reading (from a source quoting The Times) that when RTD takes over the reigns in 2023 and control of Who shifts from the BBC to Bad Wolf it could have significant financial implications. Apparently in the vicinity of up to £40M in commercial revenue lost over the course of ten episodes.

    This series in particular looks utterly fabulous. Not sure what the implications for the RTD-led future are. Does it mean we will see a return to lots of running around old rock quarries in dodgy costumes?

    Here is a link to the article:



    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord


    An interesting, if vague, read. Presumably ‘commercial revenue’ means that the BBC is holding onto licensing and/or merchandising rights but I wonder just how much of that filtered back into production budgets anyway. And as Bad Wolf has just hitched its wagon to Sony anyway, I’m not sure they’re going to want for money too much.

    What’s more interesting to me is that it essentially means for the first time the show will being made with next to no creative input from the BBC and with RTD being able to call the shots to a degree he couldn’t before. I’ll be curious as to how that translates to what we see on screen.

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave


    An interesting, if vague, read.

    You’re right. I must make my posts more focussed…

    You make a good point about the extent of creative control, but I wonder just how much creative control the BBC actually exercised. They certainly allowed RTD, Moffat and Chibnall to do things in their own radically different ways. If anything, I might a bit more nervous about Sony in that regard, if only in the sense that under the BBC the show has retained an identifiably British stamp to it. Will Sony respect that? I hope so.


    Devilishrobby @devilishrobby

    @blenksopthebrave my guess even with the change of production company to Badwolf , even if linked with Sony, I don’t think the BBC will have given up all control of of the Who format as they currently co own the rights to the Dr Who concept. Yes I do understand certain concepts within the show such as the Daleks  are owned by other parties. I believe company’s such as Sony have fallen afoul of these sort of issues in the past, in fact wasnt  that part of the problem with the current StarTrek rewrite was that the TV series rights have meant various concepts within it couldn’t be used as they were owned by  different people.

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave
    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord


     I must make my posts more focussed…

    Oh, I was referring to the news article. Your posts are always irreproachably erudite and concise.

    They certainly allowed RTD, Moffat and Chibnall to do things in their own radically different ways

    True but I always got the impression that they were there for the creative vision but that the other executive producers were there to act as conduits to BBC management and to make sure that their wishes (not to mention budgets) were being adhered to. Certainly, I remember Moffat in his interview with Christel Dee saying how he would be given notes the same as any other writer and they are, I imagine, the only ones these could have come from. I suspect Mal Young, Julie Gardner, Matt Strevens etc. have a lot of production power.

    Whether that’s the same going forward, who knows. Maybe there will be some kind of liaison between the Beeb and Bad Wolf but from the little we’ve seen so far it looks like the Beeb are going to be little more than ‘buyers’ of the new show, with not that much creative input into its making.

    under the BBC the show has retained an identifiably British stamp to it. Will Sony respect that

    I doubt this will be a problem under RTD who has a very finely tuned appreciation of the show but I’d say it might definitely be a concern with whoever succeeds him. Certainly I think it’s fair to say that the show will be aiming for a very internationalist appeal but then that’s been the case since the Moffat era anyway but I wouldn’t be surprised if we ultimately started seeing American Doctors and the like. The other worry is that the show will be far more at the mercy of commercial forces than it is now.


    I believe company’s such as Sony have fallen afoul of these sort of issues in the past

    Don’t know about the Star Trek thing but certainly Sony seem to be in a constant battle of wits with Disney over the Spider-Man movies. I wouldn’t be surprised if the same thing might happen with Who. With regards to licensing, wasn’t one of the reasons it took so long to get show back on air in 2005 because of the behind the scenes effort in sorting out the tangled mess of rights and permissions that the show had gotten itself into? I seem to remember hearing something of the like. And I think writers stopped being able to keep copyright of their creations at all after Lincoln and Haisman made such a nuisance of themselves over the Yeti. But I bet you’re right that even if they do have to cede direct creative control to Bad Wolf/Sony, it will be within specific parameters. No one, for example, will be allowed to permanently change the TARDIS from being a police box, for instance.

    But I guess no one really knows how it’s going to change the show. I’m willing to bet it will have some effect though.

    Devilishrobby @devilishrobby

    @jimthefish oh I agree about Badwolf/Sony will probably try and change the format to some degree. I pray that Sony don’t try to Americanise the show, though given Badwolf is a British based company  and RTD is at the helm this will probably have an element of resistance to this.

    janetteB @janetteb

    Really lovely interview with Jodie Whittaker on leaving Dr Who.  Sounds just like the Doctor talking, (as opposed the actor but then I think all of the actors playing Dr Who bring a lot of themselves to the role which is why perhaps there is such a strong emotional connection for the actors to the part. I feel like they all love being the Doctor.)



    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    @janetteb Yes, it was a lovely interview. It was something about the humility that I responded to.

    janetteB @janetteb

    @blenkinsopthebrave Yes she sounded so natural, so warm and likeable in the interview and like someone who would be fun to be around. I have yet to watch the most recent series but I feel that she is best when she is not acting but being herself. I think that is true of all the actors who take on the role which is why they improve over the course of the three seasons. (which annoyingly has become the “norm’. I would like each one to do at least one more season, as they seem to quit just when they have hit their ‘stride”.



    Jack454 @jack454

    Hi I don’t know how to use forums so this might not be in the correct place, but I have a bit of a doctor who question it might sound a bit random, but here goes…

    Say if a person had a fixed point in time created at the end of their life say they were going to die at 85 at an exact place and time. Would it make it impossible for them to be killed. I know time can be rewritten but I think the rules might be slightly different with fixed points. The only sort of example I can think of is how the Daleks never killed captain Adelaide Brooke because they knew she was suppose to die at a certain place and time.

    Would the universe some how compensate and prevent you from dieing or been killed.

    Anonymous @

    I have 94 of the original series dvds for sale. They span all the doctors in the original series. Looking to get around 100 pounds for the lot but am open to offers. If this isn’t the right place to sell could someone direct me to the right place.

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    Just reading that the penultimate JW Who story is to air at Easter. Hurrah!

    But have no more information. Am overloaded with information about Ukraine, which makes me horribly pessimistic. Would really like to read more stories about Who to make me more optimistic.


    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    Well, not news as such, but I had some comments on the next episode in my watchthrough, Smile.   I was holding off posting them as it seemed a little incongruous to be posting about scifi in the current gloomy climate, but given that we are all aware of the situation and could maybe use some diversion, I’ll post it over on the Sofa.

    winston @winston

    @blenkinsopthebrave  Thanks for the news. I am watching Flux again and really liking it the 2nd time around so it will be nice to see what the Doctor does next. I share your pessimism and also need the distraction which Doctor Who gives me, usually.

    When reading or watching movies I don’t like true stories, especially sad ones. I always want them to have happy endings like the cavalry comes over the hill at the last minute or there are enough lifeboats for everyone or the Tardis appears and the Doctor saves the day. I think “I wouldn’t  write it that way, everybody lives in my story.” Real life sucks so bad sometimes.

    Let us all hope that sanity returns to the world.

    stay safe.

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    Well, was just reading that apparently Hugh Grant is in discussion with the BBC about taking over as the Doctor. I will leave that bit of news hanging…

    Of course, it was recorded first in the Mirror…

    Devilishrobby @devilishrobby


    I saw/heard that in a YouTube post earlier, I think it apparently originates from an article either in the Sun or the Daily mail. Not entirely sure it’s true as it would mean Huge Grant committing a large amount of time to Who. It would mean he would not be available for other projects which has always been a stumbling block for getting an existing major star for the role. I think in part that was why Eccleston only committed to one season as well as the fact that it also connects the star almost permanently to Who in the eyes of fans. Apparently Huge Grant was offered Morrisey’s role in the Next Doctors Xmas special. Though there is some decent reasoning that he may be offered the role as he’s worked with RDT  before and it’s well known that RDT like working with actors he’s worked with before. Also they may even be considering bringing in a big named actor/actress  for a short 1 or 2 season stint to boost the ratings Personally I think it will be an known up and coming or unknown actor/actress.

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave


    I agree that the biggest impediment would be the time commitment, particularly given the number of movie roles he is in at the moment. But, who knows; RTD has worked with him before on “A Very English Scandal”. And I have heard that RTD has very big plans for Who, and he might regard an A-lister as essential to those plans. And Grant can do all the aspects of the Doctor–humour, cunning, authority, deception. I think he would make a pretty cool Doctor, actually.

    Devilishrobby @devilishrobby

    Oh I agree Huge Grant would probably make an excellent Doctor it’s just is he willing to make the long term commitment the role would mean. As you say RTD appears to have big plans for Who and given the rumours that they also MSU plans – though most opinions seem to think that relates more to budgetary issues rather than actually creating multiple Who franchises within the Who universe.

    janetteB @janetteb

    but but.. Hugh Grant has already been the Doctor… In the wonderful Curse of Fatal Death. He was rather younger then of course. I would prefer to see him playing a recurring character. He clearly has the acting range but he does seem to be a very conservative choice. Hugh Grant as the Master. Now that would work.



    Devilishrobby @devilishrobby


    A conservative choice maybe but he certainly would make a good Doctor, as to his having done the Doctor before as it was for Comic Relief I think most fans would be ok as I think his total screen time as the Doctor was only 2 or 3 mins. As I’ve previously said and others have indicated it would all depend on his ability to commit long term around his present other commitments. Interestingly enough  on a by play all the hooha about Jodie being the first female  Doctor is actually incorrect as from memory Joanna Lumley was actually the first female Doctor in that CR skit episode.

    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    I think Hugh Grant would be good.    I don’t think Comic Relief really counts for setting precedents (others may disagree)

    Also, Capaldi played a character before he became Doctor,  Martha played a character before she became a Companion, didn’t Amy also (in Fires of Pompeii, sane ep as Capaldi?) – any others?

    Devilishrobby @devilishrobby


    Colin Baker was also a minor character ironically as a Timelord guard in one of Peter Davidsons stories though it may have actually been one of the Tom Baker stories



    winston @winston

    I am not sure how I feel about Hugh Grant being the Doctor. He definitely has the talent and I liked his past roles including that of the Doctor, so I am not sure why. He would be a charming Doctor I think.

    I guess I will do, like I do ,every time the Doctor regenerates and just except him\her as the Doctor. Sort of “oh, that’s what the Doc looks like this time” and “oh, this Doc is cranky or silly or sad etc.” and learn to love them. So bring on the new Doctor, I am ready!

    stay safe.

    Missy @missy

    Hugh Grant? Hopefully not – although he will do at least he’s a male. *grins*

    Hugh Laurie would be more to the point.

    However, everyone knows  my choice, but here it is again. Kris Marshall – and he’s ginger.


    janetteB @janetteb

    My comment was meant in jest. Curse of Fatal Death is of course not cannon but Hugh Grant did say at the end that he would love to play the role if it was ever offered, as did Joanna Lumley. That was of course when Dr Who was languishing in the wilderness. Although it is just a fun spoof there are so many elements in there that are evident in Moffat’s stories. For Moffat it almost amounts to a “dry run”.

    Hugh Grant has now said that he is not the next Doctor I see. I am sure that a lot more names will pop up in the upcoming weeks, months to keep us amused.



    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    @missy     Oh yes, Hugh Laurie would make a great Doctor.   Shades of Capaldi, maybe, and also of early Doctors – but he could certainly carry it off.    Kris Marshall – yes, him too.   I only know him from Death in Paradise.  He’d be fine if he toned down the absent-mindedness a little (but that was really a function of the writing).

    @janetteb    I would have been intrigued to see Joanna Lumley as the new Doctor  (of course she’s already done a sci-fi lead, as Saphhire), but – at the risk of sounding ageist – while she could certainly have the gravitas, I’m not sure she would want to do the dashing-down-corridors bits.

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    Looks like there is a future Doctor out there who is not Hugh Grant, after all.



    Devilishrobby @devilishrobby

    Well I did say he was an unlikely candidate but it was fun to give his pro’s and con’s.
    @missy  Chris Marshal would probably make a good Doctor. Chris was a leading candidate I think  either before Capaldi was announced or Jodies  announcement. Ironically it was because he had just announced his departure from Death in Paradise and everyone was making assumptions that he had accepted the role.

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