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    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip


    The BBC owns the trademark for the TARDIS. Furthermore, the TARDIS has changed its outward appearance before – Baker2 and Capaldi – but only for a short period each time.

    Basically, I can imagine the BBC signing off again on a temporary change to their highly valuable trademarked property, but not on anything permanent.

    It’s possible that the storyline is heading in a direction where the Doctor is losing all her ‘props’ – Gallifrey, Time Lord and now the Police Box – in a way that symbolises the past she now knows she’s lost. But if that’s the direction I’d expect it to end with the Police Box back as she gets her sense of self and identity (what you’re describing as authority) back.

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    @geoffers @blenkinsopthebrave

    To be honest, the reason given for the original rumour (police box is to be changed because of the way the police are perceived by the public) sounds like something someone’s made up for its click bait value.

    The whole reason the BBC still has the trademark was because the Metropolitan Police lost their case that the iconic blue box is a ‘police’ box. The ruling was that the general public will, if they see a police box, assume it’s the TARDIS. 🙂

    I reckon it’s either a pile of rubbish, a rumour aimed at smoking out a leaker in the production team or something happening in one or two episodes being released because it’s guaranteed to get people talking about the new series.

    cartertorn @cartertorn

    Hi! My name is Carter, and for my research project for my English 1302 class I would like to research the Doctor Who community, and this forum seemed like a good place to start! I will simply be documenting common phrases and forms of communication of fans of the show. If you are willing to have your username in my research, please fill out this form! (Also, if this does not belong here, someone please let me know where something like this could go.)




    Devilishrobby @devilishrobby

    @blenkinsopthebrave having just read the article in question it implies the author actually questions the authenticity of the rumour and if “true” it may only be for a specific storyline. Ok Chibbers has admittedly walked over Whoverse history but is it not what previous show runners have done both BG and AG the Cartmel Plan comes to mind though my understanding it was also part of the reason the show was cancelled. Also I seem to remember they have on the odd occasion “tried” to fix the chameleon circuit(LOGOPOLIS story) so if a storyline involves the temporal fixing of the tardises chameleon circuit its not totally unreasonable, in fact I seem to remember in the Baker years there was a season  or a series of stories where they traveled without the tardis.

    geoffers @geoffers


    “It’s possible that the storyline is heading in a direction where the Doctor is losing all her ‘props’ – Gallifrey, Time Lord and now the Police Box – in a way that symbolises the past she now knows she’s lost. But if that’s the direction I’d expect it to end with the Police Box back as she gets her sense of self and identity (what you’re describing as authority) back.”

    i’m okay with it happening this way. a functioning chameleon circuit could be used in so many creative ways. but chibnall has already sort of done the losing the tardis bit, in ‘the ghost monument.’ having it just not available is a part of quite a few stories already, so i really don’t see any point to losing it, and having it no longer look like a police box… unless it is used as a “prop” in a judoon court proceeding, in its original form? hmm… lol, maybe i should have thought about the possibilities more, before becoming concerned! (although i really doubt the police box would ever go away for good.)


    i don’t think chibnall would permanently get rid of it, either. i think (i hope) his plan is just to play around with established who lore, and change things up during his run, only, and that by the time he’s ready to leave, all will be returned to “normal.” and even if he does blow it up, to an extent, then the next showrunner will just restore the status quo?

    fingers crossed! but i’m judging his time as showrunner a bit less harshly, lately, on a rewatch. it really isn’t that different, in concept, from the others, it’s just a different execution of the idea. and that’s keeping it a bit fresh, if also a bit challenging…

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    Is this a spoiler.? if so, profound apologies. Hopefully not.

    Barrowman Returns For “Who” Xmas Special


    geoffers @geoffers


    for some, yes. might want to @craig about it?

    not for me, facebook already opened that bag, and that omnisexual space-cat is definitely out of the bag! 😀

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    @blenkinsopthebrave and @geoffers

    The not-always-good Captain is front and centre in one of the BBC publicity photos, so it’s now as official as it gets.

    Missy @missy

    Good grief!

    Whilst they are at it, why not change the title of the show to The Gallifreyan and have done with it!😠


    Devilishrobby @devilishrobby

    Well here in good old Blighty we finally have a time as well as a date for this years Doctor Who Special New Years Day at 6:45pm

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    Waris Hussein, the director of the very first episode of Who, “An Unearthly Child” in 1963 (along with another 10 episodes during the Verity Lambert years) turned 82 yesterday.

    For those who don’t know, he was born in India, and arrived in England at the age of 9 when his parents emigrated. His mother worked at the BBC reading the news in Hindi, along with translating Shakespeare into Urdu and Hindi. Waris joined the BBC at the age of 21 and went on to become a prolific TV director.

    Sacha Dhawan played him in the wonderful “An Adventure in Space and Time”.

    I often wish I could thank him personally for the magical experience of watching “An Unearthly Child” and introducing me to Doctor Who all those years ago at the tender age of 12.



    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    The BBC reports that the Christmas special will be available in a 4K format.


    I suppose if I had a mammoth High Definition TV it might make a difference, but as I will be watching it on my 15 year-old 22 inch TV with increasingly aging Blenkinsop eyes, it probably won’t make a difference. But since I am totally happy watching something with the technical proficiency of “The Web Planet” it doesn’t really matter.

    In fact, I must watch “The Web Planet” again. I always loved the Zarbi.


    janetteB @janetteb

    @blenkinsopthebrave I only just saw the item about Waris Hussein. He was especially talented given the obstacles he had to overcome to succeed at the BBC at that time. Really liked the portrayal of him in An Adventure in Space and Time.

    We watch through a projector or if I am watching things while on the exercise bike, on son’s monitor so the 4k will not be noticed here either. We recently watched The Tomb of the Cybermen for a podcast. I always enjoy re watching the older stories. (and the new ones)



    toinfinityandbepond @toinfinityandbepond
    Devilishrobby @devilishrobby

    Hmmm been recently looking at big finish who, as I’m a bit of audiobook fan in the main but have issues with their pricing. Yes I know big finish productions are more audioplays rather than audiobooks but most of their productions are at best 2hrs or under and the ones that are more than that are priced considerably more and to be honest my generally preference is for an audiobook to be at least 6hrs especially if I’m driving extended periods.The majority of the 1-2 hr stories are in the £15-20 price range which makes for an expensive propersition for multiple purchases.


    guy @sparkycherr

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