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    ichabod @ichabod

    @missy  Ah, well, join the club.  I was just about ready to quit TV altogether and stick with old BBC stuff online when Capaldi took over as the best Doctor ever (for me, anyway, but I haven’t been 16 in a very long time, so . . .) and I sank right back in.  Now some good shows have turned up on HBO and even some broadcast stations, so I’m hooked again. It’s okay, though.  I’ve actually *had* my life, or most of it anyway, and I know I’ve done what I meant to do as well as I could, so what I do with the rest of it is pretty much a free throw.  Wishing it away is as good as anything else, at least as things look now.

    But you never know.  Left Field is always there, glimpsed out of the corner of your eye.

    Missy @missy

    @ichabod.  Make no mistake, Peter Capaldi IS the best Doctor ever.

    It seems that you and I are on the same path – as it were – age wise, and as you say, what might we glimpse just out of

    reach , from the corner of our eye.


    Mersey @mersey

    @missy A very bold statement for someone who has never seen other Doctors. I bet Peter Capaldi is your first Doctor ever, isn’t he?

    MissRori @missrori

    Hey — correct me if I’m mistaken, but there doesn’t seem to be a place to discuss the Expanded Universe.  Seems chewing the fat over that would be a great way of biding time until Series 10!

    I’m a big fan of the Titan Comics Twelfth Doctor title (I’m now completely caught up with it, save for a few of the gag strips and last year’s “Four Doctors” crossover miniseries), especially in “Year Two”, which has superior artwork — Rachael Stott’s art, in particular, is gorgeous — and recently moved on to post-“Hell Bent”/pre-“Husbands of River Song” stories after spending the first “year” and the first five issues of Two with 12/Clara stories.  They’re teasing the possibility of 12 getting an original companion at some point, the way Ten and Eleven do in their comics.  😉

    In addition, Supremacy of the Cybermen, this year’s crossover comic miniseries (between the Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Doctors’ titles) recently started — and it’s a direct sequel to certain events in “Hell Bent”!  Part Two of Five comes out this Wednesday.

    ichabod @ichabod

    @missy   Well, the best Doctor for thee and me, anyway.  So far, that is, but it *is* pretty far, 50+ yr span.  I think what clinches it for me (in other cases too) is the most effective portrayal of the internal struggle between high intelligence and high passions (in the broader sense of course, not the romantic one).  Capaldi has embodied that for me, particularly in his work with Moffat (I think they spark complementary creativity off each other brilliantly).  I have a hard time imagining someone else doing that as well as Capaldi does in this role, let alone *better*.   So, for the present, I am a happy (if slightly starving in this year of Doctor famine) camper, along with you.

    @missrori  Welcome to the crew, however belated on my part, and thanks for bringing up the Titan comics.  I’ll try to find them online, since our local comic book store is pretty basic — all war, big robots, and ridiculous superhero costumes.


    MissRori @missrori

    @ichabod Thank you!

    Try Barnes & Noble for the comics.  They have been stocking the monthly titles (Nine, Ten, Eleven, and Twelve) in the entertainment magazine section.  iBooks has the monthly titles and crossovers, plus the Free Comic Book Day anthologies.  As well, there are now hardback collections of the monthly titles in the Graphic Novels section if you want to catch up on them — they only launched most of these series in late 2014, so it’s not hard.  Nine’s title hasn’t been around a year yet.

    One of the best Twelfth Doctor comics so far was Issue 2.5, “The Fourth Wall” — a wonderful one-shot story involving comic books gone awry thanks to the Boneless!  Twelve makes some very funny snipes at superhero comics in the early going, too.  “Amazona” (i.e. Wonder Woman) would be no match for Leela!  😉

    Also — Capaldi is my favorite Doctor, too.  I’ve been a fan since the 1996 TV movie, of all things, and Tom Baker’s Doctor is still my favorite old-school lead, but Capaldi brought me back into the fold after I abandoned the revival midway through Series 2 — I knew it was quality TV, but it didn’t give me the frission the original series did at its best.  Capaldi/Twelve gives me that and more, although I’m often overwhelmed by feels as a result.

    ichabod @ichabod

    @missrori   Thanks!  Heading up toward B&N now, will stop there after gym/treadmill.  Great!  A cool drink in a desert . . .

    Anonymous @


    Why do you think 12 is @missy ‘ s first Doctor? He wasn’t my first, but he is currently my favorite as well.

    Missy @missy


    Now there you are very wrong.  Not only have I seen all the Doctors, but I saw the very first episode of Doctor Who, in November 1963.


    I couldn’t agree more, you put it far better than I would.


    My compliments on your taste. Unfortunately I cannot comment on comics, I never liked them.


    Yes, that’s what I am wondering.


    Anonymous @


    Yes, I loved the original comics. My brother was a fantastic graphic designer and writer of comics for leisure -their artistic quality must never be under-rated. I think a lot of people think comics are some kiddy cartoon with silly drawings and “an adventure” which winds up quickly, thinly layered etc . Is it so much more than that.

    @Theconsultingdoctor I think some people who claim ” Capaldi IS the Doctor” could easily imply to others that they  haven’t seen any others (Doctors) or their opinion then becomes some sort of ‘law’ -no-one can be “better than Peter” for example which might limit another person’s love for any other Doctor. There’s one member here, for example, who dislikes Capaldi and doesn’t think he’s “the Doctor” at all.

    I think that could be what the other member was alluding to? It could also be seen as implying one member might have opinions more worthy than another.

    But who knows! It be the internet, innit: a minefield of opinions, taste and flavour which means, with a show like this, it attracts all sorts of people who are drawn to a variety of elements in the programme. I know a few people who don’t watch anything at all -except this show. A great testament to the love of, and loyalty to, the little show which could 🙂

    Not to worry   🙂

    MissRori @missrori

    @missy  It’s okay if you don’t like comics!  I didn’t get into them until my late 20s, and even then, I have no interest in the titles most comic book shops stock — i.e. the standard superhero titles.  Barnes and Noble actually has a far superior variety available, albeit in collected hardbacks and paperbacks (which makes it fascinating that they stock the monthly Who titles — which actual comic book shops in my area don’t seem to).  And I can be very picky on the quality of artwork; the look of the Titan Comics title for the Eleventh Doctor was so off-putting to me I took a pass on it, though it sounds fascinating (it’s extremely serialized compared to its sister titles).

    Missy @missy


    To be truthful, I have never liked cartoons either. What an odd child I must have seemed. *grin*


    MissRori @missrori

    Well, Matt Smith has debunked the “degeneration” rumors, so there’s that.

    Elsewhere, Titan Comics dropped the ball on Supremacy of the Cybermen — Part Two was supposed to arrive today, but they’ve missed the deadline.  Now, last year they botched their first multi-Doctor story Four Doctors by publishing the final issue two weeks late when it was supposed to be five weeks, five issues, so Supremacy being announced as biweekly was clearly meant to avoid a similar blunder, but instead, it fell behind far sooner…this one better be really good.  (The first issue was strong, but I’m worrying that the structure/setup will take too long to team up the Doctors — at the end of Part One, they were all in separate time/space locations, with not a hint as to how they’ll get together.)

    DalekTor @dalektor

    So close…

    Why, December? Why can’t you get here faster?

    MISSINGEPISODEGUY @missingepisodeguy

    This is exiting news. I have been told by a friend who works in the bbc that he has seen the artwork (the front and back) for the power of the daleks DVD. He is an assistant and was told to shred some papers (mostly written documents) and this picture was one of them. It was a paliminary photo though and had large lines running down it saying it was property of bbc. The picture was in black and white and not colour. He said there was a picture of Troughton in his hat, along with the 500 year diary and in the right corner there was the daleks on the conveyor belt. There was Ben and polly too and a scared looking lesterson. He said he could not make out any colours though as he said it was in black and white. He says that out of the pile he shredded some of the papers could have been about the DVD cover (or it could have been just the DVD cover on its own) but he doesn’t know because he didn’t care to read any of the documents as it was a big pile. He could not copy it or take a photo of it as it is forbidden to do this at the BBC especially when the pile is for shredding. I have started a new account to post this to ensure that no one can trace as I don’t want my friend to lose his job. I will try to get more information if I can but is is unlikely unless another chance encounter like this happens again.

    13thGamer[technically 14th] @thethirteenthgamer

    gosh what  wouldent give for the Dalek’s Master Plan[lost 12 episode serial]including mission to the unknown.

    TheDentistOfDavros @thedentistofdavros


    I wouldn’t get your hopes up, this story has been told elsewhere on the Internet and was proved to be a load of rubbish (as everyone expected I’m sure), the guy who made it up even admitted that it was a wind-up. Still we can but dream…

    PropStore @propstore

    I thought you might be interested to see a few of the awesome Doctor Who lots that will be sold as part of the Prop Store Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction taking place on September 27th. We’ve got some great pieces from classic Who, including a ‘Resurrection of the Daleks’ Autographed Shooting Running Order and ‘Vengeance On Varos’ Guard Costume – worth a look!

    There’s over 550 lots in total from over 150 movies and television shows going under the hammer! You can register for the auction and browse through the catalogue over on our website or feel free to ask me any questions 🙂



    Vengeance on Varos Guard CostumeResurrection of the Daleks' Autographed Shooting Running Order

    toinfinityandbepond @toinfinityandbepond
    MissRori @missrori

    I love this news!  And so awesome that BBC America will air it.

    Meanwhile the Supremacy of the Cybermen comic miniseries continues to proceed at a snail’s pace.  Had things gone as advertised, the story would have been wrapped up by now, but Part Three of five only arrives next week.  In the end, this whole thing is already a major letdown for me — unless something huge happens soon, the plot isn’t a proper crossover of Doctors, just a story where each one does their thing in a different altered timeline that will be reset at the end.  Such a shame, as George Mann and Cavan Scott’s scripts for Twelve’s solo comic are terrific.

    TheDentistOfDavros @thedentistofdavros

    Well I’ve just pre-ordered The Power of the Daleks Animation on DVD, I haven’t been this excited for ages!  Hopefully if this gets enough sales then they will animate more missing episodes.

    Here’s the link to anyone interested in buying (beware though, only available in region 2) Enjoy!

    thehumantimelord @thehumantimelord

    Has there been any recent updates on “Class”?

    Missy @missy

    <div class=”bbp-reply-author”><span class=”useratname”>@thehumantimelord:  No, I’m still waitng for news of it being aired over here in OZ.</span></div>
    <div class=”bbp-reply-author”></div>
    <div class=”bbp-reply-author”>Missy</div>
    <div class=”bbp-reply-content”></div>

    13thGamer[technically 14th] @thethirteenthgamer

    Awesome.Power of the daleks is being released,gonna be really cool to see the animated reconstruction

    nice to have the 2016 christmas special and this to bridge the gap between series 10 possibly airing next spring.


    13thGamer[technically 14th] @thethirteenthgamer

    Honestly this little drought isint the end of Doctor Who,and even if it is
    inevitably one day it’ll be revived again…the show has survived aloooot worse
    then whats going on right now,after series 10[moffats swansong]we get
    possibly peter capaldi with a new writer,another new companion,a new tone
    new stories,hopefully the show can sort of re-energize itself a bit ala-series 5
    we dont need another JNT situation with Steven Moffat,i enjoy his arcs and episodes
    but it truly is his time to move on…

    Anonymous @


    Yeah good you like it? Personally I wouldn’t agree with it surviving “a lot worse” because it hasn’t just survived it has been an unbelievable success since S5 which was my personal favourite. I might sound like  a fanatic (which is what a fan is!) but I think the last 5 years were a lot better than Russel’s years and the best Who we’ve ever seen. I’m sad Mr Moffat is leaving but I think it’ll be alright.

    Thank you,

    Son of Puro

    13thGamer[technically 14th] @thethirteenthgamer

    Im mostly referring to the low ratings,promotion,et. of series 9
    but its another situation siilar to that of the 80s like the bad scheduling
    i prefer moffat’s era to RTD,but i enjoy them both for very different reasons
    i really enjoy steven moffat’s long story arcs that spread and effect other future series
    because its reminiscant of classic who’s serialized format,and im a serialized kind of guy
    it allows the arcs to spread and develop over the course of a series[one of the reasons i enjoy LOST]
    so yeah while the moff has his faults,i prefer him over RTD’s style of writing.while yes RTD revived the show
    it really starteed taking off by series 5…i feel we’re sort of in the middle point between era’s,the show is obviously still incredibly popular but the BBC is acting like it wants to kill it’s biggest money maker
    taking who off hulu,netflix.[series 10 delay]but the BBC has always made weird decisions
    i think once series 10 hits[or series 11]probably series 11,the show will get back on track[not quality-wise but how things are ran.and its ok to sound like a fanatic,im very attached to Doctor Who,you shouldent apolagize for enthusiasm…thats how doctor who has become as popular as it is today[subjective opinion,not objective]
    a fan brought it back…a fan made it popular along with the thousands of fans working on the program.
    gosh what a wall of text…


    MissRori @missrori

    I myself thought the Beeb did mishandle Series 9 in some respects — they shouldn’t have started in September when all the live shows (rugby, X Factor) were running, the post-8 pm time slot in the U.K. was late for families, and then they let loose those massive spoilers about the finale three-parter after doing a good job of misdirection going into the Series 8 finale (i.e. the Next Time trailer for “Dark Water” suggesting Clara was the major antagonist).  And then when they did do some misdirection over the focus of “Hell Bent”, all the fans who apparently wanted a “Doctor gets revenge on the Time Lords” story got upset when it was really about the endgame of his and Clara’s relationship.

    With regard to launching Series 10 in spring, it won’t be as competitive ratings-wise, and the first few seasons ran at least partially then anyway.  Hopefully it will get a big promotional push, given that they’ve mostly sat out conventions, etc. this year.

    As for Class, I’ve read that they have finished filming, but no release date has been given.

    MissRori @missrori

    According to a press release Blogtor Who reported on today, Class will air in October in the U.K.

    Missy @missy

    Why series 9 was not as popular is a mystery to me. It is by far the best series to date – in my opinion.

    I did really enjoy most of RTD’s episdoes though, he was so enthusiastic, almost like a child himself.


    toinfinityandbepond @toinfinityandbepond

    Class airs 22 october

    winston @winston

    @toinfinityandbepond Thanks for that news, I am looking forward to this show. Anything Who will do!

    janetteB @janetteb

    @toinfinityandbepond Indeed thanks for the news. Something to tide us over until next year.. Will be nice to return to Coal Hill, where it all began. I do hope we get to finally meet Ian again or at least to find out a little more about him.



    nerys @nerys

    I can’t remember if this is where we had the discussion about Doctor Who no longer being carried by Netflix, but it has indeed disappeared from my Netflix Canada lineup. However, it looks like past seasons are being carried by Crave TV.

    thehumantimelord @thehumantimelord

    @nerys it’s on amazon prime for the US though I would try there plus they also have Torchwood and the Sarah Jane Adventures too

    MissRori @missrori

    As a note for U.S. Whovians — Class does start airing this month in the U.K., but not in the U.S.  BBC America has decided to run it alongside Series 10 of Doctor Who next spring.

    toinfinityandbepond @toinfinityandbepond
    ichabod @ichabod

    @missrori  not in the U.S. til next spring.

    Brilliant decision.  Aargghhh!


    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave


    Thanks for the link to the Pearl Mackie interview. It still seems like an eternity to the new episodes, and one gratefully grabs at whatever crumbs drop from the table. So, did we find out anything about the character of Bill? Apparently,

    She’s funny and geeky and vulnerable. There’s a goofiness to her and a big heart. She gets things wrong, she has a temper.

    All sounds very “companion-like”, but also sounds like characteristics that are suited to stories with a humorous flavor, rather than stories that are darker, sadder or more challenging. Combining this with the knowledge that Matt Lucas will be returning as Nardole on a regular basis, I do start to wonder how much space there will be for stories that darker, sadder or more challenging.

    I know Chris Chibnall probably feels the need to lighten up after three series of “Broadchurch”, but still.

    What a long wait to find out.

    ichabod @ichabod

    @toinfinityandbeyond  Oh, good; thanks for the link.

    winston @winston

    @missrori   @ichabod   I don’t know if the Space channel here in Canada is airing Class in October but I sure do hope so. I will try to find out later. Thanks to @infinityandbepond for the link to the interview. She does sound fun! I have to agree with @blenkinsopthebrave that the next series looks to be lighter. Certainly any episode with Nardole will probably be comedic. I guess after such dramatic series like 8 and 9 a less intense series might be ok.


    winston @winston

    Just checked it out and Space is airing Class on Oct 22! Yeah! I am one happy Canadian Whovian.

    ichabod @ichabod

    @winston  Lucky devil!

    I think a lighter season could be great — give rein to Capaldi’s sly, dry humor, although we’ll just have to supply the Explosive Tucker Profanity for ourselves . . .


    Missy @missy

    @ichabod: We watched “In the Loop” a few weeks ago (on TV) and I got the giggles.  Athough strong language is not amongst my favourite things – it isn’t really necessary is it – in certain circumstances, used by the right actor, it can be hilarious. Peter Capaldi is a natural in my opinion.



    ichabod @ichabod

    @missy  A natural — swearer?!  Now *I’ve* got the giggles, remembering bits from that film.  He’s said that he picked up swearing from being around Burt Lancaster while they were filming “Local Hero”, way back when, but I must say I have my doubts — could he seriously mean that as a boy growing up in Glasgow, he’d rarely heard or used foul language?  From what I’ve seen Glasgow’s not a prissy place . . . Anthony Bourdain did one of his shows on visit there, and said he loved the friendliness of the people, but that it was pretty rough, as Capaldi had also said himself (sotto voce) in an interview in 2014, I think.

    For what it’s worth (probably close to nothing, as it’s hearsay and a good while past now), I once came across comments from a couple of women who’d worked with B.L. who said they’d found him a bully and an a cynical  misogynist (there were stories that he’d gotten a female actor fired from a project after she’d called him on his nastiness).  Capaldi spoke admiringly of working with Lancaster all those years ago, when he himself was still an impressionable kid (that was Capaldi’s first acting job), but by all accounts our current Doc behaves like a natural gentleman, so apparently he didn’t catch the nastiness.  Maybe Lancaster was on his best behavior at the time, working outside of his own country.  Except for the bad language.

    Which, IMO, became the making of Malcolm Tucker, turning bad language into the ragged-fanged heart of TToI and “In the Loop”.   (Funny, I always think of that title in my head as “In the Loup” — been watching a French cop series on Netflix lately with a murderous villain referred to from time to time as “a wolf”).

    ichabod @ichabod

    Hey, just popped in at NW news and found a trailer for “Class”!



    Anonymous @

    @ichabod Great!  It’s good isn’t it?

    I think lisa popped some of those in the Spoiler section. I believe that’s where there’ll be any reference to it and trailers etc for the moment until Craig starts a thread  -best to keep it in the spoilers area til then



    ichabod @ichabod

    @puroandson  Solo — yikes, thanks!  So when I come across things like the Comicon panel I just linked to, from New York last month, should that go to Spoilers also?  Probably yes, so sorry if I miss-stepped there, and can someone who knows how to do this please take that link off the new pub discussion and shove it over to Spoilers instead?

    Missy @missy

    @ichabod: Thanks ichi, love the videos too.


    CountScarlioni @countscarlioni

    A few drops of water in a dry and thirsty land…

    The first look at the Christmas Special, `The Return of Doctor Mysterio,’ is at the BBC site here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006q2x0


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