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    @ichabod  I wonder whether taking on the gatekeeper’s job (for however long before devising a way to shut the gate for good) was almost tempting to him, as a respite from all us “kids” and our mistakes and foolishness for a bit . . .

    That’s a really interesting reading. In Series 9, the Doctor moaned about the pudding brains, but his attitude to…[Read more]

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    Another fine episode, & especially good use of landscape.

    The Doctor is quite testy by this point and not his usual self. He struck me as harsh towards the Picts (“embryos”), and acted in a way that went beyond his usual lack of social skills and indicated that he’s getting a bit fed-up dealing with the “children.” The key point I thought came…[Read more]

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    A fun romp with some serious themes also in play. Hammer horror meets Zulu. And a good change of pace from the Monks (sort of) Trilogy. If we’d not known the writer, I think we’d have all picked Mark Gatiss.

    Greatly enjoyed what I take was a visual reference to Tomb of the Cyberman.

    Related image

    Bill’s right. Everybody loves The Thing.

    I’m with @scaryb, [Read more]

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    @nerys  So much misdirection in this episode.

    Yes, that was crucial last week too, and the Doctor even discussed it. On the other hand, we finally got into the Vault and there was no surprise at all that Missy was in there, and she does appear to be alone.

    @wolfweed   We learnt nothing about the Monks really. 

    Including the point of their…[Read more]

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    @missy   By this point, my own money too is firmly on an alien race running alone, but have a lingering hope for a connection! The red habits of the Monks are a bit suggestive with red being such a Time Lord colour. For fun, I took the Doctor’s advice, went to Google Images and spent ten minutes entering various search terms such as `Doctor Who…[Read more]

  • The Doctor and the co-ordinated military attack:

    @ichabod  I doubt we’ll find out.  Maybe it was as simple as realizing that his own capacities were so hampered by the blindness that the best first move would be for humanity to try its heavy weapons…

    @tardigrade  I don’t think the Doctor was very invested in the attack- it wasn’t his idea and…[Read more]

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    @missy   Oh for crying out loud, it could be anyone  A very belated thought. Perhaps the answer to most Doctor Who questions is, a) the Daleks or b) the Time Lords!

  • @mirime    This. They would just find the next point of imminent doom. They didn’t look like they were giving up, they looked like they were going back to check out their simulations.

    Yes, I agree, the Monks just don’t look as if they are going to abandon the Earth of their own accord. I argued upthread that, given the information available to…[Read more]

  • @ichabod   I think “power” to the monks is freedom to make effective choices, so their idea of “love” is just what the Doctor says it is: “Love is — slavery.”  Well, he should know: he was recently shown increasingly enslaved (and perverted from his natural, chosen course) by one hell of an obsessive love for his former companion.

    That makes good…[Read more]

  • Another politically charged episode with meditations on rulers and ruled, with the main thought, How on Earth do the rulers get away with it? I need a second watch to try to get properly to grips with this one.

    @blenkinsopthebrave  @thane15      and why a pyramid exactly?

    I’d dearly like to think the explanation is: Pyramids have turned up…[Read more]

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    @pitircapaldi     Daleks. 

    The Monks seem likely to be an independent race acting alone. But once the Doctor has dealt with the Monks, then what’s the threat as we work towards the big climax to the series?? Or will the Doctor be fighting the Monks to the end?

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    @missy Who is employing the Monks? I dare say we shall find out.  Perhaps the Time Lords? No, that’s too bonkers. Daleks?

    That’s a good reminder to never forget the Daleks! They do seem to be at least trying to keep tabs on the Doctor, and  told Missy the Doctor had been on Darillium.

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    @kharis  The Monks. Excellent suggestions. Even if they don’t work for the Monks, perhaps they’ll work later.  The line in Extremis , as I understand, it is that the Monks are an alien race with, presumably, a Head Monk or Head Monks calling the shots.  The Doctor will likely see them off in short order, and if so, what’s the ‘extremely big thing’…[Read more]

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    Bang goes the soft reboot. That was the full Moffat and nothing but the Moffat. I’m going to miss his audacity.

    But who or what what is directing the monks?? I didn’t see any clues to that.

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    @ichabod   Agh.  My heart sinks . . .

    Yes, indeed! Talent over chums anyday.

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    Oops, bungled `Edit’ and have two posts…

    Like @Whisht, I’ve pretty much thrown in the towel and I’m now inclining to Missy or the Master in the Vault. Perhaps this was pointed out earlier and I missed it, but a late thought from Knock, Knock,' was it an accident that the being/thing in the Vault was playingFur Elise’ when the Doctor was outside…[Read more]

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    @ MissRori   Mathieson has already gone on record as saying he hasn’t been asked to come back for Series 11, as yet, and doubts he will be.  According to him “My understanding is that Chris is sticking with a team he’s got used to working with on Broadchurch.”  

    What a pity! Thanks very much for passing this on.

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    A terrific episode. Like @tardigrade, I wondered if if the play on killer suits was the jumping-off point for Jamie Mathieson’s script. He should be taken under Chris Chibnall’s wing so he can be the next showrunner! All of his episodes have struck me as least excellent, with Flatline and Oxygen brilliant.

    Nardole is now looking more substantial,…[Read more]

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    @arbutus   Am I imagining things, or did Roger Delgado’s master once play the organ?

    I don’t recall the Master ever playing the organ, but the Doctor has at least a couple of times, perhaps more. The occasions I can remember are in The Lazarus Experiment and the 6th Doctor story Attack of the Cybermen, in which the Doctor actually fixed the…[Read more]

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    @geoffers  if bill lost all her friends like that, she may not have wanted to continue on with traveling with the doctor. she was already a bit leery of his “can’t save everyone” attitude last week… 

    Agreed. I thought it was dramatically a bit weak for all of them to escape.

    @mudlark The same applies to Susan so I would be equally surprised if…[Read more]

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