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    Missy @missy


    Thank you, looks interesting and funny.



    ichabod @ichabod

    Goodness, here’s something new to me — Matt Smith’s new venture:


    He does clean up nice, doesn’t he?  My, my.  And look at that posture and bearing — Bye bye Gyrating Giraffe Boy!  I will certainly look in on this — Netflix is proving an ongoing spring of sweet water that is tiding me over this Doctorless Desert of a year . . .

    Mudlark @mudlark


    My copy of next week’s Radio Times, which arrived to day, has a five page feature on this, and an offer of a month’s free subscription to Netflix.  I am tempted because, although I would normally avoid dramas about the Royal family, whatever the writer’s credentials and however lavish the production, it is Matt Smith and also Claire Foy, who was very good as Ann Boleyn in Wolf Hall.

    janetteB @janetteb

    @ichabod and @mudlark I too avoid shows about royalty but this does look interesting. I was just browsing the images from the making of the series in the Guardian and the attention to detail is very impressive. I might have a look at it after all. Likewise I will probably watch Victoria, mostly because it stars Jenna Coleman. I would have given that a miss too otherwise.



    ichabod @ichabod

    This happened for me somewhere relatively early in “Downton Abbey”.  I was bored, hardly really watching, and said to myself, “Why do I care what these rich twits and their servants are doing?  Oh.  I don’t.”  Turned it off and never went back.  I should have quit for good after the original “Upstairs, Downstairs” series, which I loved, because the revival was a let-down, and the Galsworthy series remake was awful, so what was I expecting?

    On the other hand, I’ve been looking at a four part production of “A Dance to the Music of Time”, a series of books that my husband loved — but I just couldn’t get into it.  Judging by the TV series, it’s just what I suspected — people constantly running into each other at various parties and gossiping about each other, and they’re almost all upper middle class at least.  Yet somehow it’s really interesting to me, and I’m sorry I’m about to watch episode four and be at the end.

    Ah well, never mind; I’ll watch all this Victoriana (or some of it, anyway) because of who’s in it and while it’s still fresh (as fresh as Victoriana can be, at this late date), and hope for the best . . .

    Mudlark @mudlark

    @janetteb   @ichabod

    I watched Victoria, partly to see what Jenna made of the role, and partly because V interests me as a historical figure; her journals and letters bring her so vividly to life.

    It stuck pretty closely to the known historical facts – there is plenty of material to draw on, after all – although Jenna is a lot prettier than the young Victoria and at times I’m afraid I lapsed into seeing her as Clara in fancy dress; but gorgeous Rufus Sewell * made a convincing Lord Melbourne,  even though he looked a good 15 years younger than Lord M did at that period, and I rather liked Peter Firth as a somewhat sinister Duke of Cumberland, plotting to get himself appointed Regent.

    I gather there is to be a second series, but whether I will watch that remains to be decided.

    * Yes, I’m that shallow 😉


    Missy @missy


    Thank you that. Matt does scrub up well doesn’t he. I shall keep my eyes open for this.


    Snap! I feel the same about films of the Royal family – with exceptions – but I do fancy Victoria.


    janetteB @janetteb

    I just typed out a really long post on various British TV series then remembered that this is the Dr Who news thread and so I copy/pasted it into the TV thread because it was veering way off topic. But as there is such a dearth of Dr Who news at the moment what else can we do??

    There aren’t even any juicy spoilers, to keep the more curious and impatient of us going. Surely there will be a trailer for the Christmas special out soon.




    Mudlark @mudlark

    The DVD of the animated version of The Power of the Daleks will be released on November 21st and is available now to stream or download from BBC Store.  The Guardian has a review but  *warning*  don’t click on the link if you never saw the episode and are averse to spoilers.

    MissRori @missrori

    @janetteb  On Friday November 18th a preview scene from “The Return of Doctor Mysterio” will air as part of the BBC Children in Need telethon.

    I do agree that details of Series 10 have been unusually stingy.  As far as recurring characters and plot threads go, at this point it seems that the Daleks will be back and Missy will definitely return, probably in the season’s back half.  I know a lot of fans feel Gallifrey got short shrift in “Hell Bent”, and want to see the Doctor get back there.

    What’s most intriguing is that the Twelfth Doctor is in need of an overarching story for his tenure.  Ten came to terms with being the last of the Time Lords, and it turned out that Eleven’s troubles all went back to his saving Gallifrey.  Twelve’s lost a true love in Clara and he’s returned to Gallifrey and left again, so where does he go from here?  What will be his great triumph, the moment when he finally gets a glorious happy ending to compare with “The Day of the Doctor”‘s?  Will he find an even greater love?  Stop the Time War from ever restarting?  Defeat Missy, the Daleks, or some other recurring enemy for all time?  Find the Promised Land and reassurance that all his suffering will be rewarded in the end?  So many questions!  😉

    MissRori @missrori

    In the meantime, some of you may recall the announcement a few weeks back of a new set of children’s picture books that are an (authorized!) combination of the famous Mr. Men series and Doctor Who, featuring the numbered Doctors.  A preview of the first book, Dr. First, has just been released, and it looks adorable.


    (This and three other books come out in April; the other Doctors covered in this first wave are Four, Eleven, and Twelve.  The other numbered Doctors will get their own books later.)

    ichabod @ichabod

    @missrori  the Twelfth Doctor is in need of an overarching story for his tenure.

    Good question; I’ve wanted for a long time to see him seriously set about using time travel to return to the scenes of some of his uncorrected “mistakes”, and try to “make amends” for what he can’t fix (which is probably an awful lot, come to think of it).

    What might be the greatest mistake, that such a line of development might end with?

    MissRori @missrori

    Cool news: The writer of Season 26’s “Survival”, Rona Munro, will be writing an episode for Series 10 (“The Eaters of Light”)!

    Sadly this neat tidbit is being overshadowed by still more tabloid rumors about the Beeb wanting to boot Capaldi from the show for Series 11, and the new companions too.  Claims the ratings are down, the toys aren’t selling, etc.

    This wouldn’t bug me so much — we’ve been down this road before — if…well, when the sci-if news site io9.com reported on the wacky rumors a few hours ago, most of the comments below the article were bashing the show, Capaldi, Moffat, etc. saying Doctor Who just isn’t good anymore, or maybe is good occasionally but usually not, and hasn’t been worthwhile in years, or at least since Matt Smith left.  I couldn’t add my own comment but it’s just as well….it’s like Wizard World Chicago all over again, where I came to terms with being the only 12 cosplayer and attended a fan panel where all anybody wanted to celebrate were 10 and 11.  Where can a fan of Capaldi-era Who find solace and solidarity, besides here?  (Sniffle)





    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave


    I agree. But on the other hand, this is a rather a special place.

    I, too, read about it:
    and since it is apparently on the Radio Times as well I suppose it is sort of official. Maybe.

    Anyway, perhaps this is yet another reason why we should watch another story from Chris Chibnall to get an idea on what the future might hold.

    @craig, are you out there somewhere?

    MissRori @missrori

    @pedant I know I shouldn’t put much stock in rumors.  But it is interesting and disheartening, as someone at Tumblr once noted, that the only rumors spread about the show these days seem to center on when Twelve will get kicked out in favor of a more youthful, likable Doctor, like “the people” want to see!

    In the meantime…on the comics front, Supremacy of the Cybermen finally finished up today after 5+ months (it was supposed to be done-and-dusted at the end of August).  I skipped Parts 3 and 4 altogether out of frustration.  I don’t feel like I missed much, and Part 5 had an extremely abrupt ending — it felt more like a rough draft than a finished piece.  Well, they can’t all be winners.  At least the Twelfth Doctor solo title has been exceptionally good this year.

    Anyone want to talk about new Who-related books?  There’s been a bunch of new ones of late…  🙂

    janetteB @janetteb

    I think we have had enough depressing news of late. Certainly don’t need to hear that P.C. is thinking of stepping out of the Tardis. I am hoping that he will do at least one series with Chibnall if not two or ten..

    On a more cheerful note, @pedant has suggested elsewhere a re watch of Turn Left and I second that. Also  with the festive season approaching way to fast, and not particularly welcome either, what with world events, and personal reasons, I suggest we do a watch of all the Christmas Specials. (Something I routinely do at this time of year anyway, and needed more than ever this year.) Then we can do the Chibnall retrospective in January/February next year in the lead up to the new series.



    ichabod @ichabod

    If they go pretty boy again, I will probably jump ship.  It’s not that I’m “against” youth, but from where I sit these days, overactive snarky kiddish heroes aren’t offensive — they’re just overfamiliar, dull, and I haven’t got time to wait for them to grow up.  Been; done.  “Merchandise” is  just cheap clutter; when it becomes the core concern, the real story is done.  I think it might just be time, by next summer anyway, to get back to doing my own work.

    But you never know . . . There’s always left field.

    Missy @missy

    @janetteb:   I think we have had enough depressing news of late. Certainly don’t need to hear that P.C. is thinking of stepping out of the Tardis. I am hoping that he will do at least one series with Chibnall if not two or ten..

    Vote me in on that one. However, should such a disaster occur, I shall watch the new Doctor and see what I think. I am a whovian after all.

    I think there should be a vote to keep Peter Capaldi for at least one more series after 10 – if he can stand the pace, obviously. Fingers crossed.


    MissRori @missrori

    @janetteb, the rumors never seem to be about Capaldi leaving by choice.  In fact, he said in an interview eariler this year that he’s been asked to stay on for Series 11, and who are we to trust if not him, especially in these troubled times?  If the world is just he’ll stay on at long as he pleases!

    Actually, over at Tumblr me and other fans are using the hashtag #Capaldi2018 in our Who-related posts with the hopes of making even more seasons with Twelve a reality, @missy!  😉

    In the meantime, is anyone else here attending Chicago TARDIS next weekend (Thanksgiving weekend)?  I’m looking forward to the convention (for those who don’t know, it’s the biggest Who-specific one in the Midwest).  I doubt there will be any juicy news shared by anyone attending, but one never knows!  I’m hoping for some cool import merchandise at the dealers’ tables.



    You need to appreciate that these rumours are usually published first in tabloids with a massive anti-BBC agenda, so a perfectly harmless throwaway remark will be spun out of all proportion. They are also fed by those within the BBC with an anti-Who agenda (perhaps feeling it steals budget from their own show). So (unless you have a first-hand source, with direct knowledge) it is best to entirely ignore them and wait for the truth to reveal itself.

    Remember, despite years of rumour, Moffat and Chibnall managed to catch everyone off guard.

    MissRori @missrori

    @pedant  Ugh, I hate that kind of press skullduggery.  >:(  If only there were more legit news to talk about!  This stuff spreads fast on social media.

    MissRori @missrori

    In the wake of the released clip from “The Return of Doctor Mysterio”, I am thinking back to my comment about the idea that Twelve doesn’t yet have an overarching story to his tenure (now that his relationship with Clara is effectively over and he’s found Gallifrey and found it wanting).  He may not yet have an overarching story, but there is a fascinating theme running through his episodes thus far…

    We’ve discussed that Twelve hasn’t yet met a historical figure on the show, but am I the only one who’s noticed that he has a tendency to encounter fictional characters/character types that are recognizable throughout the Western world and beyond?

    He’s met Robin Hood — a noble who decides to stands up for the little guy and fight a corrupt system.  He’s met, in a dreamworld, Santa Claus — a figure who embodies generosity and a holiday that celebrates peace on Earth and goodwill to men (and women), a friend to children who defies our Earthly notions of space and time.  And now in this year’s Christmas show, at a time when comic book-based movie franchises rule the silver screen and are gaining ground on the small ones, he meets a superhero — a larger-than-life vigilante with high technology at his disposal.

    Each of these concepts is archetypal at this point, and each figure overlaps with the Doctor’s personality, calling, etc. in many ways.  Twelve does not think of himself as a hero, certainly not the hero people look up to on a silver screen or a page, and his personality, his way of thinking — he is not so easily reduced to a simple archetype as Robin, Santa, and superheroes can be.  He is sadder, grouchier, perhaps more intellectual, and less amiable.  And yet he has so much capacity for goodness in him, despite his flaws, despite it being so hard to communicate to others the nobility in his soul, his capacity for love and generosity in a world where so often he has no time to banter, and no time to mourn…

    Perhaps the Twelfth Doctor’s story is indeed not a grand one, but one where he comes to recognize the goodness in himself at last, to fully accept that he is lovable…just some thoughts.

    Anonymous @


    “am I the only one who’s noticed that he has a tendency to encounter fictional characters/character types that are recognizable throughout the Western world and beyond?”

    No.   🙂  **

    If you check out all the posts when Doc 12 arrived I think there was much discussion of this?

    It was at that time that I was a member with Mum and I was 12. I noticed the Doctor’s theme or arc was “we’re all stories in the end” and as Robin Hood and Claus appear fictional so is the Doctor (although St Nicholas isn’t fiction. On December 6 like many Slovaks we celebrate St Nicholaus’ day. In Prague it’s a big deal).

    When he ‘finds himself’ he says “I’m just passing through. I’m an idiot in a box.”

    The idea of “idiot” was explained by mum/ It’s like the concept of a traditional “fool” for kings and queens for  entertainment  -who were clever people like our smart comedians now.

    I totally agree with you @missrori about the compassion below the surface of the grumpy  alien. So many charming people are often all image. I was telling mum how I dislike gold type watches which the soccer kids wear. It’s part of an image they create with expensive ties, cufflinks.

    A lot of it is surface and that’s why I like this Doctor: what you see is what you get but people need to look below.  Much like the zygons: Bonnie ended up being the strong one, the good one. On Gallifrey, the TLs complaining were all about power but the ordinary Gallifreyans were generous and sweet: possibly silent and also grumpy. Below that they opened their homes to him and gave him soup.

    He eats soup. He had it in the Dial. I wonder what that meant?  🙂

    Thank you for reading a long post.

    ** I’m not sure about the rest of the world. I was talking to someone from the Indian subcontinent and he didn’t know Robin Hood or King Arthur either. Or Merlin. Interesting.

    ichabod @ichabod

    @missrory  Perhaps the Twelfth Doctor’s story is indeed not a grand one, but one where he comes to recognize the goodness in himself at last, to fully accept that he is lovable…just some thoughts.

    “Am I a good man?”  Measuring himself against Robin Hood, Santa, and now — GMan, at Xmas?  The tension between the larger-than-life legendary hero and the Doctor, who doubts himself although *we* know that he is a good man by intention at least, is part of the draw of #12 for me.

    @thane15   A lot of it is surface and that’s why I like this Doctor: what you see is what you get but people need to look below. 

    Yes — you *can* look deeper if you want to, if “what you see” suggests that there’s more beneath the surface that you can “get”.   Those who don’t want to go looking, or don’t know how to do that yet, can be happy with the action and comedy on the surface.  I’m thinking of nine and ten year olds (or younger), in it for the laughs and the action, or so it seems to me, looking back (it’s a long time since I’ve been nine or ten, so correct me if you recall it differently from closer to).  The kids can zip along for the thrills.  Thing is, to work on different levels like that, you need an actor who knows how to use quiet and stillness and gesture (and gets opportunities for them in script and direction) to spur us into thinking that *he* is thinking, is reflecting, is capable of entertaining himself inside his own mind, and above all is intelligent enough to conduct ruminations of significance.

    You know when CapDoc pauses before a serious ethical choice, say, he gives off all the signals of a man in a maelstrom of rapid, multi-deimensional thought, considering many options and their likely consequences.

    But Capaldi doesn’t need to do that; he already knows what choice he’s going to make, and why.  So what’s most likely *really* going on in his mind is lightning-fast flickers of something like this: “That’s my next mark, the turn here will look better if I sling the coat-skirts out more, inhale here for that shouted line coming up, Actor B has dried, fill in and cover quick — ”  He’s thinking an actor’s thoughts, and *acting* the character thinking, while a shadow-play is also going on inside his head of the ghosts of the feelings that the character has during this moment, and from that level spontaneous actions and reactions can spike, sharpening the effect of the scene.  (Mind you, my own acting experience is tiny; alternatives, corrections, additions, etc. appreciated).

    He eats soup; what does it mean?  You can ask that question because Capaldi projects a person eating soup with concentrated purpose that goes beyond just eating soup (at the barn), and eats soup in a slightly less focused way in the Dial because he’s also musing about the time loop he’s stuck in and still trying to get the measure of.  The guy can *act*.


    Missy @missy


    The guy can *act*. 

    Indeed he can. I find that unlike the other three doctors – as much as I liked them – PC is able to get under my skin and really make me think. Yes, I know, it’s Steven Moffat’s words, sometimes Mark Gatiss too, but the words have to be delivered with just the right tone of voice, facial expression and comviction. for me, PC does exactly that.



    MissRori @missrori

    Happy Doctor Who Day!

    @ichabod, You put Capaldi’s skill into words better than I ever could!  @missy, I feel the same way about his work — the way he gets under the skin.  Just a few minutes into “Robot of Sherwood”, the first Twelve episode I watched, and I wanted to give him all the hugs.  “Listen” was even better in that regard.  The pre-title sequence with Twelve’s monologue about the perfect hider is one of the most magical things I’ve ever seen on television.

    ichabod @ichabod

    @missy  This multiple-channel mind process hit me first when I was watching rehearsals for a stage play. The actors would do a scene, everybody uptight and emotional, and then one would stop, completely dropping the “act”, and ask the Director if maybe *this* would be more effective, and then bam, he’s back in that charged dramatic moment again but moving differently, changing voice pitch — and then it all stops and they have a conversation about blocking because of what another actor has noticed about the waste basket being in the way — that’s when I realized that there’s a whole level of professionalism going on under the presentation of the text. Acting isn’t only an art; it’s a profession, with rules, tricks, shortcuts, and techniques, and your actors have to learn all that and be able to run it in their heads as a sort of ongoing systems check *while* emoting or menacing or whatever on stage and remembering their lines. I’m assuming this goes for filming as well, but more so — more “takes” to get it right, bits filmed out of order, more technical stuff to keep track of.

    I’ve read that Ian McKellen broke down on set during the filming of LOTR, miserable because he’d been stuck in front of a green screen all day, acting in a virtual vacuum, to be filled in later with CGI creatures and such.  That was not, he protested, what his job was supposed to be.  I suppose part of the reason that screen acting, not stage, pays the big bucks.

    @missrori   Thank you!  Capaldi does have that voice to work with, too.  Not everyone is so fortunate.  Was it John Gilbert, a matinee idol of early Hollywood films, who lost his career when sound came in because his voice, hitherto unheard, was thin and squeaky?  He wasn’t the only one that happened to, either, as I recall.

    Missy @missy

    Just pray that Peter Capaldi is the Doctor, for at least one more series.


    ichabod @ichabod

    @mssy  One more — S10 — is assured, since they’ve finished filming it.  After that — nobody knows for certain. He has, or has not (depending on the source) been asked to stay for Chibnal’s first series, S11.

    Missy @missy


    On can only hope! Fingers crossed.

    Missy @missy

    Well, it seems that Peter is leaving at the end of series 10. He says it’s time to move on! More likely he didn’t get a rise in pay. #$#@*&()#@$% !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Missy @missy

    Ben Whishaw in in the running – good choice.


    Craig @craig

    It’s been announced. The series starts on April 15th in both the UK and USA. In the US they will show Class right after.

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave


    Hurrah! Time to go to the shops and make sure we have the ingredients for home-baked jammy dodgers ready for April 15.

    MissRori @missrori

    @missy (hugs)  I heard the news about Capaldi leaving just after I got up and it soured my whole day!  But beyond any issues with pay there might have been, I think he’s just ready to do (more) other stuff.  The role has been part of his life since 2013 after all.  I know some fans are wishing there hadn’t been such a long gap between Series 9 and 10 — then he might have felt up to doing 11, is the theory!  But we have him for this year, don’t forget.

    If Ben Whishaw gets the role, that means the Doctor’s going from Mr. Curry to Paddington Bear himself!  😀

    janetteB @janetteb

    @blenkinsopthebrave homemade Jammy Dodgers sound good. For the past few series our local supermarket has stocked the read thing just in time for the first episode. I suspect the manager is a fan. I might try making some this year, along with bad souffle. Recent series have not really added anything to the menu. I don’t think canned tomato soup, (which is what the Doctor appears to be eating on Gallifrey) would be too popular.

    @missrori Apparently PC is doing another Paddington film. Ben Whishaw is one of the few actors whom I can picture in the role but I suspect he would be too busy and too expensive these days.



    Missy @missy

    Janette: Yes he would do, but I’ve had a fancy for Ben Miller or Kris Marshall.

    @missrori: Very true. The programme required a gruelling schedule, not to mention interviews, plus promoting the show. He is pushing 60, but that doesn’t stop me wanting him to satay for just one more series. I hope he does the Christmas Special at least.


    nerys @nerys

    I will miss Peter Capaldi … but if Ben Whishaw is to be his replacement, then my mourning will be brief.

    Anonymous @

    @nerys @janetteb

    no way Whishaw has the time to do Who. Lovely actor. Could remind one of Doctor 11. Also, he’s pretty much in the “galactic star chase”.

    I think doctor will be a woman -in my opinion?

    Must dash. Have a good day, people, -or night. 🙂

    AlexWho @alexwho

    Bummed about Peter Capaldi leaving the show. There are I’m sure many people who welcome the news; thankfully not here. A talented actor and a man who really cared about Doctor Who as a whole.

    I think Moffet should’ve given him better stories. But still he had episodes that will be remembered as some of the best in the show’s history. I’m thinking of Flatline, Listen, and Heaven Sent in particular. And of course the righteous anger of the 12th Doctor will be hard top. The Zygon Inversion speech is my favorite scene so far of Capaldi’s tenture.

    But I heard the Ice Warriors will be back for Season 10 so that’s something else to look forward to.

    Missy @missy

    @alexwho   I’d say that at least 90% of DW was written by SM – all the best ones. *grin*

    @nerys: An excellent actor for sure.

    @thane15; I jolly well hope not! I would watch out of curiosity, because one shouldn’t judge before the event.

    However, The Doctor has always been, amongst other things, a Father figure, are we to now expect a Mother figure?

    Anonymous @


    thanks for that.

    You may think a woman can’t be a doctor? Maybe it’s an age/gender thing with some people and I understand that totally. Whatever floats your boat.

    I think it’s fair. Show’s been going longer than my mums been around.  A lot of people are thinking it’s a good idea -even Peter himself.  People here as well. Probably not the Guardian.

    “a father figure” I’ve never ever seen him as a ‘father figure.’ He’s not human, he may have been a ‘dad’ but he could easily be a mother. The premise is that there’s a God who’s a bloke, followed by (under him)  a man (the patriarch) and the woman is lowlier. No way I’m subscribing to that.

    Doctor Who is doing a great job of stopping the women from screaming. Now we need to step it up to a female doctor who also isn’t a screaming ninny (ninny is Mum’s word who’s pursing her lips pretty much now).

    But no worries.




    Anonymous @


    “better stories.”

    In my opinion this past Doctor has had the best stories Period Ever

    But I can understand others not thinking that, though and we’re all looking forward to something different.

    Mum’s more open about it than I am though. She’s breezy and I’m going around in a flat space thinking (in Aussie accent) “Moffat’s Gorn. Capaldi’s gorn. I’m never ever watching this show AGAIN.”

    Then I start to use my faculties. I loved every episode (bar one) of 2015 and I liked the last special after some thought. Maybe. Not sure. Mum’s looking over my shoulder at the mo so I can’t really say what I think 🙂

    But. It’s been around for so long that I really do believe it will always have something in it for everyone. I think it’s like an egg, it needs nurturing and love. It’s had that so far. I hope it goes on!


    ichabod @ichabod

    @thane15  I like the way you think!  I hope the best for the show too, as I’m sure Capaldi and Moffat do also, with whatever kind of new Doctor they settle on.  If it’s back to another young white guy, if it’s not first rate comedy as well, I doubt I’ll be interested enough to stick with it long.  I think I’m getting — ah — age-ist?  In reverse.

    Nope.  Not as long as @thane15 is around!

    I’ll certainly give S11 a chance in any case.  But my heart goes with CapDoc, the sweet but spiky grown-up in the room (except when he’s got his child-ness on, but hey, nobody’s perfect — thank goodness).

    Missy @missy


    I like your post. A  while back I quoted Peter Capaldi, but dmaned if I can remember it correctly. something about

    “watch Doctor Who because it nurtures your soul and your heart” He is so right, especially when HE is the Doctor. To me Doctor Who is a drug, one that keeps one sane, adictive but completely harmless.


    So shall I, but like you my heart belongs to PC, especially because he isn’t perfect. However, I am, what some people call, an “old fart”. It makes it easier to appreciate the best when I see it. *grins*


    ichabod @ichabod

    @missy  Yes, when we see it!  Seen a lot of Doctors and favored some, but this guy just blew me away from the get-go. Something to do with the profile, maybe?  I used to draw an imaginary face very much like that when I was in art school — long, expressively topographical, with that thick, vigorous hair.  Friend of mine says, “Oh, you’re just an intellectual snob — you see that look and you think it means intelligence!”  Well, maybe she’s right — I’ve always been keen on actors whose faces convince me that there’s a quick mind sparking away inside there.  Or maybe I just like a really vehement nose.

    Can’t imagine where that comes from — not from anybody in my family, that’s for sure!

    Missy @missy


    He does have a very strong face and one mustn’t forget the eyebrows.  *smiles* For me, the scene which made me an instant admirer of PC was when he told Clara, Jenny and Vastra – “and don’t look at that mirror, it’s absolutely furious!”He may not have written the lines, but he knew how to deliver them.

    He was equally convincing as the cardinal in The Musketeers. I told my husband that the new actor – or rather character – who took his place, lacked style, someting that PC has an abundance of. My opinion


    ichabod @ichabod

    @missy  You know, I never could watch The Musketeers, even though PC was a major character in it.  Something about those costumes just makes me uncomfortable — all that fabric and leather and great big boots.  I get distracted thinking about what it must feel like lugging all that around.  (trailing rags of memory from a past life, mebbe . . . ?)  If If I can find it out there somewhere, I’ll give it another try one of these days.


    winston @winston

    I heard the news about PC leaving and after dramatically shaking my fists at the sky and shouting nooooo! , I settled down to a deep quiet regret. We always know that the Doctor will change, that our favourite actor will want to move on to other things but it shocks us when it happens.  I love the 12th Doctor “warts and all” and that is because of PC and his wonderful acting skills.

    Whoever they get to replace him will be the 13th Doctor and after a period of regeneration shock I am sure I will accept him or her. After all they will still be the Doctor.


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