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    janetteB @janetteb

    I was trying to asses the costume and not the Doctor hence listing Capaldi’s amongst the fails. I always felt that they did not “nail” it and the stary jumper was up there with the question marks. (or should I say down there?) Capaldi is one of my absolute favourite Doctors though. Likewise I liked Whitaker’s costume but was not a massive fan of the stories. In the case of Peter Davison the costume definitely influenced my reaction to him as Doctor. I think I would rate his costume as worse than the misfire that was Colin Baker’s. There were no redeeming aspects to that era. We have just been watching some first series AG and I don’t like the costume though it does suit the more sombre character of “EcclesDoc”. It lacks the sense of playfulness that made SmithDoc’s costume so perfectly in tune with his character. Also SmithDoc’s costume harks back to BG costumes, not Pertwee’s thankfully, that gives the character a sense of history which I like.




    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    @janetteb It’s perfectly all right (but interesting) that we disagree!

    In the case of Whittaker’s costume, it’s those braces! Braces (IMO) NEVER look good, whoever’s wearing them, instant dweeb. Plus the horizontal stripe across the midriff. And those slightly baggy trousers that end just below the knee, which is never a good place for trousers to end. (IMO of course). (See if this upload works:)


    Capaldi’s costume was uninspiring but I felt suited his age. In other words it didn’t do a lot for him (but he didn’t need it to) and it didn’t take away anything either. His slight weirdness came from his acting and his slightly alien viewpoint, a quirky costume would have been over-egging it. (IMO!)

    Peter Davison was pure 100% cricket umpire. Maybe he was under the influence of the Tardis chameleon circuit. I think it’s a perfectly good costume, whether it ‘works’ depends entirely on whether it matches his character (and I haven’t seen enough of his series to judge that).

    Jon Pertwee’s costume, I thought suited his personality fine. Along with his magnificent mop of white hair. A Victorian (?) dandy with just a touch of the Draculas.

    @winston Swap the jeans for shorts and let the ‘appropriate’ footwear frequently include bare feet and I think we would be very similar. In fact if I lived in your climate we would probably be similarer. (Is that a word? It is now.) When I was working I had to wear a shirt and trousers to the office (and, of course, shoes) but I managed never to wear a tie. So I think our non-credentials as fashion critics match.

    Cheers, cr

    winston @winston

    @janetteb When I first saw the 9th Doctors costume I was a little disappointed but it soon matched his character , both he and his coat were a little rough around the edges. Then years later when we met the War Doctor and saw him regenerate into the 9th his clothes made perfect sense. I mean if you went to war dressed like the 5th Doc the Daleks would spot you immediately!

    @dentarthurdent  My kids tease me about always telling them to wear “appropriate footwear” but sneakers should not be worn in a Canadian winter and flip flops are no good for hiking and rain boots are for when it rains! Crocs are OK for gardening and high heels are torture devices.

    It is shorts weather now but the biters are out and I am allergic to black fly bites so I cover up and chase the shade while I garden. Soon the mosquitos will be thick and the dreaded bug repellent will be my best friend. Ahh summer in Ontario.

    stay cool

    janetteB @janetteb

    @winston I it is cold and dreary here. I am looking out at the garden which is in need of pruning and weeding and trying to muster the energy to get out there and overcome my aversion to the cold and damp. So I am envying you the warm weather but not the mosquitos. Those I think anyone can do without.

    I like the Guardian fantasy house hunt and last night I spotted a familiar abode. It’s “Scooby Doo’s House”, Wester Drumlins. (I always thought the name was West Drumlins.) It has been refurbished since 2007 when Blink was filmed there. Interesting house.




    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    @winston @janetteb   Pretty cold and dreary here too.   The weather has stayed quite warm (notwithstanding the occasional record rainstorm and flooding) up until a couple of weeks ago, when it suddenly fell off its perch so to speak.   So now we’re into winter.   It managed to be quite pleasant for a couple of hours this afternoon, I went for a walk round the block and the ground was warm enough for bare feet though the grass was all pretty soggy, but this only lasts for a few hours in the afternoon until the sun starts to go down.   And of course mosquitos if you stand still too long in the shade.   Watched Time Heist the other night, next ep is The Caretaker which is not one of the greatest.

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    @winston Yes, the warm weather has arrived over here on the west coast as well. We are promised (or is it threatened?) temperatures in the high 20s for the next few days. As a result, Mrs Blenkinsop has been excavating the darkest recesses of the wardrobe for her summer clothes.

    And talking of clothes, recent photos of the new Doctor and companion filming historical episodes show them both in period costumes, be it 1960s London or Regency England. I am starting to wonder if there will be a dedicated Doctor (and companion) outfit at all, or if they will dress for the occasion, as it were.


    janetteB @janetteb

    @blenkinsopthebrave I had not seen the Regency pics so went hunting at once. Nice costumes. I do like it when the Doctor and Companion dress for the period. I’m guessing that when not going to period times the Doctor will have a iconic outfit, or how could fans cosplay him?

    Only six months now, (roughly) to wait for the 60th Special.

    @dentarthurdent Looking forward to reading your reviews.. We re watched The Caretaker quite recently. As you say not one of the best but it has some nice moments.



    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    New Trailer for the three 60th specials


    Devilishrobby @devilishrobby

    So the 60th specials look to be like a 3 episode series with stories that may or may not be connected.



    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    @devilishrobby Well, my theory (which I first broached upstream somewhere) is that they are all connected by Donna–and finding a way to give her back her memories. I may be wrong, but for the moment I’m sticking to it!


    Devilishrobby @devilishrobby

    @blenkinsopthebrave That may be, but I think that may end up being a byproduct of the story. The obvious thing for the 3 episodes is who or what is behind or caused the Doctor to regenerate with 10’s face. Though we may find out because of who the doctor is  it’s not necessarily unusual for him/her to recycle a previous face it’s just that up until this last regeneration cycle that the Doctor has forgotten that he/her has had a face previously due to having his/her memory wiped. Though I’m still betting there will either be a cause or being behind this regeneration repeat. The only thing now is that I’m not so sure that the Celestial Toymaker is the one as it’s now being hinted he’s only the focus of the second episode with meep the beep being episode 1. I’m scratching my head about episode/part 3 and the giggles hint as to who this may be hinting at, as a long time fan/watcher of the show I can’t remember a big bad who’s trademark was giggling.
    If the 3 specials are to be separate stories but with an underlying thread I don’t know why they are going to be broadcast so close together though the exact timing of when the episodes are to be broadcast hasn’t  been announced to my knowledge. They could have been screened much like Tenants final 3 specials with one at Easter  one midsummer and the final one on the anniversary, so I suspect the underlying thread may be more important than the individual episodes and RTD doesn’t want to give us too much time to speculate for some reason.

    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    @blenkinsopthebrave The ‘new’ Doctor of which you speak, in connection with Regency clothes, is that Ten(nant) (or should that be 14? Or 10(c)? All highly confusing), or Ncuti Gatwa who I suppose is 15. Probably. Or 14 if Ten(nant) Mk III doesn’t get a new number. I give up.
    OK, according to the Beeb, Tennant is 14, Gatwa is 15. OK.
    Quite like Gatwa’s clothes in general (though the blue pinstripe is totally Miami Vice gangsta, he just needs to be holding a MAC-10 to complete the picture).

    And – in the specials – I like Tennant’s young companion, she looks quite intelligent.

    Hey, I’m actually looking forward to new episodes again.

    @devilishrobby I would assume the three specials would have to be broadcast fairly close together since they’re already shooting the following series. But I’m speculating from a position of substantial ignorance (which never stopped anybody yet…)

    @janetteb Thankyou for kindly calling them ‘reviews’, I’d say more like ‘random impressions’. But anyway I’ve just posted my impressions in the Time Heist thread.

    janetteB @janetteb

    @dentarthurdent. I am getting a bit excited about the anniversary specials too. We recently re-watched a few RTD episodes just as a reminder of his show runner/writing style. Also I watched Years and Years which is basically a non sci fi 6 episode version of Turn Left. I did have a sneak look at the trailers and they however somewhat dampened that  enthusiasm but trailers nearly always tend to do that.



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