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    Anonymous @

    @whisht a bit of Eva. Not a romance thing/song in my opinion. But sad-ish.


    Anonymous @


    And spellbinding it would’ve been.

    Unfortunately none of them. It’s going to be embarrassingly obvious when I find it. I THINK the whole score/covers/lyrics are in the garage so I need to go and LOOK and not be lazy and demand others look for me 🙂

    Still, it’s good to hear some Bruce. I ended up seeing Bruce twice in 85/86 in the end.



    @Thane15 @whisht

    On the vein of people taken too young: Minnie Ripperton and the rather lovely Les Fleurs:

    Anonymous @

    @pedant @whisht

    Weren’t they just?

    Minnie. Mmm. On a mild mannered morning in Autumn, just lovely.


    PS: despite the Cassidy disc/vinyl I gave Spawn, he’s “urgh” -a bit of learnin’ and growin’ up to be done there. Still, Ralph Mctell was on this morning and from another, Goodnight my Lovely -slowly, slowly up dat hill.

    Whisht @whisht

    fantastic – some music for me to listen to tonight!

    as that may be others’ mornings or afternoons or whatever, I’ll post the Boss track that made me smile (in a fist-pumping way of course).


    Actually I had it originally as a “Who is back and no doubt there’ll be a fair bit of running so here’s a track for the companion!”



    Heh – Frankie brings back nothing but fun post-grad at LSE memories.

    Now, if you want the definitive Springsteen-not-by-Springsteen, this is it:

    Whisht @whisht

    Thanks @pedant – I’ve always thought that that was a Patti Smith track!
    Its a great track but didn’t know it wasn’t the original.

    So hopefully that’s laid any claim I might possibly have had to knowing anything about music to bed now.


    Mind you, I think I’ve already done that when I admitted here before that I told the Sandkings (minor 80’s/ 90’s band I saw live) that I thought their version of Phil Collins’ song Tomorrow Never Knows was a great choice for an end song (confusing the bassist no end).
    I was 20 and somehow had missed hearing the original by that other slightly famous band… their name will come to me…

    Whisht @whisht

    ooh – just caught up on a couple of the tracks above.

    @thane15 Eva Cassidy – thanks, a beautiful voice (though maybe I’m like Spawn, perhaps it will take me a little longer to truly appreciate this kinda singer-songwriter)

    @pedant Minnie Ripperton – a perfect song.
    I had heard it first perhaps on a mixtape from a mate. I’d no idea who it was, so thanks for reminding me of a song I haven’t heard in years and who it was.

    wow – that’s just perfect. Right, off out now and a perfect track to do it on! *

    Puro – in terms of music to annoy others with, I used to have this as my ringtone. It was a pragmatic choice (I could even hear it if I had headphones and loud music on) as well as being a tad contrary.

    But I had to change it as it began to grate on me let alone anyone else!


    * may have to listen to Minnie again now….

    Anonymous @


    awh! warm leatherette. Gross! I But I could listen to that for about…..3 mins. Mum was “turn that crap off. I have a headache…”


    Missy @missy


    Thank you for that information. Now they can’t stop advertising it.

    Tell your mum, that I much prefer Holiday, and Flat for apartment. *very big grin*


    Whisht @whisht

    aw – sorry for the headache inducing The Normal !

    Obviously this track sprang to mind (only because of the title mind, though Moffat’s obviously a fan!)

    Anonymous @

    @whisht Where in the holy mother of *god* did you find that?

    Amazing. Isn’t it?

    The Hybrid (we’re sort of back)

    We’ve never known what * does here as we’ve access to a ‘bold’ button but possibly on a phone, messenger the * is necessary. The greatest puzzle for me at the moment.

    Anyway, Great morning song for us 🙂 By the way, I (Thane) LOVE LOVE LOVE the song you or pedant put on that’s on youtube? Thora…? I can’t remember her name -that’s not great for a fan, is it?  I’m playing it over & over. 0-0

    We’re bein’ cheeky.

    Anonymous @

    @pedant you went to the LSE? Good school. For some reason Mum’s making me watch bits of tWW (I started at 4 and don’t remember much of it).

    There’s a line by Claudia: “Turkey’s? I went to UCLA. I have a Masters”

    Donna Moss: “That’s a good school.”

    CJ, sighing “Yes, it IS.”


    @whisht Mum’s always got a headache and then giggled. Not sure what was funny there. Possibly medication though I doubt it. I’m feeling a post splurge coming  on…



    Kingston Polytechnic (now Kingston University) for undergrad – an outstanding teaching institution – and LSE for postgrad (not entirely convinced I would have enjoyed undergrad there – it is a very research oriented place – although I did seminars for the undergrads and they all graduated, so I figure I did something right).

    But the music of that period was when 80s pop was approaching it peak.

    This was pretty much our theme tune:

    “A broken soul stares from a pair of watering eyes
    Uncertain emotions force an uncertain smile”

    (My brother did studio engineering for The The and said that Matt Johnson is a really lovely fella).


    And the theme tune of the Kingston years…

    Whisht @whisht

    ah @pedant – two classics there. I’ve also got a fondness for that period.

    I’ve just looked up when they came out and I had thought I was a teenager but seems I was even younger! Weird how the memory plays tricks.

    @Thane15 – the song you were trying to remember is one Pedant shared by Thea Gilmore.
    I’m still thanking him for the Minnie Ripperton though !


    So, I won’t be watching Who tonight as I’m with my brothers eating and drinking and talking. I’ll catch up with the good Doctor later over the weekend.

    So – here’s a track for those whose wait ends tonight !

    (and if your wait is in any way closer to the subject matter, then bravo!)



    As @whisht says, I was Thea Gilmore.

    You may not appreciate – because, distance – that the coda at the end is Jo Cox MP, who was assassinated by a right-wing terrorist in the run up to the Brexit vote, and the song was written in response to that.

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord

    I was trying to think of a good music link for this and failed with Pilot, but then thought “well, this is more about The Passenger isn’t it?”.

    Hence The Iggster of Pop with The Passenger. Then I paused, and thought “oooh”. Iggy wrote the song while a passenger in David Bowie’s touring car. There were some suggestions Bowie may have contributed to writing it, uncredited, but he absolutely provided backing vocals, Piano and Organ. The slogan for this series is “A Time for Heroes”, and the first episode features an space oddity with an unusual eye. Bowie didn’t have heterochromia, but anisocoria, as this interesting article explains.

    Indeed, the ‘star shape’ on Heather radiates around her black iris. Almost like a heliosphere to a central ‘Black Star’. Wondering if there are little tributes going on here in the first series since Bowie’s death?

    Still, I do think this works (especially Water Heather’s mind meld appeal to Bill):

    We’ll see the bright and hollow sky
    We’ll see the stars that shine so bright
    The sky was made for us tonight

    Whisht @whisht

    @phaseshift – that is a great version of the Passenger! Not heard that version before!

    I got to Bowie too but via a different route. After people here mentioned The Lodger I went back to his album to have a listen and see if anything there useful for bonkerising.

    Its not a favourite of mine in any way, so here’s the only one worth smiling about (and it is a great song!).

    Actually though, for this episode the only “pilot” related song I have is this – which doesn’t really fit, but is quite a good song!

    Anonymous @

    @phaseshift @whisht

    Definitely a Bowie connection to the episode and Bowie was certainly involved in The Passenger.

    Great song. To me, one of the best songs ever written. Lots of little quarter tones, unresolved 7ths in the accompaniment etc. Simple on the outside and complicated on the inside.



    Anonymous @

    Had to add NIN to this thread somewhere. The minimalism of Iggy influenced Reznor, influenced by Eno….a whole History of connection.


    Whisht @whisht

    oooooohhh @Thane15 – I’ve never heard that version of Hurt with Bowie !


    And Eno, well, Brian Bloody Eno is everywhere (I like him, I listen to his stuff when reading and An Ending (Ascent) is still one of the great pieces, but its somehow “he’s not part of that as well!!??!” with him!).


    I’ll admit that NIN were a band I only knew in a glancing way, though Reznor’s recent scores have been really interesting for me.



    Holy fuck, that’s unexpected!

    Anonymous @


    I surprised you.

    *Big fucking grin*

    Puro (Thane is at school writing and arguing with teacher)


    No, seriously, you’re like Dumbledore, you never get surprised


    Anonymous @


    Guess what I did yesterday?

    Listened to the film Social Network thru my stereo at about 55 -or something. The bed was ….well, the whole room was banging about. Reznor, oh man (OK, and Atticus Ross),  heck, what a holy dooly moment.

    Puro (again, Thane and NIN? “LOL”; too young, which is possibly a good thing: Rites of Passage ‘n’ all)

    Anonymous @


    Oh, I should add that clip was rare.

    (youtube whacking my door down: “No, no, it’s really not!!”)

    Anonymous @


    Post -splurge (apologies).

    Eno….errrrrrrrrr. Mmmmmm. OK, back in late 80s some bozo lecturer said “take your piece of paper out of the hat and what you get you conduct, OK? One of you will get something truly impressive.”

    I got Eno’s Ascent. Not the nice Daniel Lanois bit but the whole ragged imploded thing. We were lucky to get it in bits at all, I suppose and it was impossible!! Mooning violins and moog babies everywhere. I just giggled thru the whole mess, the orchestra not impressed at all. Pages of blank bits (but it was the 80s and everyone was a snob).

    I have a deep and abiding respect for Eno.



    Whisht @whisht

    ha ha @Thane15 – splurge away!
    And yes – it was Social Network I was mainly thinking of (though I’ve heard great things about The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo soundtrack and ‘music inspired by…’ he did).

    In terms of Eno, I am genuinely impressed by him. Its just that every time I think “oh, that’s interesting” about something, somehow he’ll be connected.

    Its like ‘Two Degrees of Separation’ with him !

    As for conducting something by him (I’m guessing the album Apollo Atmospheres and Soundtracks)… blimey!
    In some ways I’m surprised he actually had a ‘score’ rather some ‘visualisation’ or ‘map’ (unless that’s what was foisted on you!!).

    Anonymous @


    The beginning was ….hopeful…but after that it was squiggles and dashes and bars with pauses and musical etc etc’s.

    It was a very bad day for the 1st desk violin(s).  🙂  Also, my right hand (being LH’ed).

    I know!  Eno’s everyone. But then Iggy/Cohen/Stooges/Bowie were all in the same swimming pool. In the end it’s Iggy’s who’s still around….


    Anonymous @


    Yes, Apollo Atmospherics -initial title, on the pages we received that day. Someone had friends in high places.

    *Iggy’s who’s

    Typos! “In the end, it’s Iggy who’s still around”.

    I’ve had a long  & insane day attempting to nail Thane onto his creative writing task. School =3 hours exactly. Mum = 17 hours. And counting. I know! It’s like anything written by Eno! No, seriously, I do love his stuff; but there were days when various berks would pop into the orchestra pit to show us squiggles and I’d die for a bit of Bach or Mozart.


    @whisht @thane15

    Pootling around and rediscovered this, which is absolutely the accept-no-substitute definitive version of this song. Keith Richards on guitar, Ron Wood on bass, Mick Jagger producing. Fascinating life story – came to England with Ike & Tina Turner and stayed because of how much better she was treated here, as a black girl. Played with practically everybody of note, from Small Faces to The KLF.

    Anonymous @


    That’s crystal. Gorgeous. Vinyl, I tell ya.

    Whisht @whisht

    yep @pedant – I wouldn’t even have known of other versions to steer away from !


    btw @thane15 Puro – I did chuckle to myself when I imagined you talking to individual musicians in the orchestra and explaining how you’d like their part of the Eno track to sound in an Eno-esque way (“Could you play it like you’re falling over on the moon?” or “play it so it makes you want to move your body like this“)


    Anonymous @


    I think I said “oh fuck, let’s get though this. Now. Listen, you double-bassist dick (I have an issue with all double bass players: they all think they’re rockers…), ON the BEAT.”

    “No, start again. Oboe, as usual, you’re sharp” to which the first oboist said, “erm, Puro, that’s usually you, so give me a break.”

    Very professional.

    The lecturer, at the time (I learned to have an abiding respect for this guy) said: “good, good, nothing wrong with a bit of “pissed off” “. I am short you see. Short baton wielding people are arrogant. For good reason.

    Well, no, no good reason to be arrogant at all, but heck, 21 and thick as a trip wire.

    Kindest, Puro

    ichabod @ichabod

    @thane15  Puro   Short baton wielding people are arrogant. For good reason.

    Love the mental image:  short, baton, trip wire.

    Anonymous @

    Hi all. This I really love: Mum played it for me a year ago. I apologise for the nudity! I can’t do anything to it -tried, you know, fig leaves and all. If this is considered rude, then I am sorry and please delete it.

    A bit more Bowie for @phaseshift and @whisht and any others.

    Thank you,


    Anonymous @

    Oh! I forgot why it’s relevant! Mum and I were thinking that Who is a lot about “shopping for the right girls” and Mum went thru her vinyls and said “this”!!  It’s a bit cheeky in that it’s not exactly about that, but it sort of works?

    So, there we are.

    Thanks. Thane.


    Anonymous @

    OK, one more: Reeves Gabrels. Warnings: Intense Language.

    Anonymous @

    in my edit function I explained that the above track shouldn’t be listed as a David Bowie song. (what happens when Thane types for Puro). It’s a solo album featuring some Bowie and Oldman. Most will probably know it. It’s a stonking track.

    Whisht @whisht

    wow – @Thane15 – Tin Machine then some rough an’ tough Reeves Gabrels (not someone I was aware of).

    It blew out the cobwebs!

    To calm it all down I’ll stick a choon here for the latest episode, Smile.

    Bit of an obvious one, but hell, I can be obvious once in a while can’t I?


    Anonymous @


    lovely ;obvious? Ha! Who minds.  It’s beautiful.

    Puro and Thane



    Further to another conversation:

    And Ian Dury being interviewed about it:

    Anonymous @


    “my riddle is my middle”

    or the other way? 🙂

    “were you very angry?”


    I should’ve realised. And I didn’t. Oops. I know this very well but I forgot!



    Born 100 years ago today

    (plus bonus Sachmo)

    Whisht @whisht

    timely posting of Ian Dury there. And Ells’s always timely.

    Now, not linking to you but if you’re reading this pedant – look away now!
    [fingers in ears and nah nah nah nah naaaahhhhhhhannhhaahhhhhahahhhh…]

    Hi @Thane15 (both of you!)
    So – if I remember correctly you hadn’t heard much of the Smiths or Morrissey.
    Now, he has produced a LOT of music, first with the Smiths and then solo.
    I tried picking ‘some’ and easily had 20+. I boiled that down to 15, then 10 and now just 5.

    By the end it was becoming arbitrary and basically “which is the least offensive?” – and this from an artist who enjoys offending with his lyrics and themes (National Front Disco anyone?).
    I also removed all his really miserabalist stuff (and that was after ignoring the truly awful miserable stuff !).
    So, some Smiths then some solo…. ‘enjoy’ may or may not happen.

    William it was really nothing
    Please Please Please let me get what i want
    Bigmouth Strikes Again
    Every day is like Sunday
    I know its gonna happen someday
    ah bugger it I happen to have these two links so…
    I have forgiven Jesus
    Irish Blood, English Heart

    I know I’ll regret not posting to other stuff as his albums can be patchy but often have one or two gems.
    hey ho

    [you can take your fingers out of your ears now pedant]

    Whisht @whisht

    btw I’m not sure I’ve said hi to @zephyr yet so…. “Hi”


    I think I saw a comment from you as to why the music here was so ooollllllllllldddddddd

    And you are absolutely, 100% correct. ;D



    Anyone can jump in if they have some….
    [as @pedant said, there are no ‘rules’ as such. Can be anything – usually I and a few others try and find something that ‘fits’ the episode, which is often fun, but anything is also fine]



    @zeyra (not @zephyr)

    And stop trying to corrupt @thane15 – besides, puro should already have inoculated him.

    Seriously. Ian Curtis wrote about his own pain (and also wrote the best song to explain how to help someone with depression, already linked above). That Twat whined about how horrible everybody else is.

    And to bleach our brains of that, here is Chromatics with a really rather good cover of Neil Young’s Into The Black:


    And just for @zeyra the glorious Wizard Motor, by Mogwai. A Scottish band writing music for a French TV show (the opening 30 minutes of which remains as good a start to a show as I’ve seen).

    Anonymous @

    @whisht @pedant

    Early this morning, Thane rocked up the stairs and wacked me ’round the head: “The Smiths, you gotta listen to @whisht‘s music. He put so much effort into it and I hate it.”


    No, he LOVED it:  “It’s The Smiths, now, Mum they’re so cool. ‘William, It Was Really Nothing’ is AMAZING.”

    In between tuneless singing & mouthfuls of toast he was explaining that it reminded him of….The Hollies.

    “No, No”, I said. Thing is, he’s bang on. The chordal structures, augmented & diminished 7ths; chordal surprises & plagal cadences are very much like The Hollies more complicated tracks. So, the songs are already on his ipod!

    Shame that I confiscated that so he could focus on his story. The music had an added bonus of calming him down for the  Creative Writing test.

    @ichabod The idea of the venturesome girl -due to the theme of ‘escape’ has been used but his title is:

    Duncan’s Escape: Finding Joy

    The girl’s name is Joy.  After staring out the window and deciding to go for a walk he notices that the house on the corner (usually lit like a side show) is dark but the shabby companion beside it contains a surprise:  a girl, walking purposefully beside the landscaped hedge wearing a padded jacket. Which is odd: it’s a still and humid night. From the jacket she removes something small (turns out it’s a lock pick) and she suddenly says: “Lock picks were invented in….” and Duncan’s amazed she’s aware he followed her. She asks for a light etc. Anyway, he’s hoping that in 650 words, with its metaphor and theme it will be OK. He finds not only the girl ‘Joy’ but the idea of ‘joy,’ as the girl, despite skipping school, knows a lot of interesting facts and recognises his name from Macbeth. From this he deduces reading can, and does, bring joy. He’s really done an ace job of delving into the psyche and its taken weeks of crumpled paper chucked against a wall but he did it all on his OWN!!

    @pedant indeed, “incorruptible” is Thane (not the lambs from The Messiah!) And Mogwai!! Brilliant. I remember hearing that about a year ago when the buzz about Les Revenants was very buzzy.

    For us the Hybrid, there are 1055 reasons to watch 13 Reasons Why.

    Have you linked your Vague Rambings here? I think that would be a terrific idea; it could resonate with many members.

    Kindest and thank you for the all the music.

    Thane and Puro.

    ichabod @ichabod

    @pedant  A Scottish band writing music for a French TV show 

    “Les Revenants” was so good that there was a US imitation of it (perfectly dreadful — ended up being all about the FBI), and there’s an Australian take on a similar idea called “Glitch” which I think I’ve recommended here before.

    @thane15  Puro — Duncan’s Escape: Finding Joy

    Ha!  So happy to hear that something came of that off-the-cuff suggestion (by dint of time and hard work by Thane, which is exactly the part about writing that ignoramuses *don’t* get and never will).  Congratulations, and best luck with it!  If I were his teacher, I’d be delighted, so I hope his real teacher appreciates it.

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