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    There will not be a 30 day period of mourning @Thane15’s judgement.

    PURO! Show him Joy Division, stat!

    Anonymous @


    Right: at least when I hear that I jump in!

    He loves Joy Division -fortunately. I think he fancies himself as the lone warrior, the lone mediator, the lone trigger happy cowboy  or a …musician who cannot sing or play….

    <slight problem there>

    There’s a show from Melbourne (I think)  where several taxi drivers, equipped with cameras, interview their hires about ‘the thing of the week’ -one was “global warming” another, “are you prepared for a zombie apocalypse” and “what will kill us all in the end?”

    It was embarrassing. The only person who made sense was a visiting Dane: “I have no idea how to live outside of cities. I would pick the wrong berries or mushrooms and I’d die.”

    One chick said: “like, you know, there’s global warming, but that’s shit, innit? I mean there was an ice-age 4.5 billion years ago and we’re all still here, aren’t we?”

    Taxi driver: “Who’s we? You’re aware most of us weren’t around during that time & you’ve got the dates wrong?”

    This is giving Thane considerable hope regarding his own intelligence. The rest of the species:  not so much.




    For Puro – when Spawn goes crashing off the rails you will be able to trace it back to this moment. Before long her will be thinking that free verse is not a total bucket of arse gravy, but actually kind of OK. There’s no road back from that.

    The fucker is nothing without Johnny Marr.

    Now these are lyrics:

    “You cry out in your sleep
    All my failings exposed
    And there’s a taste in my mouth
    As desperation takes hold”

    Seriously. Joy Division. Now.

    (also seem to have had a post vanish from earlier) Oh. No – there it is.

    Whisht @whisht

    ha ha ha @Thane15 – Puro I’m lmao as I did think Thane hated the Smiths (which I was perfectly cool with and quite glad in one way as its a definitive opinion).

    That he got Johnny Marr’s brilliance (The Hollies!) rather than the whining of Morrissey, an absolutely brilliant response – well done that man!

    I just don’t have the downer (pun intended) on Morrissey that Pedant has, only because I’m not that much into lyrics and personally I don’t think Morrissey ever sang about Depression; for me it was more either a ‘teenage’ or faux Romantic “Oh why me?” flouncy whine (and who hasn’t had those self-indulgent moments?).
    However, as mentioned there’s also a horrible streak of bloody-mindedness, pettiness, spitefulness and other -ness’ that I’ll not defend Morrissey for (to be honest, I’ll not bother defending him for much – why should I?).
    And Marr is terrific in the Smiths (weirdly I didn’t follow his career much afterwards even though it included The The and Modest Mouse, both of whom I had music of).

    Great Mogwai @pedant – I really need to listen to more of them, as my ‘drone’ music just isn’t droney enough (I’ve a bit of Explosions in the Sky and Godspeed You Black Emperor, but need more and heavier!)

    Thane – great news on the story; hope it goes (went?) well!

    @zeyra – I am sooooooo sorry for getting your name wrong. Bad me.
    Hopefully you were day-dreaming and didn’t notice! ;¬)

    btw for those in the UK, I watched this the other night and really enjoyed it.
    Psychedelic Brittania : the music from just one 12 month period in the UK (let alone US and rest of world) was amazing – makes me think I’ll try and find a 1967(ish) link to this whole series of Who!



    @whisht @thane15

    “Oh why me?” flouncy whine


    Any twat can whine.

    Marr has done some interesting (and interestingly obscure) stuff, completely free of ego.

    No clue why this has just popped into my head. Oh no. No siree.

    Anonymous @

    ’bout time we had a bit of this.

    Tardis-y. Simple on the outside; complicated inside.

    Anonymous @


    Agreed: Love a bit of The Mac -any time, any day.

    He’s scooting thru The Byrds now too: such a great band.

    Anonymous @

    We need some chicks.

    I was going to post Venus and Furs….but that might be a BIT out there. Funny story: “I met a girl today whose name was Venus. She said I don’t wear furs Thane.”

    He was happily clueless.

    Puro (yes, his mood is better!).

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord


    Great choice of track for Smile. A warm-fuzzy was experienced.

    I was drawn to to concept of the false Smile, with my immediate reaction being old friends of the forum and the people who gave us “Heaven Sent/Hell Bent” (thanks @craig) The The, with Uncertain Smile (a version with Jools Holland from Later with..?)

    But, with the plea for “modern music” combined with the thought the synths were quite strong at certain parts of the soundtrack for Smile, I bring you something from this century. Astonishing, I know. From the Earth year 2005, when a little show called Doctor Who came back. I love the 80s synths at the beginning of this as I love them in Smile. The Killers – Smile Like you mean it.

    As an extra, I thought you, specifically, @whisht may enjoy this because I remember your comments the last time I posted a Carter USM track. It’s a fun cover version of the Pet Shop Boys Rent (The Doctors offer to negotiate made me remember it). I wish it were more widely known rather than being an obscure B-side to a single. Enjoy:

    Anonymous @


    interesting track innit.

    I was drawn to concept of the false Smile, with my immediate reaction being old friends of the forum 

    Spit it out! You mean…what?




    Anonymous @

    It’s just stopped being Friday for t’members in the UK. Darn it. Still a pretty good oldie.


    Anonymous @

    @whisht @pedant

    Thank you for all those songs, both of you. It’s Thane here. I’ve a 3 day weekend and I plan to do a lot of fitness training. A lot of people use music to ‘pump them up’ and I find I can’t -not rock, anyway. But I do listen to Thea Gilmore before training. Somehow that gives me a ‘top up’. Can’t wait till the album’s out.

    On the Smiths and Morrisey and Marr. Mum was mentioning all the Marr and Morrissey ‘hate stuff.” Is that true? Or internet chunder?

    I think Marr’s guitar is superb. Also, I listened to The Smiths and then Radiohead doing a cover of  a Joy Div’s song which Mum was egging me to do. Gosh, the drummer in R’head doing a brilliant job of JD drummer (can’t remember his name). The other thing I was stunned at was just how close bands were to other bands. Mum was saying Crosby (was it The Hollies) left the Hollies in 68 (don’t blame her -I’m forgetting already) and the Hollies went on to do even better work but Crosby did Crosby Stills and Nash. And we know Nash from…? Then the Yardbirds, same connection and The Birds (or is Byrds?) were ALSO connected. This is fascinating to me. My interests were vanilla mid 60s, then the 80s. I’m not as sure about the late 60s to the late 70s?

    Any ideas I’d appreciate it. And from any old friends of the Forum..

    Thank you again,


    Anonymous @

    Bearing in mind the title for Episode 3 I HAD to add this. It’s one of my favourites and one of Mum’s. Years ago she showed me her old vinyl (now damaged and so chucked) of this. I love Water’s and Gilmore’s voices. It’s so ‘alien’? And instantly recognisable. At first I thought Thea Gilmore was a relation. But not so.

    Thank you for your patience (people might think this is a ‘vanilla’ choice?)


    PS; @pedant, Mum says ‘modem day is a- coming’ She sang it in a song which I THINK comes from a musical.  @arbutus might know what “is a-coming” is! I have no idea. I only like one musical (Les Mis) and also the rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar which Mum’s been playing since I was three -which was when she first heard it and can sing every word!! Also it has Ian Gillan in it! Everything is connected. 🙂

    That’s a sincere smile by the way. I always use smiles when I mean to smile, in case people think that’s  not the case? I don’t like emojis when it’s used almost meanly. Maybe the world needs a new system now? ^-^

    Zeyra @zeyra

    Hi !

    I’m going to share some musics that make me think about Doctor Who…. And if you want, you can try and guess what remembers me of Doctor Who in it ? But I’m not sure you will like all of them.

    This one isn’t just for the title. None of them are just for the title actually 😀

    I’m trying to only share one music/group but it’s hard, there are so many music that remember me of Doctor Who !

    Sleeping at last… One of the only things that calm my anxiety.

    This one remembers me of so many characters… The Doctor is one of them.

    This one… Omg. I don’t know if there are words to express how I feel about this song.

    One last ? One last.

    I love the :

    Tell me true
    My heart is new
    My love has gone away

    It express how the Doctor still miss Rose through the regenerations…

    Well I let you find out how much these songs can talk about Doctor Who ! (if you want)

    And I’d love to know if you like them too.


    Zeyra @zeyra

    Ok I just found this one. I wish I could make music videos with my computer. I am thinking of asking my parents to buy me an app for my birthday…

    Whisht @whisht

    @pedant – great lyrics for the Man of the World (especially for me as I’m not primarily a lyrics person when it comes to songs, but knowing you I looked them up!).

    @Thane15 – Puro thanks so much for Grace Slick! And Jefferson Airplane are a much ‘heavier’ band than I’d taken them for (in a good way!).
    Great way to wake up a crowd!
    And The Cure – luvverly!
    What with @phaseshift ‘s Carter USM (I had to try and find what I’d said initially !!) now I’ve got an 80’s/90’s vibe on!!

    Thane – I’d ignore any of the historical / hysterical stuff written by journalists and fans from when the Smiths were around.
    Mainly completely irrelevant to their music and can only get in the way as to whether you like them.

    Thin Ice from The Wall is a great choice!
    Just as ‘obvious’ I guess would be this…

    But now I’m going to try and listen to all the tunes @zerya has posted !!

    (I guess I’ll be back in a few hours!)

    Craig @craig

    Shameless self-promotion time. The new tracks released tomorrow on my record label (because I don’t have enough to do!). If you like electronic dance music let me know what you think. If not, no worries. Although “Pokey” is kinda novelty fun, using a sample from someone who called the police pretending he was about to be murdered while playing Pokemon.

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    @craig I made an accidental remix. I had this playing at the same time as Positive Notes. Sounded pretty good – took me ages to realise!

    Whisht @whisht

    hey @zeyra (hopefully I have your name right this time – massive apologies!).
    Thanks so much for all this music!
    Loved Imagine Dragons – nice bit of stompy music !
    (no need to be “so so sorry” 😉
    Alex Doan was nice and epic too – reminded me of Nathan Fake

    and I really liked the others.
    This popped up on my right-hand-suggestions-in-youtube – if I say that I cried each time I saw it, is that ok?
    (although it has Maisie a good actress, I blame the shiraz as a good friend might say).

    Again – thanks so much and hope this isn’t the last music you post.
    Just passionately like what you passionately like and never let idiots like me tell you there’s something ‘better‘.
    There’s only ever something else.
    You may or may not like it.


    Craig @craig

    @wolfweed I tried that out and I like it! Will pass it on to my mate who does the music.

    Zeyra @zeyra

    <span class=”useratname”>@whisht</span> Omg i’m so so sorry I never saw your msg here before! … I’m still learning to use a forum ^^”

    I love the music you posted, I actually Oceans, somebody actually made a Doctor/Rose music video with this music and though I already liked the song and loved the ship (not just Ten/Rose, Doctor/Rose, I don’t understand people who cares about the character’s face) and this music video is gold. When it’s not 2am and a school day I’ll post it.

    Omg I just realised : it’s 2am and I have school tomorow. One day I will understand that sleep is not a loss of time (I just watched the episode about that in season 9 XDDD and I still don’t get it apparently) it’s bad tomorow I won’t be able to stay awake during class and I have my french final exams in june…

    Thankfully, there is some good music to keep myself calm.

    Someone also made a DW video with this one but… I think I only liked it because I love the song and love the show…. It’s not of a very high quality…

    Yeah, anyway, I have one music that I always listen to when I decide to doesn’t care and just have fun…. Please don’t let your brain melt if you’re used to old music ;D xp

    I never understood half of the lyrics it’s way too fast but everytime he says “We’re getting 20% cooler” I’m just picturing my fandoms gradually evolving and becoming more powerful…

    SPOILER ALERT (11th era)


    Like just Rose meeting the Doctor at first, then Jack arrives and “We’re getting 20% cooler !” or 11 with Amy and then Rory starts travelling them and “We’re getting 20% cooler !” then badass things happen and “We’re getting 20% cooler !” and River arrives and is all badass and “We’re getting 20% cooler !” ok you get it I think… … I need to put a SPOILER ALERT on this… even if uh… These are not big  spoilers ? I don’t know… let’s just put it just in case.

    Omg it’s my “coffee music” (the thing that can keep me awake for days. That and watching my favorite character getting his head mashed by a baseball bat. Yes I watch the walking dead. I never regretted it until that moment. Now I understand why there is an age limit on things. But it’s too late.. Omg NOW I know I must not ever getting attached to a character in an horror movie again.) Ok, sleep. Let’s find something to get me to sleep !

    My friends that I got to watch Doctor Who says if the Doctor was human and a girl… He would be pretty much like me…. But a genius and little weirder. (This is scary. I’m so weird already XDD)

    … I think Doctor Who drove me crazier than I already was. Can I think about anything else ?

    First, the ground rules get established
    Memory is historically inaccurate. (DONNA !)
    But repetition, repetition seems (all the companions)
    To find the melody’s secret  (RIVER)
    Rooted, unchanged (The Doctor. Now excuse me I need to go cry in a corner.)


    Ok I need something to comfort me now. (I’m never going to sleep or what ?)

    This one !

    that we may fall in love (Rose Tyler I..)

    every time we open up our eyes (I just see the Doctor closing his eyes after saying goodbye on the beach)

    I guess space and time (TARDIS ! :D)

    takes violent things angry things (Not things. DOCTOR.)

    and makes them kind (Not THEM ><‘ DOCTOR.)

    Ok. Now you see my problem. Is it bad doctor? (That French expression is going to destroy my feels everytime someone will try to joke with me about it)

    Really, it’s a problem. Each and every music I listen to remembers me of Doctor Who in a way. And the feels that come with it. It’s… Sometimes I am in public places !!! ><”

    And sometimes my friends are like : hey Sarah are you alright ?

    and I’m thinking : omg how do I explain that I am crying over fictionnal characters and fictionnal pain ?!

    Ok enough. SLEEP NOW.

    And sorry for babbling ^^”


    So, I posted on Facebook that according to my weather station there has already been more rain in May than the whole of April.

    A friend responded with this:

    Anonymous @


    Get in! That’s fun! Now, that choon won’t leave me ALL day…


    I think a lot of people cry about fictional characters: they’re part of us. I cried thru most of Buffy whilst doing the dishes. And I’m older than you!




    I am crying over fictionnal characters and fictionnal

    That we do that is a testament to the power of good storytelling. It doesn’t matter what medium it is in – short story, TV show, big fat novel or song – good storytelling moves us because good stories are always written from truth so it doesn’t matter that the character is fictional. If you haven’t seen this, here is when I cried most recently.

    It isn’t always tears, though. A couple of years ago I was feeling very demoralised for a whole bunch of reasons. I put the TV on looking for distraction and what I got was Pitch Perfect, which I had never seen. Two hours or so later my spirits had been lifted enough that it made a real difference to my state of mind, because it wasn’t just funny but a thing of joy. Which is a roundabout way of posting a bit of gratuitous Anna Kendrick.

    (this is the original which Kendrick credits for giving her the idea. It’s a lot of fun.)

    ichabod @ichabod

    @pedant  Ah, thanks for that!  Love it.  For me, music that connects does this magical thing; it doesn’t only connect you with other people who hear it and love it, and the people who compose and play it — it also connects your everyday, busy, preoccupied self with yourself — your basic emotions, whether or not you remember what first made you feel that way.  And, of course, if you’re dancing, with your body.  It’s this potentially powerful interface between your current consciousness and your own deeper emotional self, those feelings and very direct perceptions rooted way back in your life.  Nothing does it like music, because the vibrations of those sounds reach out and shake  you into visceral memory, no thoughts necessarily involved.

    People with dementia can respond to music, even though they haven’t spoken in ages.  I see visitors at my husband’s dementia unit — wives, children — singing quietly to their elders, and the response is there: a smile, a scrap of humming along.  If there’s magic in this world at all, it’s music.



    Whisht @whisht

    ooh – been away and missed so much….
    @craig – Positive Vibes – really interesting the way the vocals are produced/ mixed (whatever the right term is!).
    Weirdly when they first kick in in this sample I thought of Steve Reich’s Come Out* (which should not be danced to!)

    Whereas Pokey made me think of Eno (that bugger again !!) Mea Culpa which exactly proves why I need to listen to much much more recent music rather than these ‘touchstones’ !! ;¬)

    @zeyra – just curious but have you seen Class (just that the music reminds me of Alex Clare and that they used his music for the theme – though admittedly his uses ragga dancehall stylings).

    Weirdly you’ve made me listen to some CocoRosie again – and I’m not sure why!! Anyway, here’s Lemonade live.

    @pedant – ahhh… weirdly I can’t remember hearing the record and know this better as simply people singing “john Kettley is a weatherman…” drunkenly if enthusiastically.
    And then they’d ask where their jumper was….

    That version of the song by the two girls is amazing! Absolutely brilliant (and I know I’m very late to that party – must mention to my niece to keep me up to date in future!).

    * If anyone hasn’t heard Come Out then its not an ‘easy’ listen – just be prepared to have it on for quarter of an hour and see how it develops. First time I’ve heard it again in years and its still great though my memory has the ‘transitions’ happening more slowly – just goes to show how unreliable one’s memory can be).

    Anonymous @


    Ooh, red my mind there, a  little Reich to drive everybody crazy (whoop whoop). But yes Come out should be listened to several times a year, in my mind (what’s left of it).

    I had so much Reich when I was working nd have maybe three 3 discs left -Music for 18 Musicians, etc..


    Whisht @whisht

    @Thane15 – Puro – I saw Reich and his group perform in London once and it included Pendulum and Clapping.

    What was so striking for me hearing it live, was just how much fun they were having; how organic it felt.
    That surprised me, because listening to recordings I was more ‘impressed’ by its metronomic patterns. But live it was really ‘human’ (to use a word on other threads!).

    Now, not sure why I didn’t post this tune for Thin Ice, but seems a tad obvious.

    I’ll also post a version at Glastonbury from Lianne La Havas which is gorgeous.
    (and that’s correct grammatically, although also correct would be “who is gorgeous”). Its also impressive in the open at Glastonbury where the sound kinda dies in the wind!

    Anonymous @

    @whisht we’re all Radiohead fans. Thank you!

    Agreed on listening live. When we did Terry Riley’s In C it was fantastic but the doors had to be locked after 10 mins -too many people wanted to escape 😉

    Whisht @whisht

    so, at the top of this page I was admonished for the corruption of ears, minds and judgement.
    (and lo, it came to pass…)

    But that doesn’t mean I’m going to double-down and link to Throbbing Gristle or Butthole Surfers or whatever.

    No sirree.

    Instead, here’s some jangly geetar indie music (@Phaseshift – was still thinking of your 80’s/90’s nudge).
    Yes apologies @zeyra its from when I were a lad student (though it seems it was out a good deal earlier than when I was actually a student, but I went to Leeds, they were local favourites and I heard it often!!).

    This is to kick off your weekends – PLAY IT AS LOUD AS YOU CAN

    (air guitar is mandatory)

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord

    Oooh – An early entry on choose-a-choon from @wolfweed .

    I’m afraid my choice is a little more predictable. Yes, it’s Knock on Wood.

    Possibly not the one you were expecting though. 😉

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    @phaseshift – I’ll see you – and raise you a song about eating your own poo!

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    @phaseshift – sorry – I mispost & then crashed so I couldn’t edit. Just ignore the ‘Song of songs’. It’s meant to be this Fismoll track:

    Whisht @whisht

    @wolfweed – Landlord – great song and fantastic video!
    I appreciated the song about woodlice but I just couldn’t watch that video !
    As for Fismoll – gorgeous and a tune that knows when to bow out! I haven’t heard them before so another band to keep an ear out for – cheers!

    @phaseshift – obvious, but not so! Love it and keeping the Bowie link alive (well, if they will add it into the actual show, how can we resist?!).

    My Bowie link for this episode is as deliberately tenuous as I can make it.
    Its also entirely gratuitous

    I happen to prefer the Lets Dance album version to the one used in the movie and no one seems to have had the (in)decency to use Natassja Kinski in their videos for the album version.


    so, here’s some Natassja

    Kinski and Bowie

    Kinski in Cat People


    Why this?

    Well….. there’s a mention of Quincey Jones in the episode (who Natassja had a relationship with), plus Bowie and we I get Natassja Kinski.



    (what – you wanted a pic of Malcolm McDowell??!!?)

    Whisht @whisht

    So – what other songs might go with ‘Knock Knock’?

    One, (Mother’s Love by Tsegue-Maryam Guebrou) I can’t find online (grrrr) another is this slow funky sinister track by The Herbaliser (maybe listen in the background and then watch the episode again).

    We have The Wooden Song by The Butthole Surfers which is creepy in as much as you’re waiting for them to be their normal weird.

    Perhaps the most ‘obvious’ would be this, though I dislike its faux reggae and I just don’t know what Paul Simon’s intentions were for this song inspired by the name of a meal and the dying of a dog (but at least may be about the fear of loss).

    So, maybe I’ll go with this which although I only thought of as it mentions ‘knocking’ is about depression and despair, which I can imagine happening to the Landlord as a child….



    Do you dare look up Tony Orlando & Dawn?


    Edit: or Mary Hopkin.

    Anonymous @

    @wolfweed the fismoll was terrific -thank you. @whisht @phaseshift you’re powering along with the Bowie  🙂

    The beginning of this piece (the ragtime above) …is awful and school-hall-ish which is partly why I’m attracted to it. I can smell the furniture polish, sawdust, chalk and I dig the out of tune keyboards!


    Arbutus @arbutus

    I’ve got a lot of catching up to do on this thread, but I just wanted to post this link for @thane15 (Puro):

    (@pedant, don’t trample on my dreams. When I was 12 or so, Tony Orlando was my idea of perfection! 🙂 )

    Arbutus @arbutus

    @thane15   Love that ragtime Beethoven! When I was in high school, our musical one year was Gay 90’s musical review, complete with singers, stand up comedy, and staged melodrama. I was the pianist, and I got to dress up in a long pink dress and floppy hat, and accompany the entire thing on a piano that had been retuned to that style. It was some of the best fun I had in high school!

    Whisht @whisht

    ah – thanks @thane15 for that ragtime version!
    It made me think of this version of Flight of the Bumblebees by Jools Holland.
    I saw this many many many years ago when it was first on TV and luckily rammed a video into the recorder and taped most of the show. It was brilliant and also this part was the first time I’d heard of Professor Longhair (hmmmm …hair….).
    Also Gilson Lavis is an awesome drummer.

    That cartoon did make me smile @arbutus . And thinking of cartoons and Fur Elise only leads to one place.

    and @pedant – are you seriously trying to make my righthand ‘suggestions’ on YouTube take a turn for the worse??!!??

    You link to them!




    I will spare you that, but don’t think you chickening out has gone un-noted!

    Amazed nobody has thought of this:

    Anonymous @


    Well, I could listen (and watch) that ALL DAY!

    Very cool.


    You’re right. Guns and Roses. Hangs head *~*

    @arbutus I wish I could take a Tardis back to your high school days -it sounds wild. Mine were, less than thrilling: making oboe reeds. Oh yay!


    Anonymous @


    somehow I missed your record label ?? Awesome stuff.

    Thane will also be impressed!


    wonderful choons (tunes, oops) there too. Thank you!

    Whisht @whisht

    Another track for Knock Knock (makes sense in the first few seconds and then you may as well just succumb to the funk)


    Whisht @whisht

    In a previous post I mentioned Professor Longhair but didn’t link anything by him.
    Perhaps “Professor Longhair” is a translation in a far off country of “Doctor Who” as was ‘Doctor Mysterioso’…


    anyway – here’s a couple of ditties by the man.
    These two are from one of the few LPs I actually bought back in the day. I’m really fond of it and was delighted when it popped up on YouTube when I went searching for Fess tracks.
    Tipitina is great and I love the way after he sings it and most other songs Tell Me Pretty Baby he rather humbly says “thankyou”.

    But here’s a lovely video of people having fun – which is rather the point.


    Apropos of nothing whatsoever, but was driving around sunny Barnet today and Natalie Imbruglia’s – perfectly likeable – version of this came on. The original has an entirely different, altogether darker, vibe:

    Sadly the very funny David Armand interpretive dance at the Secret Policeman’s Ball, when Natalie came and joined in, has been blocked by the scummy rights holders. So the original will have to do:


    Anonymous @


    I’ve always liked this song. About 3 years ago, I forgot it. I’ve spent 3 years searching for this until about 2 months ago when I spoke to a friend of mine who knows every pop song of the late 90s and oughties.

    You’re right, this version is darker and grungy. I like it.


    Anonymous @

    that was incredibly funny!


    Craig @craig

    For tonight’s episode I thought, hmmm, should I post Jean Michel Jarre’s Oxygene? Too obvious, although was kinda a big thing when I was growing up. Instead, given the theme, maybe Toxygene is a better choice (and I saw the Orb in Brixton last year).

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