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    Anonymous @


    Happy birthday!!

    No, we didn’t forget (or did we?).

    So, Mum loves this Mazur guy. She showed me this recording on Friday and pretty much all I asked was: “did you like conducting then?” And she said: “when I didn’t use my left hand and used my eye.”  No “eyes” just “eye”.

    Then she said “it was all about penerecci”  I’ve no idea who or what that is!  Isn’t that incredible? I have NO idea.

    But, this isn’t about my dull wittedness but about good music. See, this isn’t a favourite of mine but if you watch from 24 minutes in (I just forwarded it myself) something amazing happens.

    I think it’s synergy.

    So, happy returns, a good kick around with a ball if you like that, some drinks, some good records and a happy year to you @whisht -who keeps our music turning on our personal Who grammaphone. 🙂

    Love from Puro and me (hugs and kisses)


    Whisht @whisht

    Hey – thanks @thane15

    My guess is Puro means Penderecki – but its scary and I have only heard snippets!

    I’ll take the hugs as they’re less scary!


    Anonymous @

    I thought of all our US contingent and was reminded of this song from the movie The Mighty Wind.

    It may sound doomy but it’s actually pretty good.

    Enjoy, peeps.

    Whisht @whisht

    well, this is for @Thane15 who might need a good night’s sleep (he’s earned it).



    though I doubt hearing it will lead to anything approaching sleep…

    ichabod @ichabod

    @whisht  Wow — I was going to grab a quick nap, but now — nope.  Is okay, I’ve got more damn tax papers to shuffle, and miles to go before I sleep anyway.


    So many to choose fro. But really, only one.

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    @pedant. When I think back, there were (at least) three musical memories I have of the mid-sixties as a 12 year-old. One was the Doctor Who theme, one was the Mouseketeers song, and one was Johnny be Good. How I went on to develop an interest in early modern music remains a mystery.

    But Chuck Berry… this really is the passing of a legend.

    Whisht @whisht

    So, I guess the only other one for this forum that makes sense is this (I’m sure I must have done this before but oh well)

    Deep Breath – The Promised Land

    winston @winston

    @blenkinsopthebrave and @pedant     I was sad to hear of another legend gone. Chuck Berry was an original who inspired so many artists through the years. Whenever I hear Johnny be Good it takes me back to school dances  and other good memories which is what great music should do. It always got the kids on to the dance floor. He also had some cool moves when he performed.  His music will live on.

    Anonymous @

    Puro here -hijacking Thane’s account (permitted!) for Berry.

    What an influence. People often talk of who ‘started’ rock ‘n’ roll. To me, it’s how it kept on going: from Ringo’s straight rep of various Berry cues, The Stones, Hendrix and even Bowie who said very little about him.

    Bowie was once asked: “who’s your greatest influence?”

    “Chuck Berry.”

    “Would you repeat that answer,  Mr Bowie?”


    Anonymous @

    Obviously Bobby Dylan too -see above 🙂

    Anonymous @

    another one from Puro -a  bit happier from Fess, Geoff, Brian and Mark ……

    Whisht @whisht

    ah well – Chuck is worth a couple of posts.

    Bye bye Johnny B Goode

    Whisht @whisht

    and this is me being self indulgent (or maybe that’s always?).

    When I was leaving my previous job a few years ago, this track came on my walkman on shuffle that morning as I approached the doors.
    I laughed out loud (and probably worried a few people!).

    That synchronicity won’t happen again, so as I reach the final day of this particular job, here is a gorgeous bit of George Harrison (though I never was a fan of the Spector lush orchestral stuff on this).

    Anonymous @


    Oh no! Wishing you all the best in your new job Mr W.

    Mum was playing a tonne of Beatles last night. I really love the, but didn’t like A Day in the Life (I got a very bad look for that) but loved HELP, We can Work it Out and so many others and…For No-one, I liked-ish and got an enormous look from Mum who assumed I’d A) know it and B) love it.

    George the Forgotten Beatle?

    Endings. SOmetimes good, but not always. Beginnings should be good but aren’t always…..

    From Thane



    And here it is

    KBranagh @kbranagh

    hi, guys, what happen with the season 9 cd soundtrack of Doctor Who?

    Whisht @whisht

    “pedant – thanks for that!

    Out of curiosity I found that this is the B-side (I think I prefer it!).

    I also found (thanks google) that there’s a documentary about Delia called The Delian Mode.



    Indeed, Blue Veils is perhaps her masterpiece, (other than..well…you know…that one… ;)) – there are a couple. Radio 4 has Sculptress of Sound (Ep 22) (also this, which I did not know about until searching just now) and a play with Sophie Thomson called called Blue Veils and Golden Sands that deals with her return from disillusion (thanks to a persistent fan) and early death. Very good and I could probably arrange for it to fall off the back of an internet.

    One of the most important people in the development of electronic music – a good decade ahead of Kraftwork – and nearly forgotten but for an eccentric Sci Fi fan base.


    (Oh, I was a total div – Lost Works is the same one I linked to! Blame the BBC search engine…

    Arbutus @arbutus

    That was an interesting list altogether. A surprising amount of older music on there. Mind you, we gave our son’s girlfriend a gift certificate to a local classical/jazz store that carries a lot of records as well as CD’s. Retro girl that she is, she asked them if they had “In the Mood” on vinyl!

    One imagines that, had Delia been male and, say, German, she wouldn’t have been forgotten. Back in the late 80’s/early 90’s, when I was studying music, we had to listen to a considerable body of work by people like Stockhausen, Varèse, and Berio. Even at a time when the textbooks were making an attempt to include works by women (including some rather second-rate repertoire), Delia didn’t come up. We learned about Hugh Le Caine, a pioneer of the synthesizer, because he was Canadian, but I’ll bet he isn’t referenced much in other countries.

    Arbutus @arbutus

    Lost in the (well-deserved) uproar of Chuck Berry’s passing, was the loss of James Cotton. I saw him here, sometime during the early eighties, what a performer. Magical sounds, exhausting to watch.

    Anonymous @


    did you mean Luciano Berio?

    Because, by god, conducting anything by L.B. was horrendous!!  I lost the plot many a time with other students/colleagues. Although the damn oboes never helped 😀

    Hugh Le Caine. Oh, yes, fortunately, we had a lovely Czech/Australian composer/ lecturer in 2oth century music -in fact he wrote one of our text books used in 1987 and Le Caine’s in the index. Most of my mates couldn’t bear that ‘module’ -15 weeks, 3 hours lectures and 2 hours of tutes but by golly, I lapped it up. Most of the books these days would be out of print and even the smaller ‘tomes’, 2nd hand, would cost over $800. I still have Plantinga’s Romantic Music? I imagine it would be in your music cupboard of tricks too -as well as Mr Arbutus’?

    Oh and “Grout’s History of Music” ?

    I recall buying this as the first textbook for the music dept and crying over Christmas to the boyfriend, “I’m never going to understand all these big words!”

    He said, “that’s why you’re going to uni; to learn these things.”

    I broke up with him 2 weeks later. He was a tad condescending -though completely correct 🙂


    So here’s one many won’t be familiar with, but he lived where i now live. Clem Curtis sang with The Foundations on Baby, Now that I’ve Found You, which you will know and is thought to be the first number 1 in the UK by a multi-racial band.

    And this interview, just two days before he died, is astonishing in its generosity of sprit: paradise

    Craig @craig

    I know I’ve posted several times about the CW shows “Supergirl” and “The Flash” and how they may not be classic but they’re a lot of fun. I’m going to do it again. Stealing from “Buffy”, they had a musical crossover episode last week and it helped that most of the cast come from Broadway or Glee. Our very own John Barrowman was in there singing and dancing his heart out. But this was my fave moment.

    Craig @craig

    Just as a follow up, here is John Barrowman, with Broadway legends Victor Garber and Jesse L. Martin.

    Whisht @whisht

    lurky lurky lurky…..

    So, as we approach the new series, thought I’d start looking for “waiting songs”.

    This one has completely inappropriate lyrics to Who, bu its ok, they’re buried below the fuzz!


    Anonymous @


    This is a fav of mine and Mum’s because we first heard it in Buffy for which we have (Mum changed that grammar just there) @jimthefish and @pedant to thank for learning about this awesome show. Anyway, this song, talks about waiting, watching and wondering -so it sorts of fits?

    Cheers and also, thank you for the comment on the other thread about the floods. We had a little one but a friend of ours packed their car two hours after the warning and just made it out in time….other people lost everything. Businesses -just terrible. Unfortunately  people will build right near creeks over and over. Nature of life, I guess. 🙁

    Whisht @whisht

    he – thanks fr that @thane15 ! certainly got me moving on this lazy Sunday morning!

    Here’s something for those watching all those birds
    (I did Elbow last time so this time….)

    (oh, and as far as I know, “issue” can mean problem – its just that issue can mean other things too and doesn’t have to be a ‘problem’ as such)



    Pardon the mini-splurge, but the series I refer to in the TV thread includes are surprisingly effective cover of this classic original

    Whisht @whisht

    ooooh Joy Division – haven’t heard that in ages – splurge away @pedant !

    Now, I really really shouldn’t post this.
    It has lots of swearing; its incoherent; your righthand-bar of recommendations will be soiled…


    @janetteb said “I can’t wait” on another thread and this just wouldn’t leave my head.

    Truly – don’t listen if swearing or incoherent Rap is not your thang.
    And I’m a bad man for liking this and giggling to myself about it – its childish and I’m worse.

    Anonymous @


    hehehehe. Whoa! I have a thang for rap -but generally Eminem who (don’t tell) Mum also likes.

    This is sure giggly.

    My whole head is filled with JOy Division and how some of the themes in that were discussed on the Sofa too and also I’m remembering Mendelssohn, The Flash (musicals) and Boards of Canada…wow!


    Whisht @whisht

    so, I’m enjoying learning.

    This is a great forum where the central reason we’re here is great, but the conversation is far far richer.

    So lets embrace that richness.


    *weeps* There is a special corner of hell reserved for child molesters and people who think Morrisey is a poet for his generation….

    Sorry – the only person in the Absolute Radio rotation that triggers my off-switch reflex. Despise with the fire of 1000 suns.

    To rebalance the karma, here is Selena Gomez covering Only You. A fairly ho-hum cover, but used with absolutely devastating impact in 13 Reasons Why (which she executive produced).

    Anonymous @

    @whisht @pedant

    I agree . We both do -the conversations on the threads are amazing!  I love the Flash music @craig. I also know that @pedant is saying to Mum and I am too (yes, mum, listen) that we need to get our as* in gear to watch Netflix!!!!

    I’ve never heard of Morrisey @whisht and @pedant. And mum is saying, “should I know him?” Seriously, is he a meth-head? That’s Mum, not me. Also, I’ve discovered Eva Cassidy? Every year from when I was born, Dad and Mum gave me a disc of the best -so, one year, Revolver, one year the other one that’s the best (I can’t remember it!), another time Pet Sounds and then Eva Cassidy live in New York. I’ll see if I can find one on youtube.

    From Thane (and puro in the bed reading….).

    Yes, we ‘re getting a new modem -I hope!! 😀


    Anonymous @

    @whisht for you from me and Mum and for everyone who needs to hear “why worry” occasionally.

    Not that worrying shouldn’t happen -worrying leads to fixing things. But sometimes we need to have a drink of tea, a deep breath, a sleep in, a vacation (Mum said put that American word in for @missy and others! as a little wink and *grin*). This is a great forum and mum was also saying that conversations is the right word too -rather than debates and arguments. I like conversations. We learn from them and actually my mind has been changed about a lot of things here. Today and yesterday Mum read what @mudlark wrote about industrial and agriculture England. Everything we learnt was basically wrong at school and worse….

    @pedant? In Week 2 of next term (in 2.4 weeks) we have to write a short story in exam conditions. We haven’t been taught anything about them. We were given 3 stories to read with 10 questions. Things like: “what is the name of the character?’ or “what street does she live in?” No questions on structure. Mum and I are going ‘spare’. I mean, I have no real idea how to start or how to sort the structure. Maybe @ichabod has some ideas too???

    From helpless Thane 😀 (I’m sure I’ll manange but I am annoyed that they don’t really teach the ‘unit’ or module or whatever. They just dump this on us.)

    ichabod @ichabod

    @thane15  We were given 3 stories to read with 10 questions. Things like: “what is the name of the character?’ or “what street does she live in?” No questions on structure. Mum and I are going ‘spare’.

    That sounds — weird.  Not going spare — being given some stories to read, as prep for writing a story for an exam?  Are you supposed to use one of the assigned stories as a jumping off point, your job being to write a bit about what happens to one of the characters, or after those events?  Do you know how long the piece is supposed to be?  I think you’d be justified in asking for some parameters here — limitations, in particular.  I’d like more info, myself, if you can get some.  And you certainly need to know more about what they’re assigning you.

    ichabod @ichabod

    @whisht  “I Can’t Wait”  — best “waiting song EVER, because I am terrible at waiting, much as Dirty Old Bastard seems to be — now I am hyper-jazzed for next weekend.

    Anonymous @


    I’d like some parameters too -and as soon as I get some I will definitely update you. So far it’s 2 hours and that’s all I know.  think It can be on any topic and even Sci-fi or a thriller detective story. Pedant gave me some story titles to read and I read them but the main thing is to consier exactly how to start and then to structure it in my head. I reckon the teacher will say one thing and will give us another thing on the day -such as a picture or even a music clip and we have to intertwine that. But thank you for asking. I shall be very grateful to discuss this with you. I won’t say what the teacher said about short stories myself (yet) – that fun I’ll leave for another day!  🙂

    @missy to check on you question, the new series of Doctor Who will air on Sunday this coming week at 7.41 pm until 8.32 pm but will be available on iview sooner so we see it when the UK people also see it. However, the budget has been cut to the ABC so there’ll be no pre-views of our last 2015 series (as they used to do) in order to ‘catch up’ and recall what happened. 🙁

    I shall find another “waiting” song as @whisht was so good!!

    From Thane

    Whisht @whisht

    ha ha @pedant – well, no, I’m not one of those who venerate at the altar of Mozzer.

    I do distinctly remember that Top of The Pops performance (**UPDATE tried linking below but its dailymotion so didn’t embed; hey ho).

    Seeing the gladioli I just thought…. “prat”.

    I was 12.

    However having an elder brother whose mate was very into music, meant I learnt that the Smiths were VERY IMPORTANT (as were the Doors it seemed). So I gradually opened my ears and thought “yeah, ok” (but Reel Around the Fountain is still a dirge!).


    Only you – that brings back memories too! (link to the original by Yazoo for those that haven’t heard it).

    @thane15 – now, Dire Straits I was a massive fan of at around the same age and a bit older. Though that track I have no memory of. However Love Over Gold was one of my first CDs. I don’t listen to them much now but once every few years I’ll give it a listen (so thanks – its been a few years!).

    ichabod @ichabod

    @thane15  So far it’s 2 hours and that’s all I know. think It can be on any topic and even Sci-fi or a thriller detective story.

    Huh.  Well, that’s something, I guess.  Is this writing your story on a tablet of some kind, or a pen and paper exercise? You can punch out a longer, more detailed story on a keyboard than on a paper pad in two hours, and still have a bit of time to go back over it and correct spelling, repeats, wrong words, and so on.

    Some choices that I think over when I start writing a story: who’s the protagonist of this story?  That usually means, who is this story about?

    Who tells the story?  Who’d be best doing that?  Would the protagonist experience or witness enough of the story to tell it well?  Sherlock Holmes doesn’t narrate his own stories, which is a good thing since he’s a chilly so and so and very full of himself, so he’s much more attractive seen through the eyes of a faithful and admiring friend like Dr. Watson.

    If you use a protagonist who’s like yourself, you might consider telling the story in the first person, which means it might open something like this:  “I was sitting with my brother at the [game] semi-finals when I heard this mechanical roar coming from the south, and when I looked over there, I saw a small airplane coming in low toward the stadium, making a terrible racket.  It rocked around in the wind, dipping one wing, coming in low as if trying to land in the playing field.

    I grabbed Jerry’s arm and shook it, and screamed in his ear, “Look!  Look over there!”

    He said, “What?  I don’t see anything — ”

    That’s how a ghost story about a flyer from the First World War might begin; very in your face, sound effects and everything, to yank the reader in by the scruff of his neck.

    Or, a true story, told by yourself, if that’s allowed: “We went to the UK with our ——— team, and on the way to the hotel — ”  I recall that you went to England recently, and you were worried about what weather to pack clothes for.  That might be a story right there — a “fish out of water” story, about having to cope with a new, strange place, and what you were expecting vs. what you found.

    Or you could use Third Person narration, telling the reader what you saw in the first scene of the story and relating it as if  you were a small, silent drone observing the activities of some spies, or a kid trying to steal a newspaper from a newsstand, or a venturesome girl sneaking into the abandoned house on her block.  (I seem to have aircraft and ghosts on my mind tonight.)  “Ellen sneaked along as quietly as she could in the shadows, keeping the tall hedge between herself and her Aunt at the kitchen window.  She headed for the dark house on the corner, where she’d seen a glimmer of light the night before — ”

    Just monkeying around, here, given the little we’ve got.  There might be a family story, about one of your relatives, that you could tell as if you were talking telling it so some friends.








    ichabod @ichabod

    Sorry, all — that post should probably be moved over to — where?  Not “music”, I think!



    OK, I am going to have to bring the big guns out (as if Joy Division aren’t). I give you the ultimate in suicide music, with no hope, no route out:

    “Did you forget how to love
    Girl, did you forget how to fight”

    The Boss is the boss:


    Whisht @whisht

    ha ha @pedant – no, I’m not going to play ping pong with you with “suicide music”.
    That’s not me not wanting to play, more that the subject matter is just a tad….. raw.

    Also I haven’t listened to Damien Rice in ages. ;¬)

    Also (and why I’m dull) I’m just far too literal and so end up with stuff like Bonnie Prince Billie. *

    But thanks for the Boss link as its good and does revive my hope that one day I’ll actually like an album by the Boss (I know I know – it is my loss, but there’s just something I struggle to get past. It may be the production, just the sound of Astury Park and The River, but I will dig them out again one day).

    * actually someone I like is listening to a lot of ‘Black metal’ at the moment.
    I tried it and found it…. far too theatrical and histrionic and… well, self-important. Far too pompous. But kinda hilarious too – I end up laughing at it and turning it off after a minute or so.
    I’m assured that that is not the correct response, and so have not been invited to any gigs (I’d also probably look like a parent of one of the nu-goth-y audience and be woefully embarrassing!!)




    Curses! no Nick Cave then 😉

    OK, let’s go pensive. Thea Gilmore has a new album out in a couple of months. She put this on Youtube. If the coda at the end doesn’t make you slightly lose your composure, nothing will.

    Whisht @whisht

    ha ha!! @pedant darn it – Nick Cave was my back up ammunition!


    Though I did have a ‘go nuclear’ option, but its dark and personal so… best not!

    however – Thea Gilmore – jesus. Yes.
    This evening I was just spinning around the whirlygig of music on youtube, propelled by the Boss (but taking in Damien Rice, Knopfler, Clapton and stuff) and so wasn’t prepared for that.

    To be honest, not sure anything would’ve prepared me for that.

    I’ve nothing to ping back in that vein and the silly thing I found to send back to you with a smile (or *smile*) now seems… well, silly.
    Perhaps tomorrow.

    But (honestly) thanks for the track.

    Anonymous @

    @pedant @whisht

    The BOSS!! Yes.  Now, I’ve been edercating Thane on the Boss (Boyfriend took MY best friend to see him in 86 – I think, or 85 and I broke up with him over that. Nasty dude:) ).

    Anyway, Thane isn’t thrilled with it -BUT Thea? Oh, boy, we both lost it.

    But pedant, I can’t find a particular song by Bruce. It’s to do with poverty in middle America. I know. They all are. Honestly, Hadnt heard it in years and its vanished from my brain, can’t see it on youtube (must be there somewhere?).

    Any idea? Oh yesss, Bruce at his rawest upthread. Nice.

    Puro (hiding).

    Anonymous @


    forgetaboutit 🙂

    200 songs+?

    No way I’ll find it. Vague memory of Detroit, cars, misery in Bruce’s song (that I can’t find). Anyway, it’s way late for you people! 1.30am? Precious time …..

    @whisht Nick Cave. Well, yes! Seriously I could raise you one to Eva Cassidy. Maybe. Maybe not.




    As you say, big field for someone whose core theme is the abandoned working classes:

    This one?

    Or this?



    I was at this gig – the vid doesn’t quite do justice to how utterly spellbinding this encore was.

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