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    Whisht @whisht

    so, I’m assuming “Can You Hear Me?” is a reference to a song.
    There are loads of songs with this title but looking at some of the lyrics they don’t seem particularly linked to the episode themes (so no links from me to Bowie or The Who!).

    I did find this – it ain’t really my ‘thing’ but its ok (yessirree I can damn with faint praise!).


    Craig @craig

    Damn, just found out Andy Weatherall died. I just saw him at a gig at New Year (perhaps one of his last). He was only 56. I think I’ve seen him DJ at least once a year since 1994 (if not more). He also worked with my music producer mate Dave as “Lords of Afford” for a while.

    Anyway, as a tribute, his classic remix, which I remember dancing to like a loon at parties when it came out, when I was 21.

    If you’re geeky like me, it’s a remix of this (but he only used the last 2 minutes). I like to compare and contrast to get an idea of the thought process that went into the production.

    He will be sadly missed.

    Whisht @whisht

    @craig – christ I can smell that weird perfumey smell from the dry ice like it was last night.
    I must’ve danced to it loads.
    Mates had the album and I just couldn’t figure how that band that I was never that impressed with now sounded so damn funky/ dancey.
    Thanks for the link to the original song as shows what an amazing ear Weatherall had to find/ create something original out of that track.
    Far too young and still making great music.

    Whisht @whisht

    The Haunting of Villa Diorati.

    Seems Chibnall has remembered his overarching Kraftwerk connection…

    Craig @craig

    @whisht Dave told me that Weatherall wasn’t really a technical producer – he didn’t know what all the buttons and effects did (which is why he partnered up with the people who did know that stuff). But he said he had a really good ear and was always saying things like “We need more of this” or “Less of that”, “That has to be higher in the mix” or “Can we make it sound like this obscure record I just found” etc.

    Whisht @whisht

    @craig – thanks for that anecdote. I appreciate how his ear picks up on stuff (though absolutely not saying mine could). In fact I appreciate it because my ears couldn’t!
    Your posting of both tracks for me really showed that too.
    The Guardian linked to various tracks; they’re all dance/ dubby and most are new to me 30ish years later, but they’re all really good. Two Lone Swordsmen especially – and I’m not even a clubber as I know you are. I was only ever on the fringiest of fringes and would probably say “ooh, I like the Orb” and then get told “yeah – Weatherall’s part of that too”.
    He had an ear and could hear something that could become something else.
    A sad loss.

    I’m now lost in Youtube listening to Happy Mondays – Hallejujah and even James Come Home remix.

    Whisht @whisht

    So – Ascension of The Cybermen

    I’ll go with this as the soundtrack had a definite clang/ industrial techno but not too weird edge to it.

    However I could also have gone with this one from Depeche Mode (there may be even more appropriate songs by them). But this one does deal with getting through bad times and having support to get through those. Its a great track.

    oh, and yes, the Metal on Metal track by Kraftwerk was sampled on this by Afrika Bambaataa.
    An absolute classic.

    Whisht @whisht

    though my link-stepping now leads me to Cybotron with its very Kraftwerk-esque piano chords (synths?) and overall sound (though a lot more dance-y).

    Its electro – so connects to Tesla too…

    Craig @craig

    Just rewatched the episode and, taking a leaf out of @whist ‘s book, this came to mind. I love the words to this.

    Talking Heads – Life During Wartime

    Craig @craig

    And apropos of nothing… I’m developing a new website for my mate Dave, the music producer, and I’ve been digging around for some of his old stuff to add content to the site.

    I’d almost forgotten about this (but have a nagging doubt I may have posted it before – but who cares). In 2004 he went to Jamaica and got to make a track with the legend that is Big Youth. The track ended up great, but he brought back about six minutes of terrible quality home video and asked if I could turn it into a music video.

    It kinda came out alright – I’m sort of proud of what I achieved considering I had very little to work with – but I wouldn’t watch it full screen if I were you as the resolution is awful. But, as I said, the music is good.

    syzygy @thane16

    Getting into The Good Place big time, lately.

    So, this for fun….


    winston @winston

    @thane16  Thanks for the laughs! One hour of the crossroad song is insane. It is now stuck in my head after only a couple minutes of it. I love that show and I am sad to see it end.

    Whisht @whisht

    So – The Timeless Children.

    Peacefrog has already done The Robots earlier this series so I’ll do the song I’ve held back on as I assumed we’d get to Gallifrey.

    btw enjoyed the Industrial theme for these Cybermen again.
    May post some more Industrial music like that!

    Peace Frog @peacefrog


    Did I do Robots? I thought I did Numbers… maybe both.


    That sounds like something I would do.

    Haven’t seen the last four or five episodes so haven’t been commenting very much.


    Just came in to share this match made in heaven.


    Peanuts and Pink Floyd.

    Peace Frog @peacefrog


    Did somebody say something about some industrial music?

    Okay then…


    Peace Frog @peacefrog

    I’ll save the Skinny Puppy stuff for later. 😀

    Jérôme @omega1972
    Whisht @whisht

    Hi @peacefrog – apologies for delay in responding!

    Loved the Charlie Brown / Pink Floyd mashup!
    Before I heard it I was wondering “oh my god, the characters sung this??!?” which led to thoughts of the Langley Project! And then I thought “actually that’d fit with Floyd in terms of Another Brick in the Wall!

    I’m sure someone’s done it – but I must Google harder!


    Yes the Industrial music sounds I mentioned were the music that accompanied the Cybermen in recent episodes. There’s a definite ‘clang’ sound that I know but can’t find the song I know it from.
    I’m not big into the German Industrial scene (eg Neu!) so although I’m sure the sound is there I doubt that’s where my memory is. Hence me thinking it must be more mainstream like Depeche Mode.
    But although I like them I’m not deeply into them so… ah well. I’m sure someone will learn me!

    Anyway, in terms of DM here’s an obvious one with shades of the ‘clang’ if not the thing that’s rattling around in my head (my memory is probably from DM music from a mate from Uni days but that was all on cassette!)

    Thanks for the Ministry though!

    Whisht @whisht

    maybe it was this (but with more ‘clang’) – but maybe it wasn’t Depeche Mode at all that I’m thinking of.

    Whisht @whisht

    So, an odd post for people that have died recently.

    Max Von Sydow – titan of acting. I only know of one musical piece that his voice is used in.
    Its good, but probably better to remember him through his work!

    “Klytus I’m booooored…. What plaything can you offer me today?”

    Also after mentioning Industrial music I had thought to mention Throbbing Gristle.
    However yesterday Genesis P Orrige passed away (or laid down their body).
    Its not music that is easy to share, so I won’t inflict it (especially as I don’t listen to it myself!). But still, a passing worth mentioning.

    Peace Frog @peacefrog


    Don’t ever worry about how long it takes to respond to me. I’m so busy now that I barely have time to sleep. Was working with 6 hours of sleep in a 3 day period over the weekend.

    Here’s a early Ministry song from the time they were moving on from being a Depeche Mode clone and towards the heavy hitters that they became later in the 90s.  Killer video on this one.

    It’s a good one and might have some cling clangs in there for you too.  😀


    Peace Frog @peacefrog

    Ever hear any Front 242?

    Whisht @whisht

    So, while walking through Trafalgar Square on Friday and seeing it empty(!) I got a shock.
    But I can only imagine that that will be amplified over the coming weeks.

    Now…. @mudlark has shown me that it is possible to do humour and a message but.. I’m a simple person, so here is all I got.

    fwiw I thought this music was simply from ’28 Days Later’ but on looking for this, it seems it was originally from ‘Day of the Dead’ and was a meta reference.
    Who’dve thought about media-meta-references… certainly not Doctor Who!


    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    For anyone teaching at a university, you probably know that in the last few days practically every institution has cancelled face to face teaching and teachers have to put everything online. This song is about that.


    Mudlark @mudlark

    And this seems apt also

    Mudlark @mudlark

    And this seems apt also

    Mudlark @mudlark

    Oops! sorry about the double post 😳

    Peace Frog @peacefrog


    Obviously it was something that needed to be repeated…..


    And I’m out! 😁

    Peace Frog @peacefrog

    Well, they have my entire state on lock down now. We can’t leave the house unless it’s to go to work or the stores for food and whatnot.

    So I’m going with the classic R.E.M song and some U2.

    Always did like this song, they had a movie of the same name that used this when it first came out.

    One more from the boys out of Athens, Ga…just because I love the song.


    Whisht @whisht

    ahh, I have Music to attend to!
    I’ve already managed to share both the teacher-guitar-player and Lehrer!

    Not sure who to share REM with (stop sniggering at the back!) but will enjoy it nonetheless!

    As the DoTD will be something to entertain people over next couple of days I’ll ration my music posts but just had to thank @blenkinsopthebrave ‘s link to a wonderful Canadian resource!

    here’s a nice tune I guess….

    But perhaps the title of this one is more in touch with the times:


    Peace Frog @peacefrog

    They are rationing bread and milk here now. Crazy just gets crazier.


    On the plus side, I get to share these songs! 😀

    winston @winston

    @peacefrog   We are pretty much locked down in Canada now and our grocery stores are limiting sales of bread and other basics and opening for less hours so they can restock their shelves. They are letting us oldies in an hour earlier and by ourselves so we can avoid the crowds. I stay home myself and sing “It’s the end the world as we know it” to my irritated husband. Thanks for the music!

    Peace Frog @peacefrog


    Well that’s one good thing to come out of this…good music can still be shared without actual contact. Has it really come to that?

    Peace Frog @peacefrog

    Watched a good Don Mclean documentary today also. Nothing else I can do but stay indoors and chill with some music.

    Whisht @whisht

    Hi @craig

    My maths is usually wrong but I think that this was number one when you were born.

    And actually, I think this sums you up as well (and possibly the thoughts of those here who are here because of you, too)

    Happy Birthday

    (I chose the live version as maybe has a bit more warmth if that’s possible!)

    Whisht @whisht


    you think I wouldn’t give you THIS ONE?????!!???

    c’mon….. pretty sure its a fave of yours


    Craig @craig

    @whisht Many thanks. Yep, you’ve got a pretty good understanding of where I’m coming from – what Scottish boy of a certain age didn’t love Claire Grogan?

    Also, what a great version of “Bridge Over Troubled Water”. You are correct – it was number one in the UK the day I was born.

    For my 40th birthday my friends managed to get an original 7 inch record of it and had it made into a clock, which now hangs proudly on my wall. I’m guessing there was a “time starting, then passing with every tick” theme to their thoughts.

    Craig @craig

    @whisht And here it is.


    Whisht @whisht

    hey @craig – that’s great!
    My brother bought me a framed ‘number-1-single-on-your-birthday too (not a clock though!)

    No photo (erm… where did I put it??) but here it is:

    syzygy @thane16

    Soooo. People. I’ve noticed a complete absence of Piano Man. I mean The Great Pianist Joel.

    I was on the way to the doctors (can’t really go any place else) & the radio had some Billy. It made me smile & then other people, in other cars, were on the same station, singing away. Most of these people were in their 50s, but still…

    I give you him:


    syzygy @thane16

    I had no luck @craig. Knew Newell Penfield was born around this time…like you…but a leedle bit later (in days, I mean). Unfortunately his string quartet whilst on a cassette deck & spooled out right now just aint on youtube. He wasn’t a particularly gifted composer but I liked his stuff. So happy birthday.

    I’ll see what else I can rummage in…


    syzygy @thane16

    Boy am I gabby tonight!

    I get that Piano Man aint on The Stranger album & many of you might like that particular album. So….I’ll leave you with this one…

    Craig @craig

    Damn. R.I.P. the great Bill Withers. He was right – especially now. We all need someone to lean on. Lean on me, cos one day I’ll need to lean on you. What a great guy. Also the punchline to one of Dad’s favourite “Dad” jokes – “How do you make a duck into a music star? Stick it in the oven until it’s Bill Withers”. I know. I know. As the kids say, don’t at me bro.

    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord

    I don’t normally post here but here’s a (very tenuous) link to tie in with The Doctor’s Wife. Amanda Palmer (Mrs Neil Gaiman) doing a really evocative version of Bigger on the Inside….

    Craig @craig

    Not really music but this made me laugh a lot – I think I posted the energetic video to “Life During Wartime” by Talking Heads a short while back. We all need a laugh at this moment.

    Jabru @jabru

    Hello all, new here but very interesting having a look around as been a closet fan of the Dr for a long time!

    Sorry to jump straight in with some spam but though some of you may appreciate this being brought to your attention…

    I make music for a living and have been very lucky to have one of my tracks remixed by legendary electronic music pioneer Paddy Kingsland of the original BBC Radiophonic Workshop!!

    The results are nothing short of stunning (including a sample of Paddy talking about making the Tardis sound by sampling his Mum’s front door key!) and and are available now exclusively from my Bandcamp site.

    Bandcamp are very generously waiving all fees today so 100% of profits go to artists in these tricky times.

    Hope you enjoy this very special one off…

    Whisht @whisht

    Hi @jabru

    Thank you so much for sharing this.
    I know it may sound blasphemous, but I think I prefer your own mixes!

    I really liked the Dub version (I don’t think of myself as a dub-head or anything, but I liked the contrast of ‘bottom’ as well as the sharper clicks and shimmers). The more D&B one too.

    But kudos to you for getting the remix as it means someone with faaaaaaar more musical insight than I rates your music too!


    Craig @craig

    Dave Greenfield passed away yesterday. You might say “Who?”. He was the keyboard player for The Stranglers. And if you haven’t heard of them you might say “Who?” too.

    In 1977-78 my parents wouldn’t let me buy this new punk thing that was happening but I loved it and my friend’s big brother was allowed to buy their music and the Sex Pistols, so I used to go over to his to listen to them. And Greenfield’s keyboards were amazing. He was like the Ray Manzarek of punk. He’s the one with the moustache.

    winston @winston

    @craig  That is sad. My husband is singing along to the song as I type. He was (he would say still is) a punk and loved the Stranglers.We have a couple of albums here. I will have to dig them out and have a listen.

    Whisht @whisht


    ah hell.

    This was the first song that sprang to mind.

    I know that Golden Brown is more famous (and possibly even had more of his involvement in the core of the songwriting).
    Hell, we even had the single.
    But the urgency and anger and fuck-you of Something Better Change just seems… well, maybe its always appropriate whatever the world is going through.

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