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    Anonymous @

    A general thread to get us started on fan creativity, such as fan fiction, videos, art, costumes, conventions etc.

    Please mark all links that are “Not Safe for Work” with NSFW.

    The old thread has now been closed due to exceeding the 1000 post limit.

    Craig @craig

    @fatmaninabox Many thanks, once again, for starting the new thread.

    RandyPan @randypan

    So, yeah.  Just getting the notification set up.

    ASonicHedgehog @asonichedgehog

    So I was watching the new John Lewis Christmas advert and I couldn’t shake the idea that the old man on the moon could be The Doctor…so I decided to re-edit the advert to see what it would be like if it had been The Doctor. Would love to know what you fellow Whovians think!

    anthonykiely @anthonykiely

    I need help with my Doctor Who fan series. I need writers.

    plot is up to you
    monster/villain: needs to be original/you make it up
    length: 5-20 pages.
    main characters: 12/clara

    Can anyone help me out?

    midnyt @midnyt

    Oooh, a shiny new thread.

    I made a new jacket.  (Well I bought a jacket and made it Doctor Who)

    nothing on the back as of yet.

    Anonymous @

    Hello, I am new to the forum, I have joined the forum specifically to pick your collective brains about a little project I am working on.

    My first question is this; If the Doctor were to send someone a letter, what kind of stationery do you think he would use? Would he have personalised stuff with letterheads and watermarks etc. or would it just be plain?


    Thank you

    DenValdron @denvaldron

    Why would he send a letter.  He’d more likely send an interactive memory tag.  An innocuous little bit of paper.  Touch it, and you suddenly have a vision of yourself in a room with the Doctor, where he tells you something.  It would have limited interactivity, in the sense that if you asked questions, it would answer them to some extent, and if you didn’t ask questions, it would just continue until it delivered all the information.

    Or you could try the Impossible Astronaut, where he does send out letters in regular form for a reunion.



    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord


    what kind of stationery do you think he would use?

    Somebody else’s stationery, the thieving git! 🙂

    Seriously, he often uses what’s to hand, like the TARDIS blue paper and envelopes he got from Craig to send his chums an invitation to his death in Series 6.

    He nicked Ministry paper to falsify an introduction letter from the Prime Minister in Curse of Fenric, and jotted a note to Leonardo da Vinci on the back of one of his sketches.

    There was a suggestion in spin off media that he had letterheads for his I.M. Foreman, Scrap Metal Merchant cover while he was on Earth in the Sixties (which would make sense).

    When he got all official at home in The Deadly Assassin, he used blank paper, and signed using his official Prydonian Order seal, screen grab below:

    Doctors note Deadly Assassin

    Anonymous @

    Thanks for the fast responses.

    Useful information

    benjordan @benjordan

    Check out my classroom door – I made it to try and win pizza for my students. Like it to help a math teacher out!

    Kharis @kharis

    Choreographing some Doctor Who dances for spring.  Will keep you all posted on how it goes.  🙂

    interlakepixie @interlakepixie

    New to Who: My first Doctor Who fan art!
    Poking fun at Daleks is a fantastically dangerous business…

    Dalek Cross Stitch


    samiamuc @samiamuc

    So I wasn’t exactly sure where to post this, but it’s my idea for a very interesting episode.

    Many of us who might call our selves whovians have dreamt and imagined that the Doctor would be real, and if so, what it would be like.  I have devised a theory that, to me, makes sense.

    As we all know, the TARDIS, to soem extent, has a mind of its own.  So what if the TARDIS, using an invisible, undetectable (especially by the doctor), personal-cameraman-like drone to film the Doctor’s entire life and adventures, and even, under the TARDIS’s control, go back in time and film other things, compile the adventures into shorter stories, and sending them, somehow, into a parallel universe, in which the Doctor does not exist.  That parallel universe would be the very universe which you and I are living in at this very moment.  You say, “But that’s absurd!  Everybody knows that Dr Who is filmed and produced by BBC!”  But no, what if the TARDIS sent it to BBC.  And all of the actors who claim to have “acted” in the show are actually just the alternate/parallel equivalents/look-alikes of the characters in the Doctor’s universe.  And all of the “props” BBC has and would display to make us think that the Doctor is fake aren’t “props” at all.  No, instead they are actual alien head, replicas somehow beamed/teleported over by the TARDIS.

    That’s just the backstory.  An amazing story for an episode, maybe even ad two or three episode story, would be the Doctor discovering that and traveling, somehow, to the parallel universe (that being our own).  Oh, there are so many amazing things you could do with that.  You could make a whole season, a whole spin-off series about that.  What do you think of it?  I know there’s at least one flaw, though: all of the actor’s claiming to have played the Doctor.  I mean, there’s like, eight or something of them still alive in this universe, and I don’t know how it woudl seem if the doctor had  parallel self for each and every incarnation.

    tommo @tommo

    @midnyt – that jacket design is awesome. nice one.

    i’ve drawn Doctor 12…

    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="358"]doctor 12 - tommo doctor 12 – tommo[/caption]

    StormBringerDWF @stormbringerdwf

    <div class=”_fUc irc_mimg”></div>

    tk826 @tk826

    There’s some awesome Dr. Who gear on this website:

    fallenangel @fallenangel

    Hey guys,

    my friend(an amateur artist) was just starting out on society6 ( and I pestered him to do a DW drawing.

    I just ordered the shirt and the print of the drawing. Have bought art from society6 before and the items they sell are pretty good quality. Do help support him and maybe if it sells well enough I can get him to do more DW art. Thanks!

    anthonykiely @anthonykiely

    Need help with my fan series.

    Need the following:

    -Voice actors



    Please Email if you are interested.


    Anonymous @
    todeledo @todeledo


    My grasp on English music terms are not the best, so I can’t express what I loved about this song in detail. But what I can say is that I loved every second of it. Is it available on Spotify? 💡 I want to listen to it a million times!

    sassiecams @sassiecams

    <b>FREE DOCTOR WHO DECAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</b>


    I love that their name is even Doctor Who Sidrat is Tardis spelled backwards!!!!



    Oswino @oswino

    Does anyone want to write a fanfic with me..whouffle is what I want to write about

    marisaann @marisaann

    hey guys  I’m new to this site but if you could help me out with a project for school it would be really helpful, just answer these questions if you could help me
    q1: What made you decide to watch Doctor Who?
    q2: How do you think Doctor who has influenced the culture and people of england?
    q3: How/why do you think the show has grown to be so popular all over the world?
    q4: How has the show left an impact on you personally, or do you have any special stories that have to do with the show?

    if you have the time to answer these I’d really appreciate it!

    samiamuc @samiamuc


    1: My friends talked about it, read about it, and then noticed that it was on Netflix.

    2: I live in the US, so I don’t know, but I’d say it had influenced it pretty well.

    3: Well, I’m a Christian, so I believe that everyone has a “God-shaped hole” in them that only the true God and fill.  However, non-Christians try to fill it with other “supernatural” stuff, such as ghost movies/stories and science fiction and fantasy. Everyone can feel that there’s something else out there besides us – some know that it’s the spiritual world, others prefer to believe that it is physical things, such as aliens.   I think it’s also popular because it is, for the most part, a pretty clean show, and people are obviously intrigued by the idea of space and time travel.

    4: I have made the mistake of sneakily watching the show when I should have been doing my schoolwork, so it has caused a terrible decrease in my grades.


    Anonymous @

    Just wanted to share my Part 1 video of the Dr who/River/Amy/Rory family portrait I am currently drawing.


    Anonymous @

    I’ve created a Facebook Page to see what the ideal Doctor Who episode could look like and who knows maybe it could become a real one so come get a look and tell me what you think of this idea 😃

    Anonymous @

    Hello, I’m Fell from New Jersey, USA and I’m a new fan who is new to…well everything! I signed up here with hopes of meeting fellow fans and more fanart artists 🙂  To start things off, I want to share a drawing that I did recently, posted on my Tumblr

    @tommo That’s some really nice graphite work! Can’t wait to see more art you do

    And @marisaann, this may be too late but nevertheless!

    Q1: What made you decide to watch Doctor Who?  I’ve always been a fan of sci-fi and time travel novels and stories (e.g.; Star Wars and Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series). In my search for new things to watch and read, I stumbled into Doctor Who completely on my own beginning with Nine a couple years ago though I stopped after the first season. When I finally picked up the show again late last year starting with Ten, that was it for me.

    Q2: How do you think Doctor who has influenced the culture and people of england? Being from the US,  I’m not exactly sure if I can give a fair or insightful answer to this- though I do know that it is a fixture in the tv show culture in America. There are at least two annual conventions dedicated to the fandom- Gallifrey One in California and Long Island Who in New York; both are widely attended. I think that says a lot.

    Q3: How/why do you think the show has grown to be so popular all over the world? I think there has always been an allure to escape from reality by means of entertainment. It certainly helps that this is done through brillant story telling and memorable characters. Also the nature of Doctor Who with its ever-changing protagonist allows it to be a show that can be enjoyed for years to come.

    Q4: How has the show left an impact on you personally, or do you have any special stories that have to do with the show? Show has helped me to enjoy the whismical and fanastic again. It’s been a long time since a series has rekindled that sense of wonder and tapped into excitement that gets lost in the day-to-day routine. For someone who freelances as an artist in her spare time, that fuel is SO necessary for creatives. For that reason, Ten will always be my first doctor- he was the one that made me see how brillant this show is.

    tk826 @tk826

    For all of you really big Doctor Who fans this Canadian distributor sells a variety of Doctor Who merchandise that I’m sure you would enjoy as much as I do!!


    BradleyT2606 @bradleyt2606

    Doctor Who-The life and times of Clara Oswald Has a massive Whovian who had to say thank you to Jenna Coleman for her brilliant performance. I made a video called Doctor Who-The life and times of Clara Oswald. It features clips from her whole time on the Tardis mixed with music from the show. Also at the end there’s unseen footage from the Doctor Who Festival where Jenna Coleman reflects on her time in Doctor Who😃!!!!!!!! I spent weeks making this video and I hope you enjoy it😝

    JJ @jjpt
    JJ @jjpt

    I have no idea how to stick that photo of the 13th doctor in here from the above link lol. Can someone do it?

    Craig @craig

    @jjpt The address of the image (which you can get by right-clicking on it is:

    If you’re on the “Visual” tag you need to click the Mountain icon to add an image. If you’re on the “Text” tag you need to click the “img” button.

    Hope that helps. But here is the image you wanted, I expect.

    The Doctor is Ging

    JJ @jjpt


    Lucky @lucky

    New to Forum but old, old Dr fan.

    Wanted to show off my new Tardis tatt (work in progress) but i cannot figure out how to upload a pic from my computer so see Avatar.

    I recon its pretty damn cool for an old bloak.

    WhovianCentral @whoviancentral
    SilhouettedDrArt @silhouetteddrart

    Hello, Im new to the forum and would like to show off some work I have done with a Doctor theme. If you would, click on my profile picture and  you will see a 8.5 x 11 leather Silhouette of Matt Smith’s version of the Doctor that I made. I can do other silhouettes from the show as well and the one shown on my profile goes for $100 plus shipping if anyone was interested.





    The Garnetto @garnetto1992


    I have recently started a project that I think people here will enjoy. Its called “whovian sins”

    for these of you familiar with cinemasins and the “everything wrong with” videos, it is my take on that, inspired by cinemasins and pokesins, to do one based on dr wh

    if you are not familiar, it is a video where I go through episode by episode and point out the errors or illogical points as a lit of fun. It is worth noting that it isnt serious, it is some light hearted fun to show my love of the show.

    Episode 1 is now available here, . Please have a watch and any feedback is welcomed. If you enjoy it, I plan on weekly updates, doing a new episode pretty much every week

    thanks for your time and I hope you enjoy watching the videos as much as I enjoy making them.

    timelordylordy @timelordylordy

    Hi there, I’ve done the artwork for a T-Shirt design which is now on Teespring:

    You can order one, and if enough are requested they will get printed.

    If anyone has any other ideas for the acronym or other designs let me know! 🙂

    Anonymous @

    Hello, I have another question.

    Well, two really, first one. Has anyone ever made a replica of the Patrick Troughton’s recorder?

    Second question. What colour blue would you say it is?

    timelordylordy @timelordylordy

    hi there, i’ve added a couple more Dr Who T-shirt designs (see my link above) – and you can choose base colours and styles (inc. male or female T shirt styles)


    Anonymous @

    This is a Link to my YouTube channel, Doctorwhoguy915/The Doctorwhoguy, where I make Doctor Who related sketches as well as mini fan films and Minecraft Videos, I would be grateful if people wold check it out, if you like Doctor Who and Comedy, this is the channel for you! 😀

    – DWG

    Anonymous @

    Doctor who shirtHey guys , i just bought this pretty cool shirt off redbubble, the design on it is pretty rad tbh it’s not too expensive if you like the look of it 🙂


    Daydream Events @daydreamevents

    Hi Guys!

    Daydream Events are holding an event at the Nottingham Conference Centre on July 2nd and 3rd this year. Guests currently confirmed are Eve Myles, Kai Owen, Ian McNeice, Jon Davey, Jason Gregg, Colin Spaull and Andrew Cartmell and there are more to announce in the coming weeks. There will be traders, props and free workshops for everyone and talks available for Package holders.

    You can find out more from:

    Or by e-mailing


    Ingrid20 @ingrid17


    This is maybe not supposed to be posted here, but anyways, I need help for something.I am going to make a presentation about doctor who. We were told to make a thesis sentence/statement, and I chose “How has the time war affected the doctor?”. And I need help to find out how it affected his life after the time war, feeling lonely. guily..etc..And I would be so thankful for quotes or evidence that prove how it affetced him. Thanks for help<3<3<3

    TheDentistOfDavros @thedentistofdavros


    Hello good question.  As well as feeling guilty and lonely I also felt that he had a duty to help others (As a way of redeeming himself) if you watch The Unquiet Dead (series 1) the alien gelth lost their original form (or something!) due to the time war and the Doctor was determined to help them as a way of repaying them for what the war did to them.  Also I think in cases it went to his head and he became a bit power mad if you watch The Waters of Mars then you’ll see David Tennant breaking all the rules because he feels that he can and that he is the “time lord victorious” so he can decide what the rules of time are because he is the last of the time lords.

    I think Christopher Ecclestone’s doctor had lost all his faith in the good of the universe until he met Rose who supposedly softened him (I read that somewhere) so you can gradually see the old doctor coming back as you watch.

    Not sure if this helped or not as the Russel T Davies years are not my speciality and I haven’t watched many of his episodes for a while so I can’t remember any quotes but I hope I could be of assistance!


    Anonymous @


    a good question and I think @thedentistofdavros answered it well for you.

    I would suggest you go to the Wiki boards of Dr Who and the Dr Who official site itself and check out our own threads on Chris Eccleston when RTD (Russel T Davies) first brought forth his vision 🙂

    Then there’s the magnificent 50th anniversary DVD which you could purchase (or watch on Netflix if that’s still possible). This 80 min film with Smith, the War Doctor and Tennant concentrates on the answer to the question as does the final Matt Smith Christmas episode.

    You could consider our own thoughts and comments on the matter when we watched the 50th anniversary -it might assist you considerably. In summary, you’d start with how the 10th Doctor is the one who ‘snogs’ his way thru this iteration -which surely sums up his way of coping with the effects of the Time War and how, after Rose leaves, it is virtually impossible for him to be alone -to which his later companion, Donna, refers.

    Thereafter, Matt Smith, is the Doctor who ‘forgets,’ immersing himself in a childlike whirlpool of events and saving whomever he can. When he stays on Trenzalore to save the people and the children it’s his way of atoning for ending the Time War the way he believes he did -I think he would have stayed until his own death had the TLs not bestowed upon him ‘extra’ regenerations which caused him to defeat the roaming army of Daleks who were about to cast their final blow.

    Certainly checking out the War Doctor -a lean, economical man, with little patience for the use of the sonic as a weapon (“what, are you going to build a cabinet at them?”) -amongst other things (including his ability to be alone and to accept his role as war Doctor) would also help as a study in contrary motion. His Doctor is the one who is ‘different’; who stands apart for all the necessary reasons and who, on that day, no longer played the part of the Doctor and was despised by the other Doctors for his actions-and yet, it’s the primary Judas question, who else, if not him?

    You could, of course, Google the whole thing too -that works 🙂

    Seriously, if you have a Kindle or access to Amazon there are no doubt some good books written by those who have followed the Doctor their whole lives and would have written, academically, about the role of the TW in the Doctor’s various iterations.


    Puro and Son.

    TheDentistOfDavros @thedentistofdavros


    Thank you I think you answered very well as well!  I love how you summed up the tenth doctor’s way of dealing with the trauma (snogging everyone’s face off!)

    @ingrid17 the 50th anniversary is a good one to take a look at if you have the time as @puroandson suggested

    Ingrid20 @ingrid17

    Thank you so much. This helped me so much<33 @thedentistofdavros @puroandson

    TheDentistOfDavros @thedentistofdavros

    @ingrid17 No problem!

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