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    dontblink @weepingangel604

    Hey guys! I made this today. I know it’s not the greatest quality, but I felt it was appropriate.


    Kharis @kharis

    In my area we have an annual Doctor Who Ball.  The theme changes a little each year.  Someone wrote about it, link below.  I highly recommend one for every town.  We went this year, and we had a blast.  🙂   We are in the background of one of the photos – tallest girl and tallest boy, oddly enough.  We are on opposite sides of the photo because in social dancing of this type you rotate partners until you come full circle.  I’m in a very much NOT screen accurate Tasha dress and hubby is dressed as the 10th.  There was a young lady in a perfectly screen accurate Tasha in one the photos with the author, she was the shortest girl, so of course we took many pictures together.  Two Tashas, that’s a scary thought.  😉

    Anonymous @

    Just found this section which is obviously a more appropriate place to recommend a fan video channel on YouTube TheGaroStudios. His videos are all really good, incorporating all of new who (1-9) and occasionally classic too. Some of my favorites by him are The Lonely God, Eternity and Lovely Dark, but they are all great videos in my opinion.

    BradleyT2606 @bradleyt2606

    Doctor Who-The life and times of River Song Spoilers! Relive River Songs life from her perspective, from Demon’s Run to Trenzalore! This video is made as a THANK YOU to Sydney Wade, Nina Toussaint-White and Alex Kingston for their amazing performances as River Song. This video is the second in my Doctor Who-The life and times series and I hope you enjoy it!!!!!

    Pharell, Man! @pharellman

    OK, who’s gonna cheerleader me, to finally do that stuff by my camera, and start without a companion, because nobody who I know is fancy to play the role of Jessica? Yes, 14th Doctor, I hope I haven’t went too far. And first episode will be count “0”, because without companion I can do only a “web camera wibbly-wobbly tearly-nearly jary-diary” stuff. And, that’s how gonna look The 14th Doctor:

    14th Doctor

    Green shirt, grey-orange blouse, and maybe bowtie, but I still think about it very hardly. Hmm, maybe some hat too.

    Pharell, Man! @pharellman

    OK, I’ve made an logo and added 9 new ideas for episodes:

    Maybe soon I will end a scenario to First Episode, so you will be able to see what it will be. Probably it will be hard to realise, but, fun guaranteed. 😛

    As you can see, I’m trying to make a series quite looking like a Classic Who – lot of moral episodes.

    madman1nabox @madman1nabox

    One thing is certain, I wasn’t the first one to think about it, but I have researched it (and by researched, I mean googled it) but what if, Doctor Who is nothing but the story of an actual mad man, trapped in a hospice for life, and forced to imagine (alone or at times with companions) travels to imaginary places, meeting extraordinary people and aliens).

    I mean, think a about it! Even the fact that the Tardis fits perfectly with the metaphor of a mind being bigger on the inside, or by being the only thing (at least close) that allows humans to “travel through time”.

    It is quite unsettling actually, but pretty much everything fits on an idea like this. Looking at his companions, they would vary from the people who share the hospice, to maybe nurses. Picture Rory as the nurse appointed to look after a clinically insane man and girl who had grown abandoned from her family, scared of monsters on her wall. Rory, as shown, by the goodness of his heart went along with the crazy stories of his friends, eventually to fall in love with a patient.

    You might ask me about River song (*spoiler alert for beginners*). She would be Rory and Amy’s kid, brought along to visit and especially lovable mad man, with all of his crazy stories. If you think about it, would it make special sense that by having the most fertile of the imaginations, a young girl would be the company for the Doctor.

    The name, and also the question (Who?) makes just as much sense as the rest of it, for after being institutionalized, one of the closest relationships and “something to live up to”, would be only logic for a man trying to rebuild Who he is.


    Hope I am forever wrong, for that would break my heart… But I wanted to share it any way… Thanks guys

    Anonymous @


    You really could say that for a lot of TV shows/stories.  For example, I read about an idea that in BBC Sherlock, Sherlock is just a patient in a coma. John is the doctor who looks after him who reads him detective stories. Sherlock dreams that he and John solve the mysteries together.

    Just an interesting fact, I read that when Doctor Who was first pitched the character of the Doctor was supposed to be a human who had lost his memory so the people who found him called him Doctor Who because they don’t know his real name. There were many changes between this idea and the final product.

    Whisht @whisht

    @madman1nabox – huzzah!

    A bonkers theory!

    And I don’t care if its not yours/ some have heard it before etc…. you brought it so fair play!

    And it made me think of a song, so I’ll head over to the Music Thread.

    oh – and a welcome! Hello.
    As with all newcomers please feel free to say hello through threads like the memories thread, sofa, etc.

    I think I’m ok in saying we (or at least many) like bonkers theories!

    Pharell, Man! @pharellman

    Introducing PharellMan as 14th Doctor! How do I look? Not to… khhm… orangy? 😛

    Come on! I need some opinions about it, ‘cus that’s how I’m trying to make it better than those existing video-fanfiction productions! Yes, there’s no videos now, but first I need to find a Jessica girl and ask people what should I do better with 14th costume, to which link is at the top of the post…

    Anonymous @

    @pharellman I had a look at your site/wikia -lots of advertising. I wasn’t sure where to comment actually. When I hit the comment button I found a whole page of code! So, sorry about that.

    Still, it looks good, though. I’ll go back and look at your costume you put up.


    Anonymous @


    OK. So I had a look at your Jessica comments in Poland and your title sequence with the colourful introduction?  I liked the colourful page -with different letters in multicolours. Don’t know if other fans would like that. They might prefer something streamlined and less busy.

    If I can be honest in my critique please?

    I think if you are writing this, why chose ‘polish’?

    At first I literally thought you wanted to ‘polish’ it up. As in polishing? But I gathered you mean Polish?

    Those little things need a fix up as does the spelling when I fully read your story about the dog (it was funny and good) as there were lots of mistakes: “momment” instead of “moment” and other serious grammar problems which need to be re-organised and spell checked. Also when the Doctor talks, don’t make him so furious, confused or angry. Choose a different reaction perhaps.

    Good luck! Hope this helps.


    Puro and Son.

    eleventhdr @eleventhdr

    the ten doctors revised!:

    eleventhdr @eleventhdr

    trek who!:

    eleventhdr @eleventhdr

    the combining of doctor who original star trek    with all of the doctors and original trek crew     with just perhaps more to be followed later!




    :    but frist is to revise the ten doctor comic strip and than trek who




    i have found perhaps only two links in all of my research over many years on this and have gotten virually no help in doing this i only am asking for those who truly would want this    and can really contribute to it!

    eleventhdr @eleventhdr

    this is to include barbarba benedetti doctor who and rowean atkinson with all of the other doctors including also the morbius doctors and the other who exsits  in  the doctors time lines!:

    eleventhdr @eleventhdr

    and the ten doctors comic strip revised!

    WarDawn @wardawn

    Hi Guys, i’m a new fan of Doctor Who, And i’m starting to watch it with a friend..

    We made a Channel about it, about our reactions… well mine, cause he has already seen the tv show, hope you’ll enjoy it 🙂

    TGC @theguyscast

    Not really sure where else to post this but…

    Sammyclassicsonicfan renegerates, because I got bored

    Pachyrhinosaurus @pachyrhinosaurus

    I couldn’t find a better place to post or ask this here, but I was wondering how this wig would work for an eleventh doctor costume:

    The back in particular makes me unsure, I’d be planning on cutting and styling it.


    MissRori @missrori

    I’m a newbie here, but my Doctor Who poetry Tumblr Poems of an Unknown Companion has been around for a few months.  All poems featured are original to me unless noted; I do occasionally reblog pretty poems from other writers, but there’s a surprising dearth of Whovian poetry out there.  A big gap to fill!  I am also working on a lengthy fanfic set between “Hell Bent” and “The Husbands of River Song” featuring the Doctor’s healing process between the two stories — and the surprising heroine who helps him.  I hope to start posting that this fall.

    I try to give all of the Doctors some love (I’ve been a fan since the gap years), but the bulk of the poems are Twelfth Doctor (aka The Deep and Lovely Dark)-specific.  Beware spoilers if you haven’t seen Series 9 yet!

    I don’t consider myself a shipper, but I do acknowledge and explore the canonical, and to my mind romantic, relationships between 12/Clara and 12/River.

    ichabod @ichabod

    @missrori  Thanks — I’m always intrigued by art inspired by the art of others.  Welcome to our conversations.



    TOSK @tosk

    On the subject of a Dr\Sherlock crossover, it would have to be two universes of seperation I think. Two realities. Simple time travel is out. They probably could never actually know who the other is either. Is Moriarty actually dead? I have not kept up. If he really is then maybe something could be done with that.

    TOSK @tosk

    Time travel has always been possible in dreams. How ’bout between universes too?

    TOSK @tosk

    Poor Sherlock is stuck on the slow path. And not impossible, just a bit unlikely.

    midnyt @midnyt

    been awhile.  just finished this one.  gotta find a frame for it.

    size is roughly 12 inches square. 49 pieces of paper.

    Callum Precious @doctorwhofan1

    Hey guys, i’ve just made my new spin-off series of Doctor Who Animated Adventures. It’ll be made using The Movies and SFX technology (including NeonVisual):

    roshin @roshin

    Hi Guys!!

    Was just wondering what the whovians here think of bbc’s existing doctor who brand website?

    Do you think they should have a section dedicated for fans to submit fan art and cosplay pictures and the likes? What other user-generated content do you think should be available on the site?
    Would love to hear what you guys think!!

    Will help me greatly for my thesis project 🙂

    Anonymous @

    The first thing I saw was a huge advert for a paid magazine subscription, followed by two other links, followed by the same advert repeated again, and that put an end to it for me.

    MissRori @missrori

    @roshin I think it would be nice to have a fanworks corner at the official website.  Actually, the official Tumblr for the show already features a lot of that.  (  It’s run by BBC America and alongside basic show news and updates, it basically combs the whole of Tumblr for the best fan art, cosplay pictures, etc., updating a few times every day.  (A poem I wrote about “Under the Lake” was reblogged by them.)  It’s well worth a look!

    Anonymous @

    Now that does look a bit more promising,
    yes. 🙂

    roshin @roshin

    Hey there @missrori,

    Thanks for the link- I’m surprised I haven’t come across this one before!

    Yeah, hopefully the official site has a fan corner soon 🙂

    Magasky @magasky03

    I know a guy on YouTube that started a (in my opinion, good) Doctor Who Fan Film series. I don’t know when his next one is going to come out. Please subscribe to him it would help him a lot. Here’s the Doctor Who Fan Film: Scream


    Daughter of the Doctor @daughterofthedoctor

    So….. I’m just making sure before I post a link to it….. if I have written fan fiction I can post it here and people will tell me what they think about it right? (Sorry… I am new and I only stumbled on DW a year ago, so I am still getting to know the Whovian community)

    theoodkind @theoodkind

    Hi fellow Whovians!

    Wondering if there’s any Comic Con vets on here – I get to a few cons in Canada and the USA and would love to go as an Ood in full costume. I’ve seen a few sites that sell an “OK” Ood latex mask, but do any of you guys know of where I could buy/commission a full Ood costume? I’m in Toronto, Canada but would pay whatever it costs to have shipped here, etc…  Advice/contacts appreciated?


    Anonymous @


    I was just checking this section of the forum to see if I missed any interesting fan creativity, and I noticed your post from back in July. If it isn’t to late to say this, welcome here and to the Doctor Who fan community.

    To answer your question, yes. If you post a link to your Doctor Who fanfiction here, I will read it. Being a writer myself, I can also give you feedback if you want.

    shane1969 @shane1969

    This is my tribute video to Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman).  It includes clips from all of her episodes.  It is set to the remix of U2’s “Mysterious Ways”.

    ichabod @ichabod

    Very nice!

    Fred the Time Lord @fred-the-time-lord

    Hello! I am wondering if there is anyone who can design a Doctor Who theme for me, who doesn’t mind having their work on YouTube. I am mainly asking this because I am attempting at making a Fan Made Animated Spin Off.

    MissRori @missrori

    I previously had posted a link to my Whovian poetry Tumblr Poems of an Unknown Companion, but in the discussion forum for “Hell Bent” I brought up a fanfic I recently completed posting that is set between that story and THORS.  Having been reminded that this is the proper place for linking to that sort of thing (especially given the huge image link Tumblr provides!), the first chapter of “What You Hold in Your Hand”, a 16-chapter story, can be reached from the following link:

    Faisaltje @faisaltje
    Woodartist @woodartist

    Hy I’m new in this Forum. I made a First Doctor Scrollsaw Pattern tell me what you think. i made it to my Avatar picture because i dont know how to post a jpg in a Thread.

    ataripirate @ataripirate

    Hello, today at lunch, my friend and I were talking about what if the doctor showed up right then.

    The Doctor is taking you with him and you could take 10 items with you.  What would be in your “companion survival kit”?

    Love to hear what others would take



    Missy @missy

    Anyone got a model of Mr Huffle?


    heremeow @heremeow

    10th Doctor Pin

    Alonz-y everyone! I have a quick kickstarter going to fund a moving enamel pin of the 10th Doctor waiving his sonic screwdriver. It has glitter on the glasses and top of the sonic screwdriver. It will be great to wear to cons or stick on your TARDIS backpacks! I really hope to give one to David Tennant in June when he comes to AwesomeCon in DC too. Half of the proceeds of the pin are going to as well because I work with them every summer and want to help them out. Please check out the kickstarter here and any pledges would be really appreciated (you get a pin for your pledge!). 


    The Garnetto @garnetto1992

    hey everyone, i have a series i think you guys would like. it is basically me giving dr who the cinema sins treatment, comiacally pointing out everything wrong with each episode. i have done the first 9 episods of nuwho so far, so please check them out


    JubalBarca @jubalbarca

    I’m making an adventure game!

    Trailer link:

    More info at:

    Let me know what you think! 🙂

    KerriT @kerrit

    Calling all UK Sonic Screwdriver owners! I want to use one as a wedding bouquet handle. Any ideas on which model would be best? It needs to have 10 or so 2mm wide wires fed inside it. I’ve seen people have wired flowers to the outside of one, but that looks a bit naff. Do any models come apart so that the stems could be on the inside? Xx

    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord

    @kerrit — and the prize for oddest question on the site goes to…

    I think your best bet is a multi-bit sonic screwdriver, erm, screwdriver mulitool from a few years back. It detached in the middle and had slots for three double-ended screwdriver bits which slotted into the base. With a bit of customisation that might suit your needs nicely…

    KerriT @kerrit

    Yay for oddness! 🙂

    Sounds like it might be a good option. I’ll do some googling and see if I can find one

    Thanks Mr Fish!

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