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    @janetteb Oh  echo that grrr about roundabouts.

    I recall a distinctly ‘interesting’ time taking our just-two yr old on a plane landing in Heathrow. After finding our way thru road works, Mr Ilion’s brother, who collected us, spent 4 hrs driving to Brentwood to the other brother’s home. Young Ilion screamed the whole way and I was very close to abandoning what now seemed like the dumbest plan in the universe, taking a taxi back to the airport, stuffing the cost and going home!

    After a week in Paris (on our own!!) we hired a car with the child seat behind the passenger. I was the front passenger and about, ooh? every 2 frickin mins I’d have to turn around to pick up some toy the Boy had dropped, or hand him some healthy snacks. 48 hours into a 3 week road trip we said ‘screw the healthy’ snacks and bought junk!

    He lost his dummy then which was probably a good thing -you know, speaking n’ all, but we also said ‘screw the maps’ -there were the inevitable road stuff ups in the middle of tiny villages at midday for no conceivable reason and so we decided to ask the two year old to ‘direct’ us. He’d point “oder dere mummy” and we’d just drive, ending up in some delightful, sleepy but welcoming village, adorned with Spring gardens. We’d head for a B and B that absolutely had to have a pub nearby.

    Once the Boy was down, we’d take turns going to the pub for a ‘hot chocolate’ [read “huge alcoholic drink”] to drown our sorrows after the previous roundabout ‘discussions:’ “There’s a round- a -bout with eight freakin exits. Take the first. No, no, take the third. Oh, shit: it should have been the second! Oh Fu… Bugger.”

    Mr Ilion would say “don’t swear in front of the Boy” and I’d snap, “well, you navigate, then.” As soon as that happened, the cursing was interminable. Windows went down, he’d be screaming at all the quiet Sunday drivers in their ’70s, wearing hats (@JanetteB would be conversant with the  jokes in Oz about Sunday drivers wearing hats) accompanying his curses with rude gestures.

    Meanwhile Boy Ilion is on his 3rd Mars Bar, smearing it all over the leather, happy as  a clam, giggling to his bears as the car begins to take on the distinct odour of an overloaded nappy…..

    At the next B and B, we’d again go thru our day, check the photos, plan the next destination and then head off and get hammered at the local    🙂

    Actually, looking back, there were probably only about 4 -5 bad days. In 3 weeks, we had only two days of rain -both in Scotland, I might add, and some vague shower in beautiful Berwick

    But yep, in recent trips? No more driving cars! We always used to enjoy (earlier years) back packing, but with the 2 yr old we thought, no, that’s waaaay too difficult (we had an infant bed as well as the typical pram, snacks, ridiculous quantities of nappies and loads of clothes (that’s just for us from all the grog we ingested) and so we thought “if we go by car we can take our time, visit any place, any time” which we did.

    This trip was in 2004 and we were lucky (apparently) to have a car with heating and a tape deck  -but no CD player. Naturally, we had to quickly borrow “BBC tapes with fun, children’s songs” so we played “the wheels on the bus go ’round and ’round” over and over and over. Infant songs, roundabouts, road blockages = grog, nappies and chocolate.

    As my favourite poet is Dylan Thomas we bought a tape of him reading his poetry. We found, that once this was on for no more than 5 mins, Boy Ilion would instantly fall asleep as if by magic. That, aaand: The Doctor Who Theme from a tape of, ‘TV themes from all over the world.” Little did we know that they were filming Who in Cardiff as we toured thru there for a couple of days on top of their tour busses..

    @kharis I agree -wasn’t the script wonderful? How, with just a few words, Moffat and the writers could ‘apparate’ a setting perfectly and you could really feel the intent behind the words and the motivation which made its way onto screen.

    Apologies for ramble 🙂 It’s Friday. Whoo-ee.


    Anonymous @

    Moffat can produce some good stuff. I’m tired of all the drama with the girls though, stupid crap with their boyfriends and whining and bitching at the Dr. They’re really kind of annoying sometimes , portrayed as typical girly girls way too often, Clara and Mr pink who “protects” her. An Pink or even Roary earlier playing the protector / surrogate father. Odd for a show that’s so  “progressive” that its constantly throwing how normal homosexuality and gender dysphoria are in your face. I guess progress is only if your gay or a Susan the male horse not if your an actual woman.

    Anonymous @


    Oh well helloo and welcome to you! Shame that you think neither Amy nor Clara are progressive women -I’m pretty sure Clara as both waitress and educated governess was extremely forward in her time as was Amy publishing novels early in 20th century in New York. That’s just my opinion, though. In London she has a job as model while Rory is a nurse. Yes, he protected her in the Pandorica but it wasn’t necessary -she would have been fine in there without his assistance. It just proved his love for her. And that’s wonderful. Ultimately it was River who knew, at the end what had happened.

    In these past few years we have Kate (related to the Brig) as head of UNIT, her second is also female  and then we have two Osgoods in controlling positions at UNIT all with direct contact to The Black Archive and what actually occurs in it -most people who work there have their brain wiped daily.

    Ah, then we have Prof River Song who is also completely independent and Susan who left the Doctor to go on her own adventures in 1964. Then, we have the recent episodes starring the eponymous Arya Stark as our ‘Knightmare Child’ -first saving her entire village, then living the life of an independent female (that means being an independently wealthy woman with no need for an official occupation; for as young Darcy would have sniggered: “to be occupied or to be seen to have purpose is disgusting, Miss Bennet”) -she resorts to thievery and is doing pretty well until the Doctor shows up and suggests that Lady Me ought to reconsider her illegal behaviour. Does she listen to the Doctor? In fact probably no. Then, we have another female, in the role of: The Master.

    I have typed many ‘thens’. Need I go on ?? 🙂

    Who is your favourite Doctor, by the way? Did you have a favourite companion and have you enjoyed the show for a long time? Maybe you’re a new viewer from AG (After Gap) episodes -after 2005.

    Also, whilst I think about it, Martha was/is a Doctor and completely independent -saving the world in fact ‘by love’ (don’t worry, that Season ending wierded me out too!) and even Rose, with her job in the shop, and then eventually working for UNIT was also ‘unattached’ (she was never with Mickey and in the Girl in the Fireplace it was she encouraging Mickey to grab and gun and said “now you’re gettin’ it!” -very much a go-getter) and in no way requiring protection.

    Then, there’s Donna as the special ‘Doctor Donna,’ too. In these series we see Agatha Christie. We see Jenny, the Doctor’s Daughter spinning off into the stars not needing any help ‘thank you very much’  🙂

    And lastly. Sarah Jane with her own adventures -not married, not protected but with a son to look after -and K9 to help, so no, I’d disagree that women haven’t been progressive in Who -I’d argue they’re more progressive in Who than in many other shows we randomly see plastered over the TV screen and in particular, the movies.

    Kindest and welcome,




    I think if perhaps you tried to refrain from Tweeting during the show you will come to understand what is actually happening a little better.

    Ludivine @ludivine


    What such cool skills you have !

    I understand you, because I studied biology and environnemental sciences, and my passion is Drama. I hope one day, to find a job where I could mix these stuffs together…

    What about a science show ? =)

    Anonymous @

    @pixiecutlover    @pedant

    yes, pixie, I couldn’t have said it better than Mr Pedant.

    I do think, in my opinion, all the women in Who are progressive women who don’t ‘need’ men, as it were, but, like Clara, need relationships -and there’s nothing wrong with that. To shun relationships suggests more of a problem.

    I always thought Clara managed to get along on her own -regardless of Danny

    spacedmunkee @spacedmunkee


    After typing out the below I decided I better move this to the sofa as I was getting a bit political, (which I don’t normally do).

    re Osgoods death. Yes, the emotional payoff was massive. At the time I had forgotten about zygon Osgood and was disappointed that they had killed her off. Then I remembered and denial kicked in and hoped it was the Zygon that died. From memory this denial was echoed by a lot of people online at the time (a lot like another recent “death” in one of my favourite shows last week).

    But now after mulling over it for a week, and recovering from the blunt force trauma I received from the episode’s not so subtle jabs, I’m seeing that my reaction is similar to the attitudes commonly seen these days where one persons life is valued more highly than someone elses depending on race, culture, creed, sexuality etc etc.

    The death of either Osgood should draw the same emotion.

    This makes me think that missy’s “enemy inside the friend” comment could be seen as a reference to the enemy inside oneself, or that the enemy we perceive does not exist in the way we think and is mostly drawn from our own fears (or prejudices) rather than anything real. Also, it’s could be a reference to the continual confusion that we see these days – largely conveyed by mainstream media about who are the good guys and who are the bad guys. I mean apparently Putin is now a hero after bombing Syria! Who nose? Being told that “these guys over here are bad guys” makes it easier to accept their deaths when we read/see/hear about it.

    So after my rant,  latest bonkers theory – Missy selected Clara to save the doctor from becoming the Valeyard (hence Amazing Grace reference). Missy knows that there’s a Yin and Yang thing going on between her and the doctor


    Anonymous @


    True the show is full of examples of healthy women that act like adults and take care of themselves just fine or much better than fine. But, I keep seeing women running to men when things go wrong, men talking about protecting women etc. Why even put distasteful crap like that in there? Clara spends way to much time an emotio0nal mess either tears or rage, not exactly stoical.

    I’ve only watched on season and part of another, I’d have watched the early seasons but a lot of it’s missing.
    I like Matt Smith best so far. Smith’s Dr was fun loving , kind and full of life. Peter Capaldi comes off as embittered and wounded deep down, a darker more miserable Dr.

    Anonymous @

    Fuck you.

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip


    I keep seeing women running to men when things go wrong, men talking about protecting women etc.

    Which women, to which men, in which episodes and in what context?

    Anonymous @

    I’ll go you one better, you’re a fan right? Just watch for it, especially Clara and Amy. Look at Pink he’s basically the tough guy “alpha male” portrayed as being desirable to women as a defender. Also as instinctual and easy to manipulate into doing so. Show him some cleavage and he’s basically on the hook. I really wish the Dr traveled alone and just hung out with who ever he’s with in a given episode rather than the perpetual soap opera with those girls.

    Kharis @kharis

    @pixiecutlover What is the problem with the men protecting the women?  The women also protect the men when they are in need.   I think that’s wonderful.  I’m actually getting tired of every “worthy” female characters being a take charge type.  Being a take charge person is a personality trait, not a gender trait.  Some people take the role of protector, some people need protecting.  My son is extremely sensitive, so I protect him, but in his own way he protects me too.  Reminds me to eat right, finds my keys for me, and makes sure my bed is made on a late night at work.  People protect in different ways.  Clara has been protecting the Doctor throughout his life,  Amy didn’t really need anyone’s protection in Appalachia and Rory is a natural protector, considering he died the first time saving the Doctor.  The character of Clara loves deeply and unconditionally. She would literally go to hell and back for someone she loves or have her self be shattered into a million pieces across time and space.  That’s pretty protective. Just saying that there are many shades.  🙂

    @purofilion I always enjoy your ramblings, actually it being Friday only made it better.  As usual, I laughed out loud.

    @ludivine Thank you!  We should all get together and start a show with the original intention of Doctor Who – to show real science and history to young people.  Same quality as Doctor Who, but less scary and more educational, maybe even more whimsy.  Should be the unseen adventures of the 8th Doctor before he became the War Doctor.  He is a fine actor who only had a chance to be the Doctor on the screen in the only Doctor Who episode/movie I actually didn’t like.  The writing was horrid.  I say we cast him as the 8th Doctor and find some really quirky kids to play the companions.  We could be the science consultants.  Hire @bluesqueakpip @ichabod @purofilion @mudlark and others on this site to write.  There really are some amazing writers here.  🙂   I could help with costumes, sets and overall vision…I’m pretty good at that.  I know a great group who is creating a pilot right now for a well – known book series.  They are based in San Francisco though.  We could be that random group on the Doctor Who Forum that started a television series.  A successful spin-off that our kids will love, and so will we.  Well, you never know?  😉

    Craig @craig

    @pixiecutlover Oh good. Sport.

    Let me guess. 16, 17? Maybe only 13?

    Emperor’s here now! Run away while you have the chance.

    Craig @craig

    Plus @ everyone… Really. Unless you want a fight, really, you know, don’t feed etc.

    Craig @craig

    Friday nights were always fun a few years ago. It’s nice to restart that.

    Craig @craig

    This is going to be fun (unless it’s past @pixiecutlover ‘s bedtime – think it might be.)

    Odd for a show that’s so “progressive” that its constantly throwing how normal homosexuality and gender dysphoria are in your face. I guess progress is only if your gay or a Susan the male horse not if your an actual woman.

    The definition of progressive in the first sentence. Second sentence defines the author as some sort of bigot.

    Craig @craig

    I think her Mum has put her to bed.

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip


    I was making a bet with myself that our little friend wouldn’t manage to identify any scenes or even episodes.

    I won my bet. 🙂

    Craig @craig

    I am ashamed to say I was assuming our dear Pixie was a girl. Might have been a 12 yr old boy as well.

    Anonymous @


    I was trying to be nice.

    I won my best -“puro is being nice unless otherwise instructed”

    I wanted to swear myself, actually.

    Awesome display of Forum behaviour: she’s nowhere to run.

    Craig @craig

    @purofilion Thank you. I have been known to make mistakes. Especially in the sites early days. But when I did I set @jimthefish or @phaseshift on them. I learned from the masters (with the small ‘m’)



    Careful. You will get sore feet from all that stamping.

    Seriously, though. Are they just letting anybody into the troll clubs now? Standards have plummeted.

    Anonymous @

    that should have been ‘bet’.

    Anyway, no fun last night, then? Chasing the trolls?

    Shame. Still, better things to do.

    @kharis you have a fine mind. I expect whatever you manage to do beyond your dancing career (which is really an amazing career in itself) you’ll be doing wonderful things. I don’t  think I could ever pick up and just go to another country permanently -I’ve done this for 6 months at a time -always knowing I could come home! A base. To go into the unknown, where no man has gone before…..hang on 🙂

    Anonymous @


    you got sworn at.

    This does not happen often. 🙂 Normally people are subtle.

    So, judging by the use of certain words: “progressive , dysphoria and distasteful” -I’d put this kid as a 17 yr old in yr 12 unfortunately probably getting B+ in English.

    What a world.



    I blame Twitter.

    Anonymous @

    @pedant me too

    And English teachers, tuck shops, youtube subscribers, a lack of books, the use of the word dysphoria (dysphagia) instead of anti-utopia, bad underwear, grog with 5% alcohol party drinks, licenses for the under 18s, television that is shite and all movies about independence from Earth’s death brought about by humans. Also ’24’.

    And the Academy of Film and Television.

    Oh, and Bieber.

    Anonymous @

    Okaaay not ALL English teachers -just the ones I happen to know who wear bad shoes and teach ‘texting.’ When I mentioned I really liked the opening to the Tale of Two Cities, he said (he’s 22 and just started -he wears swim shorts to class and each shoe is a different colour) he said “what channel is that on?”

    I weep

    lisa @lisa

    !@Everyone Just been messaged that the IFC channel if you get that is showing
    all the episodes of this current season in sequence tonight. It gave me a reason
    to put the tv on. The Magicians Apprentice just started. Just saying….

    BTW, I humbly suggest catching the Bears fishing for Salmon at Katmai Nat’l park
    in Alaska on Explore.org or YT! Its that time of year again to see that. I drop in
    from time to time and watch them eating and fighting over fish and the cubs and so on.
    Love how live cams can bring that world to all of us. If you like that then
    the Monterey Bay Aquarium also has live cams and the Jellyfish are interesting. 🙂
    Its not for everyone but I particularly like it when I have to do other stuff which is
    pretty much all the time.

    Anonymous @

    @kharis (apologies I’m overloading the boards) but yes, I noticed ‘hissing’ in the actual episode from all the snakes sccoting out of the body of Colony Scarf -honestly -it was pretty gross: that ‘person’ -even the way it was described by Moff with ‘3 or 4 deep indentations in the head’  and I think we saw him ‘side on’ during his unsuccessful Karn visit?

    I’m assuming that this Sarf thing was a mercenary helping Davros with all his ‘messaging’ and ensuring his ‘snakes’ could tie up potential victims of the Daleks who weren’t to be killed. I recall, though, in End of Time that Davros had these blue prison pods which you couldn’t get out of? That was pretty hellish. Both Doctors were caught there and so it was up to Donna to ‘do her thing’ and babble about ‘retrogressive bleble’ which saved the world etc.

    Anonymous @


    “Emperor’s here now! Run away while you have the chance.”
    You sound way more like a pathetic school yard bully than any Emperor I ever heard of. Changes nothing what so ever.

    Craig @craig

    @pixiecutlover Nice! Shall we flirt? It is a Friday night after all.

    Anonymous @

    The problem is that it’s portrayed as men protecting and women running to them , crying in their arms all the stereotypical bull shit. Ad to that statements made by men about how important it is to protect women etc.
    I wouldn’t have a problem if it was a two way street, it should be but they keep doing scenes with the men holding the women like children in their arms the girls crying etc. Just promotes the same tired stereotype. That, and Clara with her unstable emotional roller coaster personality. Remember to that Clara is front and center, she’s not a peripheral character.

    Anonymous @

    “Nice! Shall we flirt? It is a Friday night after all.”
    Bully to a little flirting jail house bitch , just like that? Must have some kind of split personality.
    Or is that supposed to be some more phony sophistry to make you look,more intelligent than you really are?

    Craig @craig

    @pixiecutlover From what I can tell you have a problem with Moffat. I think everyone here has a problem with Moffat. We just let him off with the odd mistake.

    But from what I hear, tomorrow’s episode could be very interesting. Might be worth your while.

    Just saying.

    Craig @craig

    Bully to a little flirting jail house bitch , just like that? Must have some kind of split personality.
    Or is that supposed to be some more phony sophistry to make you look,more intelligent than you really are?

    I don’t think I’m very intelligent, if you are. That doesn’t make much sense to me. Possibly my bad.

    Anonymous @

    <span class=”useratname”>@craig</span>

    I don’t have that much of a problem with Moffat really, like I said, he can produce some good stuff. Just sick of all the soap opera like drama with Clara and her boyfriend and her emotional instability and outright physical violence. It’s supposed to be Dr Who, not psychotic bitch in a time machine.Where do they get this stuff anyway? Adds nothing to the show and makes it hard to watch.


    Craig @craig

    @pixiecutlover Like, you know, cos I’m dumb, could you maybe explain “phony sophistry” seeing as shopistry is all aboult being false. Can you be phony false?

    Craig @craig

    @pixiecutlover I didn’t notice “psychotic bitch in a time machine”. What episode was that?

    Anonymous @


    Ad to that statements made by men about how important it is to protect women etc.

    There are no statements like that in modern Who. Maybe BG Who, but I don’t think it’s in the present iteration actually.

    As to @bluesqueakpip being a  “fan”  -well, being on  a Dr Who Site, I think we’re all pretty much ‘fans’. Having said that, I’ve had my probs with motor mouth Clara, butting in, being annoying. I think other strong females had an influence on her, though and this season she’s quieter -generating less BS. She’s a speedster in life and that’s a good thing.

    Anonymous @

    Mmm ‘phony sophistry’. I hadn’t noticed that. There’s a tendency, for some, to use ready made to microwave packaged dinners as it were -in words. “dialogue” “phony sophist” “gender dysphoria” -you know, I’ve got a PhD & I’ve no idea what ‘gender dysphoria is actually!

    I know the idiot Helen Garner preached that shit 15 years ago, but even her, in her recent book apologised for all the “phuck pad” stuff she preached back in the old days…

    People do grow up and move on, thankfully, particularly when they have to earn, bring up kids, work to deadlines and other RL stuff.

    Craig @craig

    @purofilion Apologies for the spelling, obviously. I can edit but choose not to.

    I’m going to go to my bed but I will dream of phony sophistry because of Rick Wakeman (I guess that’s what he dreams of).

    Craig @craig

    @pixiecutlover Am off to bed, but as far as I know Clara doesn’t have a boyfriend this series. If you’re referring to the fallout from the last series there has hardly been any impact at all. So far. But who knows what awaits us? Moffat is devious. We know that already. I don’t think you’ll get your answer tomorrow, but you may in a few weeks. Along with the rest of us.

    Anonymous @

    Makes no difference to me it’s your Phoniness, you haven’t made any valid points about anything. Just the usual troll bullshit. Hell looks like the half the board is full of shallow dumb asses. Do you ever bend over and try to kiss your own ass? Seems like something you would like to do.

    Kharis @kharis

    @purofilion Good points.  I guess what confused me was in the script the hissing sound was supposed to happen at Clara’s school and other places we didn’t see Sarf.  So what was going on in Moffat’s head, and why where some the hissing sounds not added to the actual episode?  Reading the script was fascinating.  What an awesome window into Moffat’s mad and genius mind.

    Kharis @kharis


    I completely forgot the 8th Doctor’s movie was set in San Francisco.  It would be all too easy to pick up the story here.  Unfortunately, I completely blocked out the 8th Doctor’s movie, mostly because it was terrible, and I was so excited to see it.  He was brilliant in the mini-episode and the audios and that’s why I think he deserves his own show.  His Doctor would make a great contrast to the children companions.  Sincerely think the show would be inedible.   I doubt the BBC would ever allow us to create it here in SF, and after the last movie here I wouldn’t blame them.  The series could at least start here and end up in the UK like it always does.  (:    London is the Doctor’s favorite companion.  (;

    Anonymous @


    Excuse me. But I have attempted to converse with you straightaway ! @kharis was also polite to you. I explained that I initially found that Clara was really difficult to take.

    I should add that with 1700 members, or more, for an active site for over two years, there are a lot of people you haven’t yet met.

    We’re not horrible people. We don’t tell people to “fark off.” And we’re not shallow.

    There are theologians, archaeologists, actors, ballet choreographers, musicologists, engineers, scientists and historians on this site.  Loads of creative people who exercise their mind regularly.

    The thing that the Etiquette Page clearly states, though, is that this isn’t Youtube. We don’t take to a new person coming on here and complaining with vitriol without saying “hi how are you all? I’m such and such from______ (you don’t need to tell us your real name but something about yourself).” Then you can debate with clarity what you don’t like.

    Believe it or not @pixiecutlover , we’re not robots -last year, a lot of ppl didn’t the direction Who was going in and we had robust debates -but they were exactly that –focussed, direct, analytical and fiercely clever.

    We’ve had a  lot of new people here and I think @kharis would speak for them (if she wouldn’t mind) in saying that we’re really welcoming -and no, you don’t have to like Clara. But you do have to be specific with the content you’re discussing. Just dissing someone with a statement about  ‘dysphoria’  doesn’t sound authentic.

    We’re not shallow: most people would resolutely claim that whilst we’re many things, shallow aint one of  ’em   🙂

    I think our ‘special weapons mod’ @phaseshift would also agree with me there. We don’t agree on everything: what would be the point in that?

    Check out the music and films thread -there’s a lot to get involved in as long as we bring our manners to the table 😉



    Anonymous @


    hopefully by the time you’re awake, all will be resolved; on this side of the timestream, at least.

    I’m doin’ my part -don’t know if it’s working but I’m struggling to be an optimist 🙂

    If there isn’t a word ‘shopistry’ then there is now. It’s a perfect word for those who say “ooh but I love the environment and won’t ever eat meat” yet they wear leather shoes and buy an expensive hand bag for every ‘season’ -whatever a ‘season’ in shopping really is, I’m not sure 😉

    I know that some idiots from Myer/David Jones have my address and send me leaflets: “new summer lipstick must haves for the professional woman” except that they all look pink, red or cream and the same as any other so-called ‘season’. Shopistry -I like it a lot. 🙂

    Hope you had a good sleep –


    spud @spud

    I love all the chat and theories.  I am not a great one for joining in the threads but really love reading them and all the different takes on each episode.  It really adds to my enjoyment.  Shame about the language in a recent post.  Silly girl, really not necessary.  Put your toys back in the pram and I’ll give you your dummy back! 🙂  On another subject any thoughts from you all on who is going to be the new companion?  It all seems to have gone very quiet on that front.  I saw a rumour it was one of the actors from Game of Thrones (forget her name, pretty with red hair).  I’m still hoping for Susan!

    Anonymous @

    Hi there @spud -good to see you back and quite agree.

    I don’t know about the companion story -kept well away from wanting to know. I guess I’m still fascinated by Clara, really, and how, even as she’s a zygon, what else there will be to tantalise us -this isn’t near the end yet so I suggest there’ll be more horrifying events which send Clara off into some nethersphere of space or else she discovers that ‘home’ is better -and safer.

    Who knows? 🙂 Maybe the spoiler thread is a good place for these particular chats?

    Carrieanne @carrieanne

    Hello all! I have been lurking here for a bit now but decided to join this wonderful forum.  Why now you may ask?  It was the way you extremely decent people handled the temper tantrum from pixecultfan.  They are entitled to whatever opinion they like, however, being rude and using profanity doesn’t tend to make people take your observations seriously.  With the exception of the atrocious manners on the couch….I find this site positive and accepting of all viewpoints.  I love Dr Who and am enjoying this season quite a lot.  Looking forward to discussions with you as the rest of the season unfolds.

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