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    Anonymous @

    @wolfweed THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN AMAZING! However I can see withe turned it down, for one all his Gothic sort of appearances and second allot of his roles were vilian roles.

    Anonymous @

    OK, gang, this made me laugh:

    When “Doctor Who” was taken to foreign lands, it endured many name changes. Every week, people tuned in to see “Doctor Who’s Flying TARDIS,” “Doctor What,” “Old English Man in Time,” and, most famous of all, “Doctor Mysterio!” During the Tom Baker and Colin Baker eras, it was often show as “El Loco Doctor Mysterio.”

    The “Doctor Mysterio” version added its one special flavor to the “Doctor Who” mythos. “Doctor Mysterio” has been criticized throughout the years for removing scenes, sometimes even plots, from the show. However, little praise is ever granted them for recasting and adding material of mostly nude women giving away toasters.

    wolfweed @wolfweed
    Anonymous @

    @adlibcomedy – most new members come here to our comfy sofa to introduce themselves.  Your reply to your own sign-up announcement didn’t make it into the Recent Forum Posts list, so no-one would have seen it.

    As it doesn’t seem particularly troll-y, I’ll cut you some slack and advise that you re-post your comment in our Doctor Who News thread.

    But beware, it looks like a standard press release and if you have nothing of interest to post on our forum after that, you and your comment won’t last long here.

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    Doctor Who Figurine Collection: TV Ad




    This is a hoot!

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    What Colin Baker says he wanted to wear…

    Anonymous @


    Is it just me, or does CB look an awful lot like Ozzy Osbourne circa Crazy Train in that pic?

    Anonymous @

    OK, @MadScientist72 and @wolfweed – my Topic Dalek eyestalk has returned from yoga class and is quivering. **

    Might I remind you of @craig‘s description of the Rose and Crown thread:

    Basically a place of a more adult nature

    And Craig’s description of this thread, On the Sofa:

    If you’re a new member please pop in and say hello. We’re very friendly.

    What ARE we going to tell the newbies?!

    ** ooh, er, Miss!

    Anonymous @


    If your mod-ness feels these pics need to be moved to the Rose & Crown, I won’t complain.

    Anonymous @

    @wolfweed @MadScientist72 – I’ve moved both of your pictures to the pub … they make quite fetching wall art over there  😀

    Anonymous @

    @ Shazzbot –

    Topic Dalek eyestalk has returned from yoga class and is quivering. **…

    …** ooh, er, Miss!

    Would that look something like this?

    (Non-Americans – or anyone who wasn’t around in the ’70s – may not get this.)

    Anonymous @

    Awww, @MadScientist72 – Arnold Horshack in Welcome Back Kotter.  That takes me back, it does.

    Good pic find!

    XAD4 @xad4

    Hi all,

    I signed up a few months ago, but haven’t found the courage until now to say “Hello” as I should have done. So… ummm… hello! *blushes*

    I usually don’t comment on forums, actually I’ve never commented anywhere else, so I doubt I’ll contribute a lot. Apart from this – wow!, you’re all so brilliant here! How could I ever write anything that doesn’t sound silly in comparison?

    So I’m just here to say “Thank You” for all the great posts with so much information, and insight, and passion, and poetry, and fun. And I want to voice a little complaint that my productivity at work has suffered quite significantly since I discovered this forum. 😉

    So, thanks again, and please keep up your brilliant work.

    PS: I’m German and have only moved to the U.K. 2 1/2 years ago. So please Grammar/Spelling Dalek be gentle with me!

    PPS: Note to myself: Have to find a word that can replace “so”.

    Anonymous @

    Willkommen @XAD4 – We are very happy to hear that you have enjoyed reading the posts on our forum.  We did notice that you signed up but have not yet written a comment yourself.

    können Sie bitte eine Avatar-Bild? **

    ** From BabelFish, if it doesn’t translate, and your English is very good so perhaps you do not need it – “Can you please choose an avatar picture?”

    Craig @craig

    Just about to go to bed but this tickled me. Might get me moved to the pub though… (looking at you @Shazzbot)

    Was looking at the analytics and we’ve had quite a few visits from people wondering if Colin Baker is gay. Thought that was a bit strange.

    So I search – is colin baker gay – and @htpbdet ‘s post about him is the top result! I don’t think Google is as clever as it’s supposed to be.

    Anonymous @

    @craig – that was an insight too far into your late-night googling.  😆

    Anonymous @

    Oh, and @craig – on DuckDuckGo, this was the first choice (nice wibbly gay-o-meter about half-way down):
    gay-o-meter/gaydar for Colin Baker

    According to 55 visitors Colin Baker is 76% gay. The average gay-rating on gay-or-straight.com is 69%, which means Colin Baker has been voted highly gay.

    Anonymous @

    @xad4 – very nice avatar picture! Thank you for giving that to us tonight.

    Please contribute some comments of your own. Everyone who loves Doctor Who is welcome here.

    XAD4 @xad4

    Of course, @Shazzbot. (oops, that was referring to you asking for an avatar. Writing comments still takes me a while)

    Don’t worry, the Tardis Translation Circuits allow me to understand everything you write in English. Although they seem to be slightly faulty the other way round… and also whenever a post is in English, but not instantly recognisable as to be so. But then that’s certainly not the Tardis’ fault.

    Anonymous @

    @xad4 – you have had a lot of time on our forum to read so many wonderful things. I was a new person on this forum myself not too long ago, so I don’t want to make you hesitant to post because I know that it can be daunting to dive into the fray.

    Please tell us when you started watching Doctor Who, and if you have a particular Doctor that you feel is ‘your own Doctor’.

    Anonymous @

    Does anyone know what’s up with @scaryb?  She hasn’t been around in ages.  Is she on holiday perhaps?

    Ichebi @ichebi

    Hey all,

    I’m new here and reading a little bit of the topics through my day at work.

    Basically I’m still watching season 4 of DW2005 and I never watched the old ones straight, just some lost episodes.  So I’m kinda trying not to read much spoilers and it’s been hard no being able to participate in much of the discussions.  Nevertheless I though I say Hi as I’m peeping in to your opinions on many issues 😉

    BoeSelecta @boeselecta

    I haven’t looked at everything in the forum as there’s a lot to see.. so apologies if this is covered elsewhere.

    Have to ask, does anyone here watch the U.S. comedy, Community? I love it… and especially the Inspector Spacetime stuff

    William @william


    I am new here – may not get around to posting too often. As you might guess, from the avatar, Tom Baker was my Doctor, although I also just about remember Jon Pertwee. I have enjoyed reading the comments and theories (bonkers or otherwise) and enjoy the politeness of this particular part of the interweb. I hope not to upset the grammar dalek or any of the estimable mods patrolling the site.


    sonicginsling @sonicginsling

    Hello everybody…… well, maybe ‘everybody’ sounds a bit like I’m addressing a morgue or something, and I’m really hoping that’s not the case, because if it is then I’ve really got it really wrong again… I’m new here – well, Ok, so now I’m thinking ‘new’ isn’t right either, as I’ve been in this body for 40-something years and as such, ‘new’ just isn’t right… isn’t right at all … Anyway – Here I am… old/new … and here… what’s happening then? any bodies there? …


    Anonymous @

    @jimthefish – because I know you love AL Kennedy (and because of that, you’ve surely already seen this) – but also, everyone should have the same love for her writing as you do, here’s her latest Guardian piece.

    The exemplary and generous behaviour of the Olympic volunteers was almost immediately reframed to promote volunteering as yet another replacement for previously paid positions. Not working for free has somehow become selfish and a sign of “entitlement”, while not paying employees has become business as usual.

    She tells it like it is, and how it needs to be told.

    XAD4 @xad4

    @shazzbot  Thank you very much for the warm welcome and your encouraging words.

    To answer your questions: I must say that Doctor Who is pretty much unknown in Germany. So the first time I heard about it was when I moved here to the U.K. in 2011. And as I’ve always liked Sci-Fi and Fantasy and (nearly) everything British, I treated myself to (AG) series 1 and 2 last year, and got series 3 – 6 from a friend shortly after.

    Well, to make a long story short: It took me a few episodes to fully get into the whole Doctor Who experience, but in the end I was really quite sorry to see Christopher Eccleston go. And then there was the first episode with David Tennant, and yes, that was it. No doubts. David Tennant instantly was The Doctor for me, and still is (boooring, I know). Unfortunately I must admit that Matt Smith as The Doctor has never really worked for  me. I don’t deny that he’s doing a great job, but somehow his portrayal just doesn’t go together with the perception of The Doctor I had developed for myself during the previous series. Sorry guys, I know there are a lot of Matt Smith fans here. Let’s just hope that we can all agree soon that Peter Capaldi was an excellent choice.

    Regarding BG Doctors, I’ve only watched a few BG episodes, but I could well imagine that if I had grown up with them, one of them would be my Doctor now. Tom Baker? Peter Davison? Who knows, maybe even Colin Baker? After all, I’ve sometimes got a surprisingly strange taste!

    Oh, sorry, that didn’t turn out to be a short story after all…

    OK, back to more interesting discussions now – experts, please take over!

    ScaryB @scaryb

    @Shazzbot @htpbdet (and everyone else too of course, inc all the newbies)

    Thanks for missing me Shazz, and welcome back (sorry, hugely belated). Am fine, the complete opposite of holiday, with  very little sleep and restricted extra curricular keyboard time, but having a ball 😀

    @htpbdet – Don’t you dare let your nephews bully you into watching ANY of #6. You are so far from deserving that, it’s not worth counting. (Your nephews also have a fair bit of credit with me it has to be said 🙂 ) Will be back on here in about a week, so get your keyboard cover and towel ready (that refers to a comment from waaay back, but thank you for the compliment)


    ScaryB @scaryb

    @jimthefish – oooh snazzy new avatar, I love it!! (I prefer it when you’re not in full-on Ezquerra(??)-avatar mode, makes me nervous)

    Anonymous @

    @scaryb – I’m sorry to hear about your workload, and that you’ll only be ‘with us’ in spirit for another week, but glad to hear you’re having a ball.

    I remember @htpbdet ‘s comment about spitting tea – perhaps he’s off right now, making a cuppa and preparing his towel?  🙂

    @ all the new commenters – welcome, and glad to have you join us.  You won’t find a better bunch of Doctor Who fans anywhere else on t’interwebs.  Don’t forget to check out the blogs as well as the home page topics – there is a wealth of information as well as some gorgeously bonkers theories ™ to consider!

    janetteB @janetteb

    Nice to hear from you again @scaryb Hope you will have more time for bonkers theorising soon. Welcome to new members. I look forward to hearing more from you all.

    I hope @htpbdet is about. Haven’t heard from him for a couple of days and I miss his insights.

    I do have days where I prefer just to “lurk” enjoying what others are saying but not feeling as though I have anything worthwhile to contribute but I am never far away. 🙂



    Anonymous @

    @xad4 – I hadn’t seen any BG episodes before getting into Doctor Who myself.   (For other new members: this forum’s terminology for Before Gap, ie., Doctors 1 through 8; we use AG for After Gap, Doctors 9 and ongoing.)

    I’ve been enjoying the BG episodes being highlighted on this forum’s home page, and I hope you are too, and also any other new forum joiners who primarily know AG Who.  Like you, I wonder if I had been watching DW since the beginning, if I might have a ‘favourite Doctor’ from that era.  As it stands, the more Doctors I see, the more I like each actor’s individual take on the role.

    After only one outing with Sylvester McCoy, though, I’m already leaning toward his interpretation, but I think my opinion has been coloured by learning just how nice the man is in real life, as well as what he does in that story.

    I do have high hopes for Peter Capaldi, too … 🙂

    sonicginsling @sonicginsling

    Aah, thanks for the explanation – I was starting to think I’d missed something vital… ‘BG’?  –  ‘AG’? I was getting quite concerned… well, now I’m on to that one.

    Ok … I’m going to throw this one out there – it’s probably been asked before, but as an ice-breaker, it’s got to be better than a large, pointy metal thing that’s being powered by a huge, powerful engine….

    Does anyone out there think that Stephen Moffatt has a bit of a ‘movie’ obsession going on? Now, I’m not referring to the last season with it’s ‘epic’ style episodes, and ‘movie poster’ type ads for each episode and the overall .. er.. ‘bigness’ of the ambition… (ok – so that thought got away from me a bit)  no, not at all, I rather like it, in fact. No – I’m referring to the subtle ways he seems to be trying to emulate the two Doctor Who movies from the ’60’s … we’ve got the bigger, bluer TARDIS with the St John’s badge reinstated, we had bigger, more colourful Daleks, and now we have Peter Capaldi, looking very ‘Peter Cushing’-ish …

    Thoughts anyone? or should I retreat into the corner and hang my head in shame … again! ..

    Anonymous @

    @scaryb — good to see you back. (It was the mighty Dave Gibbons rather than Ezquerra, of course)…

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    Crazy Captions 23 awaits your embellishment…


    jamfilleddonut63 @jamfilleddonut63

    Does anyone else find it weird that the 2005 TARDIS is on the menu for the “Dalek’s Invasion of Earth: 2150 AD” Blu-Ray?

    Anonymous @

    Didn’t think this qualified as ‘fan creativity’ as it’s by the mighty ‘proper grown up artist-type’ Gene Ha, so I thought I’d stick it here.

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    Murray Gold’s Song For Fifty

    Anonymous @


    After only one outing with Sylvester McCoy, though, I’m already leaning toward his interpretation

    That’s a topic on which we’ll have to agree to disagree. After 2 outings with McCoy, I’d personally rather watch Colin Baker’s (as long as there’s no Mel) or Paul McGann’s (even though it means enduring Eric Roberts) interpretations than another episode of McCoy’s.


    First off, welcome to the party (also @xad4, @ichebi, & @william)! Second you’re not alone in seeing similarities (and possible tie-ins) between Cushing and Capaldi. In fact, there’s a bonkers theory for that.

    Craig @craig

    The sight loss charity RNIB contacted me to publicise the fact that Christopher Eccleston very kindly supported them by starring in a play they staged at The Roundhouse a week or two ago.

    They put on a non-visual play in the dark – brought alive through other senses – to raise awareness of the lack of reading materials for blind and partially sighted people in the UK. Supposedly only 7% of books are fully accessible to blind and partially sighted people

    Here’s a review:

    He also appeared in a video they made about the event. Not such a curmudgeon really 😀

    Anonymous @

    @craig – a very worthy charity.  Blindness was something I was exposed to via my family from an early age, and RNIB is a charity I’ve supported since moving to the UK.  I’ve also given regularly to Guide Dogs for the Blind.

    One of my useless skills is that I can sight-read Braille.  I never got the hang of feeling the dots with my fingers, but in my childhood I used to transcribe text into Braille as a hobby.

    Craig @craig

    @Shazzbot I agree. And although I’m against advertising I’m happy to post for worthy charities. I had the opposite issue as a child, with deaf grandparents, so I know sign-language, although it’s a bit rusty now. Thanks for adding a link. I should’ve done that really. Doh!

    Other links if you’re interested:

    Also, RNIB’s Travel Support Service pairs volunteers with blind and partially sighted people who want to gain more confidence to travel independently. Find out more:


    Anonymous @

    @craig – thanks for posting the additional links for RNIB.  Hopefully other people will follow them and learn more.

    I also had a reason as a young ‘un to learn Sign Language (American). I doubt we two could communicate, though,  because the hand signs are so very different between ASL and BSL.  (And of course, there’s the whole Scottish accent problem  😀  .)

    Craig @craig

    @Shazzbot I know 😉 I always thought one handed was a far better system myself – you can do things, like hold a drink, and chat at the same time!

    Anonymous @

    Oh, @craig – do you want to be banished to The Rose & Crown again, by the Topic Dalek?

    One-handed.  Hmmpphh.   That’s a bit too much personal information on how you surf t’interwebs for the Topic Dalek’s liking.  😀

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    Doctor Who Series 7 Soundtrack Previews

    Anonymous @

    @wolfweed – I deleted this from the end of your URL:  /bmi_orig_img/DrWho-Series7-cover.jpg

    sonicginsling @sonicginsling

    … Confound it all! … new-fangled things!! … Ok – showing (a bit) of my age here, and a degree of techno-duncery that would make the average Neanderthal slap his protruding, overhanging, prominent brow with a gnarly and somewhat coarse hand, I have questions…

    1) Where are the smileys to be found? I’ve seen them used, but can’t see where they’re hiding…

    2) How do I get the name of the person I’m replying to, to appear in the post – again – just about every post here has a name or link in it somewhere, and I’d quite like to be able to direct my comments etc in the right direction …

    3) Well … there was a ‘3’ to begin with, but sadly I’ve forgotten it. Still –  having started with the ‘3’, It felt wrong to abandon it so soon …


    Thanks for the greetings, by the way – I was kind of worried that I might have unintentionally committed some heinous crime by mentioning the films (Some folks can get quite sniffy about them) Actually … I quite like them …


    Back to the wise ones … Geronimo!

    Whisht @whisht

    hey @sonicginsling – welcome/ howdy/ howyooodoin’?

    1) just type using type-emoticons as in “colon” directly followed with no space by “end-parenthesis” 🙂

    It seems WordPress interprets what we type (eg colon end parenthesis) and substitutes in the appropriate yellowish smiley.

    god knows the characters some people here know though (embarrassed??!?) – I guess I need to highlight the smiley, copy and paste in Notepad or similar to find out!

    2) add an “at” sign directly in front of their username – that’s all I did at the beginning of this comment!

    3) I agree its always good to have a third.

    hope this helps (a bit)

    Anonymous @

    sonicginsling – there are two ways to reply to people on this forum.

    One, is to copy their name underneath their avatar picture and paste it into your reply (as I have done here); and the other is to use the ‘@’ symbol in front of their name.

    I.e., @sonicginsling

    The latter is fraught as some people’s display name isn’t the same as their ‘@’ name.  We just like to keep people on their toes ’round here.  🙂

    As to smilies, you should review our ‘Website Help’ page which links to WordPress’s smilies help page.

    Welcome to our forum.

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