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    Craig @craig

    Sorry for the late responses to you all @pedant @janetteb @whisht @mudlark @winston @thane16

    Thank you for the kind words but I hope, actually I believe, it’s something anyone could and should do. As I said, I have no training, it just takes a bit of nerve to go up and talk to a stranger. It might take even more nerve to call up a friend.

    Someone did commit suicide this week – unfortunately I wasn’t there. My neighbour, who also talks to people who look like they are in that frame of mind (we’re almost a tag team), reminded me that we can’t save everyone.

    It’s been reported that he was a GP (a doctor) with a wife and two young daughters. You would think he had it all. I feel so sorry for all involved and can’t imagine how low, or disturbed, he must have been.

    And yet he was loved. I took this picture tonight. Remember – you are always loved – even if you don’t think you are. And it will always get better. That’s what I always say to those I meet who are thinking about it.


    syzygy @thane16


    Well that’s very difficult, but as your neighbour says, you really can’t save everyone. Nor can you always be in the right place to save them. And sometimes it takes a few gentle words, kind words, particularly if you happen to know the person relatively well. Or a bit.

    I remember, nearly two years back at 5 am my mum being told, “Oh, get some help, will you!” -not exactly gentle words, but words anyway.

    People often think academics, or doctors and specialists, would simply never do that and yet it seems academics, solicitors, musicians, barristers and GPs also take their lives quite suddenly but there are often clues that people close to them will miss. From what @pedant said people plan this very well with notes,  and reminders and bills paid (Or sometimes not which is one reason why they believe everything is hopeless).


    syzygy @thane16

    @janetteb that sounds like a good plan. I hope your boys relax a bit and realise they have a life outside of school. I do, and if I didn’t I would be in a position to get better grades but staying up till 1 am is nuts (to me) and I have no real plans to go to university the normal way. So many have different jobs across their life anyway that it’s good to be sure what you really like is what you actually do? It’s not like that for everyone, or even for most people. I hope it works out.


    syzygy @thane16


    Yesterday after our QCS test (Qld Core Skills ) test, a man was on the stage in the hall. He spoke about how important it is before these tests (they’re about 9 hours worth in October) to get a good sleep and not worry too much. I knew I’d pretty much failed the practise test because most of it is geography, maths and science. 🙁

    He’d said young men had actually killed themselves over this. Another person came up who said they’d been about to and was stopped. My mates were sniggering about this -the idea anyone should “show off about helping someone ‘not’ die.”  I was pretty pissed. To me, if you save a life , you SAVE a life. That’s the most important thing anyone can do EVER.

    It doesn’t matter if someone thinks “oh you’re patting yourself on the back” by talking about it or doing it -no matter if they, unfortunately, try to do it again -you were there and you try – you never ignore them, you never shrug it off. I haven’t ever known anyone suicidal but I do know a guy who quit soccer and I just listened to him talking about how he pulled himself together and kept saying “anytime you wanna talk more, mate…” and so we do. I think we’d all agree that life comes first.

Viewing 4 posts - 401 through 404 (of 404 total)

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