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    Something bothers me though. Would you lock a child in a vault, even for his/hers own protection. Seems rough. Of course if we assume the vault is gallifeyan in origin, it xould be much larger on the inside, i guess we really have no idea how large the vault is or if indeed it conforms to normal time rules, hmmmmm. If its designed to keep…[Read more]

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    Im still pretty convinced, that whatevers in the vault is a child, almost certainly not davros but if i lose grip on reality momentarily, in the husbands of river song, on their last night together (24 years) maybe they had a child. Now presumably hes been guarding the vault for quite some time, which would make any normal child old, but being…[Read more]

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    What if the Dr went back to the handmine field and stole young Davros. That certainly fits the themes of the season so far but causes huge paradox and time issues. However if we assume the vault is of Galifrey origin then its possible its contents are protected from the usual rules.

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    Crazy their for vault dweller; Davros.

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    Great little take. Love capaldi but think he really shines without competition ( heaven sent, which is phenomenal for example is one of the best performances by any actor i’ve seen) cause for me Suchet stole the show ( may be biased, adore them both but suchet is just better for me in a crowd). In any case another awesome stand alone which i love…[Read more]

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    Well what can I say this was Sci-fi gold. Capaldi brilliant as we have come to expect. Easily the best doctor in my opinion last weeks performance sealed it for me and this episode is a close second.

    I will need a re-watch to let things sink in properly but my initial impressions are all positive, I had mixed feelings on whether bringing Clara…[Read more]

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    Loved it, im an unashamed fan boy but this was brilliant. Capaldi was masterful and truly this is the best performance by a dr I think ive seen. The groundhog day sequence at the end was perfect, mostly due to the soundtrack that accompanied it. I know I sound like a gushing schoolgirl but I just adore the whole thing from start to finish, I…[Read more]

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    Have to say, I really liked this a lot. Felt different to the rest of the episodes this season, but I really dont mind the odd stand alone episode. Initially i was confused what was going on, then finally half way through worked out what the hell was happening and got on board.

    I feel this episode will be a lot better once I have rewatched it,…[Read more]

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this, wasnt the episode I was expecting after last weeks but it got the job done. I found it interesting that prentice ended up in the 1980s in a cold war training facility, I had pictured something much different after watching the first part. Still another commanding performance from capaldi and i absoloutley adored the…[Read more]

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    Also I forgot to add and I’m unsure if it has already been mentioned, my apologies if it has but the name of the petroleum company, Vector.

    Being a physics guy when I hear the word Vector I think and ill use the dictionary definition for clarity “A quantity having direction as well as magnitude, especially as determining the position of one point…[Read more]

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    I have to say, this is likely the best start to a season i’ve ever seen, the acting is truly great and i feel capaldi now owns the doctor, i believe i may be in love with missy and clara is fast becoming my favourite companion (move over rose). But i digress, when i saw the sunken city, as im sure Others have mentioned the first thing that came to…[Read more]

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    I thought this was the weakest episode of the three thus far and I absolutely loved Deep Breath especially. The Doctor seemed very juvenile in this episode and when that golden arrow took the engines from 80 odd percent to 100% at the end, I just rolled my eyes and sighed.

    On a more positive note, next weeks episode looks to be far more up my alley.

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