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    Reverting if I may to the subject of moral issues raised by the decision to confine Tzim Sha in a stasis pod rather than killing him, I wrote yesterday evening that it might be considered a crueller fate than death. That does not mean that I thought it was not the right decision, not least because for Graham…[Read more]

  • @pedant @bluesqueakpip @arch this is a really interesting discussion. At home, we’ve been discussing this all morning and fortunately no heads became heated 🙂  (however the Brisbane heat is probably cooking us all so like the ‘feathery,’ confused brains of Paltraki and crew, we keep massaging our heads!)

    All that being said I don’t hate the ep…

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    “This is not real life” doesn’t really help your case.

    I certain circumstances you are willing to reduce yourself to the level of the most depraved.

    That’s fine – but at least be honest about it.

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    Clearly the compassionate thing to do is to put him out of his misery

    He’s not a dog (or even a spider). He’s a self aware being who made self-aware choices. Those choices included causing death and suffering to others – effectively depriving them of their choices. The audience has seen Tim Shaw kill a harmless (if annoying) drunk, a…[Read more]

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    Clearly the compassionate thing to do is to put him out of his misery,

    You basically just argued that the death sentence is better than a long prison sentence. You might want to check your moral compass there…

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    It was made very clear in Episode 1 that Tim Shaw was a crap monster. He was crap. He had to cheat to have a chance at succeeding in his people’s leadership test.

    So he lands by accident in front of two Ux who’re thinking he’s the creator and he hijacks their powers. He’s still crap. Whatever he does, whatever powers he abuses, he’s still…[Read more]

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    @arch I get what you say about Sci-Fi. As @bluesqueakpip has pointed out, it’s a very fairy tale take on sci-fi in this episode. Proper fairy tales, and the solitrect is of a particular take of fairies, that is, sometimes they’re evil, sometimes they’re just powerful and wistful, and want to play but don’t understand and are dangerous.

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    @arch   You and I could watch Who together as I also “just sit back and enjoy the ride”. When the music starts I am sucked into whatever story they are telling me and like you I always find something I like. I am rarely bothered by inconsistencies because I never notice them until after the show is over or until I read it here. Sometimes I even r…[Read more]

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    @juniperfish  We can’t wait for the Doctor, or anyone else, to fix earth’s problems. We have to do it ourselves. A rather sombre message, for sombre times.

    And much needed — and heeded, to some degree, as noted about the mid-term elections here in the US.  This part of what CC is doing I do like: the scaling back of the earlier Docto…[Read more]

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    Not sure how you can call the characters here remotely one-dimensional. As @bluesqueakpip pointed out, both Rosa and Blake are given depth and nuance, aided by really great performances by the respective actors. In fact, I’d say it’s so far a trait of Chibnall’s era that all the supporting characters have been written really well…[Read more]

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    Two possibilities:
    1. The question is being saved for later and there’s another episode with Sharon D. Clarke.
    2. This episode was the answer, and they’ll never need to ask the question.

    This is the first time the gang have really experienced the power of time travel, and the first lesson they learnt was not to change the past.

    If it’s…[Read more]

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    The villain here was perhaps one-dimensional, but as @bluesqueakpip says, that’s because he revealed so little of his motivation, apart from that one remark directed at Ryan about his reasons for selecting this point in history.  I strongly suspect he will reappear at some point and we’ll find out more about whether he’s a ‘lone wolf’ or part of…[Read more]

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    @mudlark  perhaps my ageing brain has a problem processing  words delivered at machine-gun velocity.

    For me, it’s that plus the swallowed consonants — but I had trouble with “Deep Throat” for the same reason, and I’ve been watching with subtitles on ever since.  It helps a lot!

    the redesign of the Tardis interior; at first glance it seems vi…[Read more]

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    Im still pretty convinced, that whatevers in the vault is a child,

    This would certainly fit with what we saw, or rather heard. Fur Elise is a relatively simple piece for a child to master and, when interest is sparked in the prospect of a new story involving children being eaten, we get the jaunty ‘Pop Goes the Weasel’. *   Some children ar…[Read more]

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    @arch: Why not.

    Trouble is, even Davros wouldn’t have been so cheerful about child eating monsters. he’d also have trouble playing the piano. still it’s a theory.


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    Oh, go on, you’re among friends!

    If you insist…

    The idea I’m fondest of is that Moffat will do something new with the regeneration story- it’s something that’s been done fairly similarly many times. So perhaps it’s a future version of the Doctor who is in the vault. Hints suggest that the vault-dweller may not be quite a pri…[Read more]

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    @arch Oh! Now that’s a fun theory to chew on. Davros, interesting – sort of has the same feel as Omega in the vault for me; this feeling the Doctor’s mercy is going to cause him a lot of short term trouble.

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    @jphamlore  It may be as a defense mechanism to hacking, the Confession Dial is programmed to destroy any invader that does not correctly answer what its contents are. It is possible the Time Lords did not intend to torture the Doctor, or even to learn the nature of the hybrid, things just worked out that way.

    Interesting possibility!

    @arch   < …[Read more]

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    @arch I’m sure you will find it a lot better once you’ve rewatched it, it has for me, especially as it’s a lot easier to follow once you’ve already seen it. No period of confusion that makes you miss things at the start.