• OK, my first thought had been that Missy=Mistress=Master, therefore Missy is the Master. What I’d forgotten is that there’s another Master in Doctor Who’s past: the Master of the Land of Fiction. So perhaps the […]

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    @FatManInABox: That irritated me, too. There seems to be a determination among some elements of the press, even now, to act as if the eighties never happened in Doctor Who. Sylvester was excellent in the role, other than his first few episodes where he was trying an unsuccessful first version of his doctor. He quickly worked up to the Doctor of…[Read more]

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    I’ve just learned that Jane Baker (wife of Pip, but no relation to Colin or Tom) passed away recently. Very sad to hear. I loved the Vervoid segment of the Trial, and I was a fan of their kids’ show Watt on Earth. My sympathies to Pip.

    There’s nothing you can do to prevent the catharsis of spurious morality!

    Thanks Jane. RIP.

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    Loved it! I’ll have to watch it again before I can comment properly, but I loved it that they used among the images of the Robin Hood legend a picture of Robin as played by Patrick Troughton. And Little Ron got to reprise his role fom Maid Marrian and her Merry Men! Just two lovely touches in a glorious romp.

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    @FiveFaces: my problem with Earthshock is that it’s one of the most plot-hole filled stories in the shows history. On first viewing, I didn’t notice because I was enjoying the ride so much. But, on rewatching, I found myself wondering all sorts of things. I will just go into the biggest: other than something mumbled about alien technology, there…[Read more]

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    @JimtheFish: yes, the scene with the tray is the bit I was getting at. As I say, unfinished business in Pompeii.

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    @Bluesqueakpip: Yes, precisely. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for episodes rewarding a second viewing, but if it doesn’t have that wow factor first time round, it’ll never be a true great in my book (then again, neither will one that does but gets worse with repeat viewing — hello Earthshock!)

    (And hello to all those Moffat haters saying “what’s…[Read more]

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    I’ve been trying to marshal my thoughts on this, but I still haven’t, so I thought I’d give my incoherent ramblings instead. Here goes:

    My first reaction was somewhat underwhelmed, but I was watching it on my brother’s tiny telly, having gone to meet my new nephew, and I can remember wishing I was in the cinema. It would have been awesome there.…[Read more]

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    I’ve always loved stories with really low stakes. This is a superb example: the Doctor gets to play cricket, Nyssa and Tegan get to dress up and dance, and Adric gets to stuff his face. There’s something amiss, but not very much. Have you ever read the Tintin book The Castafiore Emerald, which Herge deliberately crafted as a book about nothing?…[Read more]

  • Hello @ScaryB, @PhaseShift and everyone else! I suppose you could say I’ve been hibernating. I’ll probably be back more when series 8 kicks off and I can play my favourite game of creating new links between the classic series and the revival. (This is of course impossible).

    You won’t be surprised to learn that I love this Hitchiker’s episode. Max…[Read more]

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    I’ve just been reading the speculation about how Musketeers will replace Peter Capaldi as Richelu, and I have to say I really don’t see why it’s an issue. One only has to look at the history books to see that Richelu was succeeded by another Cardinal-Minister whose name was Mazerin. I’m not all that familiar with the Dumas novels, but I believe…[Read more]

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    So sorry to hear about your brother: I still think he could smell the cheese in my bag, even if he wasn’t sure what to make of it!

    Hugs to you and your Mum.

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    The dashing Ted look: I like! There’s a Doctor who won’t take no crap from no poxy Daleks…

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    Would anyone like to own a very nice nautical painting by Patrick Troughton? If so, head over to eBay now!


    Be warned: not cheap!

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    @fatmaninabox, @Arbutus, @Brewski

    I never found the idea of the woman being the Doctor’s mother especially interesting.

    Me neither. I’ve been trying to put together some understanding of the political history of Gallifrey during the Time War. How did Rassilon come to resume control of Gallifrey? Given that he had to wake from his eternal sleep t…[Read more]

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    Girls are allowed on the internet, certainly, although the special pink internet has been delayed until March.

  • Well, that was interesting. Mark Gatiss just gave us a critique of bonkers theorising!

  • @Juniperfish : You’ve reminded me of a comic strip I once read about God: The Ultimate Superhero. He flies around spotting people in deadly peril and concluding that he gave mankind free will, so it would be wrong […]

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    By the way, haven’t had time to read all the comments here but has anyone seen the abysmal review of TTOTD at DoctorWhoTV? Why was that deemed worthy of publication?

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    @Arbutus (and many others) Re: Doctor numbering.

    The whole point of this is that Doctor is not his real name, which remains unknown. For the sake of argument I will refer to the Time Lord usually known as the Doctor as Theta Sigma (and assume I don’t need to explain why ;))

    The first eight Doctors were also the first eight Theta Sigmas. Captain…[Read more]

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