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    Hi everyone xx

    on the topic of who your favourite doctor is i want a ask everyone if you could be any doctor which doctor would you be and why ???

    I can’t make my mind up between David Tennant and Jodie Whittaker they are both a lil bit of me if I must say

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    I can’t lie I must agree they were entertaining to watch.

    The War doctors one my favourites because I love his journey throughout time he’s seen so much pain and felt the darkness and it reminds me of how the world can be at times.


    I cannot lie David Tennant is my Doctor Who crush there’s not one episode I didn’t wish I was on the adv…[Read more]

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    @missy 😂😂 I know the feeling I’m new on the site

    I must agree i did enjoy them do tell me  why are they your top 3


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    hey everyone xx

    I’m curious to know who your top 3 Doctors of all time are because mine are

    1. The War Doctor John Hurt in 2013
    2. The Tenth Doctor David Tennant in 2005-2010
    3. The Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith 2010-2013

    I just think these doctors had the most exciting adventures and I love the personalities who are your top 3 ????



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