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    Hi, @beemartha. I was a fan as a very young lad in the late 1970s. The Pertwee and Tom Baker episodes were on regular repeat where I grew up, even into the early 1980s. (The Hartnell and Troughton era episodes were not shown during that time, presumably because no one wanted to watch black and white any more.) In my teenage years we got Davison,…[Read more]

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    @beemartha   Hi and welcome to the site! I have never thought about being the Doctor , more about what Doctor I would like to travel with. I think being the Doctor would be exciting and fun and maybe even fulfilling being able to save planets and people but I also think it would be very sad. The Doctor doesn’t and can’t save everyone including c…[Read more]

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    @beemartha @missy

    Hi both, no biggie but could you please move this conversation over to the “Faces of the Doctor” thread? Many thanks.

    The Faces of the Doctor (2)

    The “Website comments” thread is more for problems with the website or with users so I can know what to fix, or who to have a stern chat…[Read more]

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    Hello there.

    Frankly I’m in a minority on here, *grins* PC appears to be the least liked Doctor and I cannot understand why?

    For me he was the most convincing, the most endearing, the most human of all the Doctors.

    Mind you, Christopher came a close second in the ‘human’ stakes.

    David Tennant I found witty and quite mad at times,…[Read more]

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    Hello there, at last one I can respond to.

    1. Peter Capaldi

    2. David Tennant

    3. Christopher Eccleston.