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    Ok.  Just did MY second watching and am ready to fire! 🙂

    Missy reappearing definitely creeped me out! More on her later. (But don’t expect me to be very serious.)

    Question: When did they get cleaned up after the protein bath?!  The climbed in the “bolt” hole, and one commercial break later they were nice and dry.
    Danny Pink: is there some sin…[Read more]

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    As ever, so much to comment on!

    I really enjoyed the episode, I love these ones that are a bit quieter, despite all the explosions and outer space bits, it is more about what is being said than done. Here’s my breakdown and comments

    Danny Pink – I thought people’s comments on a link between Journey Blue and Danny Pink to be a bit of a long shot…[Read more]

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    Hello everybody.

    I seem to be one of the few in his forum who thought this episode was just ‘meh’. Not terribly bad but not really outstanding either.

    I can’t put my finger on why. I don’t think PC is another league as an actor than 9, 10&11 (as someone said in this thread). To me this episode is a bit of what people complained about in “…[Read more]

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    I suppose it is too much to hope for that Danny Pink is exactly what he seems? Just as Mickey was, way back when? That maybe his “plot importance” will be as a mirror or foil or something, to the Doctor; that their personal journeys will reflect one another; even that he will prove to be the man that Clara leaves the Doctor for? Rather than a Dal…[Read more]

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    Thanks for the Resurrection reference, @PhaseShift, I thought I had heard the “duplicate” thing mentioned before; but I thought it might have been in audio, which I usually try to keep away from in these discussions.

    @ABXY (and others as well) I think that war/the military is going to be a theme in this series. I wonder if it will tie in with the…[Read more]

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    Missy????? I really don’t know what I think. When she is talking about the Doctor, I can believe that she is somehow a personification of the TARDIS. But right at the end the tone changes, and she definitely feels like a baddy at that point. Then, I can buy her as the Master. But would the Master have said that the Doctor is never cruel to h…[Read more]

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    Okay, the mother-in-law is off to the botanical garden, so I have a little time to read and enjoy all your comments! Here are some back. I have been jotting down thoughts as I read yours, so I may end up repeating things that others have said, but oh well.

    @Miapatrick    quibble: if thought eleven though he wouldn’t regenerate. I know the doct…[Read more]

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    I like how the discussion got started again immediately =D! And some of the replies are just so long that I am sure I will miss bits and pieces I wanted to comment on while reading your opinions.

    It is really interesting to me that there is such a wide array of opinions! Usually most in this forum agree on the general tone of the episode. This is…[Read more]

  • Well, I valiantly watched the original in all its wobbly glory – then rewatched with the Special Edition.

    @Phaseshift – Anat’s the leader, yeah, but I did wonder about her passing the newspaper to Shura. Was it that she wanted to keep her eyes on the Doctor, or was it that she can’t read? I can certainly imagine Daleks only allowing humans to…[Read more]

  • @confusedpolarity

    I hope that’s true about David Bamber making an appearance. I’m probably one of the few people who actually enjoyed Chalk, which was one of SMs first series. Bamber was brilliantly nightmareish as the Deputy Head Eric Slatt.

    I still love his musings on Geography teachers.

    “What happens to them? Do they have a secret society?…[Read more]

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  • ScaryB replied to the topic The Mind Robber part 5

    That was great fun, love these rewatches (tho a bit behind).  And thanks everyone for the background infos and comments.  It’s been one of my favourites since I watched it 1st time round, so great to hear everyone’s very positive reactions (esp @Bluesqueakpip ).

    And a nice chuckle re @Phaseshift and @ConfusedPolarity‘s suggestion about the r…[Read more]

  • PhaseShift replied to the topic The Mind Robber part 5

    Yes the “duelling storytellers” face off is pretty engaging as we get characters like D’artagnan, Cyrano, Blackbeard and Galahad being summoned as avatars for the battle. It’s not a massive canvas, but given the restrictions of the piece it does have a cheeky feel, and some thought went into the fight scene (as opposed to Time Meddler, where every…[Read more]

  • PhaseShift replied to the topic The Mind Robber part 4

    I was determined to catch up before we launch into the last episode. I can’t really do much but echo others here though.

    The Karkus is really camp as@wolfweed suggests, but I’m also sure that wolfweed would agree that does reflect a certain campness in US comics in the 60s that was in vogue (the superheroes were “swinging” along with bits of…[Read more]

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    Doctor Who – educating small children in Classical History since the 1960’s. 🙂

    I’m still not certain about Gulliver. He seems to be wandering about in search of a plot – not part of a test, or anything, just generally wandering. Bit like the Doctor, really…

    Year 2000, Hourly Telepress? I suspect most youngsters watching this nowadays would…[Read more]

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    Sorry if someone posted this at the beginning of Apr when it was published – but has anyone picked up on this   http://www.kasterborous.com/2014/04/moffat-explains-tardis-dislikes-clara/

    We’ve had a fair bit of speculation on this subject, and it looks like it’s not done-with yet. So why does the TARDIS dislike Clara?

    Other than that I mostly…[Read more]

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    I admit to bingeing!  On the episodes and the comments. Woohoo!! I’ve missed this. Too much RL recently 🙂  And it’s THE MIND ROBBER!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I agree with @Confusedpolarity about the only slight mis-step in showing the minotaur.  But the medusa is great – stone snakes, slowly waking up – what’s not to be scared of! And Troughton is ab…[Read more]

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    @Confusedpolarity @Phaseshift

    It is interesting about different viewing habits, especially when these episodes were designed to be viewed that way. So in some ways, the direction, scripting is slower, but you can afford more time to let the big ideas perculate through (much as with Quatermass, which we were discussing a few weeks ago). You could…[Read more]

  • ScaryB replied to the topic The Mind Robber part 1

    Not a lot to add, that hasn’t been brilliantly covered already by all you clever people above 🙂

    This was always one of my favourite stories, and completely creeped me out watching in the 60s.  The destruction of the TARDIS was shocking- the safe haven, gone.  She could get moved, kidnapped, hidden, but she was usually impregnable.  I wasn’t aw…[Read more]

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    @ConfusedPolarity – I agree, this is terrifically atmospheric. I’ve never seen this story before and I’m really enjoying it.

    Yes, Troughton switches from hand flapping confusion to utter confidence in a moment – you can tell he’s thinking things through, and it’s spotting Lemuel Gulliver’s dialogue that tells him what’s going on. There’s a nice…[Read more]

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