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    Like Thayne I am becoming bored with this but there is something I need to mention. Jimthefish appears to have made quite appalling assumptions about me. I mentioned the thesis, not as a way of bragging, but as a defence of those who would assume I was some sort of sexist moron. I made comment that those who disagree…[Read more]

  • @thane15

    You obviously missed the reference to the lump of putty under the arm (armpit). Ask your mother. You mention the contradictions in my post but neither highlight, explain them, or show any contradiction. Feel free to expand. I have not, at any point said what an alien can or cannot be, simply that I think this regeneration has been…[Read more]

  • @DrBen¬† Thanks for pointing that out. I’ve been watching the show all these decades and didn’t notice that the Doctor regenerates – the very topic of my post. Anything else of interest that might have passed me unnoticed? The Beatles? Star Trek? The Falklands War? Oh, and wasn’t some chap shot the night of the first episode? Thanks for keeping me…[Read more]

  • I read the interview and was struck by the comment about not being afraid of gender. I thought that was both pretentious and patronising. Does anyone on here really believe that those who object to this change have some sort of fear of the female gender? Since then (and go check) most of the comments attacking those who oppose this change have…[Read more]

  • Both predictable and bad.

  • GlasgowBoy replied to the topic The Doctor Falls

    I watched the Lego Batman Movie straight after this and , honestly, it made more sense. I’m glad so many enjoyed it but I thought it was a poor finale, especially after last week’s episode which was excellent.

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    I thought that episode was excellent. The writing and the acting was top notch. I have no idea about next week but would hazard a guess that Bill will be saved by the Doctor and it is this act that causes his death/regeneration. As much as I will miss Capaldi’s Doctor, I will also miss Gomez’s Missy. She has been outstanding throughout. Question -…[Read more]

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    I thought this started off very well but then went a bit twee. Definite echoes of the film ‘Outlander’. Didn’t really get the whole teenager survivor bit. Also, the beast kills thousands of Roman soldiers but is defeated by a bunch of kids in a hut? All a bit Scooby Doo. And the Romans just happen to have a secret tunnel in o the Picts hut? Bill…[Read more]

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    Just watched this episode and found it very enjoyable. On the plus side – great fun. Liked the references to various films, both visual (First Men in the Moon, Zulu, Jason and the Argonauts) and spoken. Liked the whole ¬†steam punk thing. On the negative side- some of the dialogue lazy and poor “Oi Queenie!” And the very naff sneaking round the…[Read more]

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    ‘Underwhelming’ would appear to be the general gist. Personally, I thought it was very poor. Perhaps I missed something but can someone explain the monk on the prison ship? If it was all a set up by the doctor, what was it doing there? Why wasn’t Bill imprisoned from the start? If she was the key to world domination (another very weak point) then…[Read more]

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