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    MikeofMcr @replies

    14 pages of posts and I am only in the middle of page 5. So apologies if some one has said what I am saying below or I don’t acknowledge some one I should.

    Overall initial reaction, One of the best series in the modern era. And a very strong finale. I loved all the concepts in including Clara and Me running off in a stolen Tardis (to have a spin off show, please)

    @mudlarkI got the impression that even when he first walked into the place he had some subliminal awareness of its significance, else why did he start picking out Clara’s theme and launch into his narrative?

    Generally I love the music in DoctorWho, though I think in recent series Murray Gold has been running dry, at least  he has not been hitting the same high standards. May be RTD was better than SM at scripting scenes to give a musical interlude.

    But the music this time had a DoctorWho twist. Either the music is part of the story, as in The Rings of Akhaten, or it is  background, mood and themed. The story took Clara’s theme and brought it into the story. I think that is a first for DoctorWho. It was a way of denoting that the Doctor was aware of the hole left behind by not remembering Clara. which is more or less what you are saying.

    MikeofMcr @replies


    I am highly, highly speculating here but does it work that those that the doctor physically kills, as opposed to may be dying to protect him end up with Missy. She is in some way his appeaser of his guilt complex?

    Coming back to your eureka moment, I think you are right it is too much of a coincidence. But I don’t know that it necessarily leads to Missy being a Clara derivative. What Missy is wearing, has any one else worn the same outfit? That may be a lead.

    MikeofMcr @replies

    @timeloop Thanks for the response.

    1st Point. When Clara leaves the Tardis, they don’t acknowledge each other, which is what I would expect old friends to do. There is no “Good to see you again” or “How are things?”, etc. Even with a regenerating Doctor I would expect, “I see you have been having a few problems, Clara”.

    2nd point. I said it was off screen. It is a just an idea. It works either way. 9 was certainly trying to prepare Rose, but 11’s last scene before becoming 12, he was reminiscing about Amy. He could have told her what he said on the phone at that point. In reality, I agree with many of the posters that SM put this scene in to reassure the audience rather than the characters.

    And as for your other idea, posted this second, I will have to think on that one.

    MikeofMcr @replies

    Just finished watching DB for the second time. There are still about 40 posts I have not read and not sure if these thoughts have been mentioned, but I want to share 2 ideas.

    On first viewing I was not surprised that Clara did not know the Paternoster gang, because the first time she was a Claricle. But I was surprised that they did not know her. The only conclusion is that this was the first time they met her or any of her incarnations. I will need to go back to see if in the Snowmen, they do recognise her on first meeting. If they don’t, we may need to try and find an explanation.

    Second it struck me that 12 did a Timey-wimey thing and off screen contacted 11, saying that i) he had a problem with Clara with her not accepting him, ii) he was scared and iii) he really needs Clara. How else would 11 know he needs to call her to reassure her?

    MikeofMcr @replies

    Agree that theme music doesn’t need changing each series. Brilliant sequence of Doctor post-regeneration-Stephan Moffat’s humour at its brilliant best, and at least 5 very good links to the past.

    MikeofMcr @replies


    Re point (7). Thanks.  Realise, as being of non-TimeLord stock, I got the Timey Wimey thing a bit wrong. Accept the point in the Doctor’s timeline, it is as you state. In QE1’s timeline The Day of the Doctor occurs before the Shakespeare Code. I don’t know how SM keeps track of it all!

    MikeofMcr @replies

    Coming into this thread a week behind but still ruminating on it. Also been looking for a website to share my thoughts. So here is my maiden post.

    1) Loved it. Lived up to the expectation. So delighted there was a prequel. I see no reason, why there should not be a parallel series with the McGann Doctor-before he grows too old. Come on Beeb.

    2) I personally would stick with the numbering for identification purposes, but in the Doctor Who life history Smith to Capaldi is the 12th regeneration. This in effect makes Capaldi very mortal and opens new story lines. I am expecting the Capaldi Doctor to have some sort of facial hair-otherwise why only see his eyes?

    3) Seeing the Tom Baker character was a nice touch but dubious how it helps the future storyline. It is difficult to perceive how the Curator can be the 4th doctor or how he cannot be some future incarnation. This logic now implies 13 regenerations with a maximum of 12. So Stephen Moffatt has cut his work out for himself.

    4) A weapon with software so powerful it becomes sentient-genius, sheer genius. And brilliantly portrayed by Billie Piper. Not the first time, time lord technology confuses past and future-vis a vis in the Doctor’s Wife.

    5) Disappointed Christopher Eccleston could not have at least agreed to shooting the regeneration from the Hurt character. When the War Doctor started to regenerate you have no idea how much I wanted to see Eccleston emerge, at least in cameo. I really don’t think that would have broken his artistic principles. We will only know for sure when SM says, “Yeah” or “Nay” but the notion that the War Doctor’s part was originally intended for the 9th doctor makes very good sense to me.

    6) I have still to work out the 3 doctors individual time lines, the wiping of their minds and their Tardis’s flight paths to see if there isn’t a continuity error. The Smith character realises that he has to follow the Fez through the portal yet cannot remember other events that he has lived through twice.

    7) Theories, stated elsewhere that the Tennant character is between the Waters of Mars and The end of Time are wrong. By the time of the Waters of Mars episode, QE1 had long fallen out with the Doctor in the Shakespeare Code. This therefore can only place the Doctor after Rose Tyler and before he meets Martha Jones.

    8) Certain points in time and space are fixed, some are not. Again genius but the concept of Killing all the Time Lords has the same effect on subsequent history as taking them out of time and space and believing they have been killed. Thus an apparent fixed point is not.

    9) I think the idea of a new story thread of the Doctor looking for Gallifrey will work. It will need a few series to run and I would like to see the Doctor become increasingly frustrated at his failure of finding it. Just imagine if the Time Lord Art in which the planet has been saved ends up in the wrong alien hands?

    10) Struggling to see how the first 7 doctors knew to turn up in the right space time without subsequently remembering. Or may be they did, but could not tell their future selves. Or may be every regeneration knows to turn up at a certain time and certain place once and once only during the regeneration, but in the case of numbers 1-8 not knowing why.

    11) Seeing all 13 doctors together looking at Gallifrey was a nice touch. I think it is more symbolic, than storyline.

    12) My biggest and longest lasting mystery which emanates from the very first ever Dr Who episode still has not been answered. Who were Susan Fourman’s parents? And who was the mother of one of these parents, of course implying that the Doctor has a child. Now that could be a theme for the 8th Doctor.

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