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    Oh my goodness, thank you for this. I listened to some of the concert link as well as your original “Amy” song; just gorgeous. Like @nicelyuseless, I didn’t know the artist at all, but I won’t forget him again.

    Talking about music for companions sent me off on another thought. I thought of this song in connection with the Doctor’s final…[Read more]

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    Hi @nicelyuseless – really glad you liked it (and that it was new to you!).

    The album “O” is really lovely and quite a few songs from it are in this concert recording. The final song (i think) is Eskimo which is amazing (on the album it has an opera singer which is very powerful).

    Spurred on by finding this I had a bit of a session the other…[Read more]

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    @nicelyuseless     I do love parentheses. (Sorry.)

    Repeat after me: Punctuation is our friend. Use early and often.   🙂

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    <<<shaking leftover streamers and confetti and *someone’s glitter* off my roof>>>

    Hello, one and all.

    Happy New Year!

    And Happy Birthday, dear wonderful forum!

    And jelly babies, celery, and Jammie Dodgers all around for reaching, nay, *exceeding* the 1000 member mark.

    Should be some sort of prize for our emperor @Craig — another regeneration…[Read more]

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    @Whisht – I try my best. Ahahaha!

    @nicelyuseless – No need to apologize, just thought I should mention it.

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    @nicelyuseless et al – I fear we get the leaders/ public servants we deserve (certainly the ones we vote for).

    I think if they thought we wouldn’t vote for them if they were seen heckling or using dumb arguments etc then they’d change their ways. Unfortunately its working the other way with apathy being the common reaction to politics. Also,…[Read more]

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    @ScaryB and @nicelyuseless Compared to the present US congress/senate, our current parliament is a haven of civilised discourse. I remember the BTL shock at the New York Times when they reported on the formation of the Coalition. The shock wasn’t just at the very idea that Conservatives and Liberals might decide to work together; it was also that…[Read more]

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    I still feel political debate is important… if only the participants adhere to the principles of logic and civil discourse, so they could provide an example for the civilians

    Reasoned debate, as in proper communication, is the only way forward, IMHO. Unless you’re a Dalek fleet of course in which case you just wipe out the…[Read more]

  • @nicelyuseless

    I was watching because I love the character of the doctor. And the ethos of the show

    Can’t think of a better reason to watch the show or for you to be on here and commenting. (Unless it’s your cat’s regeneration, LOL (great avatar). And a 20′ purple scarf)


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    Happy 2014 everyone

    <moves very slowly on to the sofa>

    Welcome @monochromedimension, fellow Hartnell/Troughton fan 🙂

    @Cathannabel – agree re your no 2 comment about coincidence. There will be a connection somewhere!

    And yes, @nicelyuseless @Arbutus Cats  do indeed rule the universe… meow



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    All the best to everyone for 2014! I hope that the first day of the New Year isn’t too hazy for anyone.  🙂

    @nicelyuseless   Based on what goes on around our house, I’d say that the cats already rule most of the universe!

    @Monochrome Dimension     Welcome! I love your user name. I also have high hopes for Capaldi. Although, like you, I have e…[Read more]

  • @nicelyuseless Kidneys?! Hehe. I don’t that would catch on as well as Chinney or Matchstickman.

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    Hi, @nicelyuseless. I see that the cat is regenerating, how many lives is it now? Your story is remarkably similar to mine, in that I also started watching the Fourth Doctor in repeats, all unknowing of the fate that he had already met! I was baffled and annoyed by that regeneration, and it took me awhile to warm up to the Fifth Doctor as a…[Read more]

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    @Bluesqueakpip   @nicelyuseless   @ScaryB   @PhaseShift

    On Doctor numbering: In my mind, the numbers of the doctors, like names, have become so intrinsically linked to their faces and personalities that I doubt I could separate them now. When I think “Ninth Doctor”, I see Eccelston and all his swagger, and “Tenth Doctor” brings up the emoti…[Read more]

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    That’s a lovely idea that Lem is a tribute to Stanislaw Lem. I really hope we see more of Tasha (big fan of Orla Brady). Created by the TimeLords, huh?  Interesting, but comes up against the same problem as my “she is a Time Lord” theory – if that’s the case then why couldn’t she call to the TLs thro the crack – her voice would…[Read more]

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    @wolfweed To the point: ?

    @JimTheFish I guess you have a point.

    @nicelyuseless I am glad you like it. Oh, and welcome.

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    Welcome, and not stupid questions. I think we may have to agree a consensus on numbering/naming on here. It’s mighty confusing 😉 (As @JimtheFish says Tennant is now 11 AND 12!))

    Personally I like the idea of Capaldi as the new No 1 😉 but I’ll settle for 12.

    My pref would probably be to stick with the original numbering for…[Read more]

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    @nicelyuseless – I have a strong suspicion Mr Capaldi’s asked to be Twelve rather than Thirteen. 🙂 The BBC are certainly calling him the Twelfth – but if it worries you, you can always call him the Capaldi Doctor.

    Yes, he flicked switches. He starts off completely confident, goes to the TARDIS console, flicks switches and presses some buttons…[Read more]