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    Notime @replies

    I guess the DNA bombs didn’t kill Tzim-Sha?   Was his decrepit condition due to old age or the effects of the DNA bombs?

    He must have been quite upset at the Doctor.   The distress calls may have been a way get the Doctor to come to that planet.   If I was going to set a trap for the Doctor then a planet that attacks the brain would be useful.

    More poorly trained guards with laser guns.  Would like to see something different there…..they didn’t seem to have anything to add to the story.

    Notime @replies

    Second watch confirmed this as my favorite episode so far this season.

    Funny how on my first viewing I didn’t notice Eric’s shirt had Slayer written in mirror image when he was on the other side of the portal.  Returned to normal once he got back to the normal side.   Nice touch.

    I wonder if Ryan and Yaz will pack a lunch next time out?

    Notime @replies

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Fun episode!  Lots of things to digest….which is what makes Doctor Who fun for me.</p>

    Being male, I couldn’t help but chuckle how a sentient universe understands how gullible we can be.   It didnt even try to trick the Doctor or Jaz with memories of a departed loved one to make them want to stay.   Maybe gave it a try with the daughter but that was fruitless.   Just works on the guys I suppose.  Classic.  🙂


    Notime @replies

    This episode seemed like the same basic story as Rosa…..just told in a different setting.  I can’t tell if the writing is genius or lazy.


    Possible theme for the season in that most every episode has a threatening being and threatening ideal.    Except for the first episode…..maybe that one is supposed to stand alone for introductory reasons?

    The Woman who fell to Earth:  Thim Shaw and ???

    The Ghost Monument:  A planet called Desolation and a contestants who compete to the death, presumably for entertainment reasons.

    Rosa:  White Supremacist from the future and racism in the South. (Actually the most terrifying threat of the season since it still exists….)

    Arachnids in the UK:  Mutant spiders and Trumpism.

    The Tsuranga Conundrum:  a creature hungry for energy and ????

    Demons of the Punjab: alien assassins (perceived) and creating borders to separate people.

    Kerblam!:  the sabatour and technology that contributes to social isolation

    The Witchfinders:  prisoners in the tree and witch phobia



    Notime @replies

    Enjoyed the episode…..except for the doctor turning her back and walking away as the trigger is pulled.  She swore she would never do that…..again.   I guess that old saying is still true…..”The Doctor lies”.

    Was completely unfamiliar with the story of India>Pakistan partition….from the people’s perspective that is.  Glad I was able to hear the story being told this way.   I think I will read Macron’s speech again.  Might be some parallels there…

    Did anyone else get the impression the grandmother remembers?   Perhaps she was waiting for Yaz to say something first so they can talk about what happened?   Has to keep the secret from her until she is sure Yaz had the experience in her own timeline.  Could be the reason the grandmother was so grumpy when she gave her the watch…..because by her reaction she knew that Yaz hadn’t traveled back yet.  Good guess though….Yaz was the correct age and wearing the clothes from grandma’s wedding day.

    Need a re-watch…..didn’t the “witnesses” threaten the travelers early in the episode?   And….were they even needed for this story?  Phantom menace for sure…


    Notime @replies

    Lesson to be learned….

    When the Doctors asks you to “Be sure” then you better be sure because your next waking moment can be spent looking at the business end of a sonic mine in the final seconds before detonation.


    Feels like the story just missed it a bit.  I was waiting for the moment when they exceeded the range of the translation feature provided by the TARDIS…..that would have been an interesting wrinkle to the current predicament.


    Or….maybe the Doctor has learned that losing the TARDIS is problematic and installed a “follow me” feature.  Would have been fun to stumble across it in one of the cargo holds of the medic ship.  I wonder if it would have been able to stop that creature from entering the TARDIS?

    Notime @replies

    As a proud owner of a fully restored 1955 Bel Air, I was excited to see a nice example on screen.


    Joy soon changed to terror when you realize the travelers are in 1950s South.

    Lots of work do do still.

    Most terrifying episode I have ever seen.

    Notime @replies

    Just finished reading several online articles about the American audience using subtitles to understand Jodie and Mandip’s  accent…


    We have no trouble with their accents over here.  The television program that interviewed Jodie is a parody of a nightly news/talk show.  They are pranksters.  The subtitles were obviously a joke.  Apparently one that keeps on giving because others are writing articles as if it was real news.

    I guess any publicity is good publicity though…




    Notime @replies


        Did anybody else have a bit of a reaction to how often JoDoc uses the sonic? 

    I didn’t focus on how often it was used as much as HOW it was used.   As the end of the episode grew near, I began to wonder which mode she would use each time she pulled it of her pocket.  Seems like it has at least two modes……(1.)going to poke a wild animal and (2.)painting a fence.



    Another thing which I noted was that the police box is now, for the first time I think, represented as a kind of vestibule to the whole rather than as containing it, as if it were merely a portal to another dimension. Maybe that shift in concept shouldn’t bother me, but it does a little.


    Same here.  Weird to see the illuminated POLICE BOX letters readable from the control room.

    Notime @replies

    The sniper bots were terrible shots.  The native inhabitants must not have been nearly as quick as humans.   Or perhaps they trained at the Storm Trooper Academy…


    I think I am enjoying the companion introductions without them being seduced by the capabilities of the TARDIS… least right away.  From their point of view, the best feature so far is the cookie dispenser…..excluding the space/time traveling thing of course.

    Does anyone recognize the cookie (biscuit) type/flavor?   I wonder if they are available here in the States?

    Notime @replies

    Upon second viewing…

    The contestants just needed to arrive at the Ghost Monument site.  Viewing the monument wasn’t required.

    Ghost Monument appears roughly every 1000 rotations or so….not years like I previously thought.


    I can’t stop thinking about the contest.   The prize to the winner suggests there must have been spectators.   The hologram threatened immediate disqualification if the rules were broken so I presume there had to be some way to monitor the contestants.

    As far as I can tell….receiving help from the Doctor and companions did not violate the rules so I guess that was okay…


    I thought for a second the Doctor was going to pull out the sonic sunglasses for Graham to use….that would have been a little comical.


    Notime @replies

    We got the Title sequence here in the States this time.   New visuals…..familiar time.  Was a little disappointed by that.

    To win the contest…..didn’t one have to witness the Ghost Monument or just arrive where it normally appears?  Need a second viewing….as usual.  🙂


    Very surprised the Doctor was so defeated at the end…..I was totally expecting it to appear eventually.  She even predicted so earlier in the show….


    Perhaps the TARDIS caused the planet to drift out of orbit?   It appears every 1000 years or so?   I wonder how many times the Ghost Monument has been seen?  A little nudge each time could have moved the planet off course…


    First place I would go is to the female racer’s home planet.  Two reasons.   Cleanse it of the “tooth fairies” and to let her know they made it off that planet safely.

    Notime @replies


    What do you mean by intro segment?


    Not it sure what to call it exactly……Title Sequence maybe?

    The bit that is played right after the opening scene of each episode.   Usually a tune, with a video representation of moving though space-time…..during which the TARDIS appears at some point.


    I suspect we didn’t get that sequence because they don’t want to show us the TARDIS yet?   Must be something huge in store…..getting more curious by the day.  Wouldn’t be surprised if we get through most of the season before that appears.

    Notime @replies

    Did the UK viewers get an intro segment?   We didn’t get one over here in the States.  :(.

    I look forward to those….

    Notime @replies

    Thank you for the explanation @kharis.  I suspected as much but wasn’t really all that certain.

    Not sure what is my favorite part of the episode….I liked how the Doctor shouted at the hunter to stand still and then bolted in pursuit when it fled.   Got a kick out of that wouldn’t be the first instinct reaction for us mortals.


    Early on…..the thought crossed my mind that the transport pod was the TARDIS regenerating, because of its color.  That concept ignited a half dozen side stories in my head.  Glad the story line didn’t travel down that path though…

    Notime @replies

    Welcome back Doctor!

    Feels like a great season on the way.

    Bit of adrenalin …

    Dash of outrage…

    Heat of panic…

    Nice batch of ingredients.


    Can anyone explain the Sheffield Steel reference?  Us Americans are clueless over here….


    Notime @replies

    Great episode.  I have been looking forward in anticipation to see the chemistry between these two and I wasn’t disappointed.  Fantastic season!

    I was a bit surprised that River didn’t pick up on who he was but then again she was used to a doctor who normally fumbles about.  CapDoc just stood back and let the madness happen around him…..almost as if he enjoyed letting River ‘take the wheel’ for a bit.  Fun episode.  I enjoyed the dialogue.  The comprehension displayed by the doctor was fantastic.  He gets it now….on many different levels.  I don’t think he will need the pocket of que cards any longer.  He seems to know exactly what to say and when… long as River is around anyway.  🙂


    I wonder where she wired the money?  She surely doesn’t need it.  Maybe it went to the family of CAL so they could fund the library?  Of course that would imply that River knew details about her eventual fate…..I don’t thing she ever really thought that far ahead…or behind as it turns out.

    Really great to see the doctor laugh again .

    Will watch this one a few times for sure.  Is there a dialogue transcript available online?  I couldn’t make out some of the exchanges….they talk a bit too fast, the rewind  button didn’t help much.  🙂

    Notime @replies

    Wow, was finally able to read all the comments on all the pages.  Great discussion.

    I still can’t help but think the Doctor realized that Clara failed to reverse the polarity and in fact rendered the neural block useless so he decided to fake his memory wipe.  It just seemed that way to me when I re-watched the episode.  His mannerisms seem to show that he was working though the remaining moves in a game of chess and found a stalemate scenario each time.  So he had to improvise and decided to play the “Lets press the button and see what happens” game.  He knew that Clara would steal the Tardis and also knew Ahildr would not stop her…..especially since she has been hoping to tardis trek for ages.


    On the other hand, the Doctor realizes he is addicted to his duty of care and it causing harm so he must stop.  Consider this a form of rehab.  Sometimes people retreat to the simplest of times when  the need to start over comes about.  Crazy theory I know……just keep coming back to that thought when I think about it some more….

    Looking forward to the Christmas episode!  🙂

    Notime @replies


    hello and welcome to you from the friendly hybrid. Glad you loved it too -a lot of people did. We’re one of them.

    Thank you for the welcome.   I was exposed to Doctor Who via BBC America a few seasons ago right about the time that Clara became a regular on the show.  I soon found a way to watch all the episodes beginning with Rose and I’ve been a fan ever since.   Sometime around the second half of Smith’s last season….the writing started to become a little bit complicated for the casual enthusiast so I searched for a forum to help explain thing to me.  🙂   Thank goodness I found this forum.   You guys are great!    If I am not mistaken, this forum may be the first in history that allows a fan of any regular television series to ‘continue the story’ in such a way as only the internet can allow.     I think it’s quite revolutionary that the writers are able to craft a story with space between the lines for a fan forum to fill in the blanks.   I am sure that current technology (DVR-digital video recorders) at home plays a big part because the fans can now go back an re-watch at will and even freeze frame with HD clarity.   Something that fans of the earlier series certainly were not able to do.

    Even so, I still prefer to watch each new episode in the classic way…..start to finish, without pausing or re-winding.   Then when it’s over I can choose to check this forum in hopes it may answer some questions or expose new avenues that I may have missed.   After reading here…I then might re-watch the episode.   Because of this group here….the re-watch almost always is an improvement compared to my original viewing.

    Thank you all for this community.  For me, you guys are part of what makes it so enjoyable to watch Doctor Who.

    Notime @replies


    Yep – and since the Clara tribute was still on it, we can deduce that it was carried to Nevada, rather then went under its own steam.

    Agreed.  Well deduced.

    Taking that thought a bit further….I presume Clara must have been very moved to see the tribute left on the outside of the tardis.   She no doubt would have known exactly who did it.    I wonder if Ashildr looked on with envy since she would never know what it feels like to be memorialized.

    Notime @replies


    I wonder where they filmed “Nevada”. Maybe a CG wild west was easier than actually going there. Also nobody here drives… whatever that “truck” was. Looks like a mutant Landrover. Trucks are huge, beat up, and can carry an entire cow in the bed. Usually named Chevy or Ford. Sometimes Ram. See also Dodge. (both are a clue as to why you should get out of the way). Also missed the dead deer platform often found on the rear… Definitely needed more dents and rust. And a 150 is small. A 350 is more like it. Come on guys, surely someone in the UK has a real truck.


    It looked like a Ford Bronco.  Late ’70 – early ’80s vintage I think.  They are a full size SUV type vehicle that has a removable rear roof section.  Built on the F-150 platform.

    The native looking fellow that was with the Doctor when he woke up was driving an old sedan so there might have been a different person who eventually drove the Doctor to the diner.  I agree that it appears the Doctor may have been wandering about for some time.  Would like to know more about that part of the story….

    Did it seem like the two Tardis(s) (plural?) Occupied the same location?  The blue tardis wasn’t visible when he drove up to the diner so it probably wasn’t out front.  When the diner vanished, did the Doctor turn around to see the blue tardis?  If so, then it could have been in the “kitchen” (Control room of Clara’s tardis).  Can one tardis be inside another?  If so, that would explain how she moved it from England.

    Notime @replies

    Are there any theories about who drove the Doctor to the diner?  Did he simply catch a ride from a friendly stranger or was the driver someone more interesting?

    Notime @replies

    @ichabod Thank you!  That opens the door nicely for me.  Also helps me understand why he turned his back and played his guitar as Clara walked away.  This explanation has turned what I had first viewed as a wasted scene into one of the most powerful moments in the Doctor – Clara story.

    @puroandson. Yes.  That works nicely.  I like it.  The neural bloc could possibly keep the Doctor from seeing Clara even though he is looking right at her.  To further build on that concept….it might even be a case where the Doctor knows he is looking right at her yet still can’t remember their history together.  A familiar stranger if you will….


    Notime @replies


    Conspiracy theory after watching HB tonight
    The Doctor left the sonic glasses on the console on purpose knowing Clara
    would watch on the screen, He also left the mind wiper there. He set it up?
    He figured out that he had to part from Clara. So was he making it easier for
    her? Seems to me that he really didn’t loose a lot of his memory. I really get
    that feeling. The Doctor lies. Again.


    I had had the same thoughts as well.

    For me this has been the best season yet.  As usual, I am left with many questions after watching each week.  This time I am left to wonder how it could be possible the Doctor didn’t figure out who he was talking to in the diner when it vanished the way it did.  The wheezing sound should be quite familiar by now…

    Then to see his Tardis with Clara’s face painted on the side should have put to rest any doubt he may have had about her identity.

    I second the notion that the Doctor remembers more than he is letting on.  Must always remember the number one rule.  🙂



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