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    lisa @replies

    Hope everyone on the forum is staying safe and happy. Now whether the USA will remain

    a safe and happy place seems to have been voted on for now.  Of course the orange covidiot is

    threatening to take several states to court. I’m very proud we eked it out but we still have to

    take the Georgia Senate seats otherwise there’s still  gridlock.

    I’ve been still watching  Brexit.  Biden doesn’t want the disruption.  He’s all about building

    bridges and wants  to promote that image.  Biden sees Russia and China as the top threats. Plus

    the UK will be easier to build a coalition with than confused Brussels. So Biden will interpret

    Brexit as an important  transition that matters ( assuming that  strong security is probably a lot

    more important than the trade aspects.)  So its a safe assumption that Biden will try to extinguish

    the Brexit fight.


    lisa @replies


    Truth  –

    The USA federal government is incompetent under this administration.  So is China. So is the EU.

    Big government has been much worse at reacting than all the smaller ones.   The orange covidiot

    has been at war with the Governors from day 1 of the pandemic.   I listen ONLY to the Governors.

    This is what happens when you put the interests of money before the interests of the people.  Of course

    this is my personal observation but I think when you have all these sorts of irresponsibility its as bad as

    any pandemic! Makes it all so much worse.  Personally I find that spending some chunks of time

    remembering everything isn’t messed up is helpful.   Especially nature!   Nature has been benefitting a lot!

    Stay safe everyone!



    lisa @replies
    lisa @replies

    Hi everyone

    I’m worried.   Not just because of the pandemic but also the economic collapse.

    This might turn into a big reset on how the global  banking situation works.

    The pandemic can be used as a front to repair the huge toxic debt bubble that every country has.

    The Federal reserve moves mean nothing now.   There is  a law in the states called the Nesara act.

    It’s basically a financial reformation act which was passed during the Clinton years and never

    implemented.   Well it sure looks like  this could be the opportunity  now!

    The orange idiot has already been dropping hints that he will.   I feel like we are all living thru

    a sci fi  disaster flick.  But when the national guard gets called out and all the debts start

    getting cancelled,  (some have already) then  I have to think something is going on.

    I just don’t trust the current government administration and that’s why I’m worried.

    The pandemic is bad enough but I think its not the whole story.   We really got 2 major

    global problems that have come home to us.   I’m taking both seriously.

    Stay safe everyone !!


    lisa @replies

    I’d rather that the Doctor was Tecteun  and the Master was the Time less child she experimented on.

    That might have been a better fit about the love/hate relationship they have.

    Or even the Hybrid that destroyed Galifrey?   That also could have worked well as the Master.

    (Sorry about so many posts.  I couldn’t arrange all my thinking in sync with the editing)

    lisa @replies

    BTW I also won’t  include 10 in that in spite of his use of the Chameleon Arch in Human Nature.

    He did it to transform himself in this particular situation but  left Martha there to protect him so

    that he could return to himself  with ALL his memories.

    CC uses it now  very differently with  intentions that the Doctor I have always known

    would revolt against.   He implying that could be what led to the Doctor going renegade?

    Maybe, but it still doesn’t feel  fitting  with any of these Doctors from new or old Who.

    Because wiping out your memories permanently in the way its  done  in this episode

    is both  ‘cruel and cowardly’.




    lisa @replies

    I’m a bit stuck on a few things.  First,  how do we know that the Master didn’t manipulate

    what the Doctor saw inside the Matrix?  Some thing about this isn’t right with me.

    Was the Master  pushing a new deception on the Doctor. Towards what purpose?

    Because there’s always deception around the Master.  Its his M.O.

    There was never anything implied at least to me that connects the Doctor and the child

    except that the Master says so.

    Also  I still don’t buy into the notion this Doctor  allowed her mind to be redacted

    by the Chameleon circuit so many times.  This sticks out to me too. This is not the same

    Doctor that would never confess in the Confession Dial.  This is part of CC’s retcon and

    I  don’t see this path cause it doesn’t feel consistent with the character to me.  CC is

    implying that the Doctor evolved into this Doctor version  but started out as some one quite

    different.  But since the show started I don’t think I’ve seen any one single Doctor

    that would accept chameleon arching their entire mind.

    I liked the fact that there was a story arc this season and it was good but not great

    because it felt messy.  I know this show has always had lots of loose ends

    but I do feel like CC made  this big retcon on the Doctor not for the audience or the

    show’s legacy but instead for some narcissistic need to make the biggest boom.





    lisa @replies



    LMAO !!!   Time to check my glasses !   How I got to that is alarming!

    lisa @replies

    Just wondering about the message written on the back of the carriage clock.

    It seemed a bit fuzzy but  I think it said “for Soroloos to the Dioslon”  but correct

    me if I misread that !!         So what can it mean?

    A Sorol can be a forex transaction. Dioslon is a drug often used topically for skin conditions.

    So …….  not that.  Hm?  That’s going to bug me!



    lisa @replies


    Totally agree with you about the Hybrid.  The Timelords tortured the CapDoc

    over the Hybrid’s identity and as it turns out it was always themselves!

    lisa @replies

    Random thoughts….

    Well it does seem to me that CC has written an over complicated episode.

    There’s a difference between good writing and rushed writing.  This had both.

    I got out of this that there is a Doctor era and a pre- Doctor ‘Division’ era ?

    So Hartnell was the rogue Division agent that escaped but Ruth Doctor was another one?

    The Doctor didn’t originate on Galifrey  but her genetics were spliced into

    some of the indigenous Galifreyans creating Time Lords.  CC has had a Frankenstein fetish all season.

    Doctor Frankenstein picking up a random kid and doing experiments to harvest her immortality.

    Sneaking around a Cyber ship inside cyber shells is why I don’t want to be a Doctor companion.

    I have mixed feelings about this episode.   It had many inconsistencies.

    Wondering if that lady that stood next to Rassilon in ‘The End of Time’ was Tecteun?  Where could

    she/he be now and could “the Other” be  this same character?

    I still  liked it better when the Doctor wasn’t the chosen one and you got your regenerative

    abilities from the time vortex.  Maybe CC might have missed an opportunity with the

    Hybrid here?

    I noticed he even gave the new ‘Moment”  end of the world annihilation  machine a red

    button for Ko to push.   CC has taken the show to a darker place now.





    lisa @replies

    Ok I’m just going to make my prediction that Brendon is inside a Matrix experiment.

    This is why  Dad and the other police guy aren’t aging (and of course why its in  Ireland).

    He keeps getting chameleon arched over and over to see how many times he can regenerate.

    This is why he might be that original timeless child? Brendon is just a host in a Time Lord experiment

    so that they can upgrade regenerative abilities.  I think the Time Lords gave to Brendon the same

    energy Rose gave Jack and were surprised when he fell from the cliff that this was working out!

    So possibly where this is all going has to do with how Galifreyans are just an upgraded species

    like the Cybermen with maybe even a bit of borrowed cyber tech as well? That might be the lie

    which is giving the Master heart burn.

    But I wont be too surprised if I have this all wrong.


    lisa @replies

    I really hope its not Wizard of Oz or a simple Matrix program!

    I’m sure there are many fans like me who would feel hoaxed and left

    disappointed by being denied a real potential epic  Galfreyan arc.


    lisa @replies

    Also wondering if  all these possible Time Lords running around on Earth

    (or at least in Brenden’s little village) are all using perception filters then

    maybe Ashad  the lone Cyberman might have been one of those filtered Time Lords

    and he  got captured? This is why he couldn’t be completely converted.

    Imagine if Ruth Doctor was captured by Cybermen while she’s still under the

    influence of the perception filter  then she couldn’t possibly get properly converted.

    Are the Kasaavins Ahshad’s ascended Cybermen?  His invincible army against

    the Time Lords?  His grudge doesn’t seem any less diminished from the Masters.




    lisa @replies


    Are ‘all’ of  Jacks kids human?   Couldn’t one have been Hybrid?  Maybe he had a fling  with

    another  Time lord?   Anything is possible in Doctor Who.  He always did have a thing for the

    Time Lords.

    Ko Sharma’s staff.    How many of the Time Lords besides Rassilon  carried one of those?


    I like these  mystery episodes that build on the Galifrey mythos too !



    lisa @replies

    @bluesqueakpip       @blenkinsopthebrave

    I’ve been thinking that clock has a Time Lord in it and its waiting for his immortal body.

    It might be KO ?   My hunch is  that he’s another Time Lord using a perception filter like

    the Ruth Doc.    There was a resemblance between KO and old Brendon.

    If you look with a magnifying glass at the screen shot of the clock it looks a bit like some one

    is standing in a tiny window with a staff…. but my imagination is probably in over drive.

    Why was KO the boundary gatekeeper?  He was waiting for all the humans to go thru the boundary

    just like Yana was waiting for them all to go to Utopia..  Seems strange.

    I think Brendon might also  actually be the Hybrid?  The Time Lords were searching for the

    Hybrid and tormented the 12th Doctor  to find out who it was.

    The fact that they brought  Jack back makes me wonder if there will be a possible link to Brendon.

    I would really like to see this turn into a multi season, Doctor,  companion arc.



    lisa @replies

    If Brendon is the proto-Doctor  then this is  like the ‘Highlander’ immortality concept and

    if  Brendon’s ginger hair  isn’t a conclusive clue about this I shall be very  disappointed!

    Although he could become the Master?  Or maybe even the lone Cyberman !

    Can this be the secret of the Timelords that our unbalanced Master is taking great

    offense about.   The  Toclafane  with Cyber faces (the dark monster story originating from Galifrey).

    I got a very Utopia vibe from this episode several times from  the Cyber drones, the Earth

    invasion,  the time paradox,  and the chameleon arch stuff.

    So if Rose (Bad Wolf) created Jack and Jack did have kids (Torchwood)  Brendon could have

    inherited Jack’s (his father) immortality?   Then in a timey wimey loop the Timelords swooped

    in and created themselves an origin  using  this immortality gift.  And we just saw Jack.

    Can anyone read what was on the front of the clock face that Brendon got as a retirement gift?



    lisa @replies


    Time is becoming all messed up because the Cybermen are changing it to benefit themselves.

    This is also  how we can have changes on Galifrey and the Ruth Doc and  Master in current time.

    The divergence does seem rather sudden.  Did  the Master destroying Galifrey  have an

    effect on  these new differences too?   Because he gives her the warning and then we have

    episodes showing repercussions.  All the upside down stuff began after the Master did that and

    not before the cyberium  incidence.

    I still would like this Master to turn out to be Omega ‘O’ visiting from N space and  Yaz is still

    my pick for conversion but I hope your right.


    lisa @replies

    Watched this with the kid again last night and does anyone know where the Kasaavins come from?

    If they are they from N space then does that mean they are coming from the ‘negative’ side of

    the same universe?  Doesn’t that mean we are all on the ‘positive’ side of the same universe?

    Didn’t  the Cybermen also use N space a lot and is it possible  that’s  where the Ruth Doctor,

    the Master and the Kasaavins  all are ‘leaking’  thru?    The Master said he was going by the

    code name ‘O’  too.   Wasn’t Omega the guy that made his home inside a version of N space land ?

    So maybe in the N space land Omega and the Master are the same character?

    No idea but I cant wait to find out !  Even Gat said this all didn’t seem right to her and

    was very alarmed  when she realized something has  triggered some sort of temporal paradox.

    Time has become messed up in the Whoverse?



    lisa @replies


    lisa @replies


    I just had the hunch  that when the Doctor spoke about not losing anyone else to the Cybermen

    it was as if broadcasting that she will be losing some one to the Cyberman.  I think Yaz

    cause she seems to be the most reckless.


    I’m considering that the secret of the Timeless child could be that all the Timelords

    including the Doctor and Master originate from the same root.

    That could make the Master feel more  ‘out of sorts’  than he/she usually does and he/she

    tossed a tantrum on Galifrey.   But that’s probably too simplistic.

    On the Ruth Doctor I’ve been thinking she came from the future to hide in the past from Galifrey

    and since she is crossing the Jodie Doctors timeline where she shouldn’t be maybe she cant retain

    memories of her. Like in the 50th anniversary episode “Day of the Doctor”.

    lisa @replies

    At least one of these companions will turn into a cyberman before the end.  Just like in Death in Heaven

    and World Enough and Time.

    I really get  this impression that we are getting another whole sort of new origin story for Cybermen in

    the way that there is now a new  origin story Ruth Doctor and that they both are probably connected.

    Quite honestly I’m also seeing Chibnall  trying to make the Jodie Doctor become progressively

    darker and harder for the companions to trust.  So I won’t be surprised if one of them chooses to ignore

    her and does something  which will turn them into cybermen.



    lisa @replies


    I really like that notion!  Your correct that the ‘hybrid’ splinter of 10  was  born of his hand

    within the Tardis and exposed to its particular energy fields like River was as an embryo.

    If  all  Time Lords have  realized  this is an additional way of procreating themselves then

    possibly this could have something to do with the lie that the Master speaks of?

    But also  this could have something to do with the ‘timeless child’ concept of immortality?

    I  also wonder if the episode starting on her birthday is a clue?

    You don’t need an entire Time Lord.   You can take a piece of one and grow a duplicate version.

    But to what purpose cause that reason chould be a part of the lie that is not making the Master

    a happy bloke!

    lisa @replies

    Maybe the Timelords were trying to minimize the damage of the Time War and save themselves

    by splitting the ‘time line’ of  this universe in the way Clara split herself into lots of versions to

    save the Doctor?  The Master found out that this is the lie?  In which case the Master would

    know that he wasn’t the only or even the original.  His destruction of Galifrey was only

    in his and Jodie Doctors particular time line.  Then there could be several Doctors and Masters

    floating around within the same time line.  River called them ‘splinters’ along one timeline.

    That would mean that Galifrey in the pocketverse was just one ‘splinter’ within the time line.

    I’m not completely on board with pre Hartnell Doctors since he was the one that

    we were all told originally stole the Tardis.

    In any case, its nice to feel the fun of conjecturing about all of what’s going on again in the series.


    lisa @replies

    Ok so if it’s not an alternate universe maybe its a ‘hybrid’  universe?   That could possibly

    account for all the loose ends and timey whimeyness?

    Wondering if this Jo Doc is some sort of hybrid?    You can have two types of hybrids

    in the same time line.


    lisa @replies

    I got the impression in  previous episodes this season that Chibbs was hinting at  multi verse stuff.

    In Moffett’s version Timelords were at war with the Daleks and the 3 Doctors came together to

    save Galifrey into  the pocketverse.

    Maybe now  inside this alternate universe its the Timelords  at war  with the Cybermen instead?

    The lone Cyberman?    The one that escaped?  Possibly like the lone Dalek ? Btw we also had

    the three Doctors?   Human Doc, Donna Doctor and real Doctor saving planets.

    It seems we always need three.

    I wonder if we get a third Doctor this season?  I vote to bring back the curator   🙂 !


    Also, in Moffett’s version the Earth has been visited by Cybermen and Daleks.  Humans on Earth

    (at least all those living in the UK ) knew about them.   But these companions of the 13th Doctor

    have never heard of them.



    lisa @replies


    Yeah Ms. Fish !    My goodness.    The purported fish was on the smart phone inside C’s office.

    The Doctor contacted O for assistance on it and a picture of a fish was on the screen display..

    Missy once told Clara she had a daughter.  I forget which episode. But interestingly I read a

    thing about Moffatt thinking up a cliff hanger end to his run of the show but it didn’t happen..

    In it Missy tells the Doctor that she’s pregnant.

    lisa @replies


    YES !   Lots of ‘child’ stuff and all of them weapons?   Like the Moment?

    The Moment was a sort of ‘interface’ .   I supposed both the Master and Doctor are that too.

    There were lots of devices created by the ancients of Galifrey to change outcomes

    which is what both the Master and the Doctor do. They were also eyes to see through too.

    Personally for me the Doctor is the Eye of Harmony and the Master is the Eye of Discord.


    Or a virus,  Empty child.  A killing machine the Nightmare child.

    Also the Unearthly child was the very first  Hartnell episode.

    So the Master is tossing a tantrum because he is being used by the Timelords who

    keep manipulating him over and over and he cant do anything about it except destroy

    the source of the manipulation?

    Interestingly the Doctor has also sought Galifrey’s  end to meddling in his/her lives from the

    beginning when he stole a Tardis.

    lisa @replies


    I wont extrapolate that the ‘timeless child’ is a child from what the Master showed the Doctor

    in  the ‘flash drive’.   He’s thrown lots of red herrings at the Doctor countless times.

    There is some child that’s  part of this s but I would think  that what we  and the Doctor

    were allowed to view could be at best  a beginning clue to a new epic Timelord story.


    Plus I had a thought that the fish picture might be a clue some how?   Could that

    picture of the little timelord kid morph into something different?   I’m wondering

    if that little fish story foreshadows something about  the little time child picture? Maybe?


    lisa @replies

    Well that got kinky when the Doctor kneeled to the Master!  “Hands on head “!  LMAO !

    The Master was always a  bit flirty!  Would it be inappropriate to think they need to get a room?

    In a way I think this Master has saved the show!   I also think that as much as Moffett

    tried to save the dark Master in his re write of the character  Chibnall isn’t having any of that.

    Still this Master did save these 2 episodes for me !!

    Very disappointed that the light creatures aren’t the Cybermen.   I prefer continuity of villains

    to having new villains.  This  Master is definitely a quality villain.  Plus I always enjoy

    watching the Master and Doctor square off!

    So based on the ending of this episode I anticipate more backstory about Timelord history.

    When I think of  what the ‘Timeless child’ could mean I think of an Ashidr.

    But how could she have founded the Timelord civilization and could she have also been the ‘Other”?

    Nah!  Too easy.

    I’m betting that we are all being manipulated into thinking that the timeless child is a child.

    Anyway I’m happy for the return of a big story arc.   Makes all the difference!


    Didn’t think about the Unquiet Dead but yes!   Very good !

    lisa @replies

    Could it be Missy that  has taken over the body of this O ?   Cause if the Simms Master destroyed

    her ability to regenerate did he also destroy Missy’s ability to take over a body.   Didn’t that happen

    in BG Who?    I like the notion of  ‘Army of Ghosts’ Cyberman being the light creatures!   It fits into

    a nice story arc if Chibnall goes there.


    As  @blenkinsopthebrave has pointed out that it makes all the difference to get an  episode

    where you can theorize  on  it all again !!!   TBH didn’t expect it at all after last season.

    lisa @replies

    Reminds me of the 3W idea in Dark Water — Time Lord technology nether sphere.

    Neural networks.   Galifreyan hard drives.    Master’s projects.

    Right down to a skeleton shape inside a glass box, ( the shrunken one inside Barton’s VOR office).

    There were also lots of “O’s”  plastered all over Barton’s office, surely a clue for something?

    In Dark Water  it turned out to be Cybermen symbology all around.

    The tall silver sculpture is a bit like the light creature shape too.

    When that one light creature seemed to use Barton’s computer as a portal and grabbed Yaz,

    it called  her an obstacle but then  Yaz was  popped out?

    Certainly seemed like the creatures were having a tantrum when she was on the inside.

    I like this mystery.


    So I wiki’d  a search about light creatures in past Doctor Who.

    There are light creatures called  “Aeroliths” that were held captive by the Master until the

    7th Doctor freed them (in a comic book story).  Then there is the ‘Eaters of Light’ episode

    which were  those light creatures that  existed in swarms and the 12th Doctor pushed them

    all back thru the portal in Roman’s era  Scotland.

    I also  like returning themes!



    lisa @replies

    Re-watched and I got the shrunken matchstick man in the box explanation.   The Master did

    that to the Doctor too in the past.   His shrinking skills have improved.

    lisa @replies

    I’m very particularly curious about all the  V O R parts.

    Is V virtual and can R  be Reality?  So then what does that make O ?

    Also, the Doctor reached out to O so if she already knew him then its hard

    to reconcile how to work thru when O was or wasn’t this Master.  Guess he/she

    stole another body recently.

    I found this appealing and a good start mostly because  I smell some  possible beginnings

    of a decent story arc.




    Good to hear about all your news.

    My tremendous sympathies to all the Australians going thru the horrible fires!!!

    lisa @replies

    @whisht  @mudlark    @thane16


    Hi  – So  where I am coming from is that you got a PM that has critical thinking skills in 4 languages

    We have the orange idiot that is challenged in his native tongue.  You have a guy who’s hero is Churchill.

    We got a guy that never wants to read anything but yet astonishingly has read Mein Kamph and admires

    Hitler!   You got a guy that can write reasonably decent books.  We got a guy that needs power points in

    big felt tip markers.   I’m just saying count your blessings.  So what if he’s an intellectual snob… we got a

    witless snob.   This is an interesting insight into Boris

    NYTimes 7/17/2019  Books Boris Johnson 72 Virgins

    ( a bit of trouble posting this, the picture keeps coming up )

    So what if he has a lazy nature.  He hired Cummings and some decent talent around him.   Our clown

    has hired lobbyists in the cabinet to run the gov’t.   Rudy Giuliani anyone?

    So what if he’s an opportunist?  So was Churchill.  So were some of our best Presidents.  I have a lot better

    expectations for yours than I do for mine!



    @thane16    The kid  goes to the ranch and hugs all the horses everyday and then  picks 1 to exercise.

    She’s a happy camper.  How’s Thane?


    Happy holidays everyone!

    lisa @replies


    Ok I will definitely forward you post to Dr.  Thomas about your differing view of the Australian model.

    lisa @replies


    Yes it is fair to have opposing views and to try and attempt to understand them!

    That was a huge issue for the leavers too for these past 3 years.

    Right now I’d prefer to have a Boris than an orange grifting gangster idiot running my country!

    Boris has an good and well educated  intellect and we’re stuck with some one with spelling challenges.

    Apologies but I didn’t realize that you couldn’t drop in and out if your not a regular.

    I think there were many crumbs last season


    lisa @replies



    Triggered?   Seek help


    lisa @replies

    @whisht   @bluesqueakpip


    Trade deals ?  The EU is afraid that equalization  will diminish its power in other trade alliances.  They

    want ‘harmonization’  aka a level playing field. The UK wants equalization.  The rest of the world is moving

    towards the equivalency system.  Yes the trade deals will take some time but these  3 years that Parliament

    has been stuck have given both sides the time to imagine ways to get in the ring and push thru something.


    My sister from another mother that I’ve know for all of my life is an Oncologist in the Sheffield-Derby

    area and she sends me lots of stuff about Brexit and I send her stuff about our slow rolling constitutional

    crisis here.  I mention that cause the NHS is her pet peeve and its why she was Brexiteer. She insists that

    there is no party of the NHS.  But spend, spend, spend  isn’t the answer either.

    She likes the Australian model.   Australia has a trade deal with the USA  which includes

    provisions for medicines and devices and they haven’t seen any increases in pharma or devices spending.

    She says that this same deal would have no effect on the NHS either.  In fact the NHS wanted to get cancer

    drugs and other special drugs from the USA but having to go thru the EU meant that it took forever. So she

    wants local control back.

    BTW,  she was no great fan of Corbyn.   She kept calling him ‘magic Grandpa”    because of all the ‘free’

    stuff.  Just saying….. that’s a big reason why Boris got that majority.


    lisa @replies

    Just popping in to say Congradts to all that wanted Brexit and sincere condolences to those that didn’t.

    I have constantly wondered why you would want to stay in the EU from a economic standpoint given the

    opportunity to leave.    The EU was a growth economy for a long time but its hit a wall now plus Germany is

    financially undermining many weaker economies.

    Also  the EU wants to go after the UK’s financial services and btw all those zombie banks. If they begin

    to fall into crisis  then the UK will be having to toss in a lot more to bail them out then if your leaving .

    Maybe its my  ignorance but then I never believed in collective socialism which seemed to me what the EU is.

    Although I’ve also wondered about how democratic the EU really is if it isn’t electing  any  top officials?

    The 4 freedoms seem to mean freedoms for all of the corporations first and everyone else is a 2nd class

    status.   Yellow vests anyone?

    I’ve very recently read in the financial news over here (the states) that once you leave there has been many

    whispers about the UK joining Nafta aka USMCA.   That is a possibility that couldn’t have happened if you


    Looking forward to the new season of Who.  Hoping I  find it to be better than the last one !




    lisa @replies



    Happy Holidays to all

    lisa @replies

    I agree with @blenkinsopthebrave broadly.  .  I’m 1 of the folks that’s a very sympathetic fan of Dr. Who.

    I just cant get into this iteration.  I didn’t like a few of the before gap series either .   I’ve stopped following

    these weekly forum blogs.   At the same time it upsets me a lot. This series just feels weak to me.  Jodie is

    a hippie and I know a bit about being a hippie!  But still she and these episodes bore me.

    That’s probably why your getting more hater posts.   I don’t care that the Doctor is a woman.

    I don’t care about the inclusion and social justice stuff except I don’t like the relentless heavy

    handedness that never felt so in your face before.  Its not subtle. Its more sledgehammer.

    Its also more kiddie-fied which is a major bummer for me.

    Its also bringing us into the current politics of this world in every episode  which is currently

    a mess on so many levels.  So for some that might be ok but for me frankly it just  makes me feel sad.

    Its  a global attitude now and not quite as UK centric in spite of the Sheffield plugs.  Something

    tangible has been lost for me.  Something has definitely changed.

    lisa @replies

    So to my mind the Whit Doc is trying to flesh out -still – her character thru a social justice warrior lens.

    Ok I’ve accepted that this series will be heavy handed with this multiculturalism theme.

    CC is trying to change the status quo in this franchise.  The subliminal message of Whit Doc

    is to question yourself .

    My problem is probably that his preoccupation  with his ideology is clashing with (so far) a

    good plot arc.  I prefer a good plot arc.  Davies and Moffatt  did that really well.

    lisa @replies


    If only!!   Maybe then I’d feel better  about 13.

    lisa @replies


    Yes.    Bickerton is correct. The EU is facing a crisis.  They are like the Titanic heading for

    the iceberg.  Brexit is the life boat.  Both philosophical and financial.  They’ve already admitted

    that rebates will be ending. Grants will probably be cut back too.  The various countries in Europe

    that depend on the UK for a export market are scared shit less about how the EU is jerking around

    the negotiations. Portugal recently admitted how desperate they are for a deal.   I totally disagree

    with the shortages scare mongering. You trade with the rest of the world too. You can get your oranges

    elsewhere and they likely will cost less.   But you know…… backstop.   What drove success in the EU

    was economic expansions.  But they made critical economic mistakes and now they have outrageous

    amounts of toxic debt and are basically running on fumes. That’s why they wont help Italy.  But you

    know …. its those rules again.  Defaults are coming.  When you get close to Brussels you recognize

    that they haven’t properly evolved and still behave like they’re the head of a sort of exclusive club

    and the club members are all slowly beginning to accept their legitimacy less and less.  The EU hasn’t

    been able to manage that.

    BTW, I recently read about the real reason why Jeremy Hunt went to Switzerland . Its all about this

    new F4  group.  This is what the F4 alliance is.

    Its basically a back door into the EU market.  Westminster maybe a mess but the City Of London

    financial district has geniuses !!

    lisa @replies

    @jimthefish  and all following this topic

    So I decided to do some light reading tonight about the IRA point.   🙂

    I came across this piece

    hope this pastes cause I had a bit of trouble with this one

    lisa @replies


    Where did you read that? Your a full member of the World Trade Organization!

    There will surely be some steps you need to go thru.  I very much doubt its been ruled out

    when the UK has already been making a special budget to do this and  it’s not up to the WTO

    whether or not to ‘rule out’ the  UK.  Rather its up to all the other countries to accept trading

    with the UK.  I very much doubt that most of Europe wont want to.  It will effect them as much as it

    effects you!  BRW, the UK is already trading with lots of countries outside of the EU under WTO


    lisa @replies


    Scotland did have that independence proposition?  The bartering situation is ridiculous!

    However on 1 hand I can understand how the UK would want to make the most of their fishing/

    agricultural resources but I also agree they have to protect them too. My understanding about the

    hard Irish border has to do with the customs union.  We have  between Canada and the States

    an electronic scanning system that deals with all of that sort of  trade thing.  I’m sure both sides know

    about this system.  This situation shouldn’t even be a situation but from what I’ve read its the EU

    that keeps saying that the solutions coming from the UK are unacceptable.   I think they’re throwing

    up unfortunate road blocks over this.

    Finally I’ll say this.    I cant see how your parliament will unite to get this vote thru.

    Maybe you all need to take a deep  breath and prepare for that no Brexit and  those WTO rules?



    lisa @replies


    Isn’t the European Court of Human rights separate from the EU?

    If the EU continues to insist on a hard border then any issue with the IRA will be on them!

    Good solutions to this do exist and the EU is just using the issue to blackmail the UK.


    Thanks,  seems I have been doing a lot of arguing all over the place lately,  although we need I\

    these election wins even more than ever  in elections where I am not.


    lisa @replies


    I have 2 questions  but there  will probably be others

    I wonder if Scotland will still get free University if they leave the UK  and also how does the

    Scottish fishing industry feel about Brexit?

    As for the rest of what you say,   I  think you might be over thinking your loss.  Whether  you

    have to do some of those things or not I humbly suggest it doesn’t sound too dire.

    I do agree that May hasn’t handled Brexit with the greatest finesse on  how she’s managing the execution

    of all this.

    Both our leaders are responsible for  astounding anxiety.

    I want to help  take back Congress and see the orange idiot impeached.



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