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    lisa @replies


    Yeah Ms. Fish !    My goodness.    The purported fish was on the smart phone inside C’s office.

    The Doctor contacted O for assistance on it and a picture of a fish was on the screen display..

    Missy once told Clara she had a daughter.  I forget which episode. But interestingly I read a

    thing about Moffatt thinking up a cliff hanger end to his run of the show but it didn’t happen..

    In it Missy tells the Doctor that she’s pregnant.

    lisa @replies


    YES !   Lots of ‘child’ stuff and all of them weapons?   Like the Moment?

    The Moment was a sort of ‘interface’ .   I supposed both the Master and Doctor are that too.

    There were lots of devices created by the ancients of Galifrey to change outcomes

    which is what both the Master and the Doctor do. They were also eyes to see through too.

    Personally for me the Doctor is the Eye of Harmony and the Master is the Eye of Discord.


    Or a virus,  Empty child.  A killing machine the Nightmare child.

    Also the Unearthly child was the very first  Hartnell episode.

    So the Master is tossing a tantrum because he is being used by the Timelords who

    keep manipulating him over and over and he cant do anything about it except destroy

    the source of the manipulation?

    Interestingly the Doctor has also sought Galifrey’s  end to meddling in his/her lives from the

    beginning when he stole a Tardis.

    lisa @replies


    I wont extrapolate that the ‘timeless child’ is a child from what the Master showed the Doctor

    in  the ‘flash drive’.   He’s thrown lots of red herrings at the Doctor countless times.

    There is some child that’s  part of this s but I would think  that what we  and the Doctor

    were allowed to view could be at best  a beginning clue to a new epic Timelord story.


    Plus I had a thought that the fish picture might be a clue some how?   Could that

    picture of the little timelord kid morph into something different?   I’m wondering

    if that little fish story foreshadows something about  the little time child picture? Maybe?


    lisa @replies

    Well that got kinky when the Doctor kneeled to the Master!  “Hands on head “!  LMAO !

    The Master was always a  bit flirty!  Would it be inappropriate to think they need to get a room?

    In a way I think this Master has saved the show!   I also think that as much as Moffett

    tried to save the dark Master in his re write of the character  Chibnall isn’t having any of that.

    Still this Master did save these 2 episodes for me !!

    Very disappointed that the light creatures aren’t the Cybermen.   I prefer continuity of villains

    to having new villains.  This  Master is definitely a quality villain.  Plus I always enjoy

    watching the Master and Doctor square off!

    So based on the ending of this episode I anticipate more backstory about Timelord history.

    When I think of  what the ‘Timeless child’ could mean I think of an Ashidr.

    But how could she have founded the Timelord civilization and could she have also been the ‘Other”?

    Nah!  Too easy.

    I’m betting that we are all being manipulated into thinking that the timeless child is a child.

    Anyway I’m happy for the return of a big story arc.   Makes all the difference!


    Didn’t think about the Unquiet Dead but yes!   Very good !

    lisa @replies

    Could it be Missy that  has taken over the body of this O ?   Cause if the Simms Master destroyed

    her ability to regenerate did he also destroy Missy’s ability to take over a body.   Didn’t that happen

    in BG Who?    I like the notion of  ‘Army of Ghosts’ Cyberman being the light creatures!   It fits into

    a nice story arc if Chibnall goes there.


    As  @blenkinsopthebrave has pointed out that it makes all the difference to get an  episode

    where you can theorize  on  it all again !!!   TBH didn’t expect it at all after last season.

    lisa @replies

    Reminds me of the 3W idea in Dark Water — Time Lord technology nether sphere.

    Neural networks.   Galifreyan hard drives.    Master’s projects.

    Right down to a skeleton shape inside a glass box, ( the shrunken one inside Barton’s VOR office).

    There were also lots of “O’s”  plastered all over Barton’s office, surely a clue for something?

    In Dark Water  it turned out to be Cybermen symbology all around.

    The tall silver sculpture is a bit like the light creature shape too.

    When that one light creature seemed to use Barton’s computer as a portal and grabbed Yaz,

    it called  her an obstacle but then  Yaz was  popped out?

    Certainly seemed like the creatures were having a tantrum when she was on the inside.

    I like this mystery.


    So I wiki’d  a search about light creatures in past Doctor Who.

    There are light creatures called  “Aeroliths” that were held captive by the Master until the

    7th Doctor freed them (in a comic book story).  Then there is the ‘Eaters of Light’ episode

    which were  those light creatures that  existed in swarms and the 12th Doctor pushed them

    all back thru the portal in Roman’s era  Scotland.

    I also  like returning themes!



    lisa @replies

    Re-watched and I got the shrunken matchstick man in the box explanation.   The Master did

    that to the Doctor too in the past.   His shrinking skills have improved.

    lisa @replies

    I’m very particularly curious about all the  V O R parts.

    Is V virtual and can R  be Reality?  So then what does that make O ?

    Also, the Doctor reached out to O so if she already knew him then its hard

    to reconcile how to work thru when O was or wasn’t this Master.  Guess he/she

    stole another body recently.

    I found this appealing and a good start mostly because  I smell some  possible beginnings

    of a decent story arc.




    Good to hear about all your news.

    My tremendous sympathies to all the Australians going thru the horrible fires!!!

    lisa @replies

    @whisht  @mudlark    @thane16


    Hi  – So  where I am coming from is that you got a PM that has critical thinking skills in 4 languages

    We have the orange idiot that is challenged in his native tongue.  You have a guy who’s hero is Churchill.

    We got a guy that never wants to read anything but yet astonishingly has read Mein Kamph and admires

    Hitler!   You got a guy that can write reasonably decent books.  We got a guy that needs power points in

    big felt tip markers.   I’m just saying count your blessings.  So what if he’s an intellectual snob… we got a

    witless snob.   This is an interesting insight into Boris

    NYTimes 7/17/2019  Books Boris Johnson 72 Virgins

    ( a bit of trouble posting this, the picture keeps coming up )

    So what if he has a lazy nature.  He hired Cummings and some decent talent around him.   Our clown

    has hired lobbyists in the cabinet to run the gov’t.   Rudy Giuliani anyone?

    So what if he’s an opportunist?  So was Churchill.  So were some of our best Presidents.  I have a lot better

    expectations for yours than I do for mine!



    @thane16    The kid  goes to the ranch and hugs all the horses everyday and then  picks 1 to exercise.

    She’s a happy camper.  How’s Thane?


    Happy holidays everyone!

    lisa @replies


    Ok I will definitely forward you post to Dr.  Thomas about your differing view of the Australian model.

    lisa @replies


    Yes it is fair to have opposing views and to try and attempt to understand them!

    That was a huge issue for the leavers too for these past 3 years.

    Right now I’d prefer to have a Boris than an orange grifting gangster idiot running my country!

    Boris has an good and well educated  intellect and we’re stuck with some one with spelling challenges.

    Apologies but I didn’t realize that you couldn’t drop in and out if your not a regular.

    I think there were many crumbs last season


    lisa @replies



    Triggered?   Seek help


    lisa @replies

    @whisht   @bluesqueakpip


    Trade deals ?  The EU is afraid that equalization  will diminish its power in other trade alliances.  They

    want ‘harmonization’  aka a level playing field. The UK wants equalization.  The rest of the world is moving

    towards the equivalency system.  Yes the trade deals will take some time but these  3 years that Parliament

    has been stuck have given both sides the time to imagine ways to get in the ring and push thru something.


    My sister from another mother that I’ve know for all of my life is an Oncologist in the Sheffield-Derby

    area and she sends me lots of stuff about Brexit and I send her stuff about our slow rolling constitutional

    crisis here.  I mention that cause the NHS is her pet peeve and its why she was Brexiteer. She insists that

    there is no party of the NHS.  But spend, spend, spend  isn’t the answer either.

    She likes the Australian model.   Australia has a trade deal with the USA  which includes

    provisions for medicines and devices and they haven’t seen any increases in pharma or devices spending.

    She says that this same deal would have no effect on the NHS either.  In fact the NHS wanted to get cancer

    drugs and other special drugs from the USA but having to go thru the EU meant that it took forever. So she

    wants local control back.

    BTW,  she was no great fan of Corbyn.   She kept calling him ‘magic Grandpa”    because of all the ‘free’

    stuff.  Just saying….. that’s a big reason why Boris got that majority.


    lisa @replies

    Just popping in to say Congradts to all that wanted Brexit and sincere condolences to those that didn’t.

    I have constantly wondered why you would want to stay in the EU from a economic standpoint given the

    opportunity to leave.    The EU was a growth economy for a long time but its hit a wall now plus Germany is

    financially undermining many weaker economies.

    Also  the EU wants to go after the UK’s financial services and btw all those zombie banks. If they begin

    to fall into crisis  then the UK will be having to toss in a lot more to bail them out then if your leaving .

    Maybe its my  ignorance but then I never believed in collective socialism which seemed to me what the EU is.

    Although I’ve also wondered about how democratic the EU really is if it isn’t electing  any  top officials?

    The 4 freedoms seem to mean freedoms for all of the corporations first and everyone else is a 2nd class

    status.   Yellow vests anyone?

    I’ve very recently read in the financial news over here (the states) that once you leave there has been many

    whispers about the UK joining Nafta aka USMCA.   That is a possibility that couldn’t have happened if you


    Looking forward to the new season of Who.  Hoping I  find it to be better than the last one !




    lisa @replies



    Happy Holidays to all

    lisa @replies

    I agree with @blenkinsopthebrave broadly.  .  I’m 1 of the folks that’s a very sympathetic fan of Dr. Who.

    I just cant get into this iteration.  I didn’t like a few of the before gap series either .   I’ve stopped following

    these weekly forum blogs.   At the same time it upsets me a lot. This series just feels weak to me.  Jodie is

    a hippie and I know a bit about being a hippie!  But still she and these episodes bore me.

    That’s probably why your getting more hater posts.   I don’t care that the Doctor is a woman.

    I don’t care about the inclusion and social justice stuff except I don’t like the relentless heavy

    handedness that never felt so in your face before.  Its not subtle. Its more sledgehammer.

    Its also more kiddie-fied which is a major bummer for me.

    Its also bringing us into the current politics of this world in every episode  which is currently

    a mess on so many levels.  So for some that might be ok but for me frankly it just  makes me feel sad.

    Its  a global attitude now and not quite as UK centric in spite of the Sheffield plugs.  Something

    tangible has been lost for me.  Something has definitely changed.

    lisa @replies

    So to my mind the Whit Doc is trying to flesh out -still – her character thru a social justice warrior lens.

    Ok I’ve accepted that this series will be heavy handed with this multiculturalism theme.

    CC is trying to change the status quo in this franchise.  The subliminal message of Whit Doc

    is to question yourself .

    My problem is probably that his preoccupation  with his ideology is clashing with (so far) a

    good plot arc.  I prefer a good plot arc.  Davies and Moffatt  did that really well.

    lisa @replies


    If only!!   Maybe then I’d feel better  about 13.

    lisa @replies


    Yes.    Bickerton is correct. The EU is facing a crisis.  They are like the Titanic heading for

    the iceberg.  Brexit is the life boat.  Both philosophical and financial.  They’ve already admitted

    that rebates will be ending. Grants will probably be cut back too.  The various countries in Europe

    that depend on the UK for a export market are scared shit less about how the EU is jerking around

    the negotiations. Portugal recently admitted how desperate they are for a deal.   I totally disagree

    with the shortages scare mongering. You trade with the rest of the world too. You can get your oranges

    elsewhere and they likely will cost less.   But you know…… backstop.   What drove success in the EU

    was economic expansions.  But they made critical economic mistakes and now they have outrageous

    amounts of toxic debt and are basically running on fumes. That’s why they wont help Italy.  But you

    know …. its those rules again.  Defaults are coming.  When you get close to Brussels you recognize

    that they haven’t properly evolved and still behave like they’re the head of a sort of exclusive club

    and the club members are all slowly beginning to accept their legitimacy less and less.  The EU hasn’t

    been able to manage that.

    BTW, I recently read about the real reason why Jeremy Hunt went to Switzerland . Its all about this

    new F4  group.  This is what the F4 alliance is.

    Its basically a back door into the EU market.  Westminster maybe a mess but the City Of London

    financial district has geniuses !!

    lisa @replies

    @jimthefish  and all following this topic

    So I decided to do some light reading tonight about the IRA point.   🙂

    I came across this piece

    hope this pastes cause I had a bit of trouble with this one

    lisa @replies


    Where did you read that? Your a full member of the World Trade Organization!

    There will surely be some steps you need to go thru.  I very much doubt its been ruled out

    when the UK has already been making a special budget to do this and  it’s not up to the WTO

    whether or not to ‘rule out’ the  UK.  Rather its up to all the other countries to accept trading

    with the UK.  I very much doubt that most of Europe wont want to.  It will effect them as much as it

    effects you!  BRW, the UK is already trading with lots of countries outside of the EU under WTO


    lisa @replies


    Scotland did have that independence proposition?  The bartering situation is ridiculous!

    However on 1 hand I can understand how the UK would want to make the most of their fishing/

    agricultural resources but I also agree they have to protect them too. My understanding about the

    hard Irish border has to do with the customs union.  We have  between Canada and the States

    an electronic scanning system that deals with all of that sort of  trade thing.  I’m sure both sides know

    about this system.  This situation shouldn’t even be a situation but from what I’ve read its the EU

    that keeps saying that the solutions coming from the UK are unacceptable.   I think they’re throwing

    up unfortunate road blocks over this.

    Finally I’ll say this.    I cant see how your parliament will unite to get this vote thru.

    Maybe you all need to take a deep  breath and prepare for that no Brexit and  those WTO rules?



    lisa @replies


    Isn’t the European Court of Human rights separate from the EU?

    If the EU continues to insist on a hard border then any issue with the IRA will be on them!

    Good solutions to this do exist and the EU is just using the issue to blackmail the UK.


    Thanks,  seems I have been doing a lot of arguing all over the place lately,  although we need I\

    these election wins even more than ever  in elections where I am not.


    lisa @replies


    I have 2 questions  but there  will probably be others

    I wonder if Scotland will still get free University if they leave the UK  and also how does the

    Scottish fishing industry feel about Brexit?

    As for the rest of what you say,   I  think you might be over thinking your loss.  Whether  you

    have to do some of those things or not I humbly suggest it doesn’t sound too dire.

    I do agree that May hasn’t handled Brexit with the greatest finesse on  how she’s managing the execution

    of all this.

    Both our leaders are responsible for  astounding anxiety.

    I want to help  take back Congress and see the orange idiot impeached.



    lisa @replies


    What @bluesqueakpip said plus 2 things. It seems the leavers have big issues with the EU

    high court and its re-interpreting of UK laws.  They feel this means they are ‘subject’ to the EU.

    Also,  There seems to be this philosophical difference about where your freedoms come from.

    Are you born free?  In the UK you are and that’s where the USA gets that notion from and

    stuck it in the Constitution.  In Europe its a bit more like you are allowed freedoms.  That’s

    where the 4 freedoms thing comes from.  I don’t think that most Brits. whether they’re the

    leavers or the remainers like being told what they are ‘allowed”.


    Clearly,  small governments fail in good political oversight too. But they usually have fewer impediments

    to fix the problems.  Also,  my point about the new Doctor having issues with who she is has gone on

    too long  She’s our first ‘female’ Doctor.  So I’m wrestling with this notion of why ‘she’s’ still having

    to reflect on who ‘ she’ is and it  smells a bit off.    I just feel a brilliant  Doctor should already

    have been able to process all this.   CC makes the first ‘female’ Doctor actually keep questioning herself.

    Did Missy do that? Did the Galigreyan general?  Nope.  This is not a good look for me for the 1st Doctor

    that’s a women.

    lisa @replies


    False equivalency because the UK  is !! and always has been sovereign country and not California.

    The reality is that the people in favor of the Brexit despite of what you think about them, all have

    in common that they want to see the country start behaving like a sovereign country again and not

    as some subject state.

    You right not everyone likes being an American.  Yet it seems quite honestly everyone though out the world

    wants to be  in California and its not just cause of the weather. Anyway, the UK  will still profit from trade

    agreements, will still collaborate , will still find funding for academic research etc.  What you wont be doing

    is paying a membership fee on top of the regular costs of  your own government.  You’ll still have safety

    standards and food standards etc.  As far as joining a NAFTA style arrangement (the article you forwarded)

    you’ll still be insulated by your own political choices and decisions.  Even more so when you can make your

    own decisions.  Actually,  California has been far more keen on all sorts of regulation than all the rest of

    the states. As far as food goes we call ourselves the organic farm to fork state. We pay  high taxes here but

    then we also know that the money is going to support our way of living. Except for all the dollars that

    the Feds grab.  But the UK pays very high taxes and its not all going to support your way of living .

    So basically the UK pays local tax, UK tax, EU tax.  We pay local and Fed tax.

    The UK pays 3 taxes and we pay 2.

    I live in California for a reason which is this states  political philosophy.  If there is 1

    very positive thing that comes out of the Brexit it is that the British actually started this

    important debate.


    PS  edit  -I forgot to mention that under the instances you have given I would absolutely vote

    to leave.  In fact, there already is a version of Calexit movement.  It involves California, Oregon and

    Washington and Hawaii breaking ranks with the Feds.   Its still a baby movement.  But there ya go.


    lisa @replies

    Mr. Big as Trump light.  He was a totally nonsense bad guy. So was most of this episode. The

    song was a good choice and  Graham has a few nice moments, Yaz’s family  also had some

    fun moments.

    I’m still not a fan of this Doctor.  I can’t connect with a Doctor that keeps bringing up that

    she’s feeling  some how disconnected from her own self. It feels to me like she isn’t completely

    grounded and I don’t like this “scattered” approach.  Particularly since they made this Doctor a she!

    Why did they make the first female Doctor come off as so scattered?  That’s a very unfortunate

    decision for me.

    lisa @replies


    The EU is supposed to publish a corruption report at least every few years.  I think they stopped.

    Wonder why that might be ?  Do you really think they’re doing so great fixing corruption in eastern

    Europe  I don’t.   Do you think its easier to maintain oversight and accountability  over corruption

    within your regional governments?   I do.

    lisa @replies


    The 3 current challenges of the EU commission are in my view 1. toxic debt and fiscal discipline

    2.  Brexit  3. how to deal with refugees in a growing environment of increased acrimony and declining

    cooperation.  Huge issues.    The purpose  of trading blocs 1. taking economic advantage and 2. economic

    integration.   The 2 disadvantages are 1. political differences and 2. the effects on local industry particularly

    with the flow to cheap labor.   Basically I will put it this way,  Whenever you get supersized government

    whether its the EU, the Feds,  China, Russia, whatever, you also get the 3 P’s,  power addiction, pay offs,

    and outrageous pensions.   Plus you are deprived of real democracy.  In California we have done everything

    to block the Feds every time they attempt to overreach. We use a handy tool called voting propositions

    to change our rules/laws.   Why?  Cause smaller government means you can keep the politicians on a

    a shorter leash and they work more directly for the people. Just not  take your tax money and say

    thankyou and good bye.   Wait,  you did that too! Brexit.   Congratulations!


    When I look at Trump rallies on tv I see all kinds of twisted folks in red hats screaming “lock her up” and

    they don’t care about democracy. They care about keeping power.   Rosa Parks fought against these sorts

    of folks.  For me 52% of the UK was Rosa Parks against the EU.   Because the bigger the government

    the more they turn into  a corruption racket trying to hold onto their power.  I’m fighting to take

    back democracy here.  I really feel that the Brexiteers have that same argument to make.  In the USA

    we have only 2 political parties but in the EU you have hundreds.  How on earth will the UK ever get a

    fair shake under those conditions?   We have a much better chance to take back our democracy cause we

    only switch back and forth between red and blue.  That’s my honest take.


    To all the Americans on the forum.  I went to an assembly of my political caucus last night.  One of the

    big topics was voter suppression and all the problems of the voting machines flipping ballots.    If you live

    in a red state and vote for the Dems please!  take a picture of your ballot before you submit it!  There are

    already many lawsuits pending in Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, Missouri, Wisconsin, etc. over this. The Trump

    criminal syndicate is very nervous about this election !!



    lisa @replies


    How much influence did the UK have with its vote in the EU ?  Now cause of Brexit its influence

    will be even further diminished.   The whole world in under the influence of capitol markets,

    trade and corporations.  It was the only thing that kept the world together although now its coming

    really all apart.   To be clear I’m not an isolationist  but quite honestly I really don’t believe that

    good government can ever be based on trading blocks . All I see now is more expanding trade wars

    and yet so many countries are already under extreme pressure to  even pay their existing debt service.

    Plus we are falling into bearish times if you follow those Elliot wave chart geeks. Possibly as soon as

    next year.  Its all about how they’re seeing consolidation and meeting resistance and all that sort of stuff.


    Thanks for the book recommendation.  I always love to read anarchist history !


    lisa @replies


    Agreed! I can see the exhaustion over the Brexit and I think it would be hugely unfortunate

    for CC to bring up the topic now.  Best stick to the historical politics.



    I take your point about the IMF — so much global toxic debt!  Plus we are starting to raise

    interest rates and that does not bode well for defaults.  Too many countries are at serious risk.

    My point was about how the commissions civil servants get their jobs.

    I’m referring to the direct accountability aspect.

    You have a European union made up of countries that mostly don’t trust each other.




    lisa @replies


    The problem with the remainers has always been and continues to be their own version of

    what they believe the facts to be.    So when you say ill informed I say  LOL !!!!!!!

    “Oh! She’s so incorrect!”

    Nice try  but arrogance and no facts to back up your perspective well ,

    thought you  had stronger skills coping with disagreements.

    You both obviously have vested interests in the EU.  Its transparent.

    lisa @replies


    Secretary of State is FEDERAL  advice and consent job to the President. What’s your point?

    So the people of the UK participated in electing commission civil servants.  NOPE

    Rules based? When some one tells me rules based I wonder  benefitting who?

    Italy is in recession.  You don’t do austerity rules under those conditions.   But Brussels doesn’t care

    as long as their  paychecks aren’t at risk.

    Actually you don’t elect your own Prime Minister .  They get appointed by the party that wins.

    Use some common sense and stop bugging me with your nonsense before you really embarrass yourself.

    You can not like my views but guess what- I don’t care.

    lisa @replies


    I take your point about the EU court and I’ll raise you a unelected by anyone in the UK EU commission.

    In California we send back tons of tax money to the feds for payoffs and pensions

    and subsidizing red states.  In the UK you get to do the same thing for Brussels.

    But! we have our own locally elected and not appointed legislators shaping the future.

    So we get to run our own state!  We even get to make our own trade treaties.

    The best part is we elect our own Governor.  That’s real democracy.  He’s the one

    that makes all our big local California decisions.  NOT the President.  Almost like a sovereign country.

    Decentralization.  Representation.

    Have you been following the big Kerfuffle between Italy and Brussels?

    We will miss Jerry Brown.  There’s a reason why he was Governor for 16 years !

    lisa @replies



    Expected this response from you.  Sorry but your the low information one here for me!!

    I’m struggling to understand why it is you think so highly about the EU but whatever.

    The only way for the remain camp to win is to do a Brexit.

    You cant make progress until you move beyond this and stop talking about it.

    In the USA we cant move beyond this until we take back our gov’t and you basically have

    the same problem .  So take back your gov’t   BYE

    Again apologies to the mods and I will not be saying anything more to ANYONE about this.


    lisa @replies


    Not just the USA .   Hungary, Poland, Italy,  and its very active in Russia, look who is probably being

    elected President in Brazil.    I’m reasonably active in politics.  I’ve been stumping for my local candidates.

    In some local districts we have a excellent chance of removing  republican Trump supporting congressmen.

    A few years ago I shared that I supported  Brexit  because I saw how incompetently the EU was handling

    all these political shifts.  They’re also quite incompetent when it comes to a lot of other things.  The UK

    had a opportunity to leave and do things better without them.

    I’ve read lots of right wing stuff.  It’s always an education.  They don’t respect decency.

    They do have a perverted reverence for fear.  Wrong but very effective with folks that feel politics left them aside.

    That’s what we have now.  The EU is having no success to redirect  this.  In fact they seem astonishingly

    incompetent!  It may not  have happened this way if the EU gave the member countries real power instead of

    Brussels trying to centralize everything.   The history of Europe is too different from the US to successfully

    copy a system like what we have. ( I know there are lots of remainers on this forum and refuse re-litigation on this!)

    Apologies for being off topic on the Rosa thread but I’m so disappointed yet not at all one bit surprised

    about how all the current politics in the world is shaking out.

    Its not enough to condemn. That’s only the least  of what anyone can do.

    If Krasko is a commentary on our future then that says to me that this addiction to alt right impulses will

    always continue and that’s a more disturbing  message that the Rosa episode has delivered to us.


    lisa @replies


    Rosa was entirely aware of the NAACP’s plan for a boycott and as you say

    she said that “I was tired of giving in! ”   So  indeed knew what she was doing

    in the moment.

    I’m giving her  that credit.   She deserves it !

    lisa @replies


    She was chosen by the NAACP and she was a willing participant.

    lisa @replies

    Just so everyone is aware, unlike how it was written in the episode Rosa’s protest WAS carefully

    planned and she was also very actively involved in raising funds for many other protests !!

    There were many African American  women that were arrested for the same thing before and

    after her.  She  knew what she was doing.  She had guts !

    Really wish the episode hadn’t changed that part.  But it did manage to make a very important point.



    lisa @replies

    Nice to see that they took on this ‘uncomfortable’ subject and nailed it.   Its still however

    the Sarah jane Adventures redux for me but oh well, I can cope.

    On the subject of the Tardis I must admit the big crystal thingy is very phallic symbol-ish .

    So to be clear,   the Doctor isn’t the only one changing sex ?  If this is true then its also conceivable

    that the new Tardis has ‘crystalized’ into  a  new personality.

    Opens the Tardis door and before fingers can be snapped.   Offering cookies/biscuits.

    Sort of ‘fatherly’ behavior to a favorite child?  Good parenting.

    Or maybe I’m just imagining this…

    lisa @replies


    Maybe the audience was intended for younger viewers ?    SJA ended up having a lot of cross over

    older viewers.   That’s sort of how this new Who is so far for me.



    I can manage my expectations about this new series 🙂  I just wanted to feel more attached to it.

    (I think there was possibly a  Shakespeare quote about expectations similar

    to what your saying? Or maybe some one)


    lisa @replies


    Did you like the Sarah Jane Adventures?   Cause  that’s what this show has been at least it is for me.

    Moreover,  having given it some more thought Jodie is  totally reminding me of Sarah Jane !

    That is barring the show veers into a new direction in future episodes with different writers.

    I did like the SJ Adventures but I just didn’t expect that they would bring back that show

    in this particular way.  The BBC did profess to wanting to bring along more of that type of younger cohort.

    Doesn’t mean its a bad thing.  Just I’ve been a bit impaired I guess by my hopeful expectations .


    lisa @replies


    Hi !   Why is it I feel that even though she’s the oldest Doctor she behaves a bit adolescent ?

    It’s bugging me that its almost as if CC is trying to make her feel too “youthful” for a Doctor we all

    know to be thousands of years old?  Its not terrible and its not terrific for me.

    She may not have watched the show before production but she’s obviously extremely familiar

    with it and she seems to me to be channeling different bits of past Doctors in an effort to grow

    into her own new skin.    Meanwhile I’m hoping for a stronger consciousness raising super hero

    that finds her own distinctive uniqueness and not be thinking ‘oh this is a bit 10. this is a bit 11,

    this is a bit like 4’ and so on.  BTW, I never felt that way about previous Doctors.  They all brought

    their own uniqueness to the part from episode 1 !

    lisa @replies

    Sifted thru most of the posts here,   so here is my take.  Another bit of a clunker episode.

    It just felt flat for me.  Jodie is trying to make her mark as the ‘all Doctors combined’ alpha

    female Doctor but I’m feeling that the writing isn’t doing her a lot of favors.  I’ve come to

    expect more from Dr. Who than I’ve felt so far from this new show.  Hopefully they will

    continue the story arc concept which might have possibly been hinted in that first

    episode as a ‘family’ theme. (In spite of the Doctor’s comment about not having any

    but the Doctor lies.)   Otherwise this  CC season might just turn into quite the let down for me!

    lisa @replies

    Tardis Story Blanket VTL7

    on sale  half price !

    lisa @replies

    Well I’ll see.

    So far its the Torchwood reboot with a different team. Jody did ok but

    I’m not feeling completely Doctor about her.  Still I’m fine with that cause,

    well she just regenerated so maybe it’s no big deal.

    This episode didn’t leave me thinking “oh this was just spectacular start” .

    In any case my favorite bit was the teeth on the alien face.

    lisa @replies


    Actually for me that flick was always about putting aside your dreams which is why he considered

    suicide.   I never liked the preachy message and I never agreed with it .   “A Wonderful Life” has

    always been a twisted movie to me.   Just saying…………

    lisa @replies

    @miapatrick   Yes – this was basically the “happy suicides”   story.    So Moffat !


    @missrori    The Testimony –  interesting point about the Nethersphere !   Again so Moffat !


    @bluesqueakpip    I too will be looking forward to seeing how Chibnall and our new Doctor

    handle these next series !!   In particular political themes  as  this last story referenced  a lot

    of how  current values have changed.  So Moffat !   😉


    lisa @replies

    Did the Tardis just ”spit” out the new Doctor!?

    Felt to me like a little tease at  the  “not my Doctor”  complainers.

    lisa @replies



    I also  think she’s channeling Mork from   Mork and Mindy.

    Another space alien that I admired.  🙂

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