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    @Shazzbot Wouldn’t be concerned with rambling! But yeah, I did wonder if that was a bit too human in thinking; it did remind me of a previous discussion (which I think @ardaraith began) on another aspect of the […]

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    @Shazzbot (and others) Interesting point about a female Doctor and TARDIS but might it be that the change in Doctor’s form could also alter the TARDIS in that way? We’ve seen it does change upon regeneration – it […]

  • @WhoHar @PhaseShift He is still acting, though not in the genre. Not sure of your viewing tastes but have a look at NCIS? I’ll seek this out ๐Ÿ™‚

  • From last thread…

    The ‘Clara Oswald’ anagram by @Whisht

    DW now L; CALs OS Ariaโ€ (still waiting for mentions of Aria!!)

    The one played by Dalek claricle? Not explicitly mentioned but still ๐Ÿ™‚ That […]

  • @OsakaHatter

    Any other thoughts on why the HurtDoctor has a more definite presence in the timestream than the other doctors?

    I had thought it served as a kind of prison. That, assuming he had (or, as you […]

  • @ScaryB Sorry, is the leaf that led to her parents meeting the same one as that in the diary or is it that one fed to grandfather? Either way, I think there may be a memory issue for Clara; at one point, she says […]

  • @ScaryB That confused me with the previous conversation of how the Doctor had the leaf after Grandfather had eaten it and my suggestion of two leaves. So I rewatched! The leaf from the book was different to that […]

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    The Doctorโ€™s wearing a Double Albert chain, which has a T bar to securely hold the chain to the button hole. . The charm might be a St Christopher โ€“ very appropriate, if so. The watch, if there […]

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    psychology degree sounds a lot more useful than the โ€˜humanities specialising in creative writingโ€™ that Iโ€™m doing.

    I suppose so, it’s certainly part of why I’m doing it, but I think usefulness isn’t […]

  • One thing I noticed on rewatching TNotD is the GI’s plot was so it could have ‘peace at last’. Important in light of HurtDoctor’s words?

  • @Bluesqueakpip Sorry, I wasn’t entirely serious about that; I actually like the tagline of this place! And my (possibly needless) theory as a riff on yours! As the Doctor is in his own timestream, his memory (of […]

  • @ScaryB Not at all; I had initially come up with them merely coming up with the name independently but, well, we’re here. That’s much too straightforward. We don’t like Occam’s razor ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @ScaryB No, I meant in terms of referring to her as Souffle Girl. While she calls herself that twice in TNotD, her future version doesn’t know it when the Doctor uses it. Yet he wouldn’t have heard Prime use it […]

  • @ScaryB @Bluesqueakpip Yeah, fair point. I’m rubbish at analysis! Hopefully my ‘Doctor’s jump affecting his pre-jump memory’ idea does support notes on Metebelis, breaking in TARDIS etc. Didn’t both the Daleks and […]

  • @Bluesqueakpip Well, there is that possibility (which I hadn’t thought of!) or that another Wonder is gone and it has taken the number. Or a mistake? Nah!

    He didn’t know Prime made souffles? Too simple again. […]

  • @Bluesqueakpip Few things about continuity rundown.

    The Snowmen

    The TARDIS, halfway through the episode, is visibly more battered and paint-peeling than at the beginning.
    The control room has […]

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    @Miapatrick Oh, I didn’t think you were, know them to be quite good for supporting disabled students; again, based on the experiences of others, ‘classmates’ and such. And yes, plain psychology degree ๐Ÿ™‚ Heard […]

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    @Miapatrick It’s a bit of software for psychology (or maybe social science in general) students. Horrible really, pretext of presenting video logs and such in ‘real’ situations – complete with bad res, sound etc. […]

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    @Miapatrick You think that’s bad? Ever tried using fOCUS? I don’t know why it’s written like that.

    I hope my assignment hasn’t been eaten.

  • Clara also means bright, as opposed to the effects of the GI.

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