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    My thoughts exactly.

    I just hope he’s well and fully enjoying this moment.

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    Wow, Thanks @engagedrwho!

    And only a stone’s throw away for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Sorry if this has already been posted: The Doctors Revisited / Classic Episodes air dates

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    Apologies if this has already been discussed, or if you think it’s a stupid suggestion.

    I was wondering if it might be a good idea to move HTPBDET’s ‘Regeneration’ post (between Doctor 1 and 2) to the ‘The Doctors’ blog. I think this series of his entries (as well as all his others, of course, but these especially) is a masterpiece in itself, and probably one of the most beautiful and moving things I’ve ever read. But the ‘Regeneration’ story is, in my opinion, an integral part of it, maybe even the most important part (at least that’s how I feel about it at the moment), so it would be a shame if it remained somehow ‘physically’ unconnected.

    Many Thanks

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    As someone who has nearly exclusively watched AG Who (so far), I found it both intriguing and refreshing how The Doctor reacted when they arrived at Androzani.

    Still nothing but sand.

    Meh. Underwhelmed.

    Compared to the constant excitement the newer Doctors seem to exude about basically everything. Can anyone of the experts here educate me if this in in-line with the general characterisation of the Fifth Doctor? (Maybe also relating to @jimthefish‘s last comment.)

    Also laughed out loud seeing the remote control. They didn’t even bother changing the original signs! I might have missed a bit of the episode contemplating if this was the same model as my grandmother’s TV remote control back then.

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    @shazzbotย  Thank you very much for the warm welcome and your encouraging words.

    To answer your questions: I must say that Doctor Who is pretty much unknown in Germany. So the first time I heard about it was when I moved here to the U.K. in 2011. And as I’ve always liked Sci-Fi and Fantasy and (nearly) everything British, I treated myself to (AG) series 1 and 2 last year, and got series 3 – 6 from a friend shortly after.

    Well, to make a long story short: It took me a few episodes to fully get into the whole Doctor Who experience, but in the end I was really quite sorry to see Christopher Eccleston go. And then there was the first episode with David Tennant, and yes, that was it. No doubts. David Tennant instantly was The Doctor for me, and still is (boooring, I know). Unfortunately I must admit that Matt Smith as The Doctor has never really worked forย  me. I don’t deny that he’s doing a great job, but somehow his portrayal just doesn’t go together with the perception of The Doctor I had developed for myself during the previous series. Sorry guys, I know there are a lot of Matt Smith fans here. Let’s just hope that we can all agree soon that Peter Capaldi was an excellent choice.

    Regarding BG Doctors, I’ve only watched a few BG episodes, but I could well imagine that if I had grown up with them, one of them would be my Doctor now. Tom Baker? Peter Davison? Who knows, maybe even Colin Baker? After all, I’ve sometimes got a surprisingly strange taste!

    Oh, sorry, that didn’t turn out to be a short story after all…

    OK, back to more interesting discussions now – experts, please take over!

    XAD4 @replies

    Of course, @Shazzbot. (oops, that was referring to you asking for an avatar. Writing comments still takes me a while)

    Don’t worry, the Tardis Translation Circuits allow me to understand everything you write in English. Although they seem to be slightly faulty the other way round… and also whenever a post is in English, but not instantly recognisable as to be so. But then that’s certainly not the Tardis’ fault.

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    Hi all,

    I signed up a few months ago, but haven’t found the courage until now to say “Hello” as I should have done. So… ummm… hello! *blushes*

    I usually don’t comment on forums, actually I’ve never commented anywhere else, so I doubt I’ll contribute a lot. Apart from this – wow!, you’re all so brilliant here! How could I ever write anything that doesn’t sound silly in comparison?

    So I’m just here to say “Thank You” for all the great posts with so much information, and insight, and passion, and poetry, and fun. And I want to voice a little complaint that my productivity at work has suffered quite significantly since I discovered this forum. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    So, thanks again, and please keep up your brilliant work.

    PS: I’m German and have only moved to the U.K. 2 1/2 years ago. So please Grammar/Spelling Dalek be gentle with me!

    PPS: Note to myself: Have to find a word that can replace “so”.

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    Hello all! I don’t know if this makes any sense (or if there’s a reason why it cannot be), but wouldn’t this not-Doctor fit in nicely with that somewhat strange regeneration between 10 and 11 in NiS?

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