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The trailer for The Day of The Doctor is now on the official BBC site. So it no longer counts as a spoiler, although some people may still not want to see it.

Let’s try and keep discussion of it here if possible.

Previous teaser

Second Trailer


  1. @ScaryB Have you come over to the dark side? ๐Ÿ˜€

    A few days ago you were “I don’t want spoiled”, now you’re “Did you see the shot-by-shot breakdown @Wolfweed posted?”

    Welcome to the club.

  2. @ScaryB I completely forgot about Dorium….


    for some reason I feel like this is more about Clara still being a mystery tha. Anything I can’t put a finger on it though…


    gonna have go go and watch it again now lol

  3. @Craig

    Haha. No, I said I was glad I hadn’t watched the NotD trailer in advance but I was happy to watch this one, on the grounds that it’s been made specially (rather than put together by trailer-makers)… and I knew I’d never resist its pull for 2 whole weeks! Unless my internet connection went down.ย  (I’m currently feeling very spoiled, but in the good sense)

  4. @ScaryB That’s good. You can keep us right!

    I never like spoilers either but, after starting the site, I kinda resigned myself to having to check the spoilers thread. I do have a mods job to do after all. ๐Ÿ˜•

    But I don’t think I’ve ever seen or read anything there that’s been a massive spoiler, more just a “what the heck is going on in that pic?” leading to more speculation. I’m not saying it’s safe, stay away as I know a lot more than I’d maybe like to, but as much as the BBC get criticised, they do a reasonably good job of keeping the salient stuff under wraps. I’ve read almost all the spoilers posts and have no idea what is going to happen.

    Maybe this site just hasn’t attracted the people who know real, proper spoilers. If so, I hope it stays that way.

  5. @Pedant I had the same thought. I said last night on the spoilers thread “much of what we see could be flashback, or the first 5 minutes”.

    Moffat is not going to give much away.

  6. @Craig Thanks for the reassurance and thanks again for the sacrifices (and I don’t just mean the burnt trolls ๐Ÿ˜ˆ ) you make for the site ๐Ÿ˜€

    I didn’t know about Elizabeth I, but now that she’s out there (so to speak) – it’s a very young looking Elizabeth is it not? Pre Queen perhaps? (see prev discussions upboard with @Shazzbot and @Bluesqueakpip re assassination plots, Tennant and refs to 3 pre-regeneration Doctors)

    There’s a shot, 0.23, of the back view of 3 silhouettes in front of an explosion that could very well be 3 Doctors (or 2 Doctors and 1 nonDoctor to be precise) working together

    But… does ANYONE know who geek-girl is (unless it’s a spoiler ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

    And.. and.. THREE TARDISes – I feel another squeeee coming on, haha

    Am so glad I decided to watch it in the cinema – hope they’ve got sofas!! (That Zygon full-face on a big screen…. oooh!)

  7. @ScaryB – I would guess (we don’t know) that geek girl (Ingrid Oliver) is UNIT’s scientific advisor.

    Her name & who she’s related to are known ,but are possibly/probably spoilers.

  8. @wolfweed – really?ย  Scarf Girl is related to someone?ย  Does the answer to that need to go into the Spoilers thread?ย  I’m game to follow you there if you post the answer …

  9. @Craig– I noticed that, despite never having seen that episode. (All thanks to this site and DM blog).

    There was defiantly a somewhat phallic moment with theย  sonic screwdrivers.

    Dalaks seem a big part of this. But that could, of course, be misdirection. And the Hurt Doctor- definitely seems not evil. Which was made clear, I think in TNOTD- whatever he did, he did ‘without choice’ and forย peace and sanity (one thought- is the doctor usually the sanest, most peaceful person in a room?)

    There are people in theย house with me, inconsiderately talking, so I’ll need to wait for a more peaceful time to watch it properly.

  10. Oh, and for anyone a bit scared about spoilers in the second one, I don’t think there are any. A bit more character, more humour, less explosions.

    And it was shown on BBC1 after Strictly, before Atlantis, with Moffat’s consent.

  11. @Miapatrick Loved the screwdriver-scene! A little competition going on there =D

    Also 10/11 (how are we counting now? currently 10) flipped his leg when he said “Allons-y”. Can’t explain it, but it’s hilarious to me.

  12. Lots of joyous stuff. Thanks @Craig and @Wolfweed – you got there 5 mins before the official email alert, LOL

    ::Waves @Miapatrick ::ย  Sorry I missed the Rose & Crown last night. 89% ๐Ÿ™‚ Way to go, you.ย  Haha yes, I laughed at the sonic moment too – definitely a LOT of sonic envy from no 10 ๐Ÿ˜€

    And “you’ve redecorated” was lovely.

    Why is there a clip of the TARDIS being flown from a helicopter – that seemed a bit out of story.ย  Clara in the TARDIS (at the door) – with the little door for the phone open.

    Smith and Tennant’s chemistry is great – but 2 Kate Stewarts? (Thought it was Hartnell at first, but too blonde (just as well, I think that would’ve done for me ๐Ÿ˜‰ ))ย  Clock in the background says 00:56

    The Daleks look great too – streaming through a shattered Gallifrey; can’t wait for 23rd… but I also don’t want it to be over, LOL


  13. @ScaryB I know the answer to the helicopter, but I don’t know where I aquired that knowledge. Might be a spoiler.

    Yeah, “you’ve redecorated’ was great. That and the sonic-scene will probably be my favourite from the whole movie. I always loved facial expressions.

    Can’t believe we have hardly seen two Minutes… The movie will be absolute fantastic!

  14. definitely a LOT of sonic envy from no 10 ๐Ÿ˜€

    @ScaryB – I think that’s a ‘Tennant’ joke; there was apparently quite a lot of faux-indignant texting to RTD when John Simm had a bigger screwdriver than he did. ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. I’ve had a read @ScaryB and I have to say I agree. The idea that it’s actually a claricle and not the original Clara from blackpool.

    interesting idea that we could be seeing multiple Clara’s…

    i still think she has a huge connection to this because if the painting is of galifrey burning how would she know??? Unless she retains every single memory from every Clara shard?

    another interesting thought I’ve had is what if one of the doctors is a zygon? Could be so easily done…

    last note ore I also like the idea of the zygons trying to assassinate liz1 and tennant coming in to save the day

    so excited to go and see this in 3D though!!!

    TennantMarsters out!

  16. this is probably just rubish but when it says hes running from himself yadda yadda sorry ive just watched the trailer 5 times in a row i should be better than this i just get this nagging feeling that everything he does he trys to forget because he knows no matter what he does he harms somebody or makes somebodys life worse and thats why he doesnt stick around because he cant bear knowing that like i said probs stupid but its just a nagging feeling and i havent explained myself well :/

  17. @Timeloop – No stars – good spot. It’s VERY black.

    Couple of other things (picked up on the umpteenth rewatch) – 0.47 Rose’s shirt looks ripped, and she looks lost, followed by a shot of Clara with closed eyes and a single tear, followed by Matt: “I remember this… almost remember” then he chucks the fez thro something that could be a watery portal (@JUNIPERFISH!!!)ย  then cuts to scene of the earth with no stars

  18. And there’s also Lake Clara, Oswin Lake and Oswald Lake in real life, but frankly, you can find lakes attached to most people’s names. There’s a lot of lakes. ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. There’s also a portal and involvement with UNIT in The Power Of Three!

    Both trailers are fantastic, but I can’t return to bonkers theories until after a work deadline… and I guess we get another one tomorrow?

  20. LOL @Bluesqueakpip – that’s my home state. Try *ten trillion* mosquitoes and you’d be getting close. MINNESOTA STATE BIRD t-shirts featuring a huge mosquito may even still be A Thing.

    @timeloop I’m told by the rest of the interwebs that we basically saw the Comic Con trailer tonight; the one that leaked yesterday wasn’t the over-a-minute jobbie we’ve been promised for weeks.

  21. Second trailer doesn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know but does so with added squeeee. So looking forward to this now. Daleks, Gallifrey and more. Amazed at how well Tennant seems to fit back into Doctor-ness so well…. And it certainly looks like the Zygons are in fact going to be quite a big part of the proceedings.

    Also the scooter from BoSJ. I think there’s going to be lots of call-outs to lots of Who moments from the past few years. Makes me wonder if Amy and Rory might not show up after all, or at least be mentioned in some kind of significant way. Maybe we’ll see Amelia.

    And thanks to @Craig for using my little doodle on the front page….

  22. I actually had to go to miss the TV showing in the end, and just caught up with it.

    Oh yes.

    Loving the humour, and the eye candy, because I am both cheap AND facile. This is looking really good. Had a little shiver with Hurt saying “Great men are forged in fire, it’s the privilege of lesser men to light the flame.”

  23. @Pufferfish – I was going by the number of mosquitoes who said: “English actor! Fresh meat!” Everyone else in the cast was laughing at the way there was a cloud of the things trying to munch on my delectable flesh.

    Apart from the mosquitoes I have very pleasant memories of Minnesota. Well, apart from the tornado that hit while we were there, of course. I’m told the twenty foot snowdrifts would’ve been quite an experience as well, had we been there in winter. ๐Ÿ™‚

    But the people were genuinely lovely.

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