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    Anonymous @

    @scaryb thank you for the kind wishes: indeed it will be fine. Jammy Dodgers notwithstanding 🙂

    Missy @missy

    Enjoy you lucky devils!


    janetteB @janetteb

    To all those “lucky devils” heading to the Edinburgh screening hope it is a great night and the episode exceeds expectations.



    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    They should be handing the memory worms out just about now…

    Missy @missy


    Memory worms?
    What are they?
    Who are you?
    Where am I?

    Wish I was wherever, whoever, they are. *big grin*



    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord

    No memory worms required. Not going to say a thing about the ep, except that Moffatt has clearly opened a fresh can of awesome at some point in the past year. The Q&A afterwards was really good too.

    Anonymous @

    @jimthefish @scaryb and the lucky others

    Ooh I wish I had a Tardis and could go back yesterday.

    Sounds sublime, awesome: all this from the superlatives as there were no hints (jolly good job) but still….I cannot wait.

    3 weeks.


    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord

    @bluesqueakpip @lisa @blenkinsopthebrave @supernumerary @janetteb @purofilion

    I’m really interested to see how the Clara thing plays out as well. I honestly would like something a bit more than death this time though. I want optimism after all those bittersweet departures we’ve had to date.

    I was thinking about the return of Gallifrey and how both sides would need to change. @bluesqueakpip made the point that Rusty the Dalek may be the route for the Daleks, but what about the attitudes of Gallifrey? It takes two to tango, as it were.

    So @lisa saying Clara should go off to be the Doctor for another species is an interesting one. It should be for the Gallifreyans to get that Mirror vibe going, surely? The Doctor is an outsider for us, so he can point out our idiocies. The reason he can’t do the same thing for his own people is that there is too much baggage. The madman. The idiot. The one who barely scraped his exams. The boy who sobbed in his sleep.

    Clara could be that outsider and be the outsiders conscience on the lofty arrogance of the Time Lords. She could help then as she (in a long line of humans) has helped the Doctor. Giving them a caustic look when they make jokes about pudding brained other species, not taking their thoughts into account, and giving them the odd slap when they contemplate genocide. Her authority for this? She saved them from the Doctors judgement in the Time war. Hell, given the timey wimey nature of the universe she could have answered her own plea for more time in Time of the Doctor.

    So Clara being a Doctor for the Time Lords in the bubble universe, leaving him to deal with the actual one, I could see working and leaving us with a fond farewell. Optimism! Clara – the tiny terror of Gallifrey, slapping some sense into the Time Lords.

    I like that thought a lot.

    lisa @lisa

    @phaseshift Well Clara has always been a kind of ‘fixer’ and she always cares how situations
    shake out. She did talk the 11th into finding a different choice about whether to push the big
    red button or try to save Galifrey. She is a sort of psychoanalyst at times too so yes,
    she can certainly be the outsider conscience. The Galifreyans may have a lot of respect for her
    since the time she convinced them to save the Doctor. Maybe the Timelords would want to keep her
    around to tap into her special gifts cause if she can slap the Doctor when he makes dumb choices
    then maybe she can do the same for the rest of them?

    To everyone that already got to see the first 2 episodes —- NO HINTS!!! really ??? no hints???
    🙁 🙁 🙁

    lisa @lisa

    @phaseshift BTW – Why couldn’t Clara stay on Galifrey to attend Time Lord school? Didn’t Ace
    attend TL school? A lot of people theorized that there is something unique about Clara that
    we haven’t yet been told about. Maybe there is an additional thing that made her Missy’s choice.
    I have long suspected that there is still something more than just what we’ve seen in the story
    so far.

    Anonymous @

    @lisa NO way! I want no hints: not a sniff, not a sneeze, a wheeze or a grin 🙂

    @phaseshift I really like that: the ominous Clara, the opposite of the pudding brains demonstrating compassion for the Doctor, the children of Gallifrey, hopefully ridding the world of everyone’s nemesis, Missy and saving all the Doctors as the Impossible Girl thus creating an opportunity for the three Doctors to come together to cup-a-soup Gallifrey and save them and the universe.

    Dr Donna? Dr Clara, that’s for sure.

    Has she outgrown the Doctor?

    lisa @lisa

    @purofilion Geeze -louise!!! what am I gonna do about you?? lol

    Want spoilers!!! Need spoilers

    lisa @lisa

    @purofilion Clara does want to be a good Doctor and just maybe she was born not only
    to save the Doctor but all Time lords? Maybe we have had hints about it? She would know
    all the Doctors from being the impossible girl and therefore all of the nemesis aliems
    and probably a great deal about other Time lords and so I wonder if there is some way she
    can re- access all that information. That might be perhaps like having a special power.
    Or maybe like the Dr Donna she gets some of the meta-crisis power? Or even she might
    be part time lord already?

    janetteB @janetteb

    @phaseshift. I really like that ideal Clara becoming teacher to the Time Lords who are much in need of some “humanitarian” lessons. Having just re watched Death in Heaven and the Christmas special I see you point re’ the depressing tone. I was having some eye difficulty throughout. Every companion departure in AGWho with the exception of Martha’s has been sad. The message that travel with the Doctor comes at a price has been hammered in. Clara has certainly paid her emotional dues so a happy ending ending for Clara would work well. (Her dying would also thematically work. What I would not want for the character is to see her left back on earth living a kind of half life which is what we sensed was the case with the aged dream Clara. Her travels with the Doctor need to leave her in a different place, ie not still teaching at Coal Hill.

    @lisa and @Purofilion. As to spoilers I will be content to know that the episode did not disappoint.




    Missy @missy

    Some really interesting ideas here. Thanks to all of you.

    Time is dragging.

    My nails are taking right bashing, down to the quicks!

    You will doubtless get series 9 before us – as usual.



    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord

    Utterly non-spoilery article on the Magician’s Apprentice Q&A for those who might be interested.

    And in the interests of balance, The Graun’s take on the same event.

    janetteB @janetteb

    @jimthefish The Murdoch trolls are out in force BTL on the Graun article. I have been wearing out the mouse hitting recommend on that one. There was an excellent post from our very own @juniperfish

    thanks to the link to the Q&A too.



    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord

    @janetteb — yes, I saw @juniperfish‘s post and gave it a hearty recommend. A lone voice of sanity in a wilderness of Murdochian eye-swivelling over there….

    Juniperfish @juniperfish

    Aww – thanks @jimthefish and @janetteb – lovely to “see” you both, here and in the “other place”.

    I’m back from summer hiatus now and looking fishily forward to TARDIS adventures with everyone!


    Anonymous @

    @jimthefish @janetteb I indeed read @juniperfish‘ wonderful post.

    I, however, was not nice to the others.

    I fear I called stupid people names. Bad names. And I shall be shunned.

    But they were stoopid, OK?

    Did you write ‘eye snivellyness’? Or Orwellian snivelling? As this is on an edit function, I can’t highlight and paste your comment, Jim, but it was good. Like Genesis states:  It Was Good.

    I was also madly pressing ‘like’ for all those beautifully supportive and well written epic responses. And I’m Australian. Of course I feel sad, as Murdoch is technically still ‘ours’.

    Kindest, puro, rubbing hands with glee after using bad words.  Errm: cough:

    Anonymous @

    @phaseshift – SM definitely knows how to deliver the bitter sweet endings (Forest of the Dead, Angels take Manhattan, Name of the Doctor). Those tend to be my favorites but we have had a lot of those in a row now. So imo, the stage is set for a different kind of ending this time.

    Moffat knows how to do optimism endings too. “Everybody lives!” But the line “Just this once” has me a little bit worried (but rule number one has it covered 😉 ).

    Clara – the tiny terror of Gallifrey, slapping some sense into the Time Lords.

    Timey-wimey-Clara behind the crack is genius. The ultimate Moffat loop!

    Maybe the TL’s wear those collars for protection from Clara’s slaps. 🙂

    wolfweed @wolfweed


    Nice to see that the Beeb have relented and will release ‘The Underwater Menace’ on dvd, just 2 months after they confirmed that they definitely wouldn’t at all ever. Now you can actually (legally) complete your collections…

    the-underwater-menace @bbc shop

    P.S. Big shouts out to @scaryb , @jimthefish & @xad4 (…. as well as everyone else – much missed.)

    Sorry – just popped in & now I’m popping off again.

    Craig @craig

    I’ve received a new press release about The Doctor Who Festival – 13-15 November (London, UK), 21-22 November (Sydney, Aus):

    This November, get ready as the official Doctor Who Festival takes you behind the scenes of your favourite sci-fi programme.

    A fantastic day out for fans of all ages, the Doctor Who Festival will provide you with an unique insight into how the show is brought to our screens. Hear from the cast and crew and discover the secrets behind-the-show, PLUS, now announced for Friday only Mark Gatiss.

    Not to be missed by any Doctor Who fan. Saturday Dalek tickets are already SOLD OUT so make sure you don’t miss out and book your tickets today!

    Much more info here:

    Main Theatre Sessions

    As a ticket holder you’ll have exclusive access to the following THREE 45 minute theatre sessions.

    • Meet the Cast – get closer than ever before with the stars of the show with our ‘Meet the cast’ panel led session. Featuring the Doctor himself, Peter Capaldiand stars of the latest series, Michelle Gomez and Ingrid Oliver
    • Meet the Writers – led by Steven Moffat hear from the experts who created the storylines of your favourite programme, featuring the Series 9 writers– JUST ANNOUNCED! Mark Gatiss to feature on Friday
    • Theatre show 3 – to be announced

    SFX Show

    Love an explosion? Special effects supervisor Danny Hargreaves and his team at SFX will reveal the tricks of their trade in this live show. Letting you in on insider secrets, prepare to tackle the deadliest of enemies and be completely blown away…metaphorically speaking of course! This is a unique opportunity to see how the special effects on Doctor Who are put together. PLUS find out how you can become a special effects supervisor.

    Millennium FX

    See a monster created before your very eyes! Multi-award winning artists Millennium FX, will reveal all their trade secrets as they show how a monster is created, from the beginning briefing stages to the creation itself.

    Production Village

    Experience a day in the life of a production member! Try your hand at a variety of jobs that go into producing a series for Doctor Who, in this unique immersive experience.

    Drama School

    Have you ever wanted to learn the techniques and secrets the actors use in the filming of Doctor Who? Then this is for you.

    Cosplay Showcase

    Calling all cosplayers! Show off your best Doctor Who cosplay outfits at our Doctor Who Festival Cosplay showcase.

    Official Merchandise

    A shopping village consisting of only official Doctor Who products including brand new ranges, plus BBC Shop…sound like your idea of Whovian heaven?

    Anonymous @


    thanks for that: if I had a Tardis -or lived in the UK! Some of the cast as well as Murray Gold came to Sydney for a Doctor Who concert in 2012-13 – we had River song as the main cast member who acted as host.

    Close as we could get to Moffat and Gatiss!

    ** having just read that properly I can see you have mentioned Sydney. I don’t need a Tardis: just an aeroplane ticket. I believe the term is ‘squee’?

    @wolfweed welcome back -good to see you. I always liked The Underwater Menace. Whilst I grew up with Pertwee, it was Troughton’s elliptical, generous spirited doctor that I was intrigued by. And I was introduced to him here. 🙂

    Kindest, Puro


    Craig @craig

    @purofilion Yes, get an aeroplane ticket for you and boy Ilion then you can both meet Moffat and Capaldi!

    Best of luck.

    Anonymous @


    the Tardis ticket (including 2 drinks, a large goodie back of $125 worth of merchandise incl. a limited edition  event T-shirt, ‘priority’ access etc) is $365. Wow.

    Ironically, though, it’s in Moore Park -very close to relatives – on foot!

    I did make the mistake of checking the comments below the article with many saying “they tell me Capaldi will hit his stride, I’m still waiting” and “I don’t like this Doctor” etc etc. A number of ppl added, helpfully, that “no way would this be sold out if Moffat is coming”.

    I’m fairly sure they’re either ‘playing’ or just being ‘happy’ trolls trashing everything. I suspect it will be sold out completely. Tickets went on sale here on July 11 apparently. Weird, as I get regular ticket-tek updates and nothing was said.

    Still…the standard day with access to three sessions sounds great: as it’s exactly Boy Ilion’s birthday, I may plan on surprising him….


    gamergirlavatar @gamergirlavatar

    Big Finish released a audio trailer for the Torchwood audio plays. The first audio play will be release this month. You can listen to the trailer on youtube.

    Craig @craig

    For all those interested, a brief trailer has been released today for Episode 1. You can view it on the BBC Spoilers blog, if you’re inclined:

    Jude@Fjackets @judefjackets-2

    Have you guys seen the latest trailer of Doctor Who…Where is the Doctor????? it’s not the best but it’s very exciting

    gamergirlavatar @gamergirlavatar

    Only two days till the first Torchwood radio play is release.

    Craig @craig

    @ all. The prologue for the new series (which I thought was only going to be in cinemas) has just been released. I thought we might as well start our watch with that, as we still have just over a week to go.

    Jude@Fjackets @judefjackets-2

    Thanks for sharing it! 😀 as a fellow Whovian (i hope i spelt that right), what are your reactions and feedback for the latest season.
    My opinion is that it will have the entertaining factor with a couple of new faces with an interesting plot. I just hope they leave a lot of suspense this time around.

    PropStore @propstore

    Hello fellow Whovians!
    I hope this is OK to post here.

    On Wednesday we launched our two-week, free-to-enter exhibition down at the BFI IMAX in Waterloo, London. The two-week run will end with the items being auctioned off on 23rd September, a number of which are from assorted old and new Who series’. Here’s a teaser of some of the pieces we have on display, but we have plenty more on our online catalogue here. If you’ve got any questions on the items or the auction (you can bid online, in person or via phone) please do email us on

    Bring on S9 on Saturday :D<
    Doctor Who PropsDoctor Who Props

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    nerys @nerys

    Hopefully I am posting this in the correct thread. I saw this in my Facebook newsfeed today:

    Jenna Coleman ‘leaving’ Doctor Who

    GallifreyanGoldfish @thecleverzygon

    @nerys I saw that, I went to multiple other sources afterwards, and to say that I am shocked. I mean, it’s known that Clara wasn’t the favorite companion among many Whovians, but she did play a very  important role in the show, but to leave Doctor Who? That was completely unexpected.

    JimmytheTulip @jimmythetulip

    Hey everyone,

    I’m new to the site but have been a Whovian for about 36 years (give or take). Loving all the comments and thoughts and so I decided I’d post my speculation on the mystery of Clara here and see who thinks I’m insane. 😉

    In “Death in Heaven” Missy says to the Doctor, “I need you to know we’re not so different! I need my friend back. Every battle, every war, every invasion. From now on, you decide the outcome.” The Master is desperately trying to restore that friendship the she once had with the Doctor but, I suspect, deep down she knows that the Doctor will never accept her like he did when they were at the Academy together, so what’s the best way to become friends with the Doctor again? Don’t be The Master!

    What if Missy is not the regeneration after the John Simm Master but the second one after that? What if Clara is the regeneration after John Simm, the regeneration in which she chose to use a chameleon arch to hide herself so that Missy could then direct her to the Doctor to become his companion…. his friend.

    When the Doctor asked Missy how she survived she simply said “You saved me”. She said nothing about escaping from Gallifrey, we just assumed that’s what she meant. So, how about this for a mind-frag… towards the end of Season 9 it is revealed that Clara is actually the Master, prior to the Missy regeneration but she ends up in a situation where she is definitely going to die. The only way the Doctor can save her is to restore her Time Lord-iness from he Chameleon Arch, thereby ensuring that Clara will regenerate. Imagine the conflict the Doctor will feel knowing that he either kills his friend or he saves her but in doing so she will become the Master again! Of course the Doctor will save her, it’s Clara, and that’s why Missy knows that he saves her, because for Missy it’s already happened.

    That ties all the explanations up as to why Missy would give Clara the Doctors phone number and all the “I chose well” comments that have been dropped during season 8. It also explains the “coincidence” between Clara and Missy both using the “say something nice” line.

    Ok, I’ll stop splurging for now but I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

    Anonymous @


    Hi there and welcome! I tagged you over at The Cloven Hoof -just check the activity page and you’ll see my questions. Great bonkers theorising. 🙂

    @thecleverzygon  I thought that was for Spoilers? But I’m not sure! Anyway, I guess it’s out now. Could it be a rumour @craig? If so, then I would’ve thought Spoilers was the place for this. Because I didn’t really want to know. Still, if it is fact, then I guess it’s news!

    Kindest, puro.

    JimmytheTulip @jimmythetulip


    Thank you! 🙂 I saw and replied… 😉

    ichabod @ichabod

    @gallifreyangoldfish  About Jenna Coleman leaving — a few thoughts ventured: for one thing, playing *any* role for years at a time probably gets pretty wearing after a while, not least when you’re still a young actor looking forward to new and different jobs so you don’t get type-cast and end up only playing, say, “sidekicks” (or monsters — see Boris Karloff, aka William Henry Pratt, who made a big splash every time he managed *not* to play a monster after “Frankenstein”).  Which is an issue for female actresses anyway, since female lead roles are harder to come by than male ones in both TV and film.  And I doubt that her lifelong ambition has been to play a DW companion, as playing the Doctor has been an ambition of Peter’s.  For most actors most of the time, I think a job is a job.

    Acting is about as secure a career as getting your poetry published and making a living at it.  No doubt her agent has been on the lookout for the past couple of years for good new possibilities for her, and one that looks good has come along, so . . . strike while the auditions are hot (my brother in law was nursing along a very minor acting career for years in New York, finally turned to real estate for actual income).

    DW shooting and publicity schedules are very demanding; I can easily see having had enough and looking elsewhere, not to mention security issues: DW can be a long run, but the political machinations at the BBC can always erupt and leave you gasping on the beach, a casual casualty of some personnel or “philosophy” tsunami or other.  That can happen in any show, but DW is a target for the Right because it’s frighteningly “liberal” to them.

    And lots else not so easily apparent.  It’s a career; decisions get forced on you by circumstances, minds change, ambitions change focus.  There may also be an element of not wanting to be in the spotlight of so much fan-hatred and fan-defense as Clara in DW.  You never know.  These folks have their compelling reasons — I’m just very grateful to have their talents in the Show as long as we do.  Etc.

    Missy @missy

    I’ve just watched an interview with Jenna Coleman and Peter Capaldi about series 9. It was in Germany in front of an audience.
    You have probably seen it, but if not it’s worth a watch. Peter lets drop that his character in The Fires of Pompii, might be alluded to – or maybe not? Interesting don’t you think?

    One more sleep



    Missy @missy


    Yep, she’s playing young Queen Victoria.


    Missy @missy

    You know reading your posts is really thought provoking – that’s all of you.
    Which is probably what SM was counting on. He’s such a tease, loving to muddy the waters.


    ichabod @ichabod

    @missy  The German interview was unusually thoughtful, as I recall.  As for SM, he does know how to provoke — but I think of it more as (among his duties as show runner rather than episode writer/doctor) doing effective publicity for a show with long wait-times between seasons/series.  He’s got an unusually restless and intelligent audience to keep hooked *between* runs of 13 weeks out of 52.  Secrecy (plus calculated leaks and punctures) is a great tool of doing that.  I’m sure he’s got publicity staff to help (like running a Facebook page for Capaldi), but having people working for you also means having to stay on top of what their doing, and orchestrating changes etc. as called-for — it doesn’t actually mean getting out from under job yourself, particularly since with non-commercial TV there’s probably not a lot of money sloshing around to pay publicity staff.

    I don’t know of course how that’s all arranged, but since writers in the US now have to do all their own publicity work — the part that publishers used to do but won’t any more unless a book is already flying off the shelves and doesn’t need help — I know a little about what a time-eating, hit or miss royal pain it is.  My step-daughter has just gotten a self-help book published with a small local outfit in San Diego, and she’s hired her own publicist (who’s doing an excellent job, I must say) because as a health services professional she herself has no time to organize and run a publicity campaign  for her book.  She can do this *because* she has a day-job with a salary.

    But back to the subject — I think SM plays fandom very well, providing extra entertainment for us and bracing up support for the show between seasons at the same time.  I think the guy does a hell of a job with all this, and it really annoys me when know-nothing baby-brains attack him (mainly, I think, for occupying a place in their fantasy-worlds that they themselves could of course occupy so much more brilliantly) with their “Moffat must go!” B.S.  Who would have thought that doing consistently above-average-to-excellent tv would bring with it these weird waves of hatefulness — from some of the people your work serves and that they keep on coming back for?


    Well, so much for spoilers.

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip


    No, it’s officially official. It’s on the front page of the BBC’s Doctor Who website, which is the point I normally stop regarding things as spoilers.



    I agree, speaking for myself, but there are others who are actively avoiding all spoilers and regard even official trailers as such.

    This is the one place they should feel safe.

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    I am with you, @pedant. This site is precisely the one place they should safe.

    Anonymous @


    I agree.

    I was wondering on behalf of another member who had PM’ed me. They were annoyed as they’d avoided all spoilers & came ‘ innocently along’ to the news section to find out about someone leaving the show: that’s why I argued (with myself)  as to whether if it is news then it’s no longer a spoiler -I’m still confused on that matter -but anyway, I suppose the argument is moot now.

    Kindest, puro

    GallifreyanGoldfish @thecleverzygon

    @ichabod I guess you’re right. BTW, If you want to reply, it’s @thecleverzygon

    XAD4 @xad4

    Thanks @pedant
    I concur.

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