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    ichabod @ichabod

    @thecleverzygon  Right, got it this time.

    Only I think, @pedant et al, that the spoiler at issue is partly my doing, in responding to two earlier posts on the subject set off by a sighting of the news, as news after months of speculation we’ve seen on this, on FB.  I made the same assumption that those posters did — that if it’s announced in the media across a number of outlets (especially on the net), it qualifies as not spoiler-y any more.  Clearly that isn’t how others here think, so deepest apologies to them.  I will try to be quicker on the uptake about this sort of thing in future.


    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord


    This is the one place they should feel safe.

    Coming from the number one source of strife on this site, that’s quite hilarious. Well done.

    I’m sure we would all welcome ideas about how we could secure the site against this sort of thing, but I’m not reading any so far.

    I’m afraid that Doctor and Companion casting is big news. Jenna has been on BBC radio and TV news. She’s in all the papers. Pretending this is something unusual when we knew Amy and Rory were leaving in series 7 is absurd. Look up this page to see people’s theories on the grisly nature of her exit before this news was announced. Let’s have some perspective here. This was entirely predictable.

    The only way to protect this site against someone willing to join just to post spoilers is to close the portal. You are free to argue this position. I await responses, but that is a decision above my pay grade.

    Anonymous @


    I think I was the one causing the problem -or at least asking the question? I wasn’t sure if mention of Coleman’s departure was considered a spoiler. I think I was ticked off. But I wasn’t aware it was in all of the papers in the UK -so if it’s spread loudly about, it’s news.

    At least I’m clear on your position and the Forum’s now.



    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    Hey, whoa, everybody,

    Time to chill out.

    We are all on the same side here.

    Crikey, you think you have problems? I still haven’t figured out a way to even watch the episode yet!

    But…I am still trying!

    lisa @lisa

    @blenkinsopthebrave If you try to type in the search bar ‘Doctor Who Magicians Apprentice’
    on You Tube I noticed lots of ‘live streaming’ offerings. However. I don’t know if you
    will have to do one of the survey things or sign up for something? Just wondering if its possible
    that might work for you?

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    Hi @lisa, thanks so much for that. Still trying. Will give it a go. I am sure I will prevail!

    ichabod @ichabod

    @blenkinsopthebrave  iTunes is offering a “season pass” to S9 for $31.00, access to anything and everything DW that comes down the pike, looks like.  If iTunes will let me set a new password instead of the old one that I remember perfectly well only they don’t, I plan to sign up so I can catch up if medical emergencies or travels interfere.  Worth it to me!

    nerys @nerys

    Sorry, it appears that I have set off something of a firestorm. The news was all over my Facebook page, and elsewhere, so as others have said, since it was that widespread, I didn’t consider it a spoiler. But I will think more carefully about that in the future. Again, my apologies.

    Anonymous @

    @ichabod @blenkinsopthebrave

    This is wonderful news for the Blenkinsops. I think that amount even in AUD dollars is acceptable. I think this would give access to xtras? Though there’s no more Confidentials (budgets, alas), other little offerings might be on the iTunes platform?

    I haven’t seen the 10 min Meditation scene. Some American  bugger had ’10 mins’ beside his name but all he offered was a truly dreadful summation of his ‘beliefs’ alongside 2-3 mins stills from the various trailers. Most of it was coughing, sneezing (possibly toking superlative Californian weed) and complete verbal stuff ups. I suggested he wait till the effect had “worn off” before continuing.

    Good luck for the Blenkins’ and the force n’ all that…. 🙂

    ichabod @ichabod

    @purofilion  Yes, it looks like you get access to everything — says here, it all goes into your iTunes “purchased” file, so it’s really yours, I think.

    Arbutus @arbutus


    I don’t have cable either, and iTunes is definitely my solution. The series subscription is not expensive, and includes each episode, the “Extra” for each episode, and all trailers and minisodes (although some of the minisodes take a little longer to appear, for some reason). It’s good value from my point of view, and as @ichabod says, it is definitely yours. Sadly, you can no longer back up iTunes purchases to a physical disk, as I used to do, but it stores in the cloud and you can access it through your account whenever you like.

    I usually watch on my iPad, but you can also watch on a computer, or on your TV if you have any way to run your tech to your screen. We have Apple TV but I think there are other possible ways as well; I’m not an expert on that.

    Each new episode general becomes available at midnight or thereabouts on the Sunday morning after the Saturday broadcast. I highly recommend it.

    Arbutus @arbutus

    Regarding the, um, spoilergate issue, I personally share @phaseshift‘s view. This is the kind of thing that really isn’t so much a spoiler as it is news. I was annoyed a couple of days ago, after being warned away from the Guardian site, when a couple of random comments here gave me a big clue as to what was being said, but once I realized that it had been officially announced, then as far as I’m concerned, that’s game over. Unless it was set to happen in the very first episode, there is no way I would have been able to avoid seeing that news. Now if someone were to leak the relevant story line, I would be seriously annoyed as that would impact my enjoyment.

    When a star or co-star leaves a series, it’s hard to keep that a secret nowadays, because they are often leaving to take up another part. Now, someone joining the series could be another matter. I haven’t heard anything about that, and wouldn’t it be fun if they could keep that as a surprise?  🙂

    Craig @craig

    Ah, the thorny problem of spoilers again. Apologies everyone, I had a rather busy week, partly because I was trying to clear the decks for this weekend, and so wasn’t monitoring the site as much as I could’ve been.

    My view is there are three types of fans. Those who want to know nothing in advance, those who are happy with knowing what the BBC has revealed, and those who want to know all the rumours and gossip circulating on the internet.

    Most of this site is for the first group and if you are in one of the other two groups you should bear that in mind when posting anything. I mean, you really have to have the question in the forefront of your mind: “Is this going to upset or annoy someone who doesn’t want to know anything“.

    If the answer to that question is “Yes” or even “Maybe” then your post belongs in the dedicated spaces for spoilers.

    There is a dedicated “Spoilers” topic and there is a “BBC Spoilers” blog for the other two groups. I think I will begin a dedicated “BBC Spoilers” topic today to make everything more equal and easier to find, as there will be trailers released every week from now on which some will want to see, but not all.

    As to the news about Jenna, when the rumours came out they were definiately spoilers. But when it was confirmed by the BBC and was all over the papers and the internet I think it became news. It was not something that could be kept a secret any longer, from anybody. And it’s news people may like to discuss.

    Of course, the manner of her exit will always be a spoiler until broadcast.

    Hope that all makes sense.

    ichabod @ichabod

    @craig   Thanks for the clarification.

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    Hurrah! Many, many, thanks to @ichabod for the iTunes suggestion. I have purchased season 9 on iTunes, and just watched the trailer (again) to prove that I actually had it. Many thanks also to @scaryb, @janetteb, @purofilion, @lisa, and @juniperfish for the suggestions and support.

    Time for Mrs Blenkinsop and I to break out the jammy dodgers!

    ichabod @ichabod

    @blenkindsopthebrave  I bought a season pass myself, this morning, thus freeing myself of scheduled broadcasts, which is a timetable flexibility I need these days.


    Anonymous @

    @craig thank you “quite right too”


    Ah, excellent! iTunes: cheers.

    Missy @missy

    @ichabod and @puro

    Many thanks.


    ichabod @ichabod

    Can’t wait to see it on my computer tomorrow via itunes, *without* the god damned ads that were on BBCA.

    Anonymous @

    @ichabod did you see that BBCA is starting “Breakfast with Baker”?  Starts in the morning and the first episode might be Genesis of the Daleks.  They showed a flash back of that in the Magician’s Apprentice, so good timing.

    ichabod @ichabod

    @barbable   Oh, thanks!

    Anonymous @

    YW @Ichiblob, I don’t get many chances to post news. 🙂

    Jude@Fjackets @judefjackets-2

    The whole day i was trying to recover the data which got corrupted thanks to a virus. I didnt even eat anything yesterday. I had so many episodes of Doctor Who. From the seasons to the special editions. All that is now gone. TOtally depressed man. Any idea on how to recover it from the drive?

    ichabod @ichabod

    Jude@Fjackets  I wish I knew.  Damn, what a loss.  Do you have tech companies nearby who specialize in recovering data from damaged discs?  Or you might find some recommended ones online.

    Anonymous @

    @judefjackets-2 It really depends on exactly what the virus has done and how it’s done it. It’s a pain, but if you’re unsure you should really get a professional.

    Jude@Fjackets @judefjackets-2

    im just confused. I have lost more than 1tb of stuff. I just hate the fact that i had to stay up late at nights just to download the seasons etc. The net connection was pissing off. And ever since this occurred, i became blank lol. Anyway, i will get the report in two days time

    ScaryB @scaryb

    Last post before bed (gets me out the pub and piggy jokes hehe) –

    Couple of short interviews – Capaldi on choosing the right guitar, pinching riffs (badly) from Hendrix and showing him some nifty feedback loops, and Michelle Gomez eats an apple!


    Hope you get your computer fixed soon @judefjackets-2 – nightmare 🙁

    Missy @missy

    Can anyone tell me whether there has been a Doctor who Prom at the Royal Albert Hall?

    I know for sure there’s been at least three – I’ve got them, but has one been performed in honour of Peter Capaldi?

    Thanks everyone.


    Jude@Fjackets @judefjackets-2

    It is worst than a nightmare @scaryb . I just think that all tech items have a limited life. So maybe that’s why it happened. Im just hurt that i spent hours and hours and wasted sleep to download episodes and other movies. All that went in a flash! i have managed to store few as backup but those are really old. No fun

    221BadWolf @221badwolf

    Hi! Sorry to interrupt, but I was wondering if there is a thread which revolves around the topic of a Female Doctor? Thank you!

    Jude@Fjackets @judefjackets-2

    yup there is



    Well now.

    Torchwood: The YA Generation: New spin off, Class apparently set a Coal Hill. (and Patrick Ness too, who we already like)

    Juniperfish @juniperfish

    @pedant I’ve just seen the Guardian article – a replacement for the Sarah Jane Adventures, after a suitable pause following Elizabeth Sladen’s untimely demise.

    I only dropped into the Sarah Jane Adventures occasionally, so it will be interesting to see how they frame this as belonging to the Who universe. Clara teaches at Coal Hill school – so perhaps she’ll be in it?!

    Maybe Danny Pink comes back from the dead and they teach there together, and Clara does turn out to be the old Doc’s great granddaughter…

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip


    a replacement for the Sarah Jane Adventures,

    A lot of people are saying that, but my slightly satirical take would be ‘Doctor Who meets Press Gang’. Putting it under the BBC3 banner aims it firmly at older teenagers, whereas Sarah Jane Adventures was under the CBBC banner – so pre-teens and early teens.

    They also seem to be basing it around Coal Hill’s Sixth Form (which we saw in The Day of the Doctor, and, indeed, which Susan seemed to be attending back in 1963). That does have the advantage of natural turnover of the young actors as they enter/leave Sixth Form.

    Wonder if they’ve cast Ellis George again? There are also a couple of other young actors who seem to be recurring Coal Hill schoolkids. But again, setting it in the Sixth Form makes it really easy to import actors we’ve never seen before.

    I would say that if Jenna Coleman is in it, she’d be the lead. But, I get the feeling she wants to move on. If Clara a) survives Series 9 and b) is still teaching at Coal Hill, she might be an oft mentioned but seldom-seen presence, rather like The Doctor was for the Sarah Jane Adventures.

    lisa @lisa

    *Possible Spoilers Alert!*

    Just some possible Scooby suggestions. Also included are Ian Chesterton and opportunities for
    some past Doctors to visit the show. But no announcements.

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    @lisa and @others

    The Radio Times story does contain a comment from Patrick Ness which spoilerphobes might prefer to avoid.


    @juniperfish @bluesqueakpip

    I’ve just seen the Guardian article – a replacement for the Sarah Jane Adventures, after a suitable pause following Elizabeth Sladen’s untimely demise.

    I’m not so sure about that. I know several writers who trade in the YA market and I would say that they are most definitely not in the same genre as SJA – and it is BBC3 not CBBC.

    I rather like the idea of Doctor Who meets Press Gang – perhaps Julia Sawalha could be headmistress…

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord

    @bluesqueakpip @juniperfish @pedant

    Interesting news. I got back earlier today and tried to get some sleep this afternoon. A repetitive ‘pinging’ sound interrupted this attempt and I finally discovered the source was this story. It was the sound of a couple of hundred dummies ricocheting off computer monitors as they were spat out by intemperate talifanboys.

    Some of the online reaction has been amazingly OTT. I don’t know if Dave Gorman is a Doctor Who fan, but if so he could produce a very entertaining ‘found poem’ on this one.

    Keeping in mind that the last 2 ‘young adult’ BBC3 projects were ‘In the flesh’ and ‘The Fades’, both of which were critical successes, and more adult than many would credit, and coupled with a collaboration between Patrick Ness and Steven Moffat, who cut his teeth and won major awards with Press Gang (as @bluesqueakpip mentioned) I think I’ll be giving this a look.

    Have a couple of reminders about how good The Fades was, and why it should not have been cancelled:

    I remain optimistic, and I suck on my dummy still. Away with the jerkers of knees!

    lisa @lisa

    @bluesqueakpip Perhaps a mod can move it over? I was thinking since its not
    about any episodes on the Doctor’s show however I can take your point

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord


    I’ve added a possibly spoiler alert to your post.

    lisa @lisa

    @phaseshift Mucho thanks 🙂

    Anonymous @


    I also loved The Fades. When I was teaching school (15-18 year olds) I brought the show up for a number of reasons -students amazed that a teacher of “my age” would like it.

    I was reading the BTL comments about the last 2 episodes of Who and was stunned at the dummies responding to a young American youtuber who posts his reaction to each Doctor Who episode. He commented on The Fades but reviews a variety of other shows each week.

    Comments included “the sun glasses are a Deus Ex Machina” and “the return of Missy was never explained so Moff is an ass.”  The more I read, the lower my IQ became and I quickly returned here.

    I must admit that I don’t know Press Gang. I don’t think we had The Sarah Jane Adventures in Oz, either? @janetteb might be able to confirm that.

    Kindest, puro

    janetteB @janetteb

    @Purofilion I don’t think Sarah Jane Adventures, (SJA for now) was shown in Oz which was a pity. We rather enjoyed it, especially as our sons were in the target age group at the time. Elizabeth Sladden really shone and the “kid” companions were very well cast. It is worth watching if you can get hold of it.

    Given that Moffat is at the helm I expect Class will be very different to SJA. I am really looking forward to it and hope that it features some of the kids we have already encountered. Courtney seemed to be crying out for an extended role.



    Anonymous @

    @janetteb thank you for that.

    I didn’t know that one of the kids from the Forest Episode was the voice of Peppa the Pig.


    Colour me amazed


    Juniperfish @juniperfish

    @pedant @bluesqueakpip @phaseshift

    yes _ a product replacement for the Sarah June adventures rather than a tonal one given the different age target as you say.

    The Fades was wonderful so if it’s half as good it will be doing well.

    i keep meaning to give RTD’s Wizards vs Aliens a proper look _ I’ve seen snippets…

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    For fans of Big Finish Audio: John Hurt will be developing his role as the War Doctor in twelve new audio plays.

    Details here.

    Meisiluosi @meisiluosi


    A piece of news that excited me a thousand times more than the spin-off anouncement. War Doctor at BF. And an 8th Doctor Time War box set, to boot! Awesome news!
    I’m as happy as a hermit crab with a new boot for a home!

    Narvin @narvin

    That’s great news! Is it wrong of me to wish that Nick Briggs was the head writer for the TV Series?

    Meisiluosi @meisiluosi


    No, you’re not – but I’d rather he focused on Big Finish. :-]
    And I imagine that writing for the TV series puts a lot more constraints on your creativity, anyway. Budget is more of a factor and you have to please a lot more people.

    Narvin @narvin


    Unfortunaly I agree. I would miss Big Finish stories as they are definitely in more rotation for me than the TV series. I think they would have the budget to do what they want but I see your point on pleasing most fans. Which is sad since the BF stories are so much better and way less Drama!


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