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    @ichabodSheesh, gonna miss this crew no matter what comes after . . .

    You and me both!

    Still haven’t looked at the clips (old team clips I mean) must make some time. Thanks to all who contributed.


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    I’m surprised the complete Series 10 is coming out so soon in the U.S. because 1) the Beeb has really dragged their heels on the American release of Series 10 Part 2, which comes out Sept. 10 here — I have a friend who doesn’t have BBC America and I can’t chat with him about anything past “Extremis” — and 2) I thought they would wait until after “Twice Upon a Time” aired so it would truly be complete, given how they handled the Complete Series 9 set.  (I am assuming this set includes “The Return of Doctor Mysterio”.)

    On the other hand, does this mean “Twice Upon a Time” will be so big a deal it will require/warrant an elaborate standalone release the way “The Day of the Doctor” did rather than just being part of a box set?  Could it be feature length, to bookend “Deep Breath”?  So many possibilities!  😀

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    Thank you, I can’t wait to get this.  I want the Extended edition.



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    Russell T Davies received a lifetime achievement award at the Edinburgh Television Festival yesterday – which he fully deserves. He wasn’t too complementary about the government, or most of the industry!


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    To hell with Murdock, the BBC must stay strong.

    Thank you Craig.


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    @craig Last year, the 500th issue of Doctor Who Magazine featured the one-off comic “The Stockbridge Showdown”, in which the Twelfth Doctor teamed up with most of the comic-specific companions the magazine has featured over the years to stop a corrupt intergalactic businessman from taking control of the “Galactic Broadcasting Corporation”, or GBC for short.  😀

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    Hello I went to the doctor who experience for my 16th birthday, and I thought my friend had bought me a black rubber wristband saying it’s bigger on the inside on the inside. It turns out she didn’t I was wondering if anyone who was going to it before it closes could send me one in the post since I asked the experience and they said they wouldn’t. I would be so grateful if anyone who is going sees the and would contact me. Fingers crossed

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    Christel & Luke – Penultimate vid from the DW Experience…


    c n l

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    Little bit confused. The article @wolfweed links to states that Dr Who Experience has only been running in Cardiff for five years but over ten years ago now I took the boys to a Dr Who exhibition in Cardiff which I assumed was the Dr Who Experience. building was not the same as I recall though. I have photos of K.9 and the obligatory fridge magnet to prove it..


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    @JanetteB  The Doctor Who Exhibition Cardiff was situated in the Red Dragon Centre, Cardiff Bay. The museum opened December 2005 and was closed on 27 March 2011. In July 2012 the above-mentioned Doctor Who Experience opened…….

    old cardiff


    Today’s Final Who Experience Tour with Christel & Luke

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    P Cap’s message to The Doctor Who Experience…

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    @wolfweed: Thank you. I’m going to miss this man so much. *sniff*


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    if the dying master turns his tardis into a paradox machine and suppressed his regeneration in to missy could he stay as the master

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    There’s a Dalek and Sylvester McCoy’s hat in auction now… they’re down at the BFI IMAX in London if you want to see them in person too :)

    <span style=”font-weight: 400;”>http://propstoreauction.com/view-auctions/catalog/id/78/lot/18195/ </span>

    <span style=”font-weight: 400;”>http://propstoreauction.com/view-auctions/catalog/id/78/lot/18194/</span>


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    Time Lord

    For all the Big Finish fans, the core cast of An Adventure in Time and Space are going to reprise their roles for Big Finish.

    Could be very interesting.


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    <span class=”useratname”>@jimthefish: Indeed!</span>


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    @Wolfweed So if I read that right, they’re doing “Shada” the same way they did the Second Doctor’s “Power of the Daleks” almost?


    I’m actually mixed on this.  I’m glad it’s going to be finished.  And I’ll definitely check it out and add it to my collection.  But, at the same time, I have Big Finish’s version, with the Eighth Doctor.  And I really like that one.

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