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    The Children In Need drop in – literally (side note: JW will be guesting on Graham Norton of 6 Dec)

    winston @winston

    @pedant  It is a cold,grey day here. There is lots of snow and the temp. is 0C and I am  stuck inside feeling a little blue and not just from the cold. Then from across the ocean you have posted something that has cheered me up and put a smile on my face. Thank you as always for the link.



    Alas, in the clip they didn’t include the supercut that aired of every time she mentioned Doctor Who in her interview and how great she thinks Jodie Whittaker is. Which was a lot.

    Representation matters. Who knew?


    Aaaaand rest:


    A tease….


    winston @winston

    @pedant  Is it pathetic to be so excited for a trailer?  Probably, but I still am!

    Thanks and happy Doctor Who Day.

    Devilishrobby @devilishrobby

    Lol and hopefully they will give us the series start date too though given the BeeBs usual trailer policy  all it will say is coming soon

    Missy @missy


    It’s bowel streak, a vile misogynistic little shitweasel and noted Angry Virgin. and we are more than familiar with his vile spewings – and you would be too if you ever paid any attention to what people actually said, rather than just getting stampy-footed when people pointed out how gratuitously offensive you are being.

    Don’t post that shit here, especially behind a blind link.

    I’m offensive? That’s a laugh, re- read your post mate and think again.

    A simple  “it’s rubbish” would have sufficed.

    As usual I get accused of being snide.  I simply wanted  other members opinions.




    Nice Jodie Whittaker interview, hopefully not regional-locked. Spoiler-free, bar a few brief clips from the trailer.

    Snowman08854 @changari

    I have been a doctor who fan for more years than I like to admit.. and some of the doctors took a little getting used to.. but this new one .. well she is the worst I have seen.. i actually turned it off the other night..i really hope they regenerate her .. and soon.. other wise.

    I will be missing one of my all time favorite shows….

    Missy @missy


    It seems that you and I agree, as do many, many people who have asked me what I thought- not knowing that I don’t watch anymore. On of my friends called it a ‘parody’ and a very bad one at that.

    Still, everyone is entitled to their opinion and all on this forum seem to like it.



    BadWolfAlice @badwolfalice

    Just a heads up for anyone that’s interested: Big Finish is doing a Doctor Who sale over the next few months. Currently various audios featuring the First Doctor are on sale; next week it will be the Second Doctor, and so on, up to the Twelfth Doctor. You can see the offers by entering the code HISTORY on this page: https://www.bigfinish.com/offers/v/dwseries12

    Davros @davros

    This isn’t really news but I wasn’t sure where else to put this.

    I’m rewatching all of post-gap Who with my 11 year old son. Although I’ve probably seen every episode at least twice already, this will be the first time I’ve gone through the lot in order since it first came out. My boy has seen quite a few episodes as well a few years back but I suspect he was too young to really follow it.

    I wanted to share our responses as we go through it all. The simplest way would be to post comments on each of the individual episode threads but I thought it might be nice to put it all in one place. Would there be a way to have a thread or blog for that purpose on this forum, or is that not really within the scope or ethos here?

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    Hi @davros

    This is probably a question for our resident Time Lords, @craig, @jimthefish, @phaseshift, who manage the site. In the interim, there is always the “On the Sofa” thread, which is open to all Who-related discussion.

    Mudlark @mudlark


    Since you will be covering all the post-gap Doctors but understandably don’t want to keep it as a continuous thread, Faces of the Doctor might be the most appropriate forum.

    Davros @davros

    Thanks for those answers.

    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord

    I honestly didn’t know where to put this, so it might as well be here. A short prologue to The Woman Who Fell to Earth, penned by Mr Chibnall…


    geoffers @geoffers


    thanks for that, this is the first i’ve seen it. the flapping of the arms was a nice touch. if only they’d put a bit of a regeneration glow in there, for the viewing audience, after she hit the floor. but maybe he hadn’t thought all this through when first writing the ep…

    but we all know, by now, chibbers is much more tell than show, anyway…


    BadWolfAlice @badwolfalice

    There’s another new short story on the Doctor Who website, this time by Pete McTighe: https://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/doctorwho/entries/0f866ddb-21fd-47e0-80c2-0f7da6ac64a8

    BadWolfAlice @badwolfalice

    And here’s a new Eleventh Hour prequel! https://twitter.com/StevenWMoffat/status/1246123045716144130

    janetteB @janetteb

    @badwolfalice thank you for that link. It was lovely. Just lovely. Watched Eleventh Hour last night and made lots of notes. Was rather like being back at Uni in a Cinema Studies screening only I did not keep falling asleep.



    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave


    Wonderfully sweet clip. Thanks so much for posting.

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