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    Missy @missy


    Like you, I judge an episode (or film) by whether I enjoy it or not. If I do, I don’t question it. If not, then I watch again to find out why.

    Unlike my friend who analyses it as she goes along?

    Life is too short and complicated enough as it is.

    Then again, if part of the enjoyment is to analyse, fair enough.


    As you say, it is second nature for you to go into the ‘do’s’ and don’ts’ – if that is the right description – and if it does not detract from your enjoyment, who am I to judge. *grins*








    Missy @missy

    I finished watching a series on Netflix last night called Another life. It is science fiction and I really enjoyed it, good news is that there is to be a second series. However to get to the point *rolls eyes* two of the actors in the series were in Doctor Who. One is the actor who played the hero in Doctor Mysterio (sp) and the other is the actor who played Danny, Clara’s boyfriend.

    I must say, that the above made a better job of his part than he did as Danny, who frankly gave me the pip!

    Have any of you seen this series?



    winston @winston

    @missy and @dentarthurdent  I am with you on whether I analyze an episode or not. If I like what I am watching then I am usually drawn in until it is over, but if I don’t then I tend to be over critical and analytical. I can over look so much if I am entertained or I don’t notice things until later on when I read them here. With Doctor Who episodes I don’t like episodes more because of how they make me feel as opposed to how critically good or bad they are. It is all about the feels for me.

    I have not seen Another Life but I will look it up and see where I can find it.

    Take care

    Stay safe

    Craig @craig

    I Just watched “No Time To Die” which was too long. They could have easily lost half an hour or so, but I loved it anyway. It was a classic Bond movie, including an island that’s the evil lair. It wasn’t trying to hard to be Bourne or Mission Impossible (which is a problem I’ve had with the recent ones).

    This was more classic Bond. And the music was mostly classic Bond too. Also, Cary Joji Fukunaga knows how to direct close combat scenes incredibly well (as I knew already from “True Detective”). Maybe car chases not so much. Overall, I loved it. Did I mention it’s like classic Bond? They even end it with the theme from “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” because, why not?

    It gets a thumbs up from me.

    The question they ask at script meetings is “What would you do better?” Here are my initial thoughts.

    I still like the idea of a gentleman spy so I think that should be played up next time – I think they’ve gone too much down the Bourne / Mission Impossible / even Die Hard route. It’s a bit too much of an action movie.

    Gentleman thief is always good too – like Lupin, on Netflix (check it out if you haven’t).

    People love Downton Abbey. They love The Crown (in fact I’ve even seen the guy who plays Prince Charles suggested for the new Bond by some).

    I’d make it smaller scale (so cheaper to make), shoot it all in the UK, and make it more like a real spy movie, like Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, just with our beloved womanising, high-functioning alcoholic at the centre. Or maybe I’m now describing Harry Palmer and The Ipcress File.

    I don’t think you need exotic locations – just how the wealthy live in London – the finest bars and restaurants etc. Because that is really Bond, and I think the producers may have forgotten that London high-life is exotic for everyone around the world, except those who get to enjoy it daily (I mean the people who make it and star in it).

    And then we have a big ending with a lair under the Thames Barrier or the Dome or the London Eye or something. Bond saves London from flooding maybe (just to keep it topical). Bond saves the girl. And that’s job done – all in under 2hrs this time! 😀

    I’m just thinking – blow the Thames Barrier – flood the City of London – raid the Bank of England like Goldfinger with Fort Knox. Or, to be more contemporary, they could short the stock market then tank it (but that’s a bit boring). Then again “Tomorrow Never Dies” was just about a media mogul who wanted to sell more papers by starting a world war – so there’s that.

    Anyway, if you meet a producer, those are my initial notes. I can expand on them.

    And if these ideas are stolen I have internet proof I came up with them. 😀

    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    By coincidence, I just watched ‘Doctor No’, which was a classic Bond movie, including an island which was the evil lair [grin].

    It was also probably the closest to the original book.   I did notice a couple of glitches that weren’t in the book – Crab Key had (in the movie) a river with waterfalls – no way, not in a cay.   And No’s mine in the book was guano or phosphate (very credible), Bond ‘got’  him by burying him under it; in the movie it was bauxite – highly unlikely I think.

    Also one thing I previously *thought* was blatantly wrong, the casting of Honeychile Ryder – in the book, she was a half-caste, no way could Ursula Andress ever have been a half-caste.  However in the movie, Honey Rider’s ancestry (I forget the exact details, but her father travelled the world) wasn’t local at all.   So, not mis-cast.

    Tomorrow Never Dies – one of my absolute favourite Bonds, and Jonathan Price is probably my favourite Bond villain – he manages to give the impression of being utterly amoral, and just barely in control of himself.   Far more unpredictable and dangerous to anyone around him than a master criminal like Blofeld.

    Personally, I thought the Bourne movies were excellent, very convincing and grounded in the details.   I wouldn’t compare them to Mission Impossible or Die Hard.     Many of the later Bonds just got a bit too sci-fi for my liking.   But I think I lean towards the idea that Bond should be more stylish, suave and polished than Bourne.

    But I do like the exotic locations.





    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    @craig I like your ideas for where to go with James Bond. At the moment, most people seem to be thinking about how to address issues of gender and sexuality. But I like that you want to bring it back to the Englishness of Bond and shoot it all in the UK.

    I would suggest one step further–to address the fact that Bond represents not just the UK, but its past. Or more specifically, its past as represented by the British empire. I can think of all sorts of scenarios where Bond is confronted in the present with the historical legacy of the Mau Mau rebellion, or Partition, or Palestine, for example.

    We have become used to a troubled Bond, perhaps this could give those troubles another context.


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