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    Anonymous @

    “cun*s are still running the world”

    Oh boy, @jimthefish back to the drawing board for the other parties?  And a terrific song. Utterly appropriate. I hadn’t heard it in ages. Just what I needed to maintain the rage. And maintained it must be. Or else we get permanently drunk and end up with cirrhosis in some run down hospital

    @whisht great song also. “not smelly”. Heheh. OK, I never write ‘heheh’. Looks weird. Won’t do that again.

    Arbutus @arbutus

    I have a feeling this has been posted before, but it bears repeating. A flawless piece of pop music, melodious with a touch of soul. Perhaps some balm for the wounded post-election soul?

    Whisht @whisht

    hey @purofilion – that’s ‘noice’ (I’m struggling to find something appropriate to ping-pong back with, but will somehow find a ‘good’ Eugene Chadbourne track!)
    (and I’m still struggling to find a way to thank you for mentioning me with kind words, when there are so many others to namecheck – rest assured it has gone to my head and am now walking like a panther).

    hey Lisa – that’s niiiiiiiiice. soft and slow now, lets get it on… [ahem, not erm together mind, just erm, y’know, erm politically an’ all]


    hey @jimthefish – ah, now that’s an anthem!
    (weirdly sounds a bit ‘thin’ musically for Pulp – I realise this is from his solo album, but then again, maybe its my shit-headphones-as-I-broke-my-others)

    hey @arbutus – thanks for the Dobie.

    I’ve heard it before, but this time I thought “ooh, its a bit like Neil Young…. its maybe country soul…. or maybe its soul reaching out to and crossed with Rock….. why am I thinking of Lynard Skynard..?

    and those are the kinds of random brain meanderings I like!


    lisa @lisa

    @whist Hi – So here’s a song about politics, honesty and becoming the new ruler.
    Seems a bit appropriate in lieu of a very recent electoral event.
    Music can often help you have a happier brain in the midst of depressing situations.

    lisa @lisa

    @Whist Oops again with my @ on previous post 🙁

    Arbutus @arbutus

    @whisht   I’ve always been irrationally fond of Sweet Home Alabama! Not sure why as I’m not an especially big fan of southern rock. Except for Creedence.   🙂

    Or maybe something more country? Or Fogerty’s solo hit, Centrefield (because, well, baseball).

    @lisa    I think fondly of Viva la Vida because my son went through an extreme Coldplay fandom phase last year, and we spent an evening doing a poetic analysis of it for his English class. We discussed metaphors. My son is pretty literal-minded and doesn’t have a natural feel for the surrealism of the underlying metaphor of whatever the poem is about. But he does like pop music.  🙂


    Whisht @whisht

    I owe a couple of people a reply {shameface}

    @arbutus – lovely lovely Creedence!
    Without thinking too hard I thought of a Little Richard album I have and so here’s a link:

    pin-pong! ;¬)

    @lisa – thanks for the coldplay.
    that track won’t play for me in my region but – even though i’m a massive muso snob (much to my discredit) I still hunted it down and listened to it.

    I really have to say that I still much prefer Elbow who tread a similar road, but I trust their singer more (just in terms of vocal delivery).
    Also production wise – everything in the Coldplay track seems to have been balanced down to something without any clear ‘edges’ and my ear (personally) needs some edge (or quite a lot!) at times.

    But that’s my opinion and those that work with me will attest to the fact that I say “I don’t give a shit about your opinion -I only care about the insight”.
    Granted, we’re usually talking about webdesign and granted I sometimes don’t say this to my CEO (maybe I leave out the swearing) but I love being challenged, I love discovering I’m wrong (because then I know I’m more close to being right) and I love learning something new!

    So, even with my stoopid snobbery, I love being prompted by friends to give a band or choon a chance if someone I like suggests it.


    I suppose I should ping-pong with an Elbow track but I can’t think of one close to that….
    so here’s a random one {shameface}

    lisa @lisa

    @Whilst Just happened to hear the Coldplay tune in the car and the lyrics connected
    with me after a fashion to something in the sentiments I was reading in regards to the election.
    However I like the Elbow tune as well.

    Are we going to do garden songs for @fatmaninabox? (claps hands!) oh yes! 🙂
    I got 1 – please forgive me in advance for the extreme and overt level of outrageous not
    age appropriate cuteness that follows

    lisa @lisa

    Here is a nice quick piece – he plays 2 instruments at the same time while sounding

    The Krynoid Man @thekrynoidman

    I just finished College this week. This seems appropriate.

    Anonymous @


    Congratulations to you! Is this finished forever? Or finished for the Summer break in the States?

    @whisht what’s this about opinion and insight? heh? Sounds like a load of BS to me! 😉 De-sign. In-sight. Plrp.

    Kindest, puro

    Anonymous @

    @lisa I think agreeing with @whisht that there’s something about the Coldplay track -it’s weird; I think the delay is off a bit? It’s  flat. Live, it’s a great track and it’s been covered by 100s of people -recently by me and the orchestra and the univ choir (bows and coughs)-which was pretty ordinary. Scala does a great rendition -not available on much except Y-Tube.

    “I know Saint Peter won’t call my name…d q d q”

    The Krynoid Man @thekrynoidman

    @purofilion I have been doing a foundation degree course, which lasts two years, and I just finished the second year. I will hopefully be doing a third year if I pass.

    lisa @lisa

    @purofilon @Whilst I defer and appreciate your judgments. I have been told by
    my very musically inclined husband that my music listening skills are a bit “odd” some
    of the time. 🙁 so there it is……

    Whisht @whisht

    @lisa – as Alice says “ooh that was lovely!”
    but Dave Thomas – that was excellent! Really really lovely! the most lyrical thing I’ve heard without words in ages!
    thank you for that – its something I would never have come across without you.

    And as for your music listening skills.. pleasepleasepleaseplease never defer to me (or anyone)!!
    I’m a complete windbag and was trying to poke fun at myself, but I sometimes struggle getting the right tone across in black-and-white characters.
    I won’t try and write what i was trying to get across as it will get muddled again, but listen to whatever gives you pleasure and blow a big raspberry to anyone who tuts!


    Funnily enough i rarely listen to the lyrics of songs, but this one always stuck in my head – perhaps as they are quite vivid {cough} yet sweetly and earnestly sung (and having a gorgeous melody helps!).

    @thekrynoidman – enjoy your freedom! But then again, hope you’re able to go back!

    todeledo @todeledo

    Some Doctor Who music

    What do you think? The new bowtie or something to shove in the vashta nerada?

    Arbutus @arbutus

    Nice tracks from everyone. @lisa, I have to agree with @whisht that the Dave Thomas piece is amazing. I have tried the accordion and simply can’t do it (too opposing actions at once, just couldn’t coordinate it), so the notion of playing accordion and something else simultaneously is mind blowing.

    @thekrynoidman   Congratulations, enjoy your summer!

    @purofilion    I’ve been following this story for the last day or two: apparently your Queensland cops don’t like our Nickelback? What’s up with that? Somebody doesn’t like Nickeback? Oh, wait…     🙂

    Whisht @whisht

    There’s been some lovely chats about gardening recently.
    Also, for @Purofilion.
    In some ways nothing much happens in this. Its quiet, its beautiful, its something I used to listen to while lying down.

    [personally I’d ignore the video – if you close your eyes, the visuals are a treat]

    Whisht @whisht

    well, kinda sad day as first I read that Christopher Lee had passed away and then that so had Ron Moody.

    As far as connections to Who, apparently Ron Moody turned down the chance to play the Doctor, and as for Christopher Lee, well…. he’s Christopher Lee. ’nuff said.

    And then I hear that Ornette Coleman has also died. Bloomin’ ‘eck.

    [I’ve refrained from Lee’s music although he loved opera. and heavy metal it seems…]

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord


    I think you’ve selected one of the greats for Ron, and liked the Ornette Coleman track as well.

    I can imagine you not wanting to delve into Lee’s Metal works as you aren’t a fan of the style.

    Instead, on this Friday night, let’s all select a refreshing beverage to toast all three. Name your poison! (This is the first time I heard Lee sing, and it still makes me smile. Absolutely no metal, guaranteed)

    Whisht @whisht

    Hi @phaseshift

    Wow. Wow wow wow wow wow.

    That is literally what i said after watching that!

    Though midway I thought “hm, rocky horror has a lot to answer for” though thankfull Lee wasn’t made to wear suspenders!

    so cheers!

    or as the Irish toast goes…. “May the road rise with you and the wind be ever at your back, and the Lord God hold you in the palm of His hand.”

    which makes me think of this.

    btw I actually tried a few seconds of Lee’s Charlemange tracks on AllMusicGuide but… just thought they didn’t grab me enough to listen to whole thing and then share with y’all.

    btw again – though I may not like metal, I do love heavy guitar!
    And I even bought ACDC “Back in Black” a month ago for the first time!
    I smiled as I thought you’d laugh that I’d only just bought it, and had a chance to listen for the first time. It almost made me think of a Music thread for “albums/artists/songs we’ve only just heard for the first time (incl those we didn’t know were covers)”


    Anonymous @

    @phaseshift @whisht

    Yup, very sad about Sir Christopher. He scared me witless in my youth even on the rare occasion that he played a good guy.

    Whisht, not too keen on heavy metal eh? Oh well, never mind – with a link to Lee’s most remembered role (after Dracula of course) here’s some Iron Maiden for your listening pleasure 😉

    And just for the hell of it, a couple of photos of Saruman the White from when he was a student at Hogwarts 🙂

    Anonymous @


    @whisht @fatmaninabox @phaseshift

    I think a wee bit of Dire Straits might act as balm?

    Anonymous @

    From sadness to congratulations to Mr Moffat (OBE)

    Anonymous @

    @at all Yes I know: Cliff. But he’s not to be sniffed at!

    Whisht @whisht


    Actually I chose Reviewing the Situation as it was a song that was mentioned in an obituary of Ron Moody, where he said how much he gave to it.
    Glad you liked the Ornette Coleman – to be honest he’s at the very edge of my jazz listening tastes but this was the one that I heard first and really liked, making me give the rest a chance (I wouldn’t have if I’d heard them first!).

    @fatmaninabox – thanks for that. I listened to it. Honest. But…. its actually quite interesting that I really like heavy rock but don’t connect to heavy metal. There’s something about the production (too clean?) or maybe the earnest vocals. Or maybe the fiddly guitar… but then again….

    …years ago I was in a Book Club with mates (long story but essentially “shall us lads meet up every 3 months without the wives and girlfriends? Lets do a male-only book club! With music too!”*

    Anyway, this album was chosen by a friend and we reconvened months later and there was an admission from the person who chose it that it wasn’t what he’d thought it’d be and a mumbled “sorry”.
    When we went round the pub table saying whether we’d listened to it there was a nod of “heard the first track, didn’t get any further” “life’s too short” “a bit” etc.
    On my turn I said “erm, I’ve listened to it about 30 times. Its exactly the same length as my walk in to work.”

    And its everything above that I said I don’t usually connect to – over-earnest vocals, fiddly guitar, over-clean production, etc. Maybe its the sheer bravado of throwing-the-kitchen-sink at it. Not sure.

    Haven’t heard it for years but dipped back in to find a track to link to.
    Reckon I’ll try it on Monday for my walk again!


    * the irony being I was single and thinking “but book clubs are where you meet women aren’t they?”

    Anonymous @


    You walk to work? Whoa.

    Book clubs (for women) can be total shite. First you get the earnest chicks who get pissed if you disagree with a POV and then you get the Ladies Who Lunch who spend 3/4 of it talking about their 2nd kitchen out by the pool and other renovations. It’s really depressing. When we did a classic  -one of Camus’ novels (@CathAnnabel you’d be interested in this)-  they didn’t understand the connection or the satire with their endless prattling about ‘life and renos’. <*|*>

    ‘De-Loused in the Comatorium’ sounds hilarious as a name!  Up there with ‘Single Cell Paramecium’ and ‘Thrush Nights’.

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    To celebrate the Philae lander waking up

    Whisht @whisht

    @purofilion – ha ha yeah, well, meeting wimmin who lunch was never top of my menu agenda.

    Its kinda funny looking back as the conversations we had weren’t unhindered by not having women in the group – or at least I didn’t think so. They weren’t “laddish” conversations (ie about women or cars etc) but I guess it was more an ‘escape for some of them to chatting as we had before they were a couple (and parents). For me I always wanted to hear what their partners thought of the books and music (I knew them and they were smart women!)

    but don’t let Boy Ilion listen to Mars Volta. I listened to it again on the way to work this morning (its a good thing to walk) and its everything I remembered – earnest, ‘thinky’, clever, accomplished, lots of ideas, ambitious, uncompromising, not afraid of failure…. ie perfect for the teenager (in all of us).


    Arbutus @arbutus

    Just heard this song off my son’s current playlist and of course had to put it up as Eleventh Doctor theme. When I found the video, imagine my surprise to see that in a weird sort of way, it reinforces the DW connection!

    ichabod @ichabod

    @arbutus — Wonderful!  Love it.  Thank you.  Shoosh.  I gotta get back to music again, been

    too lazy and preoccupied.


    Anonymous @

    @ichabod @arbutus @whisht @lisa

    Great songs above!  Awesome choons. I was thinking of this when cleaning the blinds and finding a few tiny ants and recalling the mighty bugs the Doctor has discovered -of late, on the Moon.

    So I thought ‘bug tussle’ by Bela Fleck and Edgar Myer would work if you like a jazzy tussle



    Anonymous @

    @whisht how do you get that ‘nose’ shape in your personal emoticon? I was trying everything. That horizontal  line with a vertical bit at the bottom: it’s not on my computer keyboard. I can’t believe I’m mentioning this, but it’s worth a try!

    Not that I’d stoop to nicking it you understand.


    Whisht @whisht

    Hi @purofilion – ha ha, no worries!

    That ‘nose’ (and believe me I’m glad you recognised it as such – I sometimes wondered if it did look like a face to anyone else!) is a character on my keyboard on the row beneath the top row, directly beneath the Esc key.
    It also has a ` and ¦ (which I’ve only just figured out how to do while replying here!) and the nose is when you hold Shift.


    btw I liked the Fleck track. Made me think of League of Crafty Guitarists (a Robert Fripp project) but their music has far less ‘liveliness’ – its very particular and studied, rather than riffing off other musicians (or at least that’s how my ears hear it).
    So only an inline link to an admittedly lovely tune rather than a full backhand ping pong!

    Anonymous @

    @whisht   R-rated language to follow*****

    well, ta, then! I will …ah…experiment with my keyboard for the ‘nose’

    Now, knowing you don’t like heavy metal but wondering if you like Austraayan hard rock.

    Great doco on The Alberts who introduced rock to Oz, its suburbs and ultimately the UK, Holland and Germany.

    It’s called Blood and Thunder: The Sound of the Alberts

    Watching poor Angus Young from AC/DC zoned out on diazepam holding a filthy red wine glass of water rolling around yacking about his days “playing any shithole that would have them. Battling the bogans and pissheads of the ‘burbs with sheer sonic assault.”

    Then The Angels conquered the beer barns of outer Sydney and came across the Pond for a short visit.

    (One should feel free to ignore Angry Anderson of Rose Tattoo, though -a  right wing asshole of wild proportions).

    @fatmaninabox there might be some relevant gardening songs from either The Tatts, AC/DC or even The Angels with ‘We gotta get out of this place” etc (ie, wet rotty mulchy mud)

    I recall a concert in 1988? “Am I ever gonna see your face again” with the sweaty audience singing “No way, get fucked, fuck off” which lasted 6 minutes.

    Awesome days.

    Anonymous @


    ah, I forgot my manners: thank you for the lovely song link and the mention of the Fripp project -I haven’t thought of/discussed/heard, League of Crafty Guitarists in a long while.

    And your ears ear fine, btw.


    Cath Annabel @cathannabel

    @whisht @purofilion  Aha!  I thought my finely tuned musical antennae had picked up a reference to Fripp somewhere in the ether…  Haven’t listened to League of …  for a while but the old Crimson CDs get regular outings.  Tonight, however, we’ve had some Rory Gallagher, followed up with Siouxsie and are now on to T Rex.  Currently playing – Elemental Child


    Anonymous @

    Hi @whisht, your choons = awesome, Me = greatful.  

     LCD’s Home is now the top of my video list. Robot Party ‘til their faces fall off makes me laugh every time.

     This video is about faces falling off too (I think so). Maybe you will like it if you don’t already.


     I’ve been keeping up with the Firefly discussions (very fun) and reading @phaseshift’s Faces of the Doctors posts. I’ve almost finished watching all of BG Who now. I’m mostly happy I got to see them (not sure about post- Two Doctors yet). 😛

     Helloes to everyone @craig’s party!!

    Anonymous @

    @barnable:  hey! welcome back!!!!!

    I must find some choons -but now, it being really late, must get some shut-eye!


    Kharis @kharis

    @todeledo Where did you find these great compositions?  Wow, this site has a DW music thread too?  Day made. Glad I checked recent activity.  I will have to peruse this thread.  Must admit I am obsessed with Murray Gold and DW music.

    Anonymous @


    He’s one to be obsessed with, is Murray. A conducting student of mine finally put together her finished product -which involved orchestration assistance from me and other orchestration students in her year: the upshot being a good (though muddled) performance of the Who theme used in Tennant’s time (one of the better ones, IMO)  together with the choral additions from the Ood episodes and ‘The Long Song’ used in a series that has mysteriously disappeared from my house!

    I must get used to the idea that if I lend DVDs, I either get them back two years later or never. If they do arrive, they’re barely intact -scratched and covered in fingerprints or food bits. The mistake, of course, is giving them to students -who, whether 14 or 22 still screw them up.

    Not that anyone on this site would do such a thing, no siree!

    God’s music is very difficult. The idea of writing a ‘film score a week’ is astonishing and of course he has a slew of helpers to do the adjustments and ‘work’ the production but the themes are down to him with the final say in phraseology, where the antecedent theme appears and the second theme blends. He uses music quite sparingly and when it reaches the climax at the end of a scene or as a link to a new idea, scene or ‘question,’ it’s sophisticated and cluey.

    This thread has a whole load of music-my latest reference to Ozzie hard rock fell on deaf ears (I can only assume the Brits are offended by the belief that Austraayans know how to play the guitar -we attack it! ;)) but there’s some wonderful jazz, ballads, respectable pop and a lot of superb Medieval music provided by @arbutus.

    @cathannabel -thank you for Bolan’s Elemental Child. A ‘rare’ recording indeed. A mate used to call him “Marc Blo-anne” -a ref to the music; his attitude; his body size; erm :cough, cough: attitude to wimin; or a ‘subtle’ Bond reference? Who nose.

    I get these blasts from the past -and the internet certainly helps. Tremendous.

    I listened to some pop from the ’80s via a mate’s suggestion including the choon, ‘Jesse’s Girl’, (always annoyingly spelt incorrectly and which I’ve now remedied ;)); choons from Mondo Rock; ‘Forever Now’ by Cold Chisel (another band which attacks the gee-tar) and The Church, ‘Unguarded Moment.’

    Also where would we be without a bit of John Mellencamp’s ‘Jack and Diane’ and ‘It Hurts So Good’?

    Rocking On,


    Anonymous @

    @kharis I assume my mis-spelling of **Murray Gold’s name to **”God” was not entirely mistaken


    Kharis @kharis

    @purofilion The misspelling worked, he is a music God.  I am not a musician, but I am thoroughly obsessed with his music.  I can’t play chopsticks, but I’m very knowledgeable about classical music and also a lot of modern artists.  I’m fussy and eclectic, and obsessed with Murray Gold.  When I work in the lab I play Gold or Chopin, depending on my mood.  His music is also great for choreography.

    Anonymous @


    Obsession with music is fantastic ! To be knowledgeable about music is great too! Iis there a classical composer you favour over others or is it like the question: “what is your fav colour?” A little difficult to answer. I was thinking about my fav interpreter of Beethoven as @mudlark and I were briefly discussing a telly show where the lead character deliberately avoided performing a Beethoven piano work because it was far too hard for her to play. It was that lovely time last century when people still had soirees on Summer evenings.

    Oddly, as a music student many moons ago, we’d have little soirees mixed with charades. We’d also dress up in gowns with the gents in fine tuxedos and leaning over one old fry-pan, in the dorm of a music student, we’d cook up an absolute storm of fried chicken, roast potatoes with and puddings. I even recall a camp one Winter, totally rained out, where the cooking areas were well proportioned and fully covered: we were prepared, fruit puddings firmly laced with 15 year Macallan Scotch, whipped cream, eye fillet steaks and smoked salmon bagels. Stuff the hikes, the tents and the idea of sausages on sticks -we wanted to eat WELL and boy, did we!

    The point is, our foodie evenings would be accompanied by Beethoven generally and my personal fav pianist would be the Irish John O’Conor. We’d debate quite vigorously over our choices based on pace, speed, maturation of the recording (CD versus LPs etc) but generally a few interpreters made it to the ‘finals’ like Rubenstein, Barenboim and Arrau. My favourites were a little different -perhaps the performance less self-indulgent (?) so I’d stick with Martha Argerich, Sviatoslav Richter, Vlad Horowitz and Dieter Weber. Anyway, for me, Beethoven ‘all the way’ but some 20th century composers as well as few from the previous ‘Romantic’ era like Bartok, Kodaly, Tomasek and Liszt, the latter I enjoy because his Faust Symphony (connected to Le Damnation de Faust) is a massive effort portraying the three main figures in Goethe’s play: Faust, Gretchen and Mephistopheles.

    In fact, last year, some of us (those with greater literary knowledge than I) discussed Gretchen  – and her ‘motif’, if you like, in the series. A fascinating debate, innovative and extramusical. Perhaps, a look back at the early discussions from Into The Dalek would be intriguing for a pre-series catch-up!

    Whisht @whisht


    well, in light of the fact that I’ve been called out on not liking heavy metal (tsk) I did think I’d go for this little ditty for our Aussie chums (but couldn’t find the album version), so thought I’d play to the gallery and link to the ever verdigreen Waits

    Whisht @whisht

    btw – I should obviously say that alcohol is a drug and has its dangers.

    this is one of the best songs that sum up being drunk and should be played to all people thinking about drinking.

    If you think ” yeah, i don’t mind the weirdness” then fine.

    But you were warned.

    On this occasion mainly by Gibby Haynes, but there are plenty of others.

    Miapatrick @miapatrick

    @Whisht- fantastic. And of course, I don’t mind the weirdness at all.

    speaking of weirdness- and drinking songs. When I eventually heard the ‘proper’ version of this song I had to say, not a patch on this version.

    todeledo @todeledo

    @kharis In my youth, I was a big harry potter fan and listened to wrock, hp fan music (of diverse quality), so I searched the web to se if there was anything similar within the whoniverse. Found these to if you are intrested:

    Whisht @whisht

    so, this is nothing to do with anything, and yet another episode in my life where I think “really, no one else thought this?”, but I was tickled when I saw a headline the other day:

    Scott Walker announces candidacy for President

    and I thought

    “No! Reallly???!??

    Sadly it was not to be, but would’ve been fun.


    Anonymous @


    Well thank god you’re helping me with my continuing music education because I’ve never heard of Walker!   ~<*\*>~

    How’s that?

    “play it cool and saran wrap all you can”

    Too right.

    When I read up about him, I did recognise one of my favourite singers, Ute Lemper with whom he’s worked -this would be his avante garde ‘phase’?He seems to have tried to re-invent himself.

    Great stuff. Must keep listening. Still, have you listened to any AccaDacca lately, or Angels?

    It’s well up there as Sydney ‘burb music. Totally classy.

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